“This is a most tasteless (Halloween) display and sign” – “Weird Ebola(?) Halloween Display in Woodley”


“Dear PoPville,

I saw this Halloween display on Woodley Rd near the Marriott. It looked like a very cool Halloween decoration from the road (it’s a mummy scarecrow, there are crows but the lighting was terrible at night so it was hard to capture them).

The sign on it says “This is a most tasteless display and sign (note: “sign” has a strike through). 4500 people have died and countless are grappling with it. Please be compassionate.”

I’m guessing the 4500 is referring to Ebola victims, but why the need for the sign? Does anyone out there know if there was another sign on it before that said “Ebola victim” or something, and that’s why the word “sign” is crossed out? I regret not having flipped this one over while I had the chance to see if the other side said anything antagonistic or controversial.”


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  • Who wrote that, the Dowager Countess? Oh my, it’s offending my sensibilities!

    • Not a chance. The Dowager Countess would have found it amusing. Never would have admitted it, but still….

  • Someone must be off their meds again…..

  • I live just down the street. As of Sunday, the mummy had a sign that said something to the effect of “Caution: Infectious Disease!”. I don’t remember what it said exactly. However, I’m guessing someone took the sign and replaced it with the message seen here.

    • Well there you have it. I’m offended…that they would ruin such a nice display with a silly sign like that.

  • Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t see anything explicitly related to Ebola in (what i guess we are calling) “the display”. This is not just a mummy?

  • by the same logic you can’t have a gunshot wound make up on Halloween because millions of people have died of gunshot wounds.

  • I live across the street from this building and last week it had a sign that read “Cautious Infection Disease: EBOLA!”

  • Wow, some people have absolutely no sense of humor. Though now I’m thinking that maybe the owner switched the signs themselves, as a play on how idiotically passive aggressive some people are in this town.

  • At the marathon on Sunday, there were multiple signs along the lines of “Run Faster, someone with Ebola is behind you!”

    Tasteless? Yes.
    Humorous? Yes.
    Did I run faster? Yes.

    I didn’t hear anyone complaining about that, but did hear a few chuckles around me on the course. So rest assured, a few of us in DC maintain a sense of humor 🙂

  • my god, won’t SOMEBODY please think of the humorless!!!

  • Would it be funny if someone wrote “Caution this mummy has AIDS”?

    • Of course not. But AIDS = Ebola. And your ill fitting comparison to make your point is what is offensive and unfortunate. People live with AIDS and it isn’t something that goes away for them. The stigma of being positive is far different than Ebola.

      We know there are thousands of people living with HIV/AIDS in DC. There are currently zero living in DC with Ebola. Stop comparing the two, even if your point was admirable. It’s offensive.

      • Sorry, *AIDS =/= Ebola.

      • Yes, however that wasn’t always the case. There was a time when being diagnosed with AIDS was pretty much a death sentence and the stigma that surrounded the disease was practically insurmountable. AIDS is a pandemic. Ebola is an epidemic. Both diseases have the capacity to kill and for the many people who are risk it is no laughing matter. Period. The fact that an epidemic has not reached your back door does not make it any less serious and certainly does not make it funny.

  • If it said “caution ebola” before, would that have been pc? Heck no but would it have been funny, heck yes!!!! I’d be a bit more annoyed that some one messed with my Halloween decorations if this is in fact what happened.

  • Eh, I don’t really think Ebola is funny. Not that I would have written a sign about it, but it has killed thousands. It seems like dressing up like Hitler. It is a good display otherwise.

  • I imagine that Harold Ramis (RIP, genius) foretold this very situation when he wrote the classic line,
    “Lighten up, Francis.”
    -Sgt. Hulka

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