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  • “yet they are claiming it as Lawrence, KS.”

    oh come on.

    • I think they’re pointing out how unidentifiable the DC flag is. Nobody’s trying to hold The Onion to being factual.

      • i don’t think most of the country recognizes the dc flag.

        • Accountering

          Does the rest of the country recognize other random state flags? With that said, DCs flag is widely recognized as top of class. It is one of the best flags in the nation, and very much so recognizable compared to most state flags.

          • +1 on multiple counts. I’m glad we’re not like the lazy states that just slap their state seal on a flag.
            I found out a year or so ago that the D.C. flag is based on George Washington’s coat of arms — which I guess isn’t that surprising, but I had no idea.

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