Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – Eckington

16 Rhode Island Avenue Northeast

This rental is located at 16 Rhode Island Avenue, Northeast. The listing says:

“This stunning 3 level 2,700 sqft Victorian is a must see. Features include; 4 bdr w/ 3 ba, 10ft ceilings, exposed brick, decorative fireplace; top-rate soundproofing, low-e windows, large deck; hardwood floors, Ergon tiles, gourmet kitchen w/ granite counter, stainless steel appliances and many more. Walking distance to Metro, bars, restaurants etc. You will not be disappointed.”

You can see more photos here.

This 4 bed/3.5 bath is going for $4,750/Mo.

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  • Man, I need to raise the rent in my rental home in Bloomingdale if this is what the going rate is!

  • I love this house.

  • Man, that’s so pricey. Gone are the days that you can even get half-way decent rent in a group house.

    • They still exist…they’re just a lot less common and more out of the way. There are a bunch in Petworth and Park View, as well as in 16th Street Heights. [Also, I know people who live a block away from this who pay $800/bedroom/month, so I think this is a tad overpriced.]

  • I wouldn’t pay that much to live in Eckington. Even for a group house, this is way outside the budget of people who actually would live in a group house (that’s the whole point of a group house – saving money).
    No idea who would actually consider renting this. Not even diplomats would consider it, since it’s in a crummy part of town and far from the international schools.

    • ~$1200 a month+utilities is still lower rent than any metro-accessible studio in WOTR DC, and you get to live in a really nice house in a desirable neighborhood–and your utility bill is lower because it’s split four ways. I think it’s a bit over-priced, but there are lots of people who’ll pay $1200 a month to live in a group house.

      • yeah, i kind of tend to agree with carlos. i lived in group houses from ages 25-31, from paying $675 in a characterful dump (with lovely housemates) in CoHi in 2006 to $1200 to have an en suite room in a great house at 12th and W in 2011, before getting my own place. I think there’s the really cheap end of group houses, for younger folks, who put the emphasis on price and character, to older folks who want a communal living situation, but also a really nice house, private bath etc. I think $1175/person is actually a pretty good deal, for a pretty nice spot right near Bloomingdale. if you want a nice place , but dont want to pay $1500+ for a 1br, this isnt a bad alternative and price…

  • The big 3+den/3 townhouse next door to me in DuPont/U St that was recently renovated with 2 parking spaces, 3 working fireplaces, a hot tub, and a huge deck just rented for this. No way someone is getting that in Eckington. Especially without secured parking.

  • For that much? Good luck.

  • Wow! They did a hell of a job renovating that house I wish you could’ve seem the before pictures and all that new hardwood flooring whereas before it was either carpet or as in the kitchen, linoleum flooring. They also did a extensive opening up of the floor space. I was in there as a Group Home Counselor when previous owners had it. The only drawback, if it is to be a drawback, would be the constant up and down the stairs mode you’d have to get used to, but its an amazing renovation job to say the least.

    • They also didn’t show that the back yard has a deck off the kitchen and the back yard has room for at least two cars to easily be parked backed there.

  • Yea… as a resident of this neighborhood I’m going to go with this being a pipe dream. Especially for a group house situation.

  • wow, beautiful place. great deal!!

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