That was Fast – Looks Like Dunkin Donuts coming to Park Place Retail in Petworth

3700 block Georgia Ave, NW

Thanks to a reader for sending:

“Given the post about the Park Place sale, I figured this would be of interest. I walked by today and saw this which makes me think a Dunkin Donuts is coming to the space.”

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  • YES! YES! YES! Finally a DD in the neighborhood and on the way to work. Made my day 🙂

    • If you want a delicious breakfast sandwich by the Petworth metro, make sure you try the Mason Dixie Biscuit pop-up. I had a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit there yesterday morning, and it was everything I ever wanted plus more.

      • An even better breakfast sandwich is the Lawrence carry-out up Georgia a couple of blocks, and it’s remarkably affordable. Highly recommend.

      • Terrific news. Qualia is great for special coffee, but for a economic gut-burning caffeine vehicle, DD is almost tops.

  • If this enrages you, you clearly didn’t grow up in Michigan in the 90s.

  • epric002

    ehhhhh. DD is better than empty i guess.

  • Ugh little underwhelming…

  • I hope this isn’t the “small restaurant” POP mentioned. That’d be a bummer.

    • I hope it will also have a Baskin Robbins as well! Too bad there’s no good parking spots on that side of the street, a drive thru would have been optimal for my morning work commute. 🙁

  • I get the feeling people are going to want a step up from Dunkin Donuts. I was honestly hoping for something like Baked & Wired or Tryst. I still think that corner lot is tailor made for a Busboys & Poets. Less chains, more locally owned eateries please.

  • I’m going to replace that with blue tape that says “Shake Shack.”

  • Dunkin’ Donuts is the most overhyped and underwhelming cheap restaurant around. The donuts are fine, but everything else is overpriced, terrible or both. What in the world is SO GOOD about the coffee? Is it the watery-ness? Is it it’s high price? I just don’t get it. After those two items, the offerings go downhill fast. The bagels could be used as flotation devices. The breakfast sandwiches are inedible. Sausage? No that’s not sausage. It’s a grey peppery goo mixture shaped into patty form – ingredients unknown.

    But to each his own. Enjoy it if you really like it.

  • Time to make the donuts, I guess.

  • I am crying right now. My struggles have ended. Now I can finally rest knowing that I can walk to one when it snows… +sniff+

  • So I walked by on my way home, looking for more blue tape, and saw Wells Fargo and 7-11 on two storefronts between Sala Thai and the metro entrance. Didn’t see any tape at the NH and GA corner storefront.

    • 7-11??? Are you freaking kidding me? yah, thats exactly what we need in front of the metro stop. Dammit.

    • The 7-11 Thing makes no sense. There’s supposed to be another one going in at 14th & Quincy, a few short blocks away. Google maps says it’s a nine minute walk. Do we really need two 7-11s that close? Selling the building was supposed to free up the new owners to get some tenants that were not national chains. Guess that’s not the case.

    • The only possible benefit I can see from a 7-Eleven is if it resulted in some of the numerous plexiglass bodegas closing (like the THREE across from the CVS on Georgia, or the one across the street from Park Place).

  • ItsPetworthIt


  • ItsPetworthIt


  • Can the community do anything to work with the developer to find local chains or retail that is desired by community residents? I can live with the bank and DD. But agree with all the other posters re: another 7-11. We don’t need nor want one!

  • Given that this is all conjecture from blue tape, it may be jumping the gun. For those thinking that there are enough 7-11s nearby. and I’m one, then I guess we’ll see if they make enough money to stay open. Clearly, any convenience store above a Metro is going to do well, even with a CVS across the street, because we are lazy people.

  • 7-11 is not exciting or needed but building owners need stable tenants and they are hard to resist from a business perspective, corporate companies sign corporate guarantees in their leases so if for whatever reason the location closes 7-11 will still pay rent. Ive seen it happen. 7-11 moved 1 block and continued to pay for vacated space for 2 yrs. They also sign long term leases 20 plus yrs. Very hard for local tenants to compete for the prime spaces.

  • would rather have an empty storefront.

  • Thanks to the new owners for your forward thinking and interest in advancing our community! Seriously a 7-11…seriously???

  • Perfect choices new owners, there is plenty of prime loitering space out front

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