When You Gotta Go You Gotta Go – But If You’re an Adult Please Wait Until Find a Public Restroom


“Dear PoPville,

This guy has no shame pissing into someone’s basement apartment. Saturday early afternoon in the alley beside Northern Exchange (off R street). I feel sorry for the person who lives down there!”

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  • I live off 18th on Adams Morgan and the fact that this happens once in a while is not the bad part, the fact that it occurs in front of MPD is. I understand that things can escalate very quickly among drunk patrons and they need to be right on 18th, but it would be nice if they also took their time and walked a bit around the adjacent blocks.

    • Emmaleigh504

      They love to come piss in my alley behind Calvert. There’s one poor house that I’m convinced is going to melt from all the urine.

  • justinbc

    Although one can certainly imagine what he’s doing, it’s not explicit. Questioning the validity of leaving this post up for public shaming…

    • I don’t think we really have a reason to doubt the person who took the picture. Having had numerous men just whip it out and pee on the big tree in front of my house (while I am sitting on my front porch no less), it is very easy to tell (and hear) what is happening.

      • justinbc

        Maybe you don’t understand what I’m saying. I don’t doubt for a second that this guy is pissing on this house. The photo doesn’t explicitly show that though. So if I were publicly defaming someone I would make sure the evidence were clear, so as to avoid any potential fallback. Apparently PoP is not as cautious as I am, and that’s certainly his prerogative.

        • jim_ed

          You’re just being purposefully obtuse at this point, yes? You’re advicating that the photog should have framed a high and tight of this guys junk so there is indisputable evidence that it’s out and in the act of urination, or you’re concerned that this alley pisser will read PoP and also has the will and means to sue for defamation? This strikes me as needless pedantry and missing the forest for the trees – if you don’t want to be photographed taking a piss in public, then don’t piss in public.

          • at *this* point…?

          • justinbc

            No, I’m saying that if I ran the site I wouldn’t post it unless the evidence were clear, and even then I would probably put disclaimers on it. This city is full of lawyers who are happy to take a case on behalf of someone like this if it means they get a payout in the end.

          • “being purposefully obtuse” is such an elegant euphemism for what JustinBS does on this board all day, every day

          • justinbc

            Thanks Anonymous, I’ve been hoping to win you specifically over, since I follow everything you do as well.

        • Thank goodness PoP runs this website and not you.

    • You’re being sarcastic, right? Please, tell me you are…

    • Some people need to be shamed.

    • You can SEE the tinkle in the photo! Both on the ground and in the air. I don’t know how much more explicit this picture could be without showing his penis.

  • But “I could get uromysitisis poisoning and die”

  • Blech. Within the span of 3 days I saw one man peeing and another defecating in Logan Circle. Awful.

  • and people say I’m crazy for refusing to live in a basement apartment…. make this reason #138462745.

  • He couldn’t move a foot to the left?

  • Perhaps we need more public restrooms in major shopping and entertainment areas?

    • yes we do.
      that we do not is insane to me.

    • Yup, we do! And we need to realize that many of the people with the most pressing need for a restroom might not be welcomed in restaurants and stores when they “just need to use the restroom”. I think public pissing is pretty nasty — but I also recognize that there are often few or no other options available.
      The OP described the person in the picture as having “no shame”. Perhaps what he lacks is options.

      • Right, he lacks options so he definitely has to pee in public and down into someone’s stairwell. It’s mindboggling what people will defend/excuse.

        • The first part of your statement: “he lacks options” does not logically lead to the second “so he should pee in someone’s stairwell”.It’s also not what I said — if you bothered to read the whole comment. It’s mindboggling how people with limited perspectives will twist things.

          • You are absolutely correct….part one of my statement does not logically lead to the second part. And apparently you missed that day in school when they explained how sarcasm works. And I definitely read your entire comment and it’s a whole lotta nonsense. You think public pissing is nasty but apparently it can be explained (if not justified) by a lack of options. Given your views, I’m quite glad my perspectives are what they are.

        • The first part of your statement: “he lacks options” does not logically lead to the second “so he should pee in someone’s stairwell”.It’s also not what I said — if you bothered to read the whole comment. It’s mindboggling how people with limited perspectives will twist things.

  • I see this all the time, most likely dudes just ducking into alleyways. My favorite is the guys who use the trash can by the bus stop just outside the CVS at Georgia/New Hampshire. Yuck.

    • justinbc

      There’s a guy who sleeps on G St NW, in front of the old abandoned bank. Several times a week I’ll see him use the trash can on the corner of 14th and G to urinate, during the middle of the morning commute. The guy doesn’t have a home though, and I’m sure he would be asked to leave any of the dozen Starbucks in the area, so I’m sure he’s dealing with more pressing issues.

      • I’m sure he could go to the Columbia heights Starbucks, they never ask homeless people to leave. He could join the 20 kids in there eating Chipotle and taking up every seat and table possible.

    • I saw a guy sleeping along the curb next to a bus stop near Dupont Circle, he just rolled over, took it out and peed into the gutter, and when he was done rolled back over. I often think about this when I get up and pee in the middle of the night and have to walk all the way to the bathroom instead of just rolling to the edge of the bed.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Fun information my mom learned from the guys redoing her kitchen. They just peed on the fence in the back yard b/c it was too much hassle to go inside. If they had to do more than pee, they went to the fast food place down the street. So gross.

  • I know that guy! Not personally, but just because he’s a regular pisser in the ally behind our house on the north side of Corcoran. Last time I saw him he was standing far enough out into the ally that we couldn’t get the car by; he nonchalantly finished up while we waited.

  • justinbc

    If you want to see this happen regularly, just follow my friend on Twitter:
    He’s got alley cameras setup, and urination is far from the worst thing they catch.

      • Wow. This is a hilarious twitter account. Man, your friend should just swap out his video camera for a hose.

    • “Wildlife photographer, urban settler.”
      Ugh, this dill-bag is giving all of us white people a bad name. Tell him to tone down the rhetoric.

      • jim_ed

        Seriously. That reeks of patronizing racism – “Hahah, look at these black folks, they’re like animals, amirite? Thank god I’m here to help colonize the neighborhood for civilization!” Have some self-awareness, dude.

        • “Look! Batman’s holding $45 worth of fried chicken while he pees on my house! Skillz.”
          Yeah. What’s next, watermelon jokes?

          • justinbc

            Except that in the photo the guy is wearing a Batman shirt and holding a box of Popeye’s. It’s not racist, it’s pointing out facts about someone in a photo. How cheerful would you be about people continually pissing and crapping on the side of your house?

          • jim_ed

            Nice try, but that doesn’t look like any box Popeye’s has ever served food in, and the Styrofoam container on top is absolutely not from Popeye’s and could contain any multitude of foods. Try to explain it away as much as you want, but your friend is a racist turd.

          • That isn’t Popeye’s Justin, and you know it. They don’t have even boxes or styrofoam like that. You don’t always have to defend a wrong position until others finally stop talking.

          • justinbc

            It looks like the big boxes of chicken that Bojangles used to sell. I was guessing Popeye’s since that’s more popular here. I will admit I have no idea what Popeye’s boxes actually look like since I generally hate their product.

          • Thats my twitter. The fried chicken is from andys carryout. Im doing the best to deal with this humoursly. Aside from my house being peed and pooped on every few hours, my wife and I have been mugged, stolen from, sexually assaulted, had vehicles stolen, and suffered endless vandalism. If, within the context of the regular violent crime im subjected to, you find my attempts to lighten the mood un-pc, I would ask that you try living with constant fear of attack for a few years and then re-evaluate my words.

          • You should move. Sell your house and move. You sound miserable there, and based on everything you’ve described, with good reason. Move to a better part of town, and be happier. Good luck.

        • justinbc

          So, because they’re almost all black (I did see one old white guy), that makes it racist? It’s not like someone has a choice in who gets to piss on their house.

          • jim_ed

            No, using incredibly loaded terms like “urban settler” and equating black people to wildlife makes it racist. Any time your language selection could be mistaken for a stock character out of Heart of Darkness, it’s probably time for some self reflection.

          • Oh weird I just assumed he was actually a wildlife photographer and his photographs happened to be not of wildlife because this is his twitter, not his flickr account.

            The things documented in his twitter are gross regardless of race, the fact that it’s mostly black people is just indicative of the neighborhood he lives in. I didn’t see anything racist in the twitter. Calling out people being assholes to your HOME is not racist. Sorrynotsorry.

          • The guy probably should have thought about that before buying one block from Sursum, NY Avenue, and multiple homeless shelters in the area. Yeah, it’s gross. But he basically moved in the DC equivalent of SoMA in San Francisco.

          • There’s nothing racist about it Jim. Maybe tone down your outrage the same way you want people to tone down their language. If these were white guys in Georgetown you would be giggling.

          • Straw man. What’s this “if”? We have facts on the ground. And in that context, there is a subtle, implied racism to both ‘wildlife photographer’ and ‘urban settler’. Nobody’s talking about white guys in Georgetown except you.

  • Public toilets! Like in the civilized countries.

  • Seeing men urinate in public is not an infrequent occurrence when walking through Chinatown and Mount Vernon Square. I’ve seen it happen in broad daylight, visible to all. I saw a couple with a young kid, probably tourists, try to flag down a cop after they encountered this behavior right in front of them (not in an alley, but on the sidewalk, with the offender pointed toward a residential building). Not the best impression DC could make! Also, one morning I saw a little boy, maybe 3-4 years old, peeing into a corner just outside the Gallery Place/Chinatown Metro, while he and his mom were apparently waiting for a bus. His mother seemed not to care at all. It was in the morning, at an hour when plenty of nearby businesses with toilets were open. Maybe it was an emergency, but it looked more like the mom either consented or plain old didn’t care. I was quite alarmed when all I saw at first was a small child on the sidewalk with his pants around his ankles and his head down (the mom stood a good distance away).

    • While plenty of businesses with toilets might have been open, not all of them welcome anyone and everyone who is not a patron of said businesses to use them. If you can discern what is and is not an “emergency” with a little kid that needs to pee based on the appearance of the adult with him, I’m impressed!

    • While plenty of businesses with toilets might have been open, not all of them welcome anyone and everyone who is not a patron of said businesses to use them. If you can discern what is and is not an “emergency” with a little kid that needs to pee based on the appearance of the adult with him, I’m impressed!

      • I didn’t say I could tell that it wasn’t an emergency with the kid. I said, in fact, maybe it was. I was concerned, however, that the mother was not standing anywhere close to the child, and actually had her back turned as I approached, leaving her little boy vulnerable and exposed to everyone on the sidewalk.

  • This is also common behavior among city workers, like road crews. I finally complained after several days in a row of it happening, and shockingly got no response.

  • Why is this disgusting but it’s okay for all the condominium idiots down the block to let their dogs piss all over my yard …. all … day … long?

    • if you don’t understand the difference, it’s not worth trying to explain it to you.

    • Fair point. There really isn’t a difference, IMHO. Piss is piss.

      • So you object to the piss, not the phallus being exposed?

        What at squirrel/raccoon/bird waste? Euthanize every animal so you don’t have to think about piss?

        • I simply don’t give a crap. I don’t want anything – animal or human – pissing on my treebox or front yard. And I fully support provide lots of public resources to build free public urinals/toilets, areas for animals to relieve themselves, etc. I’d rather have it regulated and contained to certain area.
          Besides, dog owners can control their dogs. The squirrels are not controlled by anyone.

          • Accountering

            This is ridiculous. So somehow all dog owners are supposed to train their dogs to pee in approved areas? They are trained to go outside, that is plenty. This is some utopian world you are living in if you think that is an even remotely viable plan.

          • If I can train my stupid lab not to go until told, any dog can learn.

          • Also, it’s not your treebox.

          • justinbc

            Accountering, I went down that road once on this site. Trust me, just leave it alone, some people will only accept one view of the world.

        • Doc, I most definitely oppose the pee, and not the exposed willy. I mean, in an ideal world, we’d have neither, without express consent. But pee smell lingers and is nauseating.

  • When I was a study abroad student, the church behind my host family’s apartment in Brussels had outdoor urinals. Literally you could just walk right up and pee. I would greatly support any and/or all of our city’s religious institutions to install such facilities.

    • At first I thought this suggestion was nuts, but the more I think about it, it’s brilliant.

      • Yup. Keep the mess contained to one area where it can be monitored, cleaned, and people without means or access to facilities are provided a bit of dignity.
        I honestly don’t think the guy pissing on the wall would prefer to be pissing on the wall.

  • That is our building. Thankfully the room below him only houses our electrical and gas panels. Looks like we’ll need to disinfect the building exterior (again).

  • I must respectfully disagree that there is often no better option. As a woman, I don’t pee in the street – when I need to, I find a bathroom. Like many women, I have some knowledge base of where I might find one when I need one when out – hotel lobbies, starbucks and other fast food stores, grocery stores, department stores, big box stores, libraries, casual restaurants I can saunter into like I am going to eat there and head directly for the bathroom when in in pinch, etc.). Except for the homeless (and this is the least of the problems we need to fix for them, like, how about creating homes?) and little children recently potty-trained who have small bladders, this is pretty much exclusively a problem of men, who can’t be bothered to take a few minutes to find a bathroom, like women do, because they think this behavior is fine.

    I also agree that I don’t see why it is OK for dogs to do their business all over the place – it is gross. We should have places for this to happen, off of our sidewalks and lawns.

    • As a counterpoint, I suspect many businesses are more accommodating to women who want to use a bathroom than men. Also most of the homeless people I see on the street are men.
      I like your idea about dog bathrooms. But we should also have them for squirrels, rats, mice, deer, birds, and all the other animals that are out and about, otherwise what’s the point?

    • I appreciate your comments and your respectful disagreement. I hope you appreciate that many of us — who may not share your personal characteristics — have frequently had the experience of hearing “sorry, our restrooms are for customers only”. I’m not refuting your personal experiences, simply asking you to recognize that your experiences may not be universal. Many neighborhoods don’t have open public places like libraries that are welcoming to EVERYBODY. I’m not advocating public peeing, or trying to get into a pissing contest (yeah, I hadda go there, lol) just pointing out that not all of us are equally welcomed in all environments when we need to pee. So more public facilities in more neighborhoods would be a great boon for all of us. It’s not exclusively a problem for men — women are likely to be more private about it, however.

    • LOL I’ve seen plenty of women piss in the street. Misandry is not a solution, public toilets are but in America we have abdicated such public services to the private sector. I’m surprised Libraries still exist.

    • For the people complaining about dogs, are the dogs pissing in your yard or the grass between the sidewalk and street? Because the latter is not your property.

  • austindc

    And gents, unless you are 4 years old, you do not need to lower your pantaloons to piss while in the standing position. This helpful tip is brought to you by the Fly Manufacturers Alliance of America!

  • My apt faces an alley, which is a favorite restroom for the local homeless. This alley happens to be right next to a Subway. I have been in this Subway many times when homeless people have asked and been allowed to use the restroom. It’s just a matter of laziness.

  • There’s a corner on 7th St NE, just north of H St, that is corroded from all the pee. I affectionately refer to it as the “Pee Corner”

  • People pee in the alley behind my building all the time. Fortunately, I’m on the 5th floor, but it makes for some interesting people-watching.

  • albany

    Someone did this right in front of the NoMa metro by the M street exit- maybe an hour ago. I came back from an errand and walked past the track supports by the bike rack and BAM pissing right out in the middle of the sidewalk. I told the cops who were standing outside the Harris Teeter one block away, where they have bathrooms by the way.

  • Someone has been coming into our garage in Mt. P and peeing and likely passing out. Then we found a used condom in our garage, too. #soromantic

    • Oh gross! And coming into your garage too? Yikes…

      • Yeah, we’re working with the landlord to make it more secure back there. Thing is, we left through the garage in the morning and came back in the afternoon and that’s when we saw the condom. So pretty sure it occurred in the middle of a Saturday. But glad they were using protection! 🙂

        • The fact that people can get into your garage is particularly distressing, and partially negates the purpose of having one. Hope the landlord can make that more secure for you!

      • Coming in more ways than one! 😉

  • This happens in my driveway (behind the house, off an alley) ALL THE TIME. We’ve taken down a lot of the fencing so it feels less “private” and have plans to take down the rest of it. Any suggestions for getting the local drunks (and anyone else) to stop doing this???

    • Yeah, put your fencing back up ASAP!

      • That just gives them more cover–the fencing is only between properties, and doesn’t impede access into the driveway.

    • I’m not sure what they are called, but in Barcelona a lot of stores have these curves attached to the walls. I’ve heard that it is to splash pee directly back on the pee-er and thus discourage the practice.

  • houseintherear

    I have peed daintily in my back yard twice to avoid walking upstairs to the bathroom. It’s not relevant but I wanted to confess. #realtalk

  • I saw a man peeing on a neighbors yard wall this morning. UGH! But I too think DC should have public restrooms. San Francisco has them through out the city and I have always wondered why DC was so lacking, especially since our homeless population is just as large.

  • Maybe sometimes people — usually men — who are peeing in public are doing it for lack of other options. But I think sometimes it’s because they couldn’t be bothered to find a proper restroom. Sort of like people who drop their trash as soon as they’re done with it, rather than waiting until they encounter a public trash can.

  • This and the post about public masturbation are beyond the pale. Please give us a break :^0

  • A couple of years ago, I saw a woman pull down her pants and pee on an escalator coming up out of Eastern Market metro. I was not only repulsed but slightly impressed, as I have a terrible time trying to do that if I’m out hiking in the woods somewhere. When I try to do that, I always manage to pee all over myself instead, but she seemed to be a pro.

    I also (re: comment upthread) have a list of available bathrooms in my head for when I’m out and might need to go. Having public toilets out around the city, possibly financed and maintained by local businesses of BIDs, would be a great idea.

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