Building Home to Mama Chuy For Sale on Georgia Ave

2620 Georgia Ave, NW

From Metro Investment Properties:

“2620 Georgia Avenue NW
1620 sq. ft on 3 levels
Leased through 2019
Tenant Pays 3,000/Month
Double Rent By 2019
2 Parking Spaces”

Mama Chuy opened up back in December 2011.


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  • Wait! Just making sure I’m reading this right – Mama C’s is leasing the place until 2019, it seems, right? They’re not going anywhere… right? RIGHT?? This place is the BEST! (Seriously, it’s amazing. Try the shrimp tacos. And the poblano sopes. And the guac. I might need to go there tonight.)

  • Double Rent By 2019 while my salary will increase maybe %5-%10 percent

    • Their rent is only $3000/mo now and NNN isn’t mentioned so the landlord may be footing that. Market rate right now is probably near double that so the landlord is taking a hit till 2019 and by then doubling may still be lower than market.

  • Does Mama Chuy’s occupy the entire space? Or is there also a dwelling unit?

  • I’ve always hoped that Mama Chuy would move up Georgia Ave closer to Petworth metro. I think they would do a killing.

  • The thing they don’t tell you is that the music shop next door will drown out street noise… And it will also make sure random ppl hang out on your doorstep at all times.

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