Rib Pit (Lounge) to become Italian restaurant, Little Coco’s, from owners of El Chucho and Bar Charley

3907 14th Street, NW

Happy Thursday morning!!! Back in July 2013 Rib Pit (the lounge had been closed for years) had closed at the corner of 14th and Randolph St, NW and was for sale.

From the Washington Post:

“The restaurateur duo of Jackie Greenbaum and Gordon Banks (Jackie’s, El Chucho, Bar Charley) have another concept in the works: a casual Italian restaurant opening at 3907 14th St. NW in spring 2015. The restaurant’s working name is Little Coco’s.”

Ed. Note: It’s not clear if Little Coco’s will take up just the former Rib Pit Lounge space or the Rib Pit as well but obviously we’ll have lots of updates leading to their spring 2015 opening – can’t wait to learn more!

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  • Awesome news, thanks for sharing!

  • yay yay yay yay! i live a few blocks up on 14th and am so excited for this restaurant. i love being able to have options and places to go out on 14th, but am tired of having to choose only between latin places, highlands, and ethiopian or mad monos. am looking forward to this italian, and thinking its going to be much better than the new pizza/italian spot next to highlands, which is still working out a ton of kinks. hoping the area becomes a lot more like the 11th street corridor. now we need another coffeehouse/breakfast spot (i LOVE highlands but the place is too packed every weekend)

    • mad momos offered laughable portions for their prices.

      I used to live right around the block. Miss that neighborhood!

    • gotryit

      Didn’t that “family italian place” just north of Highlands turn out to be a hookah bar, or something shady like that? I was originally going to try it out, but not anymore.

      • Huh? How is a hookah bar shady? Just because it doesn’t appeal to your demographic or tastes doesn’t make it “shady.” Stop slandering local businesses in public forums.

        • gotryit

          “Shady” is my opinion, which is all this website is filled with.
          Who said it doesn’t appeal to my demographic? It doesn’t appeal to me. Hold on while I go poll the rest of my demographic.

    • gotryit

      I think it operates like a nightclub and / or a drug front.

  • I am so, so, so excited!!!

  • I am crying a tear for the Rib Pit.

    Or its anagram: It b RIP

  • I knew there was a reason I bought a house on Randolph Street 🙂

  • Bear

    Very glad that something good is coming to this space, still sad about Rib Pit though, and the fact that Id on’t live in the neighborhood anymore!

  • BOOM goes the dynamite! This is AWESOME. El Chucho is a proven brand so we can safely assume it will be a top notch, friendly neighborhood joint. I’ve always said this section of 14th St. is a good mine. People come from all over to go to Red Derby & Lyman’s, it’s close to the Petworth Metro, has several condo developments set to deliver soon and it has affordable rent (compared to other parts of DC) in a high density neighbohrood that is demanding more eating options. Way to go!

  • I am so full of happiness over this announcement!! Cannot wait to frequent it often.

  • This is great news. Love El Chucho. RIP The Rib Pit, but in truth it has been dead for several years now, and it’s about time something new occupied that space.

  • If this turns out to be a regular old fashioned affordable red sauce joint with tasty, normal sized entree portions I’ll be so so happy. Please don’t be fancy small plates.

  • This is really great! Looking forward to these capable folks opening up a tasty joint on our block.

  • pretty sure the new place will occupy the rib pit lounge only. Saw it advertised for rent a few months ago.

    • If so, that’s a huge opportunity for another restaurant to come in next door. El Chucho draws a strong crowd, so will this new place. Any other eatery would benefit from that.

  • Their ABRA application makes it sound like the restaurant will take up both the Rib Pit Lounge and Rib Pit spaces:

    New restaurant serving Italian cuisine and Artisan pizza. No entertainment, no dancing and no nude performances. Seating inside premises is 99 and the total occupancy load inside is 120. Summer Garden with seating for 64 patrons and Sidewalk Café with seating for 29 patrons.

    Sunday through Thursday 7am-2am, Friday and Saturday 7am-3am

    Sunday through Thursday 8am-2am, Friday and Saturday 8am-3am

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