Willie’s Brew & Que officially opening Thursday in Navy Yard

300 Tingey Street, SE

Capitol Riverfront BID reports:

“The barbeque is being tested on the grill, and the big-screen TVs are ready to go! Sports bar-themed barbeque restaurant Willie’s Brew & Que will be opening very soon in the Boilermaker Shops, located at 300 Tingey Street, SE in the Capitol Riverfront.

Willie’s Brew & Que will be open daily from 11:00 am to 2:00 am. Lunch will be served Monday through Friday from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm, and dinner everyday from 4:00 pm to 2:00 am.

Willie’s features a total of fourteen 70-inch and 60-inch TVs, so customers will be able to view at least three games from any seat in the restaurant.”

I’m told Thursday is the official opening. Here’s a sneak peek we took a few weeks ago.

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  • This was posted at 415pm. Notice the level of excitement from the neighborhood. {crickets}

    • I was just saddened to learn this was NOT a Willie Nelson themed BBQ spot. Oh well…one can dream.

    • So what do you think that means? Personally, I think it’s new-restaurant fatigue. Not to mention the fact that DC is starting to go into recession. Only so much disposable income/parental assistance to go around.

    • 4:15 on a FRIDAY. I’d bet the bulk of popville comments are posted during the workday and most people are gone, on their way home or busting their butt to get out the door and start their weekend, not putting around on the inter webs.

  • Same owners group as all the mediocre Barracks Row spots: Molly Malone, Senarts, Hawk & Dove, Pacifico, Chesepeake, etc.

    Such an amazing building, now filled with tv’s and wood paneling…and, at best, mediocre and over-priced food.


  • They open in Oct. After the baseball season and and after when most folks think BBQ?

  • They lost me after they said the BBQ was on the grill.

  • Why wouldn’t they serve lunch on the weekends…?

  • First of all, do any of the other commenters live/work near this new restaurant? I do, and I’m looking forward to BBQ. I’m not new restaurant “fatigued”

    Secondly, isn’t this restaurant owned by a person who was doing shady deals in the other businesses mentioned? Yeah, not interested for this reason.

  • Executive Chef is Rock Harper, so it cant’ be that bad.

    Grilled BBQ seems weird to me though.

  • First off, I know for a fact that they have a 1000 lb Southern Pride smoker in their because they showed it to me last week. They are most definitely not grilling bbq.

    Second, this was obviously a press release written by the BiD, not the restaurant. Can’t we all wait to try the cue (myself included) before judging?

    • But . . . but . . . I don’t come here NOT to judge!

      A 1000 lb. Southern Pride smoker gives me a lot of hope. Looking forward to trying whatever comes out of there.

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