Security Inspections Return to Metro


@kmort322 tweets us last night:

“.@PoPville have you seen this before? Police are running security checks at the Georgia Ave/Petworth metro right now.”

Ed. Note: We last heard about one of these searches back in June.

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  • I’ve seen this before. There were also a ton of metro police all over the stations this morning, it may have something to do with the recent soldier shooting in Canada and the hatchet attack in NYC (ISIS apparently encouraged lone wolf attacks… )

  • ISIS does encourage lone rat attacks. I would not fault Metro Police for this intrusion if they were acting on some good intel.

  • Also Metro’s sign looks old enough that it may have first been used in the 80’s. Maybe even the Carter years.

  • Maybe unrelated, but yesterday evening there were 6 or so cops in/around the Georgia Ave metro station wearing Anti-Terrorism jackets with a dog and some sort of device that I assumed detects whatever they were looking for.

    • @ Steve – they had the checkpoint setup at Georgia Ave Station. I think that is their normal appearance for the checkpoints, but I could be wrong.

    • ….why the hell would a terrorist enter the metro system from the Georgia ave stop?

  • Before all the complaints come in about violating privacy, etc….I want to say that I am happy to see this and welcome them to search my bag. If you don’t then please don’t ride the Metro. Happy Friday

  • seems to defeat the purpose of these searches by posting their exact location

    • well, even if you were unaware of their location and were looking to sneak something past them, you can just turn around and walk out. so knowing where they are doesn’t really hurt things, i don’t think.

  • Nope. Not willing to participate in security theater. Which, let’s be honest, is 100% what’s going on here.
    Let’s look at three different scenarios: Scenario 1 – terrorist is wearing an explosive vest under a bulky jacket. People are not being searched – just bags. This terrorist has no bags. Terrorist walks right in and blows up the train or station.
    Scenario 2 – terrorist is only interested in a mass shooting. Walks into the train station with guns in his/her waistband. Isn’t searched because they have no bags. Terrorist shoots up the train or station.
    Scenario 3 – terrorist wants to bomb Metro using a bomb in a bag. Terrorist walks in and sees the police searching bags. Terrorist walks back out and comes back the next day, or gets on a bus instead, or just walks five blocks to a different station, boards the train with bomb in bag, and blows it up anyway.
    If a search of my bag or my person, with no probable cause or a warrant, had any chance at all of making us actually safer, I’d consider giving up my constitutional protections against it. But it doesn’t. All this does is erode our freedoms with absolutely zero in return. Search everyone, every time, like they do at the airport, or don’t bother putting on a cute little show.

    • sshhhhh with the rational thinking.

    • New Delhi’s subway system requires everyone to walk through a metal detector and run their bags through an xray conveyor belt like at the airport. It’s a lot quicker than you’d think and seems to be a good deterrent.

    • I agreed with you until you hedged at the end by saying you would “consider giving up” your liberties for a chance at being “safer.” Negated your whole post.

  • Thank you anon @ 2:12 for the perfect response to anon @ 1:50. There is no reason for this, it does not make any of us safer. It is security theater only and serves to justify ballooning homeland security budgets. I don’t carry anything incriminating to and from my job, but there is no way my bag is getting searched without a warrant.

  • was one at Braddock Rd in the evening last week

  • Refuse. Every time. This is nothing but theater. If you want “safety,” move to Omaha.

  • What is the legal definition of Metro’s properties? Is this an illegal search in a public place, or is this a private policy on what may be considered a public utility? It would seem that there is a clear public understanding that this behavior would not be acceptable for MPD, but what is Metro?

  • This is awesome. Im glad to see the police being proactive and actively trying to reduce crime in the area. Keep up the good work!

  • At least maybe the presence of uniformed Metro Transit Police in the Georgia Ave.-Petworth Metro station will discourage people from smoking at the bottom of the escalators.

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