Anyone go to the Concert for Valor? Could You Hear it from your House/Apt.?

#TheConcertForValor from @usparkpolicepio helicopter “Eagle 1” tweeted by @usparkpolicepio

@ricedavidw tweets us:

“the question @ work is, “Could you hear the #ConcertForValor from where you live?” EASILY in Dupont!”

Could you hear it where you live? Did anyone go? If so how was is it? What time did you get there? Did everything go smoothly? Who was your favorite act?

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  • I could hear it at 17th & S – not the words but the buzzing of the music definitely the roar of the crowds. From what I could tell, Eminem and Rihanna got he biggest response and Springsteen was surprisingly subdued.

  • Could hear it clearly from Adams Morgan, even with all the windows closed – not clearly enough to make out the words, but it sounded like someone was having a big party down the street

  • Aglets

    Aside from some dude-bros outside the little DC Supermarket at 3rd & Mass NE getting sustenance yesterday, I didn’t encounter anything from that concert but I did make an effort to stay away.

  • Nothing up in Mount P, not surprisingly. I would never have known this concert even happened if I hadn’t started seeing headlines on Monday.

  • I heard it in Logan Circle– the boom of the bass and the crowd cheers with some clarity. Have never heard the sound from anything on the mall before, not even inaugural events where there have been many more in attendance. I see that HBO is being praised for the quality of the production. They must have brought in some heavy weight equipment.

  • Had a softball game over at the Randall fields – right by I-395 and South Capitol and we could not hear a thing from 7 to 9. Concert was directed toward the west, so there appeared to be no noise leaking back toward the south or east.

    • Agreed. I was over near the Library of Congress and we muted the TV with the windows open and I think we heard just a tiny bit of crowd noise, but no music at all.
      We even walked over to the West Lawn before the show started to see what the crowd was like, but we couldn’t see it in the dark, but they were making some announcements and just 2 blocks behind it we could barely hear it. It’s extremely directional.

    • justinbc

      Yep, no noise over in Capitol Hill.

  • Could hear it from Bloomingdale; especially during Eminem and Metallica.

  • I could hear it walking the dog in Mt. Pleasant (Hobart St.), but not from inside.

  • what did everyone think of eminem closing out with loose yourself? People looked pretty pissed in the front rows….

    • I don’t know why Metallica didn’t close. They put on the best show of anyone. I thought Eminem was going to duet with Rhianna and leave. I’m not a huge fan of his even though I think he’s very good at what he does (except for the misogyny and blatant attacks on specific women- he’s going to punch Lana Del Ray in the face twice like Ray Rice- WTF?), but he performed out of date stuff. It felt sort of like a non-sequitur.

      • Come to think of it, a lot of them did dated, but still very popular stuff. So I take that back. Still, I didn’t think Eminem was the right closer.

        • It was a concert aimed at the least common denominator. When you’ve got 10 acts ranging from Springsteen to Rihanna to Metallica performing 2-3 songs each, they all have to pick the songs that everyone will recognize.

          • I was there. If you saw the crowd having Eminem and Rhianna close wouldn’t be a surprise. I’m 37 and was probably, embarrassingly, one of the oldest non-vets there. Metallica was far and away the best most energetic act but the crowd in attendance would have told you otherwise. I actually heard a group of kids/young adults wondering who Dave Grohl was. I should have left at that point.

          • Yes, but I suspect that HBO was targeting the concert at least as much to their at-home audience. I suspect those demographics are a lot different from who was on the Mall.

  • Didn’t notice any noise and I walked from Dupont to Adams Morgan with a friend to grab dinner.
    One of my roommates went to the Mall at 6pm to meet friends on the north side of the lawn (next to NGA sculpture garden), where they had been sitting all day and saving her a spot. Security would not allow her to enter and told her she would need to walk around the Capitol and enter on the south side and could watch from there. Needless to say, she came home.
    I also avoided this concert like the plague.

  • I was there, but had a ticket so I didn’t have to deal with the crazy crowds! Metallica was by far the best act and Springsteen put me to sleep! All in the all though, I think it went smoothly and was well run by HBO!

    • Bruce was bad…he is not what he use to be…and cannot do his songs justice on acoustic anymore. We have seen “bruce” as the american hero for too long now (performed at the half time show, countless others) its just not the bruce of the old days….hes old and slow. no bueno

      • On Monday – in honor of the Berlin Wall 25th anniversary – I watched clips of Bruce performing in East Berlin in 1988 to over 400,000 people at the frenzied apex of the Cold War. Amazing concert, arguably the best performance in any rock musician’s life (tied, perhaps, with Queen at Live Aid). I highly recommend finding some clips on YouTube; it’s a very emotional and inspirational performance.
        Unfortunately, he’s no longer that same young man. But honestly, how can any musician top his younger days? Of course he doesn’t have that same energy and passion.

      • He’s the most overrated figure in rock history. I seriously don’t understand what anyone sees in him. Although, I do like “Nebraska.”

        • Your authoritative and expert-level commentary has been duly noted and given the attention it clearly deserves. I can only imagine what musician lives up to your high standards.

        • He’s a good songwriter, but I think other people often perform his material better (cf. Hank III doing Atlantic City – really gets to the emotional core of the lyric in a way that Bruce’s version doesn’t).

      • Watch a new concert with the E-Street Band. He still puts on a more energetic show than any big acts out now. He does incredibly long sets, and runs around nearly the entire time. What you saw last night is an acoustic adaption of his songs. Even as a big fan, it was not the right call for that kind of show. I was waiting for him to come back on stage with a full band and close out the show. Disappointed it was eminem.

    • I Dont Get It

      I went over to the Fox and Friends FB page and my favorite comment was the woman who said she was sure she heard people booing when Bruce Springsteen first came out on stage.

  • I walked down around 7:30 to see if I could find a spot to just listen without going into the actual venue. Could not clearly hear the music from either 4th and Constitution nor 7th and Constitution.

  • Went down, concert was good. Agree, even though Bruce is probably tired of it he could’ve played “Born in the USA” with more enthusiasm. Metallica and Em were hype. The trio of Zach Brown, Bruce, and Dave Groll on “Fortunate Son” by CCR song was awesome! All in all great event!

    • “Born in the USA” is a song about a guy who is sent to war and it ruins his life. Pretty sure Bruce did it right last night.

    • “Fortunate Son” is an anthem that points out how rich people (like Bruce) avoided the draft while sons of the middle and lower classes were sent to fight in the Vietnam war.

      • I’m sorry but Bruce did not avoid the draft during Vietnam. He went to the intake center and failed the physical.

      • he was drafted and failed physical (4-f). common for draftees to play up being “crazy” or take a lot of drugs pre- examination. He also claimed lingering post-concussion effects of earlier motorcycle accident.

        I wouldn’t judge someone’s unwillingness to serve in Vietnam as anything suggesting support of the war or lack of support for the rank and file troops. “Fortunate Son” calls out the chicken hawks who avoid war out of privlege but support others dying in their place. That’s very different than someone who opposes the war on any level, whether that means serving in the millitary or supporting war mongering from one’s government. The Boss is no fortunate son — think W. Bush

      • Of course because anyone who opposes war automatically doesn’t support our troops **note sarcasm**

        • Logic would say that anyone who supports our troops should be fundamentally opposed to the wars in which troops die…

      • By no means did Bruce Springsteen grow up rich. He is very wealthy now, but that does not make him a “Fortunate Son.”

    • Fox and Friends this morning was whipped into a frenzy over the “inappropriate” inclusion of “Fortunate Son.” #MissedThePoint

  • I don’t think I could hear it at 13th and M, but I wasn’t really listening for it. We got VIP tickets but, due to the tiny dictator, we obviously couldn’t go (not interested in spending a ton on a babysitter). Gave our tickets to our nanny and her boyfriend – they had a great time. I’m glad! Lots of people on facebook saying it was great.

  • I was at 14th and Penn around 8:30 and couldn’t hear a thing.

  • Well I went and enjoyed it. I don’t take enough advantage of all the awesome things our city offers so I was excited to get out of the house on a week day. I loved Jennifer Hudson and Jessy J killed it. Dave Grohl was fantastic, Zack Brown Band is not really my kind of thing but people enjoyed it. Metallica was very loud and pretty much what you would expect. Carrie Underwood was sweet and fun. Rhianna and Eminem were both good. The only major disappointment for me was Bruce. Very subdued, didn’t really play crowd pleasers. I left just before Eminem played lose yourself and I couldn’t hear it walking up 14th. Overall I had a great time and I’m happy that I went. There was no line to have my bag checked and I got there right around 6:50. It was very easy to find a good place to stand/sit and the crowd was generally polite. There was a lot of weed being smoked and though I didn’t partake it didn’t bother me.

  • Went down at 7PM at 15th and Constitition, was able to lean back and enjoy the ol jumbo tron, Bruce was weird, eminem was unnecessary and rhianna or metallica should have closed the show. It was nice hanging with a crowd and enjoying the weather. Not sure if they will do this again…but i thought it was cool.

  • We went down and had no trouble getting in or out. It was lovely weather so great to sit outside.

    Metallica was awesome.
    Bruce and Dave Grohl were just meh. The acoustic sets were just too low energy for such a large crowd.
    Carrie Underwood – awful – but I am not fan anyway
    Zac Brown Band- awful -also not a fan – except for Fortunate Son with Bruce and Dave
    Black Keys were okay but just not much energy
    Eminem – can’t believe he played Lose Yourself…
    Rihanna – even though I am not a big fan I actually kind of enjoyed her set.

  • Sat outside of the Air and Space on 7th street & Independence and could hear the music.

  • Anastasia Beaverhausen

    White rappers… *huge eye roll*

    • Color doesn’t matter. It’s all a blur…

    • Right, and black people can’t play rock music or sing opera because, you know, those are things White people are supposed to do. Thanks for the ignorant and entirely baseless stereotyping.

  • We could hear from our patio in Park View near the hospitals….Especially Metallica! The yellow line metro was empty for my commute to/from DC-VA. Awesome ride!

    • I was pleasantly surprised by how empty L’Enfant Plaza was during my evening commute (around 6pm), especially considering how packed it was in the morning with the limited train service. I guess most people were at the concert by then.

  • I got access to tickets at the last minute, but had too much going on to make it work. Couldn’t hear it from Logan Circle, but wasn’t really listening for it either.

  • Heard it from my roof at 14th & W.

  • I could very clearly hear music and loud bass around 14th and R when I walked my dog around 9:30

  • Wow, that crowd looks a lot smaller than the hype leading up to this thing.

  • I had an amazing time at the concert! I am a veteran and I won tickets for the Active Duty Lottery Seating (which was the very front of the concert), and my friends and I showed up at 1pm to get in. We ended up 20 feet from the center of the stage!! The performances were great, but my favorite part was in the afternoon when Bruce Springsteen came out and sang us two songs for his warm up! He was very nice, and he, Jack Black, John Oliver, and Meryl Streep all came out and interacted with the crowd while they learned their cues. It was a fantastic day!

  • I heard some wisps of music and cheering from my patio last night during the concert but then then thought surely there was no way that sound could make it to Columbia Heights. Maybe because we’re at the top of the hill? Maybe Howard was having an event? Any sound techs care to weigh in?

  • Couldn’t hear it from roof on 14th & Girard…but they may be because we have a hundred atrocious HVAC units up there.

    I do not normally listen/follow Rhianna, but damn she looked great and performed very well. Poor Metallica is looking old! My fav part was Dave, Bruce and that weird 49er singing Fortunate Son. That hipster-miner looked scared to be on stage with the legends.

    Glad folks went and had fun!

  • Located on Mass NW between 4 & 5 and didn’t hear a thing (apt window faces the mall). I walked to the concert after work and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to enter through the 11th/12th street entrance. However, I felt that the crowd would get larger and opted to watch from home. Really surprised at this aerial shot; definitely not what they were projecting. Glad those who attended enjoyed the show though. Hope they do it again next year.

  • Was very surprised that I couldn’t hear it from 7th & G SW, not even crowd noise.

  • Went to the Caps game instead. Expected to hear the concert as I exited Verizon Center and walked west on F St, but I don’t think I really heard anything at all.

  • One thing’s for sure, there weren’t 800,000 people there. Not even close. Maybe 200,000, if you compare the pictures to the typical 4th of July attendance on the Mall. And because the ticketed area for veterans up front was about 20% occupied, it left a big space between them and the general admission area.

    • haha my mom saw something about it on the local news (she doesn’t live in dc) and she said that the news said that there were “millions” of people there.

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