“Why does the Dorchester house on 16th is keeping the “construction no parking” signs up on Kalorama even though construction’s over?”


“Dear PoPville,

Why does the Dorchester house on 16th is keeping the “construction no parking” signs up on Kalorama even though construction’s over? It’s really inconvenient. There are 3 of these (photo above) spaced out to block off ~10 spots.”

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  • They paid for that period, so is their right. They could also need the space for touch ups or follow-up work. What I don’t understand is why people in DC needs cars.

    • Let’s see why would someone need a car??? HMMMMMMMMMMM. You got me, I can’t think of a single reason why ANYONE living in this city would need a car. Not one. We’re on the same team brother.

      • I live in AdMo and work at Andrews AFB.

        I often work on the weekends and holidays. Some days I have to be at work at 5:00am, some days I don’t get off work till well after midnight.

        You tell me how to make that work without a car.

        • I was joking CJ don’t worry. I’m the lazy jerk that drives 4 blocks to the grocery store because I don’t want to carry a bunch of heavy bags. I’m all for cars and the way the make life more convenient.

        • Well, since you asked… It’s your decision to live so far away from where you work, so of course you need a car. Might as well ask how one is supposed to commute to DC from Front Royal.

          The obvious answer is that you could move a little closer to Andrews AFB. Just a suggestion.

          • What about people with two jobs? Wish I could live next to both of them, but they are far away from each other.
            Plus I’d rather not join the hipster biking cult that pervades DC streets.

          • So my husband works in DC and I work in the suburbs. Should we get a divorce? Also, I bought a house and then changed jobs, should I sell it? Is it really that hard to get that not everyone has the exact same life?

          • Even if you moved closer, the commute from the street to the gate to the flight line alone is a pretty long way. And if you haven’t been to Andrews, it isn’t exactly a charming neighborhood outside of its gates. Not every area makes sense to both live and work in.

      • Sarcasm got lost on this one…as is in, why would a construction company would need a space for a few more weeks after it looks like as if the work’s completed.

    • Because not everyone who lives in DC works in DC and somewhere that’s not Metro accessible. Can this type of comment please go away?

    • +1. Both cars and bikes should be banned from all of DC’s streets.

  • Why don’t you contact them and ask them to take them down? I suspect that might get a faster reaction. Otherwise expect them to stay up until January 2015.

  • They might still be up for contractors trucks/van who are doing interior work. They pay to keep these signs, so they’ve certainly compensated the city a lot of money for these spots. It ain’t cheap.

  • Regardless of the other (valid) elements of this discussion, can I just say those are the nicest looking custom-made emergency no parking sign posts I think I have ever seen?? SO much classier that taping the signs to a trash can (common near my house) and leaving that curbside for months! Wow!

    • Or taping them to orange traffic cones that tend to migrate up and down the street to provide parking for construction workers.

  • It’s one of the requirements of DDOT and it should be stated on their Public Space Occupancy application that they will remove the signage when the work is complete. Complain to DDOT in person; phone calls and emails to them will go unanswered and unreturned.

  • A neighbor did ask them why the signs are still up. The response was that they want moving trucks to be parked there rather than in the Dorchester loading dock.

    • janie4

      OK, that is just wrong. They shouldn’t abuse them like that. The permits are for construction purposes only, not because they make their life easier at the expense of the neighbors. If that is true, then whoever they said that to should call DDOT to complain.

  • Based on my experience you could park there anyway without consequence. Last time I moved I posted these signs at both the place I was moving from and moving to, and not a single person abided by it nor was any ticketing issued. What a waste of $50.

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