Uniqlo remains unconfirmed despite Google but Eataly Looking Good (in a few years)

3rd and Massachusetts Ave, NW rendering via Property Group Partners

While Uniqlo coming to DC proper may still be wishful thinking – CityPaper got confirmation from the Capitol Crossing developers that Mario Batali’s Eataly is “definitively happening…no earlier than 2017” according to Property Group Partners. This is part of the huge Capital Crossing Development which you can read about here.

So I guess the bet is, who will come first Uniqlo or Eataly?

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  • OMG stop trying to make Uniqlo happen at CCDC. It’s NOT going to happen.

  • Uniqlo. 2017 is lots of time to open a store in CC or elsewhere in DC. Much lower barrier than dependig on construction above a massively choked freeway.

    My $is on Georgetown or Chevey Chase for Uniqlo before downtown

  • I am not going to hold my breath for Eataly either.

  • What’s the construction status of the Capitol Crossing project? Supposedly, the phase to deck over of the freeway was to kick-off in the 3rd quarter of this year. Did that happen?

    As for Eately and Uniqlo, both will probably step up shop in DC eventually. Eately is pegged for Capitol Crossing, as noted, but may be a while before we see it. Uniqlo apparently wants to be here. Finding the exact fit may take some time.

    City Center is a high end shopping destination. It will never likely be a bustling place, but with continuing upscale residential development in and around downtown and an active tourist trade, it should do OK.

    • With regard to construction status, did you read the linked article? As it states:

      Capitol Crossing has been years in the works, but only now has it gotten underway. Property Group Partners is in the process of moving utilities from Massachusetts Avenue and parts of 2nd and 3rd streets NW to allow for construction. “It’s always wonderful to find utilities where nobody thought there were any,” quips Sussman. Digging on the freeway itself will begin in mid-December, he says, and lanes will start to be closed so the developer can build the massive platform above 395 on which the new buildings will be erected.

      • tonyr

        I take the freeway to make a left (West) on Mass every day to get home. They’ve been closing off the turn randamly for the past month or two, so they’re definitely on their way. It’ll only mess up my communte for the next two or three years now!

  • What a freaking boring building. C’mon this looks like it’s been sitting in a file for years and they dusted it off.

  • Does it really matter if Uniqlo opens a store in DC? Their website is fantastic and if you order on a Monday, you have clothes at your door on Wednesday. And I don’t have to feel old when I complain about loud music and crowds at the NY store.

    • You can buy pretty much anything online and have it at your door in two days, yet physical retail locations still exist. So yeah it probably does matter.

    • Many people like to try before they buy. Even if the sizes are consistent, fabrics and colors often need to be tried on to see if you like them. It’s a pain to return things, or to buy multiples just to check a shade or a fit. So yes, if you like shopping at Uniqlo — it does matter, even if they have a fantastic website and speedy delivery.

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