At least 5 Shootings in the District Monday Night

From @DCPolicedept:

“Shooting at 1854 hrs [6:54pm] in the 1200 block of Mount Olivet Road NE. No Lookout”

“MPD on scene of shooting. 1840 hrs [6:40pm]. 2700 block Naylor St SE. LOF dark colored vehicle”

“5D Shooting in the 1000 block of 16th Street NE. Lookout for a black Subaru occupied by (2) B/M’s”

“Alert: [5D Shooting] at [0045] hrs in the [1100] block of [Owen PL, NE] No Lookout”

“Alert: [7D Shooting] at [2302] hrs in the [100] block of [Yuma Street, SE] No Lookout”

A few readers also tweeted reports of helicopters overhead in Shaw:

“@PoPville what sounded like 6 gunshots fired minutes ago on 1400 block of 6th St NW”

And nearby @DCPoliceDept earlier tweeted:

“Robbery Force and Violence. 1900 hours [7pm]. 8th & R Sts NW. LOF 8 juveniles wearing dark clothing”

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  • glad i didn’t go out last night…wild

  • Helicopters circled over Shaw with their searchlights on for more than an hour, starting around 3 AM. The streets were quiet though. No sirens.

  • That is why when politician try to scare you talking about terrorist thousand of mile from your home, you should not be fooled. Your chance of getting shot in DC are very high after 11:00pm.

  • 5 shots fired in 1800 block 12th Street NW — 2 vehicles hit — one parked and one driving through.
    MPD was right on the scene, but this is unacceptable.

  • Where are our elected officials at in regard to the increase in violence in DC? I hope Muriel Bowser addresses crime as one of her first issues. There have been too many incidents lately to be ignored. I feel like I rarely hear any of our electeds talk about crime.

    • Agreed. I really can’t remember it ever being brought up in the campaign and though I looked it was hardly even mentioned on candidates’ websites. Unfortunate, because next to education it’s the issue that matters most to me.

      I want a safe city where my kids can get a good education – anything beyond that is gravy. They don’t seem to get it though. Hopefully Bowser steps up(I doubt it though).

    • I agree that crime is a very serious issue in DC, and agree with Anon9:00 that Bowser is unlikely to do much to address it. She hardly mentioned it at all in her campaign, so why would she make it a priority now?

    • Bowser brought Marion Barry, yes good ole’ Barry, onto her transition team. Everything should run smoothly now

    • Has there been an increase in violence lately? Compared to years past, DC seems pretty safe these days.

      • brookland_rez

        I agree. I think the Internet brings a lot more of it front and center than it used to.

      • It might feel that way until something bad happens to you.

        • I’ve been robbed recently. I still don’t think that anecdotal stories necessarily translate into crime trends. Just because something happened to me doesn’t mean the entire city is less safe.

  • Trouble at 8th & R (Shaw metro) again. Noticed juveniles playing dice there on Sunday afternoon. Sad this public transportation hub is such a hot spot for trouble.

    • I walked past there on Saturday evening and there was a group of kids bashing the newspaper boxes with sticks (violently knocking them over) and then they started hitting each other and waving the sticks at people coming off the metro. Meanwhile there was a cop standing right there in the parking lot not doing anything. . .

    • brookland_rez

      What do juveniles playing dice on a Sunday afternoon have to do with anything? I seriously doubt they’re somehow connected to the shootings.

      • Dice not specifically related to the shooting reports but possibly connected to this last line from the article: “Robbery Force and Violence. 1900 hours [7pm]. 8th & R Sts NW. LOF 8 juveniles wearing dark clothing”.

        Or, could be coincidence, since there are is obviously more than one band of juveniles in the area.

        However, what is sad is that this city tolerates the minor anti-social behavior and then only get worried (or I guess maybe we don’t get worried) about “Robbery Force & Violence” when its against us, instead of against themselves. (Robbery force & violence them-on-them probably rarely reported)

        For shootings them-on-them we take maybe a passing 1-3 minutes of interest, then turn off our crime alerts.

        • brookland_rez

          Ok, so juveniles were spotted playing dice, and juveniles were involved in the shootings on a completely different day/time. Nice work, Sherlock.

      • Everyone knows that dice games are a slippery slope to gun crimes. Duh.

  • I definitely thought I heard gunfire when I woke up at around 3:30 last night – six or seven shots, pretty far in the distance (from adams morgan).

  • I signed up for crime alerts in my Ward. I think it only makes me more anxious. Maybe ignorance is bliss…

    • Agreed, I’m thinking about turning mine off. Cities will always have crime, I’d rather not hear about it half the time.

  • This is so frustrating! The police should definitely focus on chasing dirt bikes and ATVs.

  • I asked an official from PG county once about youth violence and the response was something like – worrying about a couple dozen teens killing themselves just isn’t a big priority….

    Protecting citizenry from roving gangs of thugs clearly isn’t a priority for DC officials, this type of behavior has been going on for years. Just tolerate it and it will incubate.

  • I don’t understand the motive of people who say “crime is down from past years” when a story like this is posted. Five different shootings on a Monday night should be considered scary and unacceptable for DC, regardless of improvements.

    It’s frustrating to me that people are so blasé about violent crime. If these had all happened in neighborhoods in NW I’m sure it would garner more attention. It’s a danger to anyone in the area, not just the intended targets. And loss of life for the intended target is still a tragedy.

    Citizens, politicians, parents, police, wake up!

    • But crime IS significantly down in all areas of the city. That doesn’t mean I’m being blase about what happened last night, I just refuse to give into the hyperbole about how dangerous our city is.

      • It seems a bit blase to me, but maybe it’s because I’ve been robbed at gunpoint in DC within the last year, and a good number of other people who read PoPville have had similar or worse things happen to them. Even if crime is down in DC, it’s not going to be down _enough_ until stuff like this stops being so common.

        • I feel you- I’ve also been robbed and saw a robbery at gunpoint happen outside of my apartment. I agree that crime isn’t down enough, but it also helps me to put it in perspective that the city has actually made improvements and will likely continue to do so. I hope.

      • If you fell into a pit with two rattlesnakes instead of twenty would you also not give into the “hyperbole” about how dangerous it is? The crime rate is lower now than it was in 1995, BFD. The crime rate in 1995 and now is higher than it was in 1955, so what does that matter? There is a serious, persistent and unattended problem in DC with roving bands of “juveniles” committing street crime. On Sunday night at 7 pm on Capitol Hill a group of fifteen (!) juveniles attacked and robbed a pedestrian just outside of Garfield Park. It is completely unacceptable.

        • Isn’t it kind of a BFD that 400+ people aren’t dying every year anymore? Your metaphor is bizarre- I’d rather live in a city with approximately 100 murders per year rather than over 400. We used to have property crime and robberies PLUS an insane homicide rate. Yes, there are improvements to be made, but can’t we also be happy that things have gotten better?

          • Being “happy” that there are 100 murders instead of 400 is what strikes me as bizarre. In general, the problem is that every time someone has the audacity to note the current crime problem in DC we are immediately lectured about how things are so much better than they used to be. It just sounds like an attempt to shut down any criticism. And yeah, I have lived here for fifteen years and the crime rate is lower now than it was when I moved here in 1999. However, that was not much comfort to me when I became the victim of a violent crime in DC a few years ago, and it does not comfort me when I see the same types of crimes continuing to be committed practically every day here.

          • It’s all about perspective. I choose to believe I live in a city with lower crime rates. You choose to see your city a different way. Working yourself up into a frenzy about something that is mostly out of your control seems just as bizarre and unnecessary, but it’s understandable. And, yes, I am happy that 300 fewer people are dead this year than years past, but that’s not the same as being happy that 100 are dead.

          • Your reply is dripping with contempt and condescension. In the first place, painting someone’s concern about crime as “working yourself into a frenzy” is a complete dick move. Secondly, your description of crime as being “mostly out of your control” is exactly the problem that I and many others in DC have raised in this discussion. It is that mindset – “it’s a big city, crime’s just gonna happen, what are you gonna do” – that perpetuates the still too high rate of street crime. Crime is within every single resident and elected official of the District’s control – it persists because too many people ignore it and dismiss those who speak out against it.

      • …then you are making a choice to be ignorant.

    • justinbc

      The motive is responding to people who say crime has increased. It’s simply refuting a statement with facts.

  • I walked by 8th and R NW at 6:00 pm last night and there was a police SUV with really bright lights on the roof illuminating the intersection (although I’m not sure if anyone was inside the vehicle). Crazy that this happened as hour later. I’ve definitely noticed an increased police presence in this area as of late.

  • Way to represent, Northeast!?
    8th and R NW – WAY TOO CLOSE to my job, the convention center, the new hotel…why wasn’t this squashed before it got off the ground? Seems like there would be cops in that area all the time.

  • Crime in Hell’s Bottom is down significantly from its heyday in 1889. Or even 1991 when I moved to the area and my friends were cleaning up random condoms from under their front stairs every morning.

  • “I just refuse to give into the hyperbole about how dangerous our city is.”

    Brother, it ain’t hyperbole. Many shootings in the span of a week or weeknight, not even counting assaults, etc, equals a dangerous living environment. Is five shootings in an evening within a tolerable limit for you?

    • Nope. But the fact that this is a headline because it’s unusual is reassuring to me. Realistically, it’s highly unlikely anyone here is going to get shot at random on the streets. I would prefer not to live in fear of something that will probably never happen to me.

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  • There were shots Tuesday morning as well. We saw it all go down from our living room window in Shaw. Guy pulled a gun and took shots at around 9:30 in the morning with a police car directly across the street. Probably a spill over from the night before.

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