After 6 Years 1905 Closing Temporarily for Renovations Nov. 24th on 9th Street in Shaw, On Nov. 23rd Menu Half Priced

1905 9th Street, NW

From an email:

“After almost six years, 1905 Restaurant is ready for a bit of a refresh. The restaurant will close on Monday, November 24th for several weeks to make upgrades in the kitchen and update the dining room. To help clear out the pantry before the renovations, everything on Chef Hatton’s menu will be half priced on Sunday, November 23rd for dinner service. During 1905’s facelift, owners Tony Lucca & Phil Rodriguez invite everyone to visit their new venture, El Camino, at 108 Rhode Island Avenue NW in Bloomingdale.”

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  • I’m excited to see the reno, but sad to see 1905 close even for a few weeks. I love that place!!!!

  • Now I have no idea where I’ll go to party like it’s 1905.

  • Hopefully for the sake of neighbors they will enclose the rooftop patio that has been bothering some residents.
    And before anyone says no neighbors have been bothered I know 2 homeowners who predate 1905 occupancy who have complained to me personally although I have no say in the matter whatsoever — just happen to be a different neighbor far enough away from 1905 not to hear them. These residents are also very happy to live in a thriving part of the city with lots of dining options but would prefer 1905’s business and noise be kept indoors.

    • Best rooftop in DC, would sad to see it enclosed. U Street doesn’t have the strong settlement agreements there are in other hoods that restrict outside hours.

    • I live right behind 1905 and pre-date the patio as well and never hear more than a slight murmur of conversation and only on the weekends. If the homeowner you are referring to is the one I think it is, they complain about everything. EVERYTHING.
      1905 has put a wall in place between their patio and the back alley to try to cut down on the noise- and the owner (Tony) has emailed local residents and told us to contact him personally if it gets too loud. I think they seem pretty reasonable, and try to keep neighbors happy.

      • Yes 1 of the 2 people I’ve heard complain is probably the same person you are speaking of. I think that person should bite the bullet it up and invest some money solving the problem inside their house. However I know from personal experience that with sound penetration into a house each house’s location matters. If you have nothing but air between that rooftop and your window you are likely to hear it louder than others. Unfortunately a few people are already in that situation, and pretty soon there are going to be a couple dozen new residents that have nothing but air between 1905 roof so that will be interesting to see whether they are affected and whether they can get enforcement of their right not to be bothered by certain types of noise.

  • hispanicandproud

    Love 1905. I had one of my very best time ever at that restuarant one day last year.

  • El Camino is the freaking bomb. That place is amazing, THATS how you open a restaurant (boo wash firehouse). Classy, good food, reasonable prices, opened quickly, well done you.

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