Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option – Park View

746 Park Road Northwest

This rental is located at 746 Park Road, Northwest. The listing says:

“Two unit apartment in Columbia Heights. Two-bedroom, one bath. Private outdoor space. Close to Downtown and the shops, galleries and restaurants of Logan Circle and 14th & U Street corridors. Hardwood floors, W&D, stainless steel appliances, granite counters, custom kitchen & tiled baths.”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/1 bath is going for $2,495/Mo.

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  • In that neighborhood, $2495 should get you a whole rowhouse, not just a two-bedroom apartment. It’s not that close to 14th or U Street, either, so they seem to be marketing to people who don’t actually know anything about DC.

    • Accountering

      Should, and would are two very different things. $2500/month is certainly not going to get you a full rowhouse in a very popular neighborhood, close to 11th street and the GA Ave stuff and all the related development, and .3 miles from the metro. $2500 doesn’t even get you a full rowhouse in northern Petworth.

      • I have friends who have a whole rowhouse a few blocks away, who pay less than $2500/month. Granted, that rowhouse is unrenovated, so I expect a renovated full rowhouse would be more expensive…but this is still way overpriced.

    • Accountering

      With that said, I think it is a bit overpriced, and should be closer to $2300.

  • i would take that deal….much bigger than my current 2 br apartment that is “closer to 14th street” but has no sunlight or backyard….

  • Not much cabinet space in the kitchen. (My kitchen has the same flaw… someday I will get it redone.)

  • hammers

    It’s a nice place, but far too expensive for a 2 bedroom.

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