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  • No surprise here. These Dillon’s buses, along with a few of the other charters, are the most reckless I see in the city. I’m sure it’s hard to drive a monster like that in an urban environment, but that’s no excuse for the terrible behavior I see from their drivers.

    • I’ve nearly been run off the road by the Loudoun County Commuter bus several times. I agree a bus in a city must be a bear to drive, but if you can’t drive it, then don’t drive it?!?!

    • Yes, a Dillon’s bus once intentionally tried to run me over on 7th St SW outside L’Enfant Plaza Metro because I had the audacity to cross (in the crosswalk) in front of it even though it was parked.

    • Eyres buses are bad offenders too. It’s always an Eyres bus that will block the intersection and N Capitol and New York, completely blocking all traffic.

    • Blame the BUS? How about the guy who obviously cut through the bust stop to go straight when the bus was making a perfectly valid right turn? Blaming the bus is as annoying as bikers who routinely blow red lights complaining about “sharing the road”

      • Wrong. I commute this way every day – the curb lane becomes a through-lane during the evening commute (heading NE toward MD). Thank god for this 3rd lane!
        And FYI – a private bus contractor (Dillon’s) would have no business stopping at a WMATA bus stop.

  • Dillion’s Bus drivers drive like maniacs. Seriously, they are insane. And they take really odd routes, clogging up neighborhood streets. There’s one that goes north up 15th Street during rush hour and chugs up the steep hill alongside Meridian Park, clogging up traffic. WTF?

  • Shows the desperate need for rail transit out to areas of VA and MD. The fact that there is no MARC to Annapolis is laughable.

  • I would almost guarantee this was not the bus driver’s fault. He has to take that turn wide, and people drive like idiots on those funnel exits off of North Cap. The street parking makes this one lane which backs up until you get to the corner of U where the parking ends, and people gun it make the light. I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen somebody speed up on the right and then cut somebody off going straight at the light because they dare to drive at a reasonable speed.

    • This is (I’m pretty sure) taken from Rhode Island heading east, not on N Capitol. That intersection is terrible, especially if you are trying to turn left to head N up N Capitol. I can’t see how the bus driver isn’t at fault — from this photo it looks like he was changing lanes into the right hand lane.

      • Yeah, you are right. Looks like a careless lane change (which seems SO common here – heaven FORBID you have to slow down or stop, ever!). That bridge gets banged up pretty frequently – it is often missing chunks of concrete. That intersection is terrible in general (SO many red lights ran), and that crosswalk there (across the southbound lane of North Cap) is terrifying during morning rush hour.

  • do these buses pay any taxes to dc? or are they just licensed in the ‘burbs and get to use the roads here to dump their passengers? it’s better than 40 cars on the road, but i hope they pay for their use of and wear and tear on the asphalt.

    • I wonder what kind of arrangement they have… some have designated route signs at their pick up points (I know on K St at least they do).

    • Roughly 50% of roads in the District are maintained and funded by the Federal government.

      As long as the bus company is licensed and registered in the Untied States, they are already funding District roads.

      • BS. do md and va residents working in the district not need to pay a commuter tax because they pay federal taxes? they contribute to dc then the same as someone living and working in garden city, kansas.

  • The cyclist was in the wrong.

  • brookland_rez

    OMG, Those Dillon’s buses are the worst.

  • Which bus was it that hit a woman on K Street in the middle of evening rush hour earlier this summer? They had to shut down all the streets around K/18th, it was utter chaos. I believe the woman died 🙁
    It was either a Dillon’s or the Loudoun County commuter bus.

  • Since Dan didn’t label this location more specifically, this is on Rhode Island Avenue NW heading north-east toward Maryland. This curb lane is a 3rd lane for drivers during the evening commute.
    The bus is clearly in the wrong.

  • clevelanddave

    Speaking of buses, did the vaunted Congresswoman E H Norton ever get any satisfaction regarding Union Station buses taking up almost all the drop off space in front? Was there the other day and as usual, almost no buses in the middle three lanes and both the taxi lanes and the passenger drop offs were all backed up. Solution: move the buses to a side street and open up the middle lane for all traffic.

  • Well, yeah, that’s obvious. The bus is in the second land from the right, and was either changing lanes into the right lane, or making a right lane from the second lane in – when you supposed to make turns from the furthest lane to the right. The bus driver apparently didn’t look in the mirror to see if there was any traffic in the right lane. This DOES remind me of bicycles – as cyclists know, cars and other vehicles do this to bikes all the time – they are taller, and bigger, so they just turn right, or move into the right lane, without looking in the mirror to see if any traffic is in the right lane. I always do that when driving, as I am so afraid I’ll miss seeing a cyclist, or a car in my blind spot.

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