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  • I’m probably missing something obvious here, but what does it mean when they say “no lookout” on all of these alerts?

  • But 1100 block of M St NW isn’t in the 1st District?

  • I’m not sure what constitutes “Mount Vernon Squangle,” but Mount Vernon Triangle, as defined by the community improvement district, is bounded by 7th Street to the West, Massachusetts Ave to the South, New York Ave to the North, and New Jersey Ave to the East, so this crime did not take place in Mount Vernon Triangle.

  • I heard all of the commotion last night. There were a ton of police out in the streets and yelling all sorts of things via their loudspeakers. Thanks for clearing up what it was.

    The 11th and M corner is always a little sketchy. Especially if you go up 1/2 a block on 11th near the liquor store.

  • I have been in touch with MPD regarding this incident. The MPD tweet had the incorrect location. This shooting actually occurred in the 100 block of M St NW in 1D. A pizza delivery man was robbed at gun point, a struggle ensued and he was shot once in the shoulder. The shooter got away.

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