Check Out Howard University’s new Interdisciplinary research building coming to Georgia and W St, NW

Georgia and W St, NW looking north

Renderings coming to life. You like the way the new Interdisciplinary research building is turning out?

It’s right next to the Starbucks and Barnes and Noble (did you know Georgia Ave had a Barnes and Noble?):

Georgia Ave looking south

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  • I don’t think that’s a regular Barnes and Noble. B&N for decades have operated bookstores on college campuses all over the place. It’s most likely stocked with textbooks, lab and art supplies, along with some HU-branded clothing and merchandise.

  • How can they afford this with their disastrous financial management issues? its unbleivable to me that after a decade they still have no clue how to develop the “howard town center”–every alum should be pissed at the poor financial situation. did they really need this new building? are they utlizing their existing buildings in the best way? Do they have a 20 year campus plan for how grow and how manage real estate assets?

    • also what the heck is “interdisciplinary research”?

      • It is research from many different disciplines… for example, American Studies is considered interdisciplinary because it takes into account American History, US Literature, Film, Geography, LGBT Studies, etc…

    • This probably is one of the reasons for their disastrous finances–do you have any idea how long it takes to go from committing funds to this? At most universities, solvent or not, it’s a long slow process.

    • This is one of 3 brand new buildings to have gone up this calendar year (2 new dorm/classroom buildings a block away on 4th) . It’s probable that these were part of the cause of the financial issues, but once they were in the pipeline probably couldn’t be halted.

    • Yes, there is a 20 year campus plan–I live in LeDroit Park and they shared the most recent plan this past fall with all of the neighbors. I wouldn’t worry about Howard and their financial solvency–all of those powerful and rich alums won’t let anything happen to one of the HBCU Ivy’s. There is an awesome new president and big changes are already underway.

      The new buildings are long overdue additions to the campus. I wish they would have torn down the old adjacent building though that the B&N is in and rebuilt that.

  • interdisciplinary research is across disciplines for example, anthropology and psychology or biology and theology research.
    and of course i knew it was a bookstore but it was owned by Howard and functions as a college and campus store.
    i am waiting for Howard to develop affordable housing to it’s alum in order to help keep DC as diverse as possible…

  • OK, so here it goes: Howard University IS CAPABLE of producing some architecturally interesting buildings. Though, based on their old dorms and newly proposed 319-mixed-use, bunker-monstrosity (on Barry Place – bound by Sherman Avenue & 8th Street, NW), ( ) we would never know. I hope that some aesthetes are able to participate and make changes to the 319 unit monstrosity and the better souls of architecture are seen before this travesty breaks ground.

    • The Ralph Bunche Center looks decent.

    • And I don’t understand why they are assembling these lots and going through PUD to change zoning whereas they have plenty of appropriately zoned land where they are supposed to put the Howard Town Center (8th and V) which doesn’t even include for the parking lots across from this new interdisciplinary building.

      To a certain perspective it does make sense to just sit on those parking lots and let the land appreciate, while you create value with the PUD but there’s got to be great economic value in developing, otherwise JBG wouldn’t have developed a smaller and less desireable lot for Atlantic Plumbing. Look at the map Atlantic Plumbing project is on a smaller lot and worse location (no Georgia Ave frontage) than several of Howard’s underutilized plots.

  • This looks great. I hope the success of this will help speed along the development of the massive amount of under-utilized land owned by HU.

    • I agree. I drove around campus for the first time in a while a couple weeks ago, and all the new construction/development really makes it look a lot nicer. I think this is a huge plus for the area.

    • Here, Here! The most community pressing issue is their CVS at Florida/7th Street, NW, which hosts miscreants — day after day — who intend to sell drugs and other nefarious activities. HOWARD UNIVERSITY PUBLIC AFFAIRS (IF YOU ARE LISTENING, THOUGH WE KNOW YOU DO NO USUALLY): Please sell off or develop this under-utilized piece of land which is a wart on the Shaw/U Street and Ledroit neighborhoods that it is adjacent to.

  • I really like the design and how it is almost hulking over the sidewalk. Big improvement for the neighborhood and school.

  • To be clear, Howard University is not even close to being in dire straits. The Hospital, because it does what hospitals used to do –treat people who need help whether they are insured or not — is an artificial drag on the school’s books and the sole reason for its loss in credit rating.

  • The comments here reflect why it is ‘hard to be Howard.’

    Howard should develop land w/ market rate projects good for school’s finances.
    Howard should not develop market rate projects it would leave out lower income residents who look like the student body.
    Howard should not develop campus due to its (alleged) financial issues.
    Howard needs to develop campus to attract students and remain competitive.

    On and on…
    What I would say to all of these people is If you have nothing ‘invested’ in Howard mind your own business.

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