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  • austindc

    Someone is just going to steal their new store. They should have their store sent to their office.

  • Interesting. Wonder how much competition this will be for BaseCamp, which is just down the block.

  • If we can have packages delivered there, and they have better hours than base camp, this would be huge!

    • You have to pay extra to have packages delivered there. They would rather spend the money to redeliver to your house three times than to just drop it off at the UPS store.

      UPS does not own UPS stores. UPS stores do not have to accept packages. If you have something delivered there and don’t pay the fee, they can refuse it or refuse to give it to you.

      My tried to have my iPhone redirected there and I could not have it done. FedEx will do it automatically.

  • This will be nice for the neighborhood. The UPS store in Woodley charges $7 to ship packages for non-hotel guests and the next closest UPS store is on the other side of Columbia Heights.

    Good to know about BaseCamp. I’ve walked by there many times and didn’t know that they’re an authorized UPS drop off location and the extent of their services.

    • this one will likely charge too. UPS stores are not owned by USP and all individually set their own policies. I’ve spent hours and hours on the phone with UPS. I almost got one agent to admit it would easier to have it shipped to a FedEx store.

      • The Woodley UPS charges because it’s in the lobby of an upscale hotel. It’s a premium, probably meant to dissuade non-guests from coming in. While they do set their own policies, there’s no reason to think this one will charge, at least no more than any other typical location.

  • Would have loved to have something more interesting in my block. I’m just glad it won’t attract more rats or drunks to the area.

  • yes this is great much closer and better location. This area needed one

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