Attempted Daytime Purse Snatching in Bloomingdale

“Dear PoPville,

I was walking down Rhode Island Ave NW with a male friend at 2:00 pm [Saturday] when a man came up behind me and tried to snatch my purse. I screamed and he ran; luckily my purse strap went across my body and he couldn’t get anything. He was about 6 feet tall, and wearing a white halloween mask (which made it all the more scary). I can’t believe how bold he was, 2:00 pm and with a male friend!

I hope you can post this so others in the area will see it and be careful! I was about at 25 Rhode Island NW.”

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  • ugh. i live a few blocks north and the listserv has reported several muggings around RI ave in the last few weeks.

  • This happened to me around 14th and s a couple weeks ago. Maybe not the same person: the guy I encountered was about average height, skinny, looked native South American. I had a sense something was off about his behavior before he actually went for my purse, so I was able to push him away and he ran off without taking anything. But it was at about 3 pm, broad daylight, plenty of witnesses. Very strange.

  • This is an extremely safe neighborhood where I would not expect something like this to occur.

  • It seems criminals are getting more brazen all over the city. Just my observation.

  • Yikes, glad you are OK! I witnessed the same thing happen Friday near GA Ave metro on Quincy and 10th. Man snatched a ladies purse, jumped into a car, and sped off. It was 7:30 in the morning with several people around on their way to the metro!

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