Ugly Mug to Expand into 2nd Floor on Barracks Row

723 8th Street, SE

Significant expansion coming to the Ugly Mug – from a liquor license placard:

“An expansion to the 2nd floor, and the addition of 144 seats, changing the total capacity to 242.”

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  • I hope they clean the rest of the place up while they are at it. Easily the most disgusting bar I’ve been in in DC.

  • It takes a special place to mess up tater tots so badly that three drunk people couldn’t stomach them, but Ugly Mug did just that. I don’t understand why anyone would want to go there.

    • I was going to say the same about the chicken tenders. How the hell did you f chicken tenders up?? Especially when serving a drunk person?

  • Fun place to go if you like hanging with obnoxious, overbuilt bros who think they’re doing God’s work for 20 grand a year as low-level Hill staffers.

    • Um, I’m not sure this is the best way to describe Marines, who make up a large percent of the patronage form the Barracks across the street…

      • And Navy Yard employees and Nats fans who are too lazy to venture further up 8th Street. The Hill staffers are more likely to patronize the dives along Pennsylvania Ave.

      • Yeah, the times I’ve been, it seemed very un-Hillish, mostly Marines. I think you might have a skewed perception of Hill staffers. Last I checked, there aren’t all that many overbuilt men on the Hill (or someone tell me where they’re hiding).

  • I have a love hate relationship with this place. On one hand, those calzones are really good. On the other hand, it’s a freaking dive/sports bar charging fancy bar prices for beer.

  • Kind of interesting that all the other dives in the area are closing while this ones expanding. I guess all the patrons from Lil Pub need a new place to hang?

    That said, while it’s been years since I had it, I remember their spicy pizza being really good – I thought better than Matchbox.

    • Unfortunately, not any more. I used to frequent Ugly Mug for their pizza but the quality has gone downhill over the past year or so. Matchbox reclaims the pizza throne for that strip of DC.

      • Darn! I guess they can basically coast now as one of only two dives in the area, I guess three if you include Trusty’s..

      • And by “throne” you mean “toilet.” Last two pies tasted like frozen pizza. I stick with the burgers, which they haven’t screwed up. Yet.

  • i always assumed it was a coffeeshop.

  • This was the subject of a frantic 2,000+ word email sent by one of my neighbors. When they’re not actually holding up development they can be very amusing. 🙂

  • I’ve never had a bad time here. If you want fancy, Roses Luxury is next door…

    • It’s not that it needs to be fancy it just needs to be clean enough to serve food and drinks. Jon Taffer would shut this place down in a heartbeat.

      • I went there recently assuming the food would be identical to Molly Malone’s (unexciting but good enough for what it is). I was surprised that it was so much worse.

      • I’ve never gotten sick there and my beer has always tasted good.

        • I agree. If they are so filthy, why haven’t they been out on the health department list like so many other of, apparently, your “classy” establishments.

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