Reader Report Man Dressed in Drag Sucker Punched for being Gay at 14 and Florida Ave, NW

“Dear PoPville,

Saturday night (10/11) around 11:30pm, I was walking down 14 St around Florida Ave with a group of friends when we saw a young man get attacked. As you may know, Miss Adams Morgan was last night at the Hilton near Dupont. The young man was in drag, wearing white spandex shorts and carrying a fabulous pair of heels, clearly on his walk home from the event. An approximately 30-year-old man wearing a blue Knicks hoodie approached him as he quietly waited for the light to change at Florida. The man in the hoodie got in his face, asked why he was dressed that way and if he was gay. When the brave young man said yes, he was in fact gay, and then turned to cross the street, the man in the hoodie grabbed his shoulder, spun him around, and sucker-punched him in the middle of the intersection. After he hit the pavement, a crowd of strangers rushed in to help and protect him, and the man in the hoodie calmly left down 14 St.

A few strangers then escorted the young man who had been assaulted the rest of the way to his home. A friend of mine called the police, but we couldn’t tell them much about where to find the assaulter. I can’t imagine the emotional damage that needless encounter has had on the young man who bravely expressed and stood up for himself. I don’t expect to solve this crime in any way, but I hope DC can be better and more tolerant in the future through learning about these events.”

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  • I saw the after-math of this from a cab and all the people around him were being seemingly very nice and supportive. Find this fucking guy in the Knicks sweatshirt please.

  • It’s weird to me that stuff like this still happens in DC! Gay people are everywhere, even if they’re not carrying a fabulous pair of heels. These idiots need to get over it already.

    • It happens more than you’d care to know….

    • Seriously. I’m gay, and one time I was walking down the street with another gay friend, when this guy sitting on his front porch started shouting the F word at us quite angrily. At first we wondered if he was talking about us, and then we burst out laughing. We also wondered if he must be doing this all day every day, since he lives in Logan Circle. It must get tiring after a while.

      • Interesting that he was sitting on “his front porch”. So you know where this guy lives and you can attest to his words, and you can identify him. Report him!! Tell someone that you’re afraid for your safety. Nip this stuff in the bud.

        • The guy sounds like a hateful jerk, but to whom would you be reporting him and what for?

          • You’d be reporting him for being a jerk. There are laws about that, right? Report him for communicating a threat. Creating a hostile environmnet. Littering? I don’t know. Just as long as the constables go talk to him and let him know that his deportment is being watched.

          • “Deportment”??? From where did I pull that word. Must be the fine 1950’s public school education I got in New Orleans.

          • Hahahahah, I love “deportment”! If we’re doing that, I’d like to report the entire 70 bus.

          • oy, the 70 bus.

      • +1 for not letting that guy get to you. Some people just suck.

  • So NO ONE had a camera phone at 10:30 ish on a Saturday night? I mean no one thought to snap dude’s picture. I applaud the citizens that stood by the victim but we need to encourage the prosecution of the offender. I mean that was a Hate Crime if I have ever heard one… I also can not believe this happened at 14th & anything without some type of recourse/photograph/video… Who are we that we can see one person struck and knocked down and not do anything to apprehend/detain offender? Before I get a vigilante backlash, it’s called making a citizens arrest. 14th street is like being on youtube…

    • there is almost assuredly some security camera footage at that gas station

    • Presumably because if you snap this dude’s picture, you are next to catch a beatin. I’m not excusing his actions in anyway, but I would fucking kill you if you took a picture of me after I did something like that.

    • I thought the same thing – no one chased after the guy, yelling/screaming for police…nothing? so many cops in that area too at this time at night. too bad.

    • Seriously. What about all the businesses on 14th Street where that animal walked after punching the guy? Couldn’t one of them have a security camera that captured an image of him.

      MPD better get on this…but was it reported to the police? The person who reported this to Popville says nothing about that.

    • Yes, the apropriate reaction to this story is to get angry at bystanders. Makes total sense.

  • I wonder if the police will ask the surrounding businesses for their surveillance video of the day/time in question. Obviously I think the crime warrants the time and attention, I just wonder if the police think it’s worth the manpower for an investigation. I hope they do. I’m glad that people took the time to support the man and how I would have loved for the assailant to have been hit by a metrobus after.

    • No, that would assume MPD does basic police investigative work. I remember a submission PoP detailing a horrific accident at this very same intersection a few years ago. A car was at fault in seriously maiming a cyclist — directly underneath MPD’s camera — and they ticketed the cyclist without ever reviewing the video.

  • What if he punched him because of his outfit?

    Food for thought. Let’s say the victim was wearing a Boston Celtics shirt.

    Point is, hard to prosecute on intent. The crime alone is crime enough.

    • I don’t think you understand hate crime laws and how you choose to be a Celtics fan and don’t choose being gay.

    • Copied from the post above: “The man in the hoodie got in his face, asked why he was dressed that way and if he was gay. When the brave young man said yes, he was in fact gay, and then turned to cross the street, the man in the hoodie grabbed his shoulder, spun him around, and sucker-punched him in the middle of the intersection.”
      I mean, he probably just disliked his heels, right?

    • Is the Celtics fandom a legally protected class now?? Sexual identity is. That’s what makes it a hate crime. The “are you [a member of a protected class, eg] gay?” *punch*
      Pretty straightforward, actually.

      • If only he had punched him because he was white, and not because he was gay. Then nobody would care and we wouldn’t have to argue about it online.

    • You win the prize for stupidest comment.

  • A hate crime was recently solved in Philly in TWO HOURS through crowd sourcing social media, we just need some surveillance camera footage to get us started on this one!

    • Yeah, because that worked out so well with the Boston bomber case. I know we’d all like to catch this guy, but let’s leave the policing to the police?

      • Happy to leave the policing to the police if and when the police in DC start doing the policing that needs to be done

      • The policing is being left to the police, but with surveillance camera footage the public can send in some very solid tips to assist the police. No vigilante justice being recommended here. Although, where is Batman?

  • On the attacker: he was African American, average height and medium build. Sorry but I don’t remember much else; it was dark. No one took a picture because it happened quickly and unexpectedly and we were focused on moving the attacked man out of the intersection. Two people began to follow the attacker down the street but lost him below V. We reported it to the police over the phone and also stopped a police car on the street. Hopefully they’ll look into whether the liquor store at the corner has security footage, but I must say they didn’t seem enthusiastic about following up on our report.

    • There a special unit of MPD that focuses on crimes against the LGBT community. I would hope MPD works in such a way that they would find out about this from the cops on the scene, but since I know I don’t live in a fantasy world I would suggest that you contact them directly to make sure they’re aware and to pass along all of the info you do have.
      mpdc . dc . gov/page/gay-and-lesbian-liaison-gllu

  • I’d say we have a drag vigil at the site our poor sister was attacked to let the community know we will not stand for this.

  • The victim made a report but thepolice only made an incident report instead of a crime report what is wrong with DC police what is wrong with everyone not chasing this guy down the emotional scars the financial problems of having to go to the hospital to check for a concussion and fractured jaw is immense I know this person personally he is just a bartender and models part time and is just come out we need to be more supportive of everyone around us crime of any kind is just wrong and to someone for being himself. This is a young kid, 22. The repercussion of the rest of his life is going to be crazy. I personally think the bystanders and strangers the escorted him to his health and jumped in to save him it could’ve been way worse this bug needs to get off the street we as a community must demand that this person be found via the taste of DC please are washing their hands of it let’s get this on regular news let’s get this done we fight for equal rights marriage everything else yet none of us are doing anything come on let’s rally

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