Still Good People Left in the World – Vol. 22

Photo of Tuesday’s Red Line metro mess by [email protected]

“Dear PoPville,

Tuesday, when the Red line was single tracking and it was impossible to get anywhere, I was on Connecticut Ave in Woodley Park trying to get a cab. Twenty minutes and no cab, and there are others next to me trying as well. Then this couple pulls up and opens the window and the woman says, We’re going down Connecticut to U street and we know the metro is a mess. Do you guys want a ride that far? We all jumped in, and sped down near Dupont Circle where we all needed to be.

I don’t know who these people were, but they absolutely saved me.”

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  • that is down right awesome!

  • That is indeed awesome, but Woodley isn’t very far from Dupont. Why didn’t you just walk? It probably would’ve taken less than 30 mins.

    • walking might be a bit closer to 40min, depending on lights, speed, etc. The L1/L2 bus may be a decent option. Or Uber.

      cool to hear that there are nice people out there though

    • maxwell smart

      It’s no worse then the people on 16th who routinely complain about the lack of S9 bus service who are traveling from U Street to M Street.

    • Maybe they didn’t have 30 minutes? When you’re planning on a 5 minute trip, 30 minutes is a lot. Or maybe they were coming from work and were wearing shoes or toting briefcases not suited for a trek, even a downhill trek?

      • They had already waited 20 mins for a cab. I actually meant to type 20 mins. to express the fact that they could have gotten to their destination in the amount of time they were waiting for a cab. Also, was there no uber available? I personally would have waited 5 tops and then sauntered down the hill. The weather was pretty nice yesterday morning too if I recall correctly. Oh, and walking in heels is just as bad as standing for the same amount of time, though I don’t really see that many people in heels during the morning commute.

    • If you are dressed up and wearing heels it might be hard to walk it in 30 minutes.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Very cool people!

  • See! Don’t knock cars yall… Drivers will survive long after metro riders when Ebola sweeps the nation 😛

  • See, I always want to stop and offer people a ride when it’s way hot or cold and it’s clear they just missed a bus. I always worry they will think I am a psychopath, though. I ended up doing it anyway a couple months ago when it was raining super hard and the lady seemed to appreciate the ride.

  • This was very nice indeed…walking always works, bus etc. Man, we are in trouble if something happens, god forbid, and people are just waiting around for cabs.

  • I once had to take a cab home to my station when Metro broke down two stations away. I shared a cab with two other riders. One of them didn’t have any cash (this was before cabs took credit cards) so we paid for fare. And I didn’t even try to get her number or anything like that! Hopefully she’s done the same for someone since then.

  • Amazing!
    They are exactly the kind of people we need on the WMATA Board, not those useless Sarles or Bowser.

  • That is a good story. One tip if you are in a similar situation at Woodley Park- walk up to the Marriott or Omni Hotel main entrances, there are always cabs there waiting for people leaving the hotels.

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