19 “Johns” arrested and charged with “Solicitation of Prostitution” Sat. Night-Sun. Morning in Logan Circle/Shaw

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Prostitution crackdown continues in Logan/Shaw. In July 6 others were arrested for solicitation of prostitution and in September 15 were arrested in the same PSA.

From MPD:

“Between November 22, 2014 (14:30hours) and November 23, 2014 (06:30hours), members of the Metropolitan Police Department’s Third District VICE Unit conducted a Undercover Prostitution Operation within the City’s 3rd District, here in Washington DC.

Officers conducted this operation with the intention of locating persons involved in illegal solicitation of prostitution related offenses. This operation targeted both Prostitutes and the “Johns”, AKA: Customers who enter this city to engage in or conduct their illicit business and or services.

Over the course of the operation itself, a total of (19) adults were arrested and charged with “Solicitation of Prostitution”. In addition, one of the adult “John’s” was also found in possession of a substance amount of illegal narcotics after which he was additionally charged.

All of these arrests were made along the immediate adjoining borders of the Third District and First District, within PSA307. This operation was facilitated and managed by the 3rd District VICE Lieutenant, Deborah Pearce. Lt. Pearce encourages anyone who may have information related to these types of illegal activities to contact the Third District VICE “Tip Line” at (202) 673-6925.”

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  • Victimless crime. How about the MPD addresses the robberies and murders plaguing the city?

    • Sure – victimless, in an ideal world. Then there’s reality. Try meeting some of the victims of trafficking and then say that again.

      Perhaps you should also meet some of the officers working on robberies and murder. Crazy that it happens also.

      • +10000000000000000000 If the industry were regulated and well run and didn’t rely so heavily on the physical and mental abuse, coercion and physical and economic exploitation of sex workers, you’d have a point. But at the moment, the only ones getting out of this arrangement unscathed are the pimps and the johns, so I have no problem with the allocation of police resources to targeting their participation.

    • You must be that guy we see at all the DC Council meetings, tirelessly lobbying for the legalization of prostitution, to free up resources for the enforcement of laws against robberies and murders.

  • Jason, are you suggesting they’re not doing both? “We’d love to get to all those murders but we put all our cops on the prostitution thing and we’re serious about seeing that one through first.”

    • Jason is right. Prostitution is in and of itself a victimless crime. I certainly agree with “Anonymous” that human trafficking is not victimless, but of course, prostitution and human trafficking are not synonymous.

      The police ought to focus their limited resources on violent crimes. The officers devoted to arranging sting operation to arrest women soliciting prostitution or their customers cannot be targeting those committing violent crimes. Perhaps these individuals could have devoted their efforts to a sting operation of violent activities carried out by gangs.

      • Right – and the illegal drug trade and violent crime are not synonymous… but again, welcome to the real world.

        Also, if you’ve ever met and talked to a vice officer, those guys / gals are busting up all sorts of crime. They are some of the most hard charging police officers I’ve met. They definitely don’t work only on prostitution.

      • Check your privilege, men.

        • Can you please explain what privelege I’m overlooking? I’m quite aware that as a man, I need to worry much less about being trafficked.

          • I think anonymous was talking to Chris. Who believes the crimes that are more likely to affect him are of higher priority.

          • Sorry, that was “A lucky woman” who was talking to Chris.

          • Yeah, I was talking to Chris (and Jason, etc.) Takes some major lack of self-awareness for men to preach “victimless” where it is mostly women and marginalized population like gay teens, trans, etc, are affected. Makes me want to scream.

          • I thin Anon 12:42, was making a point that he is a man, and is well aware of the victims of prostitution. Not all men are unaware of the struggles and dangers women have to face. In fact, I’m sure there are some women out there making the same comments about prostitution enforcement.

  • Victimless crime and violation of personal liberty. Just because some human trafficking exists in the prostitution industry is no reason to criminalize it, just as we don’t criminalize manufacturing because of the fact that slave labor exists in the manufacturing industry.

    • You don’t understand. The street prostitutes are almost all coerced in some way; they are either trafficked, or addicted (and their pimps supply the drugs), or straight up abused. No one – NO ONE – chooses the life of a street prostitute.
      I agree that minimal resources should be spent on policing the high-end escort business, where far more (though still not all) of the workers are there by their own choice. But arresting johns and pimps at the lowest level of prostitution is actually protecting people whose personal liberty has already been grievously violated.

  • People still use prostitutes? Isn’t there an app for that?

  • tonyr

    From the release (ahem) – “AKA: Customers who enter this city to engage in or conduct their illicit business and or services”

    So if we live here do we get a “Get Out of Jail” pass?

  • I’m going to go ahead and say an unqualified “props to the cops” for this. From what I’ve seen — which is a good deal more than I’d like — this area has become a spot for blatant streetwalking at pretty much all hours of the day. And by “blatant streetwalking,” I mean that the ladies working in this area are giving passersby a full show of their bottom halves. It’s really over the top.
    And +1 to the Anonymous who said these officers are hard-charging. I give a lot of credit to the 3D for doing a tough job extremely well.

  • They need to go after the check cashing places, where the pimps launder their trafficking revenue.

  • Props to the cops and shame on the fools berating them.

  • Out of curiosity, how many of the men defending prostitution here are also customers?

    • LOL. It’s good that cops are taking action here and cleaning up the streets.

    • +500 I’d be willing to bet that there is a lot of overlap on that Venn diagram. You have to have your head pretty far in the sand to think that prostitution is a good thing for the prostitutes.

      • Agreed. It’s tricky to figure out how to defend the right of a woman to choose sex work, and protect the women who didn’t choose it.

        • there are people who did this every day in their jobs. Sex Workers Project in NYC for one… they work on sex worker rights and human trafficking and can tell the difference.

  • Unqualified props to the cops here as well. From speaking to them I understand that some busts often also results in arrest for drug trafficking (not consumption, so heavy stuff). Also, there is the whole broken windows issue – by cleaning up the streets from these sorts of crime they are indirectly preventing bigger crimes from happening. Excellent job, MPD.

  • why this area? I remember when logan circle has prostitutes actively working in the circle and some shady asian massage joints but that was like 15 years ago. Is there still a real market in this neigbhrhood now? Conventioners maybe? But that seems kind of a hike too. I don’t think this is victimless, sex trafficking almost always involvoes violent coercion and addicition and domestic abuse. Regulating it might improve the situation, I don’t know. But the women who are forced into are the real victims.

  • Does each police district have a vice/investgative unit? It’s great to see some proactivness.

  • Empower voluntary sex workers to work safely and sex trafficking victims to seek help from law enorcement. Decriminalize voluntary sex work!!! Like, yesterday!!

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