Taxi Cab Driver Sought in Sexual Abuse Assault

From MPD:

“Detectives from the Metropolitan Police Department are seeking the public’s assistance in identifying and locating a suspect in connection with a First Degree Sexual Abuse that occurred between the 600 and 700 blocks of Kennedy Street, Northwest.

On Sunday October 12, 2014, between 2:30 am and 3:00 am, an adult female was a passenger in a taxi cab when she was sexually assaulted by the operator of the taxi cab.

The suspect is described as a black male approximately 6’2″ to 6’4″ with an American accent. The suspect was last seen between the 600 and 700 blocks of Kennedy Street, Northwest operating a red four door DC cab with a grey stripe.

Anyone with information regarding this case should call the police at 202-727-9099. Additionally, information may be submitted to the TEXT TIP LINE by text messaging 50411.”

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  • now had this been an uberx, the passenger would have plate numbers, a photo, and a gps record of the trip.

    • If this had been an UberX, the driver might still be trying to find the destination.

    • By saying something like this, you are essentially blaming the victim for taking a cab. It isn’t productive.

      • No – it’s a clear cut case of an industry hiding behind regulation to give a false sense of safety to the public.

        Sadly I think little will change.

      • I read this as not that she should have chosen a different form of transport, but that DC cabs want to bitch and moan about competition while not taking basic steps to modernize, like integrating tracking into their vehicles via smartphones.

        Also, this is my biggest fear when traveling alone at night and I hope the survivor fully recovers.

      • Accountering

        No, he is blaming the driver, but also mentioning a horrible industry that has hidden itself and refuses to implement common sense solutions that can keep its passengers safer. She did nothing wrong, the cab driver did.

      • Doesn’t seem like that to me. Seems like s/he was saying that if the Taxi Commission forced taxis to be more like Uber, it’d be easier to catch scumbag drivers who do this kind of thing. Instead, the dominant narrative from the Taxi Commission and taxi interests is that it’s Uber drivers who are unregulated, not subject to background checks, unsafe, untrained, etc.

      • As the writer of the original uberx statement, I assure you, victim blaming did not even cross my mind. I’m sorry that you immediately jumped to that conclusion. My comment was directed toward the taxi industry in DC and how it refuses to take any responsibility or accept anything which may make taxis safer.

        But, because you brought up victim blaming and how my statement was not productive, what would be a productive statement? Absent broad societal changes (which we should all work toward), what measures would you enact to make cabs safer tomorrow? Might you enact a system which enables you to verify a person’s face against a third party database? A system which records all transactions and provides a GPS route? A system which records tag numbers and doesn’t force you to remember them when something happens? I ask this honestly, what would you enact tomorrow to make taking a cab safer than it currently is?

      • the comment says “had this been an uberx”… it does NOT say “had she taken an uberx”. There is a huge difference in meaning and it clearly does not imply any fault of the passenger. Assuming everything is blaming the victim is also not productive.

    • There are bigger issues at play than the lady’s choice of transportation. And they are a lot more important than whatever sad cabs-vs-uber drama you are trying to drag out.

      • of course there are bigger issues at play here. The root cause is a huge issue to be dealt with, a societal change which will unfortunately occur overnight.

        In the meantime, while we continue the effort to reshape society to ensure this does not happen, let’s take some practical steps which will potentially help reduce the chances of this happening, while, at the same time, provide a way to hunt down those who do assault someone.

        Stopgap solutions such as gps tracking, face plates, ratings, tag numbers can do a lot and, while, not the ultimate solution, can hopefully help prevent some attacks in the meantime.

        The statement above was not victim blaming. A woman (or anyone) should not have to fear getting into a cab. It was a statement saying that the cab industry needs to modernize to help prevent this from happening.

      • There are definitely bigger issues at play, but as a woman who often relies on taxi-type services as a safer alternative to public transportation, particularly late at night, my priority isn’t what broad societal issues we need to address for a long-term solution. It’s what can I do to better assure my safety TODAY. I could very well be in this woman’s position tomorrow, and working toward societal change will do nothing for me. So while these are issues that definitely need to be addressed, I disagree that “they are a lot more important” than finding immediate solutions to the problem at hand.

    • If this had been an UberX, Uber would be trying to deny that anything happened.

  • Would the Taxi Commission ever agree to have GPS trackers on their cabs?

    • Probably not as it would track the “illegal” fares they pick up in VA (And maybe MD too – not sure if DC cabs can pick up or not in MD).

      • I thought that the pick-up could be in Maryland as long as the destination is in DC. Not sure if the same applies to Virginia.

      • AFAIK, any cab can pick up a dispatched fare in another jurisdiction as long as the destination is in that cab’s home jurisdiction. As for street fails, only in the cab’s jurisdiction.

  • Ugh, this makes me so furious. She probably took the cab home to keep herself safe from attack and then this scumbag had to be the driver. I hope that she gets all of the support she needs and that he gets caught quickly.

  • horrible. im hope the woman is okay.

  • Hope she’s ok. My sexual assault by a DC cab driver was one of the most traumatic things I’ve ever experienced personally.

  • PoP, can you please update this Tuesday? WJLA is reporting the victim now remembers the details differently and she wasn’t in a cab – she had taken the bus and was walking home – and there may have been no cab involved at all. See the video for details:

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