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  • Rant: When I checked in here this morning, I was shocked and saddened to learn that Marion Barry had died. I was even more shocked and saddened to see that the comment section had already been closed, despite PoP’s plea to posters to be respectful. As a native of DC, with parents who were both born in DC, I remember a city before home rule, and carry memories of times when “taxation without representation” reflected a disenfranchisement that is only dimly alluded to with our license plates today. For all the “progress” and changes that have taken place as we have grown as a city, many of us seem to have forgotten the basics of being neighbors, of sharing a community together, and of honoring truly great achievements even as we seek to grow beyond our very human frailties and failures.
    Rave: This space. The gift of a space in which to Rant and Rave and commiserate and socialize and to share everything from information about this city to pictures of pets is not a small one. Thanks PoP!

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