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  • The 14th Street location was closed at noon yesterday as well.

  • Again? This is a cursed location for burger places, it would seem.

    • Steptoe and Johnson is in the building right above. They can file unlimited lawsuits to force out the small business owner. Death through litigation expenses.

      • Steptoe has no standing to file an L&T action. This is coming from the landlord for unpaid rent undoubtedly.

        • This seems like the most likely reason. I doubt they’re doing very much business with Shake Shake just a couple of blocks down.

          • Which is sad in itself because Black and Orange is sooooo much better than Shake Shack. Tourists just don’t know about it.

          • Totally agree. Black & Orange is vastly superior to Shake Shack. I hope they’re able to resolve this issue with the landlord and continue in business.

          • Yea, Shake Shack is majorly disappointing, which is too bad that it is drawing all the business.

          • Smilla

            I prefer Black and Orange, too. Glad others don’t buy into the hype that is Shake Shack. I’ll be sad if this location closes for good.

          • brookland_rez

            I agree. I like Black and Orange much better than Shake Shack.

    • They really didn’t ever resolve the venting issue, as far as I know. I worked in a building very closeby a few years after they claimed to have resolved the issue with the fumes, and there would still be days when the smell was intolerable. There were times in the day when it was so noxious I couldn’t breathe properly.

      • I work at Steptoe. The venting issue has been resolved.

        • It may have been “resolved” by sending the fumes toward my former building 🙂 It didn’t smell like burgers exactly, and definitely not the “delicious burger smell” SS is thinking of. It smelled more like charred meat combined with flaming cleaning fluid. Totally toxic.

  • This paper can only be filed by a landlord to evict for either failure to pay rent or other lease violations, so this likely has nothing to do with the delicious burger smell.

    Shame as they had great fries/mayo options and I thought were the best of the Dupont burger options vs. shake shack, smashburger, BGR.

  • I agree, they’re above average.

  • 14th St location is open today. I walked past a few minutes ago.

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