Three Shot (1 Killed) around 8th and Jefferson St, NW just before 3am

From MPD:

“Just before 3am, units on patrol heard gunshots in the area of 9th and Kennedy Sts NW. Shortly thereafter, three victims suffering from apparent gunshot wounds were located in the 5300 blk of 8th St NW. All victims were transported to an area hospital. One of the victims has been pronounced. The other two victims are in stable condition. This case is being investigated by the Homicide Branch. Anyone with information is asked to call 202-727-9099.”


“Detectives from the Metropolitan Police Department’s Homicide Branch are investigating a triple shooting that has resulted in a fatality. On Sunday, October 20, 2014, at approximately 2:43 am, members of the Fourth District responded to a call for the report of a shooting in the 5300 block of 8th Street, Northwest. Upon arrival, they located three adult males suffering from gunshot wounds. The victims were transported to a local hospital, where one of the victims, 29-year-old Jabari Fields of Landover, Md. succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead.”

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  • Brightwood area violence never seems to cease. The home prices in the area don’t seem to notice.

    • I think that’s an overstatement- I live three blocks from here and have felt a noticeable decrease in violence from when I moved in 2010-now. Yes, there’s still a fair amount of drug activity, but I think it feels safer than many of the areas south of Brightwood/Brightwood Park.

      • Glad you feel that way, though the stats don’t quite agree:

        Total Violent crime 1000 feet from 800 Kennedy St NW (October to October):
        26 in 2010-2011
        42 in 2011-2012
        41 in 2012-2013
        37 in 2013-2014

        • Well, I’m 1500 feet away from 800 Kennedy, so my experience is probably totally different. (kidding…). It may just be that I’m more comfortable in my own neighborhood now as a result of living here for awhile.

          • Most of the violence doesn’t happen to “civilians.” I bet most of those violent incidents are domestic violence, ‘turf battles between rivals, dealers and buyers robbing one another/not paying up, etc. In other words, these people know one another in some capacity. Rarely is it truly random violence.
            Unless you’re into shady stuff, most violence won’t come close to you.

          • Perception does have a lot to do with it. I live in Park View and I just looked at the Total Violent Crime numbers for 1000 feet of my block for 2010 and 2014. The number has “only” decreased by 3. But the neighborhood definitely feels a whole lot safer now than when I moved here.
            The numbers for 1000 feet from 800 Kennedy are about 35% higher now than they were in 2010-11, but the numbers have been trending down from the high in 2011-12.

    • And in a few years, when you can no longer buy a single family home on this side of the Anacostia for less than a million dollars, the same will probably be true over on the other side.

  • jim_ed

    8th and Jefferson is a well known drug corner, and the only real blight on an otherwise quiet part of town. Hopefully this finally spurs MPD to crack down on it, it’s a shame that we have to wait until multiple people are shot to get any action.

    • “Hopefully this finally spurs MPD to crack down on it”
      Im not holding my breath. Worst police district in the city.

      • west_egg

        I’m not sure why you feel like this kind of pessimism is warranted. I’m sure that as soon as the news broke, someone on CM Bowser’s staff briefly considered Tweeting the 4D commander. Give it a few more weeks and the mayor-nearly-elect will schedule a hearing in which she proposes to propose a study to determine the negative impact on neighborhood perceptions that could arise from a study of violent crime in the neighborhood.

  • I’ve lived on 7th and Jefferson for 5+ years and the violence has increased substantially in the past 2. This is at least the fifth instance of gunfire on the 7th or 8th St corners and at least the second time people have been injured by gunfire in the past 18 months. The police turn a blind eye to what happens on this street, as I write this there is a drug deal going down on one corner and groups yelling at each other and drinking in public on another. The citizens here have gotten lip service from both Bowser and 4D Police Commander Missouri about how they are targeting the area and will clean it up, with terrible results. Good citizens are now moving out of this area as the bad element continues to grow. This is an epic failure on 4D Police Department and Me. Bowser and the plans to revitalize Kennedy St will never reach fruition because anyone in their right mind will fear for their safety. My wife and I are probably putting our home and the market and look to move to a safer area. It is unfortunate that this area continues to be ignored even after several violent incidents involving firearms and a death.

  • Come Spring, we’re moving. So tired of the seediness around here.

  • So someone who lives in Landover, MD is hanging out at 8th & Jefferson St at 3am. mmm hmmm. genius. why the eff don’t these guys just keep it in Maryland. this is why i propose a toll booth at all entry points for DC coming from MD. oh, and Muriel could give 2 shits about ward 4 for the past 2 years as she built her mayoral bid/campaign. biz as usual DC.

    • It don’t matter what is going on somebody lost his life and its not fair he was my friend it does not matter if he lived in MD or not so Shut the hell up

  • So true. This man was a great guy and his death was unfortunate to many. If the youth being on the street is the problem why don’t you all advocate for funding to help assist them or get more activities in ward 4

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