“Anonymous” Protests along H Street Tonight


At 7:25 @DCPoliceDept tweeted:

“Traffic Advisory/Demonstrators (Lead) is walking SB on 12th St approaching Pennsylvania Ave NW/Expect rolling street closures.”

A reader sends (photo above) around 6:45pm:

“anonymous protest at 7th and H blocking all roads / traffic.”

Around 5:45 @k_knowles tweeted us (photo above):

“Protest on 15th b/n H and I – anonymous masks”


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  • Except for one person with a sign left over from a 2008 Ron Paul rally, I have no idea what they are protesting. But we should have anticipated it for some reason…?

    • Yes dude- the new world order! You weren’t expecting that tonight!?!?! You can’t EVER anticipate the new world order!!!!
      I am all for free speech and people who want to express opinion via permitted marches and protests, etc. But this kind of random horseshit strictly for the sake of being disruptive is silly.

      • Then you’re not actually “all for it”. You’re only for it when it’s convenient for you.

        • I think that being pro-protest and anti-snarling traffic during rush hour is absolutely possible. I’ve never figured out why protestors think that creating traffic jams is a good practice. No one is going to be more receptive to your cause because you made them sit in traffic for an hour.

          • justinbc

            Have you ever seen “real” protests in Europe, Asia, or South America? Whole city areas are shut down. Traffic is irrelevant because cars wouldn’t even think of driving through. People here ignore protests because it’s convenient, they think they don’t affect them. Stopping you in traffic is one of the only ways to get you to wake up and take notice sometimes.

        • I don’t think advocating for both free speech and public order is mutually exclusive.

    • They protested outside my work today and forced a lockdown. Someone asked what they were protesting and they said “there are so many things wrong with government and they are protesting all of them.” They have no idea what they are protesting – they just aim to be disruptive.

      • I can confirm, they were rowdy, and intimidated our easily intimidated security. Federal workers could not go out for lunch, were slightly annoyed.

    • Remember, remember the 5th of November…

    • Someone didn’t get the memo that quantitative easing is over… and, p.s., the world didn’t go up in flames in a huge ball of inflationary glory…

  • It’s Guy Fawkes day.

    • yeah I remember them doing this not to long ago, and that was down by the white house…I was wondering what all the masks for. Its the 5th of november

    • Fawke that sh1t!

    • So, they want to blow up Parliament and establish a Catholic head of state here?

      • Yes. These protesters are a group of right-wing extremists who want to overthrow the government and install the Catholic Church our ruling body.
        If this group actually had an organized message, they’d be considered a terrorist threat and would be rounded up and sent to Guantanamo.

  • “Down with this sort of thing!”

  • Remember, remember the 5th of November…

  • Nothing will ever change in this country until the citizens rise up as a united voice and demand better legislature. Until then we’re stuck with empty suits like Bowser. And frankly I’m not convinced we deserve better.

  • When I initially read the title, I thought it was all the Anonymous commenters from this site protesting…

  • So that’s what that was.

  • Anonymous achieved the near-impossible feat of having me actually sympathize with the Scientology organization.

    And, there is no better way to get people to lose sympathy with your cause than to sabotage traffic. This tactic was found to be ineffective by civil rights groups in the 60s, independent truckers in the 70s and 80s, or some right-wing group that threatened it here in the last year or so. Why people keep resorting to this tactic is something I do not understand. It is a delusional thing.

    • austindc

      lol agreed! like those idiot taxi cab protests. the people you are bothering are not the people who care about your issues.

      • clevelanddave

        Yea, but at least you knew what they wanted (or didn’t want) and some idea of the action that people viewing the protests should take (regulate Uber, fairness to taxis or something like that). I’m not sure how a protest about nothing/everything achieves anything. What action do you want the viewing public/society to take? BTW I wouldn’t characterize these folks as being Democrats or Republicans- it is some kind of fringe anti-establishment/anarchist kind of thing…

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