They’re Tire Planters


It has come to my attention that folks no longer know what these are – they’re tires cut and turned inside out to make planters. If you look inside some you can still see the tire treads. When I first moved to Petworth these were ubiquitous. We debated their ascetics once back in the day. As was the case then I still like ’em. Obviously the ones with plants/flowers are nicer than the ones with weeds 🙂

Full admission: When I first saw these I had no idea what they were either.


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  • Aesthetics for ascetics? I grew up with them, so, for me, I like them because I associate them with other good things about growing up in Petworth. Urban recycling!

  • I think they’re really nice. My only concern would be about growing plants intended as food in them. Not sure toxicity issues there…

  • Hate them. The ones on 10th street just get used as trash cans.

  • They strike me as tacky, but I guess the tackiness is somewhat mitigated if they at least have nice-looking plants in them.

  • These were a big thing back in the ’70s and the ones you see in Petworth and other areas probably date to that period.

  • I think they are creative and I like the aesthetic and what it added to the grass strips

    however, their time has passed, most are collapsing, full of weeds, and have a hint of faded paint – they really should all be removed, and it would be awesome if a new reclaimed/recycled planter was put back

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