300 Unit Residential Unit Proposed for Sherman Ave and Barry Place, NW

Sherman and Barry Pl, NW

Potentially huge development news from the Washington Business Journal last week:

“Howard University has assembled 30 lots at the northeast corner of Sherman Avenue and Barry Place Northwest that it is now proposing to redevelop into a single building with more than 300 residential units and ground-floor retail.”

They also note:

“While the warehouse will be razed, that image [mural pictured above] will be “digitally reproduced and displayed in the lobby of the apartment building.”

Updates when demo/construction begins.

rear of old refrigeration warehouse

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  • This sounds promising!

  • It’s about time.

  • Okay Howard, well enough, but what about Howard Town Center and W St Extension? Why are you assembling and building here requesting zoning change when you already have appropriately zoned land on Georgia Ave?

    Also, sad that it looks like you are not putting parking underground. Lovely that your photos show a mostly empty parking lot that you won’t be able to build on because its needed for parking for this building.

  • why is Howard in the property development business? Seems like they should focus on more concerning matters, and just sell the land.

    • jim_ed

      Because if done correctly, it can be a lucrative and stable source of income. Howard owns underused land in a very desirable part of town and could turn it into a major source of revenue. GW has done this successfully with some of their parcels and used that money to pay for new academic buildings on campus.

      • “if done correctly,” though. Given their track record, I don’t know how much confidence I have in Howard. I remember how shocked I was when I found out that the derelict buildings on the northwest corner of Georgia and V belonged to the university — how could they have let them fall into such a shoddy state?

        • I grew up in Manhattan and NYU left dozens of buildings in disrepair until real estate values afforded them the luxury of selling or renting the land to developers. Howard in the last 5-6 years has just recently seen the value of their land achieve any substantial increase in value.

          You can’t redevelop all of that land over night, but it’s moving along. Foggy Bottom was a shit show 25 years ago and it took GW until around 1995 to bring things up to what you see now and 2000 for all of the land they own in the West End/Dupont.

          • Sure, you can’t redevelop things overnight… but you can do things like properly board up windows, remove lettering (I think there’s a lettering on one building that used to read “ACCOUNTS” and now says “CC UNTS”), remove graffiti, and keep the weeds in the treeboxes trimmed. Howard hasn’t done a very good job with those minimum-maintenance tasks.

          • Agree with

          • Agree with textdoc

    • GW does it and learned from the best–NYU who owns and is responsible for redeveloping most of lower Manhattan.

    • This is right across from their dorms so I can understand why they want to control the land and usage.. part of their students daily experience for years has been to look out at that vacant warehouse.

    • Only suckers sell.

  • I’m kind of sad that the little row of houses there will be torn down. I was always secretly happy that they were able to survive all the change over the years.

  • Good riddance to that mural – what an eyesore.

    • Anastasia Beaverhausen

      I owned and lived in the house next to that mural and I absolutely loved it.

    • I ADORE that mural, notice it every day through the seasons, and am sad to see it go along with the fenced in yard in front of it that serves as an alternative dog park for some people who live very close by. It’s a gem of the area!

  • Someone pls do the math for me. Square 2882. What is howard paying for these lots/sq ft vs what akridge wants to pay for reeves center?

  • Anastasia Beaverhausen

    I feel sorry for all those people who are going to pay a huge amount of money for those apartments and then have to deal with the guy in the public housing building across the street who puts his speakers in the window and blares music at all hours. That building is a mess.

    • One day in the far distant future Garfield (I will probably be dead) will be re-developed and will be amazing. Going up the hill will allow several buildings to have rooftop decks with great views. It is a huge property and that will be a billion dollar development. In my dreams the city RFP this. Or trade it to Akridge for Buzzard Point.

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