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  • Wow, that is pretty expensive for only having 1 bathroom, seemingly no ammenities, and a communal washer/dryer. Plus the rooms are small. I think closer to $2400.

    • +1 – I bet the price on this either drops to $2400 or it sits vacant until January 1 when there’s a glut of people entering the rental market.

      • maxwell smart

        I’m guessing the premium has something to do with it being all of maybe 100 steps to the metro. Or if you prefer on one side of your apartment is a movie theater, on the other drunken nights out at Alero.

  • That picture hurts my eyes.

  • That’s laughably priced for CP, with the glut of new housing in gentrified Logan and 14th st you can’t even get that price in Adams for those amenities and size.

    • Believe it or not, many people prefer CP and other upper NW hoods over Logan and 14th. Much safer, easier parking, quieter, better schools, still an easy commute, etc.

      • definitely see the positives of being in an area like this over the gentrified areas of Logan or even farther east. However, one benefit of being in a less “hot” area is that it is cheaper and this apartment is not.

        • This isn’t an undesirable area; it’s a more “established,” less buzzed-about area. The fact that it’s more established — safer, better schools, etc. — means that it can command a high price on that basis.
          The building is close to Metro, and Cleveland Park Metro is pretty close-in as far as Red Line Metro stations go. Cleveland Park itself is a very wealthy neighborhood. Just because the area isn’t bustling with talked-about new restaurants doesn’t mean it’s going to be cheap in comparison to Logan Circle.

          • I agree Upper NW is a desirable area but things are different in rental markets. It is indeed a wealthy neighborhood however it is not as desirable for most renters. As a result it is typically less expensive than other “hot” neighborhoods. Similar to how the Upper East Side is one of the more affordable rental markets in Manhattan.

          • As someone who just recently was looking for apartments, I found CP to be a lot more affordable than places like Adams Morgan and Columbia Heights. I stuck with the latter though simply because it would be a pain in the butt to meet up with friends (all of whom live in Petworth and Columbia Heights) coming from CP via public transit.

      • +! Well, it depends on what you’re looking for. Not everyone is in the market for the same kind of “hot”, and convenient, Metro accessible neighborhoods become “hotter”, neighborhoods like this may actually be able to charge more rather than less as they attract the kind of tenants who value being away from the scrum of our newly gentrifying areas.

      • Many people do, but not the majority. At least judging by prices. Having recently looked at 2 bedroomrs in both CP and neighborhoods like Adams Morgan and Logan, the latter are definitely more expensive on average. This is overpriced relative to comparable units in its area; in the neighborhoods above, it would be about the norm.

  • What a terrible picture. I’ll take nicer ones for $50. I live two blocks away.

  • Less than 700 square feet for a 2BR? That is going to get very claustrophobic very fast.

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