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  • Yay horses on PoPville!! Now if only they counted for the afternoon animal fix too…. 😉

  • That is the worst rider. She should go back to crossrails until she can find a distance. I very much doubt that horse is a stallion either – with her skills, unless it’s the quietest stallion in the world, it’s most definitely a gelding she’s riding.

  • Now now, all riders screw up the distances when they are learning to jump. She is clearly a beginner, and the horse is carrying her around the jumps. That stallion was 17 years old when the video was shot – a nice old gentleman. And not all stallions are crazy anyway.

    Sigh – we should all be out on a horse right now.

    • Yes. We should all be at the barn. What a beautiful day it would be!
      Definitely a solid horse citizen there – she’s learning and he’s trying hard.

      • he reminds me of one of the horses I learned on – named Trucker, as it happens. He was more like 20, and would always make a big effort even going over tiny jumps. That horse really took care of me – I love old horses!

        • I used to ride an old gelding named Trucker too! He loved to jump – was he from a barn in MD? He was a liver chestnut with a stripe…. Crazy if it was the same horse!

          • Probably not the same – my Trucker lived in Kentucky, was dark bay, no face markings. In the winter he got the thickest furry coat, like a big teddy bear. I’m sure he went to the big pasture in the sky long ago. I’d love to find a horse like him now.

  • Smilla

    My favorite RAACotW are the ones where PoP can’t find a video of the actual recording artist and has to make do with something that is tangentially related! Bravo, PoP!

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