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  • Why? What am I looking at?

    • The truck can’t get by because the SUV is parked behind a no parking sign – were that SUV not there, the truck would have several extra feet of room to navigate that turn.

  • I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve seen this happen.It is usually a metro bus that gets stuck on the turn.

  • Is this in front of the Starbucks on CT Ave and Dupont Circle? I was on a northbound 42 bus going around the circle trying to make the right turn from the circle on to CT Ave. Someone left their car, still running with the hazards on, parked illegally by that corner on CT Ave, blocking the lane so the bus couldn’t get by (probably right where this picture was taken). After a few minutes of honking the horn trying to get attention of the car owner, the bus driver actually got out of the bus, got into the car, and drove the car further up on CT Ave into a legal parking space. We all clapped for the bus driver when he got back on the bus.

    • binpetworth

      Ha! That’s awesome! I too have been on the 42 when it was blocked here but never managed to have a driver give that kind of performance.

    • I’ve been in that situation while riding the 42 a couple of times but without such an epic performance. The city should the homeless person there a cattle prod and pay him $50 for every jackass driver.

    • Wow! I would have gotten off the bus then and there just to see the look on the driver’s face when he came out of the Starbucks. That’s awesome.

    • It would have been better if he parked the guy’s car around the block, not just down the street, so the driver had to look hard for it.

    • Great story!
      And what on earth was the driver thinking — not just parking illegally, but leaving the car running and the keys inside?? He/she’s lucky it was a bus driver who got into the car, not a thief.

  • i really wish they wld put some kind of rail there to prevent cars from parking. They had cones for awhile. I’ve sat on the bus a few times waiting for people to come move their car, its the worst.

    • Isn’t this a no-parking area during evening rush hour? If so, a permanent barrier wouldn’t work.

    • And this is why all 42 buses should turned into 43 buses…

      • …not likely since many people with mobility issues need to be right on the Circle. In my own personal world I’m willing to wait an additional 10 mins for a 43 or L2.

      • YES. I’ve been saying this for years, and not just because of this situation. Sitting on the 42 bus in Dupont traffic at 5:00 PM is the equivalent of metro hell.

      • I agree, but I guess the reason is that if it doesn’t go through the circle then the stops closest to the metro station are too far away. Wouldn’t bother me but not awesome for less-mobile folks.

      • I wish there were more 43 buses but I don’t want them to replace the 42, which is convenient when transferring from the Metro at Dupont.

    • But wouldn’t barriers to prevent parking also get in the way of trucks and buses trying to make the turn?

  • I witnessed a UPS truck do this once and a one of those double-decker tourist buses tried to make the turn. Totally hosed up traffic.

  • People that do stuff like that should get an automatic $250 fine. Some people think they are the only ones on the planet and the who world should stop for them.

  • Not just on Dupont Circle, but anywhere. There was a massive fire on my block a few years ago. The fire engine couldn’t make the turn onto my street because of a car parked too close to the intersection. Well, couldn’t make the turn without seriously messing up the illegally parked car. Which they totally did. *evil chuckle*

  • This recent article from BBC seems rather timely here: http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-nottinghamshire-30138390

  • I’d hit the car then call the cops

  • It’s the same problem for trucks turning left onto (upper) Connecticut from Q, just by Circa. Inevitably, the truck or bus will have to make a 40 point turn to get around that corner.

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