Full service Busboys and Poets restaurant will occupy approximately 7,000 square feet in Anacostia

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More big news from Busboys and Poets:

“The Far Southeast Family Strengthening Collaborative (FSFSC) and Busboys and Poets will formerly announce a partnership that will result in a restaurant and hospitality and culinary leadership training institute in Ward 8 on Martin Luther King Ave., SE.

At the press conference, FSFSC will announce that a full service Busboys and Poets restaurant will occupy approximately 7,000 square feet in the building owned and operated by the Ward 8 based nonprofit. It will also highlight its plans to operate a full-scale hospitality and culinary arts leadership training institute and new office space for FSFSC.

The Far Southeast Family Strengthening Collaborative planned this venture with Ward 8 residents in mind. “Employment opportunities in these fields are flourishing – in the nation’s capital, and FSFSC wants to ensure Ward 8 residents are prepared and well equipped to compete for jobs in the field of culinary arts and hospitality,” states Perry Moon, Executive Director of FSFSC. “In addition, Busboys and Poets is bringing a needed amenity to the neighborhood.”

For eighteen years, FSFSC has partnered with residents, agencies, and institutions in the Southeast community to ensure a healthy and positive environment for families. The Hospitality and Culinary Leadership Institute will be one more step in providing resources and tools for residents of Ward 8.”

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  • This is great news for Ward 8.

    (Although admittedly–I didn’t make it past “formerly announce” in that release…)

  • We went to visit the Frederick Douglass house the other day and wanted to stop and eat/spend in the neighborhood and nothing was open. Tried Uniontown and it was closed, etc. as it was an odd holiday/weekday.

    Contrast that with our quick hop back across the 11th Street bridge to Navy Yard, where we ate at a new place and new restaurants were popping up/coming online within sight of the Douglass house on the other side of the Anacostia.

    Anacostia is a wonderful place, and this Busboys&Poets would be a great addition.

    • thing is there arent people living there that will spend enough money IN the neighborhood
      its almost like you see a waititng game right now somewhat. Businesses waiting for people to move to the area while people are waiting for it to become a more attractive neighborhood

      im fully confident in due time it will be a nice area to visit with retail etc…

      • Sure there are! Lots of people in the neighborhood have been looking forward to its arrival. Several houses in Anacostia have recently sold for $300k and above; it’s not like everyone there is poor. I also think Capitol Hill and Navy Yard folks who like the Busboys brand will come to this location because it’s the closest.

      • I am generally inclined to concur, however, I can’t help but acknowledge that Andy Shallal didn’t get rich by being dumb – I suspect he has given this at least a bit of thought and thus I am cautiously optimistic that they will do well.

  • MLK Ave between Howard Road and Good Hope Road has potential, I must admit. But it’s getting harder and harder to for me to think a major change is coming anytime soon. Yeah, maybe in 5, or potentially 10 years they’ll have a decent amount of restaurants/bars/shopping, but that’s ONLY in the scenario that the real estate market remains in its current state. If there are any fall backs, Anacostia is going to be hit first.

    At the end of the day, you need people with expendable income to move into that neighborhood. Anacostia won’t likely ever be a “destination” in my lifetime. Locals support local establishments. There are enough other places in DC that people will travel to (DuPont, Georgetown, U St., Navy Yard, Eastern Market, H St NE, etc.) way before Anacostia. That being said, I applaud Busboys but I fear it won’t survive for too long…..

    • I feel that way about places like Congress Heights and Hillcrest but not Anacostia. More and more people are seeking dense walkable urban neighborhoods, and there’s a limited stock of them. Just as middle/upper class people priced out of NW started moving to NE and SE neighborhoods west of the river, so it will happen with areas west of the river.

      • I think you mean it will happen wih areas east of the river.

      • People have been saying that (“well, eventually they’ll have to move EOTR”) for a long time. As low as the prices are compared to NW and Cap Hill, there is already some built-in price for the potential that ppl move there. I know a few people who’ve bought EOTR and their investments aren’t moving much. Once/if speculators see the prices continue to stagnate, even though other areas of DC continue improve (i.e. all of NW EOTP fills in), it’s gonna be slow going. I could see it in just the area of Anacostia, but not much else in the SE side.

  • Hey Popville – I heard through the rumor mill that this particular Busboys was going to be a franchise and would not have direct involvement with Andy Shallal. The rumor is – he wanted to distance himself from the project in case it failed.

    I’m all for Busboys opening a restaurant in Anacostia – but just am curious if the above rumor is true or just speculation. Anyone know?

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