Yet I can never find one when I really need one! “DC is #2 when it comes to toilets per capita”

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From Redfin:

“This is kind of silly, but… who would have guessed that Washington, DC ranks #2 in the nation when it comes to number of residential toilets per capita? According to a new report from Redfin real estate brokerage, there are 98 loos for every 100 people in the DC metro area. DC was topped only by Boulder Colorado, which leads the nation with an estimated 102 toilets per resident.

DC ranks third, behind LA and Chicago, in terms of water consumption based on a day’s worth of flushes. 144.8 Olympic-sized swimming pools could be filled with the water used in a day’s worth of flushes in the DC area.

Redfin real estate brokerage arrived at this list by looking at the most recent household and population data from the American Community Survey, along with county recorder data about the number of toilets present in each residence.”

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  • Not surprising at all – lots of studios and 1 bedroom apartment dwellers and not a lot of multi-family homes where the residents > toilets. Boulder’s weird though – makes no sense.

    • My thought was that this is being driven by McMansions in MD and VA, where you have these 4000 foot square houses with 4.5 baths and 3 people living in them. It’s even worse in more “mature” suburbs like NW, Chevy Chase, Bethesda, etc. where you have empty nesters living in huge house.

      • My first thought was all the flippers cramming 3.5 bathrooms into 3 BR rowhouses.

      • Add Petworth to your list. My friends have owned their home for about a year, and when we asked, they were unsure about how many toilets they had in their house! We counted, and it was five. In a 3-bedroom rowhouse.

  • So we’re full of shit? Just not at much as Boulder.

  • “We’re #2” has a much different meaning within the context of toilets…

  • As someone who often needs to use the restroom, you just need to know where to look :). I have little spots around town…the best spots are hotels or big chain stores that have public restrooms for customers.

  • Boulder has 102 toilets per resident?!?!?

  • Doesn’t everybody know to use the hotel bathrooms?

  • Alleys don’t count.

  • Boulder might be like an old school mountain town and have a lot of one-holers on top of what are essentially port-a-poddies that don’t connect to a sewer and can’t really support septic. My guess is that could lead to a proliferation of toilets.

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