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  • Walked by last night around dinner time (on my way to Pollo Sabroso, natch). There’s no space to eat inside now, not even a counter like the old Adam Express, but there were a good half-dozen people inside ordering or waiting for their food.

    • When I went by a few days ago there were two tables seating 4 people each – seems like they moved them out

  • This will be the biggest opening MtP has seen in 10 years thanks to the NIMBYs!

    • I guess you haven’t been to Beau Thai, Eat Peach, Flying Fish and other businesses that have opened in the past 10 years.

    • You have no idea what you’re talking about.

    • There have been lots of great places opening in MT P in recent years and there are many great places that have been there for a while. I like the slow rate of change in Mt P. It seems like the new things w get are solid and not some new faddy business that will crash in a year. Now if only tonic and old radius would come back.

  • The NIMBYs are gone, and every business opening in Mount Pleasant in recent years has been made welcome. Those obnoxious “voluntary agreements” have all been eliminated. The only problems we have here are (1) high rents, (2) small facilities, and (3) competition from the 14th Street area, just two blocks away.

    What’s needed now is for residents to patronize our Mount Pleasant businesses. I was pleased to see plenty of activity at Zabver on Wednesday evening.

  • Unfortunately there really aren’t any good Thai restaurants in DC.. most Thai restaurant owners significantly water down the dishes (both in terms of heat and the more ‘pungent’ ingredients) because they think (non-Asian) Americans will run for the hills if they smell the fish sauce; this sounds like more of the same.

    • Have you been there? Have you tried the food? Or are you judging without even stepping foot in the place?

      • “Thai and Asian cuisine” is a dead give away. A good Thai restaurant would probably pick one of the regional Thai cuisines and do it right, rather than trying to some pan-Asian nonsense.

        • @ Tiest… since you apparently are the self appointed arbiter of all things Thai… I challenge you to get off your behind and try this place… the owner makes authentic Thai — simply ask him to customize your dish at the counter — his food really can kick it! Get over your bogus overarching (and poorly researched) generalizations… your ” there are no good” comments strike me as tired, hackneyed BS…

        • You haven’t been there. Your credibility in judging the food is zero.

    • Try Little Serow.

      • Little Serow is one particular American’s chef’s own (Americanized) twist on Northeastern Thai food. Which is fine btw – it’s not claiming to provide authentic Thai food.

    • The proprietor was a chef at Sala Thai, and was unhappy that they did indeed modify their dishes to suit American tastes. He assured me that he was now, in his own restaurant, going to prepare his dishes the authentic Thai way.

  • Tiest, check out the pork liver with chiles at Soi 38

  • This is good news – another dining option for Mt Pleasant street. I’m excited for this new place – I’ve tried it twice and have been very happy with the food.

  • I heard that the reason they have “Asian cuisine” in their signage is because they are gauging whether the neighborhood woukd respond better to more than just Thai food, so different types of Asian food. I am an Asian food snob and for the most part I have complained about Asian food in DC. I prefer going to the Virgina and Maryland burbs for good “Asian” food. But this place has solid Thai food. I’ve ordered food 3 times and tried different dishes. The lunch specials are a .good deal. I also think their dishes taste like the fare at the many small eateries I frequented in Bangkok, when I lived there. You can ask for authentic THAI heat but that would pack a punch. Finally, I loved Adams Express, and I get the vibe that the owners of Zabver are excited to be part of this community.

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