Reader Reports Man Attacked by 10 Men/Teens in Shaw Friday Night

“Dear PoPville,

In Shaw below U Street a man was attacked by a group of approximately 10 males, estimated to be in their late teens or young adults, as he walked north on 10th Street NW between R and S Streets shortly after 10 p.m. on Friday, October 17, 2014. It is not known whether the group intended to rob the man or if they were only interested in injuring him.

The victim had walked west on R Street past the site of the closed Shaw Junior High School and then turned right, after the Way Back to Pentecost Church, to walk north on 10th toward S. As he walked up the right sidewalk of 10th, several members of a group started following closely behind him. Across the street, additional members of the group followed him from the left sidewalk. The victim moved into the street and started walking at a faster pace up the middle of the road but the attackers coordinated to surround him. The group then converged on the victim, ran toward him, and began attacking with punches as the victim ran for safety toward the intersection of 10th and S. The victim was knocked to the pavement with punches and he crawled into the middle of the intersection so that passing traffic would cause the attackers to disperse.

Passersby subsequently came to the victim’s aid and a parking enforcement person on the street called 911. The police arrived as the attackers continued north on 10th.

Officers of the Third District Metropolitan Police Department assigned a case number to the incident but it is not known if any of the attackers were apprehended. It was classified as a “simple assault” but that would seem like a low charge considering the organized nature of it and the fact that it was not just a threat but was actually carried out in a violent manner. I don’t want to interfere with whatever investigation the police might be conducting, but at the same time I think people in the neighborhood should be notified.”

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  • What a bunch of spineless worthless thug pieces of shit. I hope they all get castrated by a blunt object before losing a limb via a garbage truck.

  • i wonder if the new concealed weapons law will deter and of this crap

    • 78yy4

      Right, but is using a gun to defend yourself against 10 people more likely to result in your own death? Someone is definitely going to get your gun.

    • I’d wonder that as well.

      So far, we don’t really have good data on whether concealed carry laws result in lower crime or do nothing at all. According to the National Academy of Sciences in 2005: “Thus, the committee concludes that with the current evidence it is not possible to determine that there is a causal link between the passage of right-to-carry laws and crime rates.”


    • +100. We need a DC-MD-VA CCW permitting process.

    • Nope, not as it’s currently written. The city is only going to grant permits to those who can somehow document that they will be the victims of a FUTURE attack.

      Let’s say you desire a permit because:
      A. People get attacked in DC – Not sufficient..
      B. People in your neighborhood get attacked – Not sufficient.
      C. You, yourself, have already been robbed, attacked, raped, etc – Not sufficient

      However, if you have received a signed letter from your future attacker(s) detailing the time, place, and manner in which you will be attacked, then maybe! You could spend a couple of months completing training and paperwork to fulfill the city’s requirements, and then apply with a sliver of hope that they might at least consider giving you permission to protect your life.

      By by that time, it’ll be probably be too late for you. You’ll need to ask people for a up-to-date threat letter. Which they won’t give you, of course, since they know you need it to get a permit to defend yourself from them.

      Hopefully the law gets overturned.

  • A post on what is legal in DC for self defense might be informative on here.

    • Good point. I think the answer is: nothing. This is especially true if you have assets that can be taken if someone’s mother/grandmother tries to sue you for having the chutzpah to fight their kid after their kid assaults you.
      I remember a middle-aged guy getting beaten up by two violent female teens at L’Enfant Plaza metro station. The guy didn’t really fight back as they pummeled him- his only guilt being that he was reading a book and not paying attention when they came at him. Some speculated on this board that to fight back would mean being taken to court, etc… My advice- never be a victim of crime in this city because your right to self-defense doesn’t exist, and police are either too slow or apathetic to help (see last week’s post about a woman’s boyfriend who was assaulted on a Monday afternoon outside the Nats stadium. The police didn’t even show up when he reported the group assault).

      • What are you even talking about? That’s not remotely correct. It’s perfectly permissible to use a reasonable amount of force (i.e. the amount necessary to protect yourself from harm, including deadly force where appropriate) in self-defense in D.C.

        • Sorry, but I wouldn’t trust a jury in DC to accurately decide a case where I had to use deadly force against a perp. In fact, based on everything I’ve read for the past several years, I’d suspect the court system and police would be less than sympathetic if I tried to defend myself. The system is rigged to favor the criminals here, not the victims. The District of Columbia gives a very wide berth to its criminals, especially those under 18. You just have to pray you’re never in a position where you DO need to defend yourself.

          • Alright, let’s see some facts to back up your claims.

          • Nor would I. In such a scenario, I would waive my right to a jury trial and request a bench trial. If you are guilty or perceive yourself to me, then by all means exercise your right to a trial by jury. If you are not guilty or perceive yourself to be not guilty, I’m not saying demand a bench trial but I am saying think about that very very carefully.

        • it may be ‘appropriate’ but the nature of the politics and legal system mean you effectively cannot

          • Again, if you have some actual FACTS to back up your claim – as in one documented case where someone acted in self-defense and was prosecuted for it – that would be worth hearing about.
            If I end up in a position where I feel I have to use physical force to defend myself, I will use physical force to defend myself and worry about the consequences later.
            Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

    • Um really? How is one supposed to defend himself against a group of 10?

    • I don’t know of any place where self-defense is illegal. Yes, you might get taken to court if you defend yourself; so what? Let’s see: I might go to court or I might end up with broken bones or permanent damage if I just stay here and take it. Seems like an easy choice to me. You even have the right of 3rd party self-defense meaning you could jump in and help the man at L’Enfant and have all rights to do so. I recommend every person take a basic self-defense class because you never know what might happen.
      {not legal advice just my opinion}

  • This is why we can’t have nice things.

  • My boyfriend and I were assaulted by a group of three guys a few years ago around the same location. The police report didn’t even give the correct descriptions we gave them and closed the case almost immediately. DC police force should answer for a lot of these types of actions.

  • Even knowing how to defend myself, if I can’t intimidate a group from the outset, I would probably concentrate on protecting vital parts of my body instead. Which comes naturally when someone hits you anyway, people naturally want to go into the fetal position with arms over their face.

  • This is seriously scary stuff. on Saturday night I saw an altercation take place right next door to dacha on 8th and Q st nw. A 20-something white male and a probably 18ish year old black male left the chinese carryout place next door. The white male was yelling at the other guy (no clue what about). They clearly looked like a fight was about to go down when the black male whipped out a switch blade.

    I started to call 911 as I was walking my group of mostly female friends away from this but spotted a police officer at the 7-eleven right down the street. I told the cop and he seemed very disinterested, almost annoyed even. he slowly put his food down and slowly started to walk to his car. Not sure what came of it but from how long it took the cop to get going I am sure he was too late to do anything. Not the police response someone would hope for when someone is threatening someone else with a knife.

    • I saw this as it was happening. I personally never saw a switchblade being produced (not saying it didn’t happen; I just did not see it happen), but I distinctly remember the white male trying to escalate the fight and trying to follow the black male as he walked away and into the neighboring takeout place. The only thing that stopped it from escalating was the dacha bouncer yelling at the white male’s friend to bring his friend home.

      • Yeah. I have no idea what they were fighting about but the other guy 100% pulled a switchblade. I saw it about 5-8 feet away from me as did the group of friends I was with.

  • That’s exactly what happened to me at 11 and Rhode Island years ago. It sounds like the same groups are up to their same old games. My scar on my face reminds me every day of all the benefits I get from living in one of the most expensive places in the country…. Hm hmm

  • I’d like to chat with the OP regarding this issue. Feel free to contact me via my website or email me at charlie (at) bengelfordc (dot) com. Thanks.

  • Two weeks ago about 40 teens raced up 11th Street SE, some running over parked cars (you can still see sneaker prints on some of our cars), as they road blocked the entire street from sidewalk to sidewalk. Has any other neighborhood experienced this?

  • Breaks my heart. I can’t imagine the fear that poor man must have felt. Thank God people came to his aid.

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