Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – Palisades

4570 Macarthur Boulevard Northwest

This rental is located at 4570 Macarthur Boulevard, Northwest. The listing says:

“No barking dogs here! Minimal steps to your end unit ground level condo in the heart of the Palisades. Freshly updated with refinished floors, fresh paint, updated bath, TONS of storage, incredible daylight, fantastic view of MacArthur Blvd. All inclusive condo fee includes utilities, parking and maintenance. Active condo association means well kept property, even when you’re on the go!”

You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $1,850/Mo.

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  • The rent seems laughably high to me. Hard pass.

  • I know this neighborhood appeals to some people, and that’s fine but it’s way too removed from any nightlife or walkable amenities to be priced so high. That building shouldn’t command the price either, not for a one bedroom.

    • Agree. Plus, what is with all of the neighborhood pics of Georgetown? This is not Georgetown, and lets not pretend it is.

    • If you have a car, a family and a dog, the Palisades can be great. It’s like being a quiet suburb with nice neighbors, but you can easily get anywhere in DC or Arlington. So it’s understandable why prices for houses and bigger places are so high there. But yeah, if you’re single or a younger couple, then it’s not the greatest.

    • Eh, you have a Starbucks, Safeway, some stores and a bunch of restaurants a short walk away. It’s also a very short bus ride from Georgetown and Dupont Circle (I’ve generally found those buses to be reliable). I tend to think it’s an underrated neighborhood.

      But that all said…I agree that the price struck me as a bit high.

  • I don’t know. It’s a nice sized 1BR unit, seems well-equipped and includes utilities and parking. But a) it’s ground floor unit, which is not ideal. And b) IMO, the tradeoff of living somewhere as out of the way as the Palisades should at least partially be cheap rent. It’s far off-metro and kind of a hike to everything, so I would expect that their rental prices would be on a par with Glover Park’s (though theirs have been high lately as well.) You can get an $1800 1BR in many more convenient and desirable neighborhoods, so I’m not sure this is one is priced competitively.

    • palisades

      Pretty spot-on analysis. I will say though, that the D6 stops pretty much on the front step of this place, so that’s nice. D5 also runs in the mornings and afternoons during rush hour.

      Definitely worth checking into the Palisades, but not this one, you can get something a little grungier and pay half the price like a couple buildings down.

  • I guess that’s one way to say no pets are allowed.

  • I pay $100 more for something comparable in Adams Morgan. On the one hand, parking at my place is not included (would be an extra $150/month). On the other hand, I don’t need a car because I’m not in the middle of nowhere like this place.

  • palisades

    Oh come on this is just disrespectful to my stompin’ grounds. I live literally right next door and pay $200 less total…..for a TWO bedroom. There are so many better (cheaper) options on MacArthur Blvd, I’m a little annoyed that this was the property you decided to spotlight.

    With that being said, I wouldn’t trade my place in the Palisades for anything. It is a wonderful neighborhood and I recommend everyone come check it out. It’s so peaceful and nice and a bit of a hidden surprise in the city.

    • I often think everyone reading PoPville assumes everyone else is just like them, and works downtown and needs to live within steps of the hottest bar (the “far from everything” sentiment above). For people who work in many places (like, you know, DC’s largest private employer 3 blocks from here) this is a really convenient location, and it’s a nice stroll to an area with a lot of restaurants (including Black Salt, Et Voila isn’t too much further). And the D6 connects you directly with downtown.

      • A more charitable interpretation is that a lot of us probably don’t have cars, hence the need to be “close the everything.” Getting me to move off-metro is a really tough sell, because being in neighborhoods that are only served by buses usually results in my being late to everything and spending a lot of time being stranded, unless I plan my travels very carefully.

    • Hear hear! I live in a smaller unit in this building and I love it (by far the best and cheapest 1BR option I found in NW when I was looking in 2010). While I miss the location of my last apartment in MtP, I don’t miss (1) the roaches (2) loud/ irresponsible neighbors (3) pet rent or (4) paying a lot of money to live with a roommate. I live here now without a car and the D6 (D5 in the mornings) takes me anywhere I need to go. There’s a Safeway, CVS, and farmers market all within walking distance. The nonexistent level of violent crime is also a plus. All that said, I think the rent on this particular unit is a little high, and be forewarned that if this unit is by the A/C unit on the side of the building, it’s really loud during the summer (cycles on and off). And the noise from airplanes going into/out of DCA is annoying at first, but you get used to it.

    • Accountering

      I don’t think people are hating your stompin’ grounds, just simply stating that it is out of the way (it is) and that this place is wildly overpriced based on the first fact (it is.)
      Totally agree, I could see this being a cool spot to live, and glad it works for you. Also very cool that you have a 2br for $1650!

      • “Out of the way” depends a lot on where your “way” is. What you mean is it is out of YOUR way. But lots of people work over here and this would be In their way.

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