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  • this place keeps getting better and better

  • justinbc

    The lighting is a bit more friendly in this photo. Do they have heatlamps though?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    This one also shows the umbrellas which makes a huge difference.

  • It is a great place, but… the outdoor seating completely blocks the curb cut across the adjacent alley. I can lift my stroller over the low curb just next to the curb cut, but I bet handicapped people in wheelchairs can’t do the same. Would have been great if the City moved the curb cut closer to the end of the alley, but they didn’t, so the outdoor seating area should be reconfigured.

  • I attempted to try this place out a few weeks ago with a friend. It was a Wednesday night around 7pm and we were walk-ins (no reservations). We had asked for a table for 2 and the owner (older gentleman) had told us we would have to wait maybe 10-15 minutes for one to open up. When I looked around the restaurant I saw at least 6 different 4 person tables that were empty. When I asked him if we could just sit at one of those he told me that we could not because “what if a party of 4 shows up?”.

    I mean, seriously? I could understand if it was a Friday or Saturday night and the place was packed. So rather than wait 15 minutes to be seated we just walked a block over and went to Shaw’s Tavern instead (where our waiter was super nice).

    I go out to eat a lot in DC. A LOT. And it still surprises me how ho-hum service is at so many places.

    Side-note- I went to Tico last night and despite it being tapas (I know everyone is sick of them), it was actually a great experience. Every dish was on point, the hostess and waiter were extremely pleasant and attentive. Yes, the place is a tad bit on the expensive side ($9 for an Allagash white) but I’d go back again and try their brunch.

  • pretty irresponsible to be encouraging drinking and biking.

  • Bike pump = cool. Bike racks = cool. Picnic tables = pretty cool. Cattle fencing to keep the inmates contained = FAIL. Why with the fencing…whyyyyyyyyy? What about some simple planters?

    • justinbc

      Almost every single restaurant / bar with an outdoor space that serves alcohol, that I know of, has a fence around it. The only exception to this I can even think of is one of the walls at Le Diplomate, but other does have a fence, so I’m not sure if there’s some difference in whether you can drink at one side or the other.

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