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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • First post!!!

    Rave: Had a blast at night of the living zoo and going to a kick ass house party tonight!!!

    Rant: It might rain on saturday, way to be a buzzkill on Halloween weekend mother nature 🙁

    • Related rant: celebrating halloween after halloween. I know it’s somewhat unreasonable, especially when halloween falls on a thursday or friday night, but I’ll still be pretty annoyed by any one I see in costume come saturday.

      • Calm down, old wo/man. Let people have their dress-up fun for a weekend. We spend 363 days of the year wearing stultifying, society-approved monkey suits (I really hate neck ties).
        No one is forcing you to dress up. #1stworldproblems

      • You sound like a bundle of joy to hangout with.

        • Agreed! Gonna venture to say this person is also the type that turns off all their lights and closes up the windows come trick or treating time. 🙂

      • I Dont Get It

        You will still see people in costume on Sunday. You might want to stay indoors all weekend. l

      • I was actually pretty calm about stating an admittedly firstworldproblem opinion and acknowledging that it’s not entirely reasonable. I find it annoying, just like I find taylor swift annoying, doesn’t mean I’m going to go around chunkin pumpkins at people in costume on saturday (and god forbid on sunday!!!). I just have strong opinions on unimportant things such as celebrating certain holidays post-hoc, doesn’t mean I’m not fun.

      • Debbie Downer

  • RAVE: Photo – doggie costume, and “Howlin” gravestone!!!

  • Mike

    Costumes: done.
    Candy: ready.
    Work: decent, and leaving early.
    Happy Halloween! Get spooky, y’all!

  • Rant that hopefully can turn into a Revel: This morning I found a black backpack in the alley off the 1300 block of Irving and Kenyon Streets with the contents strewn on the ground – pretty obvious it was a theft of some sort. There’s no ID in the backpack, and sad to say it looks like a laptop was stolen, but there’s a lot of other valuable stuff in it (or at least stuff the owner would be happy to have back). If you think its yours, or know whose it might be, please email me at wgmerten at google’s mail service.

  • Rave: it’s Halloween!
    Rant: gigantic demolition dumpsters have taken over the tiny streets of Brookland
    Rave: early voting
    Rave: I don’t live in the suburbs, because DC is a brilliant city to live in

  • Rant: I need a recommendation for a good and inexpensive dentist . The last dentist I saw quoted me $2000 for a crown (I will have to pay 50% of that, my husband paid less than half of that but in Philly) and when I told him I needed to think about it because it was kind of expensive, he asked if i didn’t have a credit card, he was so pushy it was nauseating.

    • I don’t know about inexpensive (I have Delta Dental), but have been really happy with Dr Porvaznik (at Ingber dental on K St). I have a bridge that every dentist wants to replace ASAP, but he asked if it was causing problems, and when I said no he said to just leave it until it does. I first went to him after another dentist told me I needed a crown on a tooth he just filled and needed to get it done in the next week or 2 or I’d be in all sorts of pain. Dr P looked at it, said it was a good filling, and 3 years later I haven’t done anything and have not had any issues.
      BUT do NOT go to Dr Ingber – he’s always pushing cosmetic procedures and I just don’t care for his style.

      • Exactly my experience at Ingber Dental. Dr. Porvaznik is great. Very chill, very wait-and-see where other dentists insist on immediate expensive procedures. Dr. Ingber is not good. I mean, I don’t know about his dentistry skills, but his ethics are the pits. He did a procedure on me without my informed consent (sort of “I’m just going to touch this up a little bit” as he’s going in) and the next thing I know there’s an extra $150 (not covered by ins) on my bill. He’s shady.

        • I go to Dr. Ingber (saw the rec for Dr. Porvaznik on this website, actually, but my appointment ended up being with Dr. Ingber). I actually think he’s okay, and nice. After my first appointment, there was some misunderstanding about my insurance coverage (they didn’t accept it) but they were so nice about it–they worked with the insurance company and dropped the extra charges so I wouldn’t pay anything out of pocket and offered to work with me going forward. I thought that was pretty good customer service. They’ve also never pushed any procedures on me. He did criticize the work of the dentist I’d had before, who I happened to like, so I thought that was a bit off putting, but just wanted to offer that he’s fine to see.

    • Dr. Rothkopf in Foggy Bottom has been pretty great thus far. I would say to avoid Davidson Dental on K Street. I switched from them because they were pushing unnecessary surgery and seemed much more interested in the profit than in my well being.

    • not sure about inexpensive (also have Delta Dental) Dr. Robinson at Watergate Dental in Foggy Bottom is very good and will advise you about procedures (if any) that needs to be done. She gives you all the info you need to make an informed decision and not pushy at all. She’s been my dentist since 2008, prior to that went to one on K St that pushed every cosmetic procedure they offered.

      • I also go to Watergate Dental. They seem pretty low-key and affordable (though I have insurance that covers a lot).

      • How do you get Delta Dental? I’ve been shopping for dental insurance (self-pay individual) and there is no way to call them, let alone actually speak to a real person. (The phone options are only for those who already have a policy.)

    • This is pretty far out in the suburbs but if you have a car and don’t mind the hike, I recommend Dr. Klioze in Fairfax. He is very good, quick, and extremely affordable. My family of people with terrible teeth has been going to him for about 15 years.

    • Dr Abramson at Modern Dental is great! takes time to explain everything and lay out all the options.

      • Sorry, that’s Modern Dentistry

      • I see Dr. Yun there and I like her a lot. She told me what she thought should be done now and what can become an issue in the future. I opted to do it all at once, but she didn’t pressure me into it. Also, I just really liked the professionalism and organization of their office.

    • gertie_wickler

      I go to Dr. Maria Ferrer-Nichols in Friendship Heights and have been very happy with her. She’s more of a wait-and-see dentist rather than a we-need-to-do-this-expensive-procedure-ASAP dentist. I have a crown on top of a large filling that cracked and chipped awhile back. I went to see her figuring she’d recommend replacing it, but she said the remaining part seems solid and if it’s not bothering me we could see how it does. It’s been about two years now and I haven’t replaced it yet! I have Dentaquest by the way.

  • Rave: Even though a bit late to it, dinner prepared by my lady friend was pretty good. She even kept everything separated in case I didn’t like something.
    Rave/rant: Probably means I need to cook her a meal down the road. I’m a good cook, but I hate it!
    Rant: The pack of smelly, noisy kids on my bus ride home. I have to come into work later and add time to my commute simply to avoid them.

    • Let the cooking precedent be set! I also don’t enjoy cooking very much. My gentleman caller recently made me dinner, and I think I’ll let that trend continue 🙂

  • Rave: Last practice of the year. Last 4:30 alarm for five months. Beautiful river, rowing in the dark, great practice, boats loaded for last race as the sun rose. Nice way to close things out on the Anacostia.

  • Rave: Eataly coming to DC!
    Rant: 2017 at the earliest.

    • justinbc

      This is like the 5th time they’ve supposedly been on the fence about it, or had some random announcement / rumor about it. Definitely one of those “believe it when I see it” kind of businesses.

    • Mike

      omg yuuuuuuuussss.

    • +1000 I took a wrong turn last August in Chicago headed back to my hotel and stumbled across Eataly. It was amazing! So sad that I had to catch a flight and only got a few minutes to see it, let alone buy anything.

  • justinbc

    Rant: People who get on the bus and then dig through their bags to find their form of payment, as if they didn’t know it would be required every single day they get on. If you’re going to be that person, at least wait at the end of the line so everyone else can get on and out of the cold / rain / etc.
    Rave: Flannel lined jeans and work pants, can never have too much of this stuff as the temps drop!
    Question: Is there any common way to discourage people from bringing their kids to your door for candy, aside from leaving your porch light off? I’ve debated leaving a sign on my fence outside, but I don’t think people would stop to read it, and I’m sure it would offend people more than just not answering the door (and while I don’t particularly care about what adults get offended by, kids can be rather malicious).

    • Yeah, I want to know this too. Last year I only bought $50 worth of candy, so I ran out halfway through the night. Once that happened I turned off all the lights, which just encouraged the kids to go into my yard and steal my decorations. I’m not participating in the trick-or-treating this year, but I don’t want my darkened yard to be an invitation for mischief.

      • Just re-reading this and realizing I sound like a crotchety old lady, haha. I love Halloween but it’s stressful when you live on one of the busiest blocks in Capitol Hill.

      • If you really don’t want to deal with it and don’t want to deal with any “repercussions,” I suggest that you leave a bowl of candy on your doorstep with a sign saying “one per ghost” or whatever, and then you’re done. You made an effort, you can keep your lights on, no one will ring your bell, some kids will get candy, some will take the whole bowl. But any potential snotty brat who would’ve been pissed that you didn’t open you door will at least see that an effort was made and move on.

        Actually, where do you live? Now that I now you might have a huge bowl of free candy just SITTING there, I may stop by… haha.

        • justinbc

          Haha, yeah, that bowl might last through the first 10 minutes 🙂 I guess I could always just leave an empty bowl, so they could get mad at their fellow trick-or-treaters’ greed, but then the bowl would probably wind up stolen.

          • Ha, even ten minutes is generous. I once had a bowl of candy sitting in the downstairs hallway so I could grab it as I went to answer the door. The oblivious guy upstairs came home and put it outside. I immediately went out to grab it and it was already gone!

          • If I run out of candy, in addition to lights off and sign on the gate I also tie the gate closed.

    • Mike

      How about a sign with “no one’s home” and a smiling jack-o-lantern? Maybe that would limit the number of TP rolls that’ll inevitably be used on your house? 🙂

    • Leave your porch light off, AND your interior lights off. Remove any decorations.

      Better yet, just spend $20 on candy, and two hours handing it out. It’s fine to “run out” at 8:00. This represents a fraction of an average meal out, and is an exercise in patience and generosity.

      • justinbc

        I do not want to encourage children eating candy, so this is not a viable option. I also do not intend to sit in my home in the dark, but thank you for answering.

        • Not sure what you’re looking for here. Permission to be a grinch? No one can (or should) change the rules of October 31st for you.

          • justinbc

            It was very clear what I was asking for in my original post.

          • Ok, and you got answers that you dismissed. So I’m still not sure what you’re looking for. Actually, I do know what you want, but I don’t know why you’re insisting that there has to be some solution to your disdain for a hugely popular event. It’s like me saying “I live on Mt Pleasant Street, and they do this street festival every year and it’s super noisy for like 8 hours. What can I do?”
            You’re looking for everyone to change everything, for your comfort and/or convenience. But it ain’t gonna happen, so you can either play along and have some fun, or feel all put-out and resentful for the evening.

          • justinbc

            Wrong. What I asked for was common practices for keeping people away, and the only post I dismissed was the one who suggested that I instead spend my money to participate in something I don’t agree with. If you can’t understand that one outlier then I can’t really explain it to you any further.

          • “But it ain’t gonna happen, so you can either play along and have some fun, or feel all put-out and resentful for the evening.”
            No, it’s more like you can play along (which is expensive and exhausting) or risk having property damage. There must be a solution to it.

        • Accountering

          If it makes you feel better, you are not encouraging children to eat candy, society as a whole is, you are just complicit once a year if you participate.

        • Come out to a bar nearby? The house can sit in the dark by itself for a couple of hours. This is my plan, anyway.

        • You’re totally that guy who gives out boxes of raisins and #2 pencils on Halloween. Ugh.

        • Basically exactly how I feel. Glad to know I’m not alone!

        • You will have zero impact on the candy intake of your neighborhood children, and you will miss a great opportunity to interact with some neighbors you might not otherwise meet. Halloween is a wonderful community event. But, go ahead, lock your doors, don’t participate, be *that* guy, and confirm your neighbors’ stereotypes about unfriendly gentrifiers.

          • justinbc

            I interact with my neighbors on a very regular basis. I get mail for them, stop at their porch and chat with them, get their dogs / cats when they run away, help the old folks with yard work, etc. Your idea that Halloween is the only time of year that this is possible says more about what gentrification does than anything.

      • “Better yet, just spend $20 on candy, and two hours handing it out. It’s fine to “run out” at 8:00.”
        Uhhh, not sure where you live but here that would last until 5pm. And then your yard gets ransacked by resentful kids who showed up late.

    • No visible lights on first floor of the house, porch lights off. If you have Halloween decorations, that’s usually a sign that you’d welcome trick or treaters, so take them down if you want to be discouraging.

      • justinbc

        Definitely no decorations, but I’m guessing they might misconstrue pumpkins so I’ll probably move those to the rear of the house, thanks for the tip.

      • Uh-oh. I don’t think I’ll be home in time for trick-or-treaters tonight, but I didn’t take down the decorations on the inside of one of my windows.
        I did turn off the interior lights. I wonder if that’s enough or if I need to go back home and remove the decorations…

    • +1 for your rant People also seem surprised when they don’t have enough money on the card. They try 3 or 4 times holding up the line of people trying to get on the bus. You know you don’t have money on it; let it go.

      Ques: Maybe post a sign on the door? I think you’ll be damned in either case if your neighboorhood is big on the trick or treating.

      • justinbc

        Haha, yeah. And the best part is the bus has that noise ERRRR ERRRR ERRRR, so everyone on the bus knows that you’re failing.

      • Well, maybe one of the reasons people seem surprised is that they actually DO have money on the card. I seldom take the bus, so maybe my swiping techniques need improvement, but just as it sometimes takes more than one swipe in the Metro turnstiles, it sometimes takes more than one swipe on the bus. I’ve also had multiple experiences of being told by bus drivers that the ride is free because the fare card reader isn’t working.

    • Just put a note on your door. In my 14 years in DC, I’ve never met a malicious trick-or-treater.

      • justinbc

        Good to know, maybe I’ll go with the sign after all.

      • I turn off my porch light and close the blinds on the window and door (that face the street). That’s the universal signal and just about everyone knows to go on to the next house. In the event that someone knocks on the door I simply ignore it.
        Kids in costume and crowds of people freak my dog out so I opt out of giving out candy.

    • The more people who post their rants about metro (the system, its riders, etc.), the more I know I’M NOT ALONE! When I see people approaching the turnstiles and they’re digging, my exact thought is “did you just not know you were about to exit/enter the metro”??? And when you know you don’t have enough (or any) fare on your card on the bus, why do you insist on boarding first out of the other 10 people waiting at your stop?? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

    • “Out of candy for the night – see you next year!”

      And they won’t know it’s a lie. It’s one night, let their parents decide their candy consumption. If you don’t want to offer candy, offer a bag of baby carrots that’ll get thrown away. Or the fig bars that come one to a pack (I love them, but I’m 33 not 13).

    • When I run out, I put a string with a sign across my walk that says “sorry, no more candy. Have a safe and happy Halloween”

    • Dig a moat and fill it with fetid water and crocodiles.

  • Andie302

    Rave: Buying a place! The offer was accepted yesterday evening.
    Rave: Another renovation project…I love this stuff
    Rave: I’m totally painting it black!
    Rave: Most importantly…once it’s finished in the spring, accountering and I are moving in together :)!
    Rave: Popville’s skills at paying attention to details and know what’s going on.

    I couldn’t be more excited about this!

  • RAVE: Lucy makes it into the pages of PoPville again! Thanks Dan!

    Happy Howlin-ween everybody!!!

  • Aglets

    Rave: DOGS IN COSTUMES. I hope today’s animal fix are all in costumes- I missed Del Ray’s halloween parade this year!
    Rant: Nothing really. It’s friday, I’m wearing a new dress, cute office supplies due to arrive today, drawing with kids later tonight and then going to a friends house to hand out candy & watch TV. sounds pretty good to me!

  • Huge Rave: I contributed an essay to a book, and my author’s copy just arrived. It’s a Festschrift in honor of my doctoral adviser, and we’re presenting it to him at a celebratory dinner next month.
    Rave: working from home
    Rave: Halloween!
    Additional Halloween Rave: My kids are old enough that they take themselves trick-or-treating. I get to sit at home, ooh and ahh over the cute wee tykes who come to the door, and nibble on Reese’s.
    Tentative Rant: Possible business trip next month that I really don’t want to take.

    • I Dont Get It

      I don’t understand a lot of your huge rave (I’m basic) but it sounds impressive! Congrats!

      • Thanks! A Festschrift is a book written in honor of a person. Usually, it’s for a retiring academic, and his/her students contribute essays. We got lucky, because a lot of university presses aren’t publishing Festschrifts anymore (they don’t sell).

  • SFT

    RAVE: Girls weekend in Atlanta starts tomorrow morning. Besides getting to see some great old friends, I’m super excited to go to The Spence, Richard Blais’ restaurant and see Phantom of the Opera!
    Rant turned RAVE!: Delta somehow canceled my reservation, so when I called to yell at them they gave me a first class ticket. Too bad it’s just a short flight down to Atl, but whatever, I’ll take the bump!
    Another Rave: It’s the babe’s first time trick or treating and I’m so excited to take him. I grew up in a really religious household and we never celebrated Halloween, so it’s my first time trick or treating too 🙂

  • Rant: Still feeling a bit sick and run down. I’m putting myself to bed early tonight.
    Rave: It is Friday. And I’m feeling on top of the work week. A few more hours and my weekend begins.
    Rave: Fall! This is the best time of year.

  • Rant: This bootleg island on GA Avenue is really upsetting me. Who did it? It’s completely placed wrong and also a big traffic hazzard. People in the right lane can’t get the fact that they need to swerve left. They need to fix it NOW! I’m surprised there is not a POP post condemning it, whoever implemented it like that is a pre-school dropout.

    Rave: Payday, Friday, Halloween, Redskins Beat Dallas, Taking Monday Off. Too many positives to be mad.

    Rant: People at work who want to get paid to talk, but disappear once the work actually needs to be done. The same people who have twice as much vacation time as everyone else. A huge burden on every job I’ve had for the past 10 years for someone like me, because I’m usually the guy pulling their weight.

    Rave: Vikings/Redskins this weekend, kind of a tradition for my brothers and I. Since I like both teams, it’s the only time I can’t lose. Yay Football.

    • I finally encountered the rogue island/mini-median thing yesterday. It’s crazy — it looks like they built it entirely on the southbound left lane, rather than taking some space from the northbound left lane and some from the southbound one.
      Even though I’d been forewarned (thanks to PoPville), the island still came up in a totally unexpected manner. Completely nonintuitive.

  • Rave: All of these new handles! It’s exciting to see more people in the conversation 🙂
    Rave: I got a load of glow sticks for trick-or-treaters and hope they come to our house. I also hope they will consider them cool and fun, not a lame alternative to candy.
    Rave: Only fun plans this weekend. Not a lot of errands or obligations.
    Rant: We will be having rotating guests in our house for the next three solid weeks. Our house has only one full bathroom. We love the friends and family who are visiting, but this could get ugly.

    • That bathroom situation is no bueno. Hope it works out!!

    • Suggestion on the glow sticks — maybe unwrap a bunch and crack them so they’re already glowing and they will be seen as a cool alternative to candy. Just a thought!

    • IME, kids of all ages love glow sticks. My kids would be thrilled to get them.

      • 🙂 Now I’m worried I didn’t get enough! But I always worry about that and am usually the person with mounds of leftovers after parties. This is the first year I’ve lived in a house that would potentially get trick-or-treaters, so I have no idea what to expect. I might run out and buy Snickers bars at lunch, if the CVS candy section hasn’t been ransacked yet.

    • I love glow sticks! I always want to take them from my emergency kit at work. Where did you get them? It sounds like they could be more economical than candy (bonus).

  • Rave – All moved into my new apartment and it’s already feeling like home. Looking forward to exploring the new neighborhood this weekend.
    Rave – No more ground floor living for me! I’m now on the 4th floor and I can look out of my window and see the sky, not the sidewalk. And I get so much natural light!
    Rant – Comcast. Two days of phone calls with their tech support and my wifi still is not working.

    • comcast is garbage. If fios was not an option for you, i’m sorry that sucks. I had really terrible experiences with comcast in my last place in DC. and in Virginia. And pretty much anywhere

      • FioS is garbage. I had really terrible experiences with FioS in my last place in Virginia. Somehow Comcast has been really good to me.

    • If the wired (Ethernet) port is working on your Comcast modem, recommend using your own wireless access point instead. I find I get much better range and speed with my own, especially with devices that support 802.11ac (the latest really, really fast wi-fi).

  • epric002

    rave: many thanks to whomever it was who suggested the hydrocolloid bandage. face-eating zit is slowly improving.
    rave: orthopedic assessment for foster puppy went well, and he thinks there’s a relatively easy (and not terribly expensive!) surgical solution. it’s nice to be optimistic about his prognosis 🙂
    rave: *knock on wood* we’ve found a food that is working for his gastro/allergy issues! PLEASE, UNIVERSE, LET THIS BE THE ONE!!!
    happy halloween popville!

    • Hydrocolloid bandages for all! <3

    • That One Guy

      Time for the kangaroo dog food? Don’t know if this of any help, but orijen/pacifica dog helped out in my case.

      • epric002

        thanks for the suggestion. i did a FB poll and the wellness limited ingredient diet was suggested by a number of people, so that’s what we’re doing (the lamb & oatmeal formula). he’s tricked us in the past, but we’re still in the food transition phase and so far things are looking much improved!

  • Petula Dvorak (Washington Post), who I don’t normally read, had an interesting article today about Halloween exposing the fissures between the haves and have-nots. Dvorak is a Hill resident, like me, and pointed out that some people have grumbled about kids literally being bussed and driven into the nicer neighborhoods for trick-or-treating. Her take was that you should be generous and understand that these kids don’t have great lives to begin with. My take is undecided. I see her point, but I also see the frustration at having to buy hundreds of dollars worth of candy for not just kids, but ungrateful teens who come parading from here, there, and everywhere. I think it would get tiring and probably take the fun out of Halloween if I felt I was just being used.
    Rave: It’s the weekend. Happy Halloween!

    • Dear Prudence on Slate had an excellent article on this subject last week and went super viral. Her take, FWIW (and I’m not sure I agree, even thought I love her column): “Stop being callous and miserly and go to Costco, you cheapskate, and get enough candy to fill the bags of the kids who come one day a year to marvel at how the 1 percent live.”

      • Well, I guess if we really were the 1% we could afford a Costco membership!

        • The Dear Prudence column was responding to someone affluent. If candy buying is a hardship for you, I don’t think the advice would apply.

        • You’re the 1% of the world if you can afford to live in Capitol Hill, even more so if you own a home on the Hill. Be grateful. Seriously.
          Also, did you ever stop to think that many of these children are brought here because the neighborhood is SAFE and their children can trick or treat without being harassed by random creeps? Again, be thankful for your blessings. This isn’t about you; it’s about giving kids a safe space to be kids and marvel in a fun tradition.

          • My mortgage costs the same as a studio apartment in DC (maybe a basement 1 bedroom in PG County or EOTR). Are you saying everyone in the DC region is in the 1%? I guess it’s possible but that doesn’t seem true.

          • The whole 1% in the world argument is ridiculous. We don’t live in a place where housing costs $12 a year. Whether someone is to 1%, or 20%, in the world is really irrelevant if they’re tightly budgeted.

          • justinbc

            You can be thankful for your own success without participating in something you disagree in. There are so many corollaries I could make, but I’m not sure you would get them given your attitude about the subject.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      She disgusts me. She brought her kids to the Washington Animal Rescue League to adopt kittens. The two they fell in love with tested + for feline leukemia so she wouldn’t let them adopt them. She even wrote about it, and “buying” kittens else where. Naturally, the two kits converted to negative and were fine and were adopted later (which she didn’t write about 🙁 )

    • Most people who live in nice areas would spend more for 1 dinner out then they would on candy. Be generous and support some kids having a great time for one night. And yes, teens are surly, kinda like we all were at that age.

      I’m seriously bummed at how little community spirit people have any more. Giving candy at Halloween, if you are able, is part of being a good neighbor.

      • “Most people who live in nice areas would spend more for 1 dinner out then they would on candy.”
        Ha! Speak for yourself.

        • I got over 1,000 pieces of candy at CostCo for about 45.00. It’s not that hard to do.

          • …If you have a Costco membership and a car to get there. I’m also not dropping $45 on meals very often.

          • SFT

            Obviously, Colhi meant if you have the means to do so, then do so. If you don’t, then don’t.

          • Well he’s acting like most of us in Capitol Hill are going out for extravagant meals so $45 is nothing to us. That’s simply not true.

          • No a he but fine. Also, I didn’t say everyone on the hill eats 400 meals a day. I said “Most people who live in nice areas.” 45$ for a dinner for 2 is pretty standard in a lot of restaurants in DC. Lighten up. Have some candy, it’ll make you happier.

          • Okay, so what you meant was that most people in Capitol Hill occasionally spend $25 on a meal out, which could instead get them enough candy to last for the first 15 minutes of trick-or-treaters (long before the teenagers show up).
            Just trying to cut through the hyperbole here. 🙂 Happy Halloween.

        • Also, the article is clearly talking about “well off” neighborhoods. If you are too poor, elderly, etc. than yes, of course, you shouldn’t trade in your hypertension drug money for candy. But me thinks too many people protest too much. The dollar store in Columbia Heights, right off the metro, has super cheap candy. It’s gross but it’s cheap.

          • +1. I got 100 glow sticks on Amazon for $11.50. There are ways to make it work.

          • “The dollar store in Columbia Heights, right off the metro, has super cheap candy. It’s gross but it’s cheap.”
            I guess I’m too much of an environmentalist to be willing to buy stuff that will just get thrown away.

          • So your suggesting we buy gross candy to hand out to kids? Candy that will probably get thrown away?

          • Kids throw out candy?!? I don’t know if this means that I’m not sufficiently discerning in my love of sweets, but I can’t recall throwing out any candy other than perhaps Mounds. (I can’t stand coconut.) I mean, I didn’t like Smarties as much as Snickers, Twix, Kit Kat, etc., but I liked them enough to eat them.

          • justinbc

            Textdoc, my candy (from the 2 or 3 years I did it as a kid) would sit on my shelves basically until next Halloween, or until my friends came over and ate it. I always hated how artificial it tasted and that sugary feeling on my teeth, same with soda.

      • justinbc

        I bummed by how many people want to tell other people how to spend their money. That’s the government’s job!

    • The teens used to bother me a little, then I realized that a) most of them were wearing costumes, & just trying to have a little fun; b) they come later, so they take the last of the candy so I’m not eating it for the next month; and c) most of them come late enough that my porch light is out.

      I love giving out candy on Halloween; dunno why, it makes me happy. I’d probably give it to grownups if they came knocking.

      • Me too. I like handing out candy. It’s such a quick and easy way to share a teeny bit of happy. Don’t care who, either. Adult with an infant? Cute baby! Have some candy. Teens in half-assed costumes? Fun with a wholesome tradition! Have some candy.

    • I Dont Get It

      Back when I used to pass out candy, I had a “special” bowl of treats, usually something cheap and lame like Circus Peanuts, for surly teenagers not in costume.

    • Accountering

      This is a disgusting take. First, it is not hundreds of dollars, you are talking about $20 or $30 if you buy it at Costco. Even the teens dont bother me, if they are in costume. Lets let kids be kids for one day, and have something cool. This is such a minor expense, and such a cool memory for so many kids. Who doesn’t look back on trick-or-treating fondly?

      • Agree. It’s one evening, one day of the year, and costs less than any restaurant meal you’ve eaten all year. I sincerely don’t understand why people object.

      • In Capitol Hill it does take over $100 to ensure that every kid gets a piece of candy (I don’t have a Costsco membership but try to order it as cheaply as possible online). $20-30 would last about 15 minutes. 🙂 It’s also a significant time commitment since you’re doing nothing but handing out candy for several hours (and if you don’t feel like answering the door every 10 seconds that means sitting outside for several hours). I enjoy it but I needed a break this year so I’m not participating.

      • Well, the folks on East Cap would disagree with you on it just costing $20-30. But more importantly (not to be rude and snippy here), why do you think your feelings on the subject should be the same feelings shared by everyone else? You don’t have a problem with buses of kids and teens being dropped off- ok. But that doesn’t mean other people have to joyously accept and and be happy about it. Everyone is entitled to his own opinion. I am able to see both sides of the issue and even scrounge up a bit of empathy for those who feel uncomfortable or upset about hundreds of unexpected guests showing up at their door.

        • Yeah, I’m well off and able bodied but I still find it exhausting and it eats up 10% of my monthly savings. I can definitely see why my elderly neighbors choose not to do it.

        • Accountering

          Fair enough, so it is a bit more. You can buy cheap candy though (smarties and other junk) and still participate. I can totally empathize with the time and money commitment, and if you don’t want to do it, dont participate (like the 2nd anon.) Complaining and feeling uncomfortable or upset that hundreds of unexpected guests showing up? Lets lay off the hyperbole. They are clearly expected, and if you get upset or uncomfortable about it – I don’t know what to say to that.

          • Today we are allies 😉

          • That just feels so wasteful to me. No one ever eats the smarties and they just get thrown away. So I splurge on mini snickers or something even though it costs a fortune.

          • I live on the hill and bought ~$50 on candy from Target which got me about a 1000 pieces of candy. Now that i have lived here for about 6 years, it is a tradition. When i’m out, i’m out and i’ll turn off my lights and go drink with my neighbors.

          • Look, your view is your view. There’s no need to judge others for not wanting to participate – for whatever reason

          • Accountering

            Just to clarify, I am not judging people for not participating in the LEAST! Just turn your light off if you don’t want to participate! I am judging people for participating, and then getting “upset or uncomfortable” that too many kids, or kids from the wrong neighborhood show up.

          • justinbc

            That’s an important clarification, and one I would actually agree with. If you’re going to actually participate then don’t complain about who shows up. Unless you ask for ID how would you even know where they’re coming from? DC is pretty diverse, even in the neighborhoods that some might think aren’t.

          • I Dont Get It

            I love smarties!

          • Smarties are awesome! It’s the Mary Janes that suck.

        • But Halloween is a tradition in the United States. It’s part of our culture here. This isn’t one person’s feelings on a topic. It’s a shared cultural event. If people want to be grinches, fine. I don’t have empathy for people who are upset that kids want to have fun and take part in an American holiday. I’m sorry but these aren’t “unexpected guests,” they are trick or treaters who are totally expected on Oct 31st. I’m also not trying to be rude but it seems so petty and so nasty to crap on kids, especially because they happen to be poor.

          • +1000
            Seriously people, lighten up. If you don’t want to participate, turn off your lights. Everyone knows what that means. If you can’t afford to give anything, then don’t. No one will make a big deal of it (aside from the folks who doth protest too much)

          • I Dont Get It

            At our last work luncheon a young woman from South Asia told this great story about her first day in this country being October 31 and she was dumbfounded at the people she was seeing out since she had had never heard of Halloween!

          • I’m not a grinch and I’m not crapping on kids because I choose not to hand out candy. Why would you judge others for their decisions about this?

          • Accountering

            Your not a grinch if you don’t participate. If you choose to participate, but get mad that too many kids come, or that kids don’t come from your preferred neighborhood, THAT, in my mind, is what makes you a grinch. I completely respect your choice to participate or not.

          • Look, just because it is a tradition doesn’t mean that everyone participates. And saying “I’m not trying to be rude…” doesn’t negate the rudeness of saying that people who choose not to give out candy are petty and nasty and crap on poor kids.

      • I Dont Get It

        Really trying to clinch that Most Hated Commentator of the Week prize, huh? 😉 Thus I retired from handing out candy and am happily a Halloween Grinch!

      • anonymouse_dianne

        +1 As someone who trick or treated with friends as a teenager, in costume … it’s kind of a DC tradition. As is the Georgetown scene. If you can’t handle it, go to the Holiday Inn in Rockville.

      • justinbc

        “Who doesn’t look back on trick-or-treating fondly?”
        I don’t, I thought it was a stupid and annoying tradition my parents made me do for a reward I did not want or enjoy.
        “Lets let kids be kids for one day”
        Are they not kids every other day? Are all of these kids knocking on your door normally forced into child labor or something? I don’t get this sentiment at all.

        • How about some general guidelines? we can paste when discussing any other special event.
          :: It’s once a year, you know the date, you know the rules, you can make plans to participate or to avoid it.
          :: It is not rude to decline to participate, and your reasons for declining to participate don’t matter. However, to cast aspersions on the event as a whole or on the people who enjoy it IS rude. Even though *you* don’t “get it”.
          :: Generalized complaints about the event (“Caribbean Festival is stupid! Why don’t they just go to Jamaica!”) will not be taken seriously. Specific complaints about specific event-related behavior (someone dented your car having sex on the hood during the Caribbean Festival) will be heard, and probably gain you a good amount of sympathy.
          What do you think? Fair? Anything to add?

        • Maybe you should use tonight as an opportunity to take yourself out to a nice dinner. Not to be harsh, but it sounds like even the idea of some kid knocking on your door is going to make you upset, and whether or not you have pumpkins or other decorations out, I guarantee you that if a kid sees your lights on, he’s going to knock on your door. Best to be out of the house and not deal with any kids at all if that’s how you look at Halloween.

          • I think that sounds like a sensible plan — unless you have blackout curtains up, I don’t think you can get away with having indoor lights on and not giving out candy.

          • justinbc

            Nah, it won’t upset me. But I don’t usually eat dinner that early. I’ll probably just go for a run then out to the party at Passenger later 🙂

        • Justin, your place also looks like a haunted house or the Crypt Keeper’s mansion. Kids will be coming up to your door all night, because it looks like a fun place on Halloween. Better to just go out for the evening for dinner with some friends and avoid them altogether.

        • Ditto Justin. I disliked trick or treating as a kid and I still dislike it as an adult.

    • As long as the kids (and Teens) are in costume and are polite when approaching the door, then I have no issue where they’re from.

      And 20-30 dollars for candy! Ha! too funny.

    • I’m curious- How much candy do you normally give each kid/person? I’m thinking of putting candy in small treat bags to make it easier to hand out.

      • epric002

        i don’t think i bought enough (4 bags, i live on the coheights/petworth line and we get a lot of kids) so i’m going to be stingy and start with 1 each. if it looks like i might not run out then they can get 2 each. i usually let them choose the 1 they want since i buy a variety.

      • One piece each, or two if it looks like a slow year. I know from trick or treating with my own kid that anyone doing the rounds in our area will do JUST FINE with one piece per house. I make my daughter carry her own loot, and she is tired and ready to go home after about three blocks.

    • In the small town where I grew up, all the kids would go trick or treating on the main street in town (it was a rural area, so it was the only good option for walking house to house). The town would organize a collection of monetary or candy donations for the people who lived on the street so that they didn’t have to spend 100s of their own money buying candy for the whole town. I wonder if something similar could be organized in the future in neighborhoods?

    • I wouldn’t mind kids coming in from other neighborhoods if they—and, more importantly, the adults accompanying them—were well-behaved. But no, the majority of them are rowdy, rude, greedy, and too old to be trick-or-treating, and they leave garbage all over the sidewalk and in the park. The adults are some of the worst offenders. (I would make the same complaint if the local kids acted that way, too. Heck, they might be just as bad, but it’s hard to tell.)

    • I don’t give candy to the bigger kids. It’s for the little kids, and I don’t care where they came from. However, I do give the bigger kids and adults a teabag. Then they can go enjoy a nice cup of tea later. Or something. I get some pretty funny responses when I do it.

  • Rant: Break ins and crime have almost pushed me to the point of not wanting to live in DC and my neighborhood. It is just depressing. I am a person that is highly tolerant of this kind of stuff in the sense that I don’t let it get to me. I have lived in inner city neighborhoods for close to 15 years and DC for 6 so I am no stranger to crime issues. I love the lifestyle I have here and my neighborhood in general but I am so over the other stuff that I am not sure the good parts outweigh the bad…. I will probably change my mind next week but that doesn’t help how I feel at the moment.

  • Rave: HR recruiter said she will contact me today with an update. Trying my best not to be completely useless at work while I stare soullessly at the phone, but literally everyone in the office is shooting the shit in the conference room anyway so I don’t feel that bad
    Unsure: A very good friend of mine (formerly?) reached out to me this morning over text, we haven’t spoken for… almost a year I would say aside from one time I saw her in person and asked why she wasn’t responding to all my messages, but she has a lot of mental well being stuff that goes on and I decided to just back off. I’m glad she’s talking to me because she’s so important to me but it was really hard to just be stone walled for so long. I don’t want to bring it up though because I feel like I already know how the convo will go (because its sort of a cycle that has happened since we all grew up and left for college). Sucks but I’m still kind of happy

    • Re: your rave, ho exciting that you’ll hear news today! If the news is good, that’s awesome, and if it’s not, at least you’ll hear back quickly. Fingers crossed, and let us know what happens!
      Re: your unsure, I can commiserate with this so much and actually had a very similar reach-out yesterday for a former bestie. Breaking up with friends, or maintaining distance from them, can be heartbreaking, but sometimes it’s for the best. And there’s something reassuring (and difficult) about hearing from these people even if your relationship will never be the same as it used to be. Even if you’re not close anymore, you can still care a lot about the person and want the best for them.

    • Andie302

      Fingers crossed for you!

    • On your unsure — I had a similar experience recently. Hadn’t talked to a girl who up until 2 years ago was one of my bestest of the best BFFs. Sounds like we have similar reasons for the friendship growing distant. She was in town recently so we met up for lunch. I was actually really nervous! I decided I wouldn’t bring up anything from the past 2 years but would focus on the here and now. And it was great! Just like old times! A few more meetings like that and then we poke around at the past a bit.

  • Rave/rant: a good friend is getting married, and I’m so happy for her and her now fiance. But, I think she’s going to ask me to a bridesmaid and I really don’t want to be. It’s not that I don’t love her; I do. And I really do want to celebrate them and their love. And I especially want to partake in the bachelorette party. But, good friends do things for their friends they don’t always want to do so I’ll put on whatever frilly dress she picks and eat cucumber cakes and do whatever.

    • I’m engaged, and when I asked my best girlfriend to be maid of honor (no other bridesmaids), I told her that I would really be understanding if she were to say no, whether it be because of her busy schedule with her grad school or simply because she didn’t have much of an interest in the position (she’s a pretty private person, so I know asking her to stand up with me would be a big mental commitment). Although she said yes, I wouldn’t have felt any differently towards her were she to have said no. I guess what I’m getting at is to be honest with her. If she’s a good friend, she’ll truly understand, and just because you aren’t wearing some dumb dress with a bouquet doesn’t mean you don’t love her any less.

    • It is important to look at what you can and cannot offer as a bridesmaid. If you know money will be tight and you cannot commit to lots of time/money/travel, then you should be open and upfront about it. Our good friend had a young child and flat out refused to be a bridesmaid. We’re still really close and she still was at the wedding but just could not be a part of the bridal party. So no worries there. But sometimes, you just have to suck it up! I’m dropping 300 bucks this weekend for a bachelorette party in Philly but alas, I love my dear cousin and I’m a bridesmaid so I’ll be there, penis pop in hand!

      • epric002

        i get your point, but brides and grooms also need to do their part to tamp down the excessive costs that they inflict on members of the wedding party. being a bridesmaid during the first round of marriages usually meant a bridesmaid dress, helping with the shower and bach party, and the wedding weekend. things seem to have totally ballooned since then and bridesmaids/groomsmen might not realize that darling bride & groom have envisioned many, many events all over the place leading up to a week of wedding celebrations and potentially costing thousands of bucks for each person.

        • Oh I definitely agree! But unfortunately, I find that the brides rarely understand how much the bridal party is ponying up in terms of cash since the shower and the bachelorette party are usually run by the bridal party completely and paid for by them completely (at least the ones I’ve been in). So it’s definitely on the bride to tamp down the costs but all the wedding party in general to be open about what they can and cannot afford.

          • epric002

            i’m not willing to give brides a pass on realizing how much their events cost, even if they’re not paying for them. unless maybe we’re talking about the very first couple in a group to get married who have never ever been to/helped host wedding/events. otherwise, it’s up to the bride & groom to politely decline excessive and excessively expensive events. i’ve been a bridesmaid enough times to know that there is almost always at least one, and often more than one, person pushing more and costlier events and once you’ve already agreed to be the bridesmaid/groomsmen, it’s really hard to be the person to say no, this is excessive/i can’t afford it/let’s scale this thing down. personally, i would feel supremely uncomfortable for my friends to be pressured/guilted into doing what now seem to be pretty common wedding activities (i didn’t have a wedding party when i got married so i didn’t have to deal with that).

      • Yeah, I need to just suck it up. It’s not time or money; I’m just not a girly girl or in to pomp and circumstance and find the wedding industrial complex a bit bizarre. However, she is also not a girly girl so I’m probably overthinking due to my recent Say Yes to the Dress marathon viewing session. In fact, last I heard she wanted to have the wedding in CO and hand out “special” wedding favors so I’m 100% sure whatever she plans will be awesome.

  • pablo .raw

    Rant: going to spend my day at DCRA fighting for permits. Halloween can’t get scarier than that!
    Rave: looks like I’m going to be able to do the tweed ride for the first time
    Rave: October ends today. I hope November treats me better.
    Rant: slowly starting to realize that I’m going to spend the Holidays by myself.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: I’ve been practicing all week for the time change by sleeping in an hour late.
    Rant: My boss was unexpectedly in the office yesterday and saw me stroll in at 10.
    Rave/Rant: My nephew emailed me last night and said we are adding an Ugly Christmas sweater component to the Christmas Eve Dirty Santa party. Looked online and of course the ones I like are a little pricy. I’m thinking of going the DIY route—the bar is pretty low, right?
    Rave: (or is this a rant?) This morning I pulled the pumpkins on my porch inside for safekeeping.
    Lame: The Today Show’s Halloween Boo-Nanza.

    • I love that you’ve been practicing! I take a different approach, I often save my extra hour for a couple of days and don’t use it until I really need it (usually by Tuesday).

    • Buy sweater at goodwill. If not already ugly enough, hot glue a bunch of cotton balls and shit on it to make a snowman. Done!

      • I Dont Get It

        Yeah, I think DIY is the way to go. We have a running family joke* about Donna the local (and world’s oldest) hippo who recently died. I’m thinking a hippo theme would be appropriate.
        *we are sick people

        • Hmmm, well you can get tons of hippo stuff at your friendly local GWU store (the hippo being the school’s unofficial mascott.) There’s one at the corner of Penn and 21st, I think.

          • I Dont Get It

            My office is next to GW! Great suggestion!

          • Ahem! It’s a “river horse.” -GW grad ’97

            (j/k- But seriously- when it was constructed we were told not to call it that. “It’s not a hippo! It’s a RIVER HORSE.”)

          • Lol, I didn’t attend GWU until law school, so I missed out on all of the school-spirit instruction. Never left the Lerner building, frankly! Of course I failed miserably in exhibiting any school-spirit during undergrad too…

          • I Dont Get It

            Sorry but I don’t think the Christmas River Horse sweater sounds very good.

    • palisades

      Goodwill has a webstore (whaaatttt hello 21st Century!) and they have an entire section devoted to ugly Christmas sweaters.

  • Rave: Got my costume ready in time when I didn’t think I would (I’m using my big ol’ pregnant belly as the Golden Snitch!)!

    Rant: It is cold, and I have a cold, and boo to both.

    Question: Can anyone recommend a good photographer for maternity photos? I had a good friend do the photos for my first pregnancy, and they are vibrant and dynamic – really capture my personality. I detest the cliched photos I see on so many photographers’ portfolios. My friend can’t do it this time, so I’m looking for a new choice, not necessarily someone who specializes in maternity and newborn stuff (they tend to do the cliched work) but someone who is easy going, has a good eye, and who is comfortable photographing people and families.

    • Andie302

      Google James Mullahy photography and see what you think. He’s an old neighbor of mine and I remember loving some of the photos he took for his own home.

    • I really like Jessica Del Vecchio. http://www.jessicadelvecchio.com She did a bunch of different sessions for me, and I will probably use her from here on out until we move out of the city.

    • Michelle Van Tine photography! She did our engagement photos and is doing our wedding photos this coming March. She’s really creative and makes sure your personality shines through. For our e-session, I don’t think there was a time where any of us stopped laughing & smiling- she’s really a great photographer! Definitely check her out! http://www.michellevantinephotography.com/

  • skj84

    Rave: It’s Halloween! And I work in an office that allows costumes! Seriously, I would never pass up a chance to wear a costume. I’m dressed as a outdoor festival girl right now. I may be 30 but I love indulging my inner little kid.

    Rant: I wore my contacts today and can barely see. My right contact really bothering me. I have to lean in the computer to even see the screen.

    • SFT

      I’m picturing Coachella – a cropped fringe top and frayed shorty-shorts. Please tell me I’m wrong 😉

      • skj84

        Work appropriate! Blue wig, funky leggings, floral headpiece and Chucks. And a leather jacket cause it’s freezing in the office.

        • SFT

          That sounds cute…and comfy! Costumes can be tough in the office – there’s a girl on my floor with a short skirt, fish nets, hooker heels, and a witch hat. I’m a little embarrassed for her!

          • skj84

            Yeah, It was a bit of a struggle trying to figure out a cute, yet work appropriate costume. I initially was going wear a gown and be “Miss Closer” since I work in sales. I didn’t have time to make a sash.

    • That’s my costume too!

  • Rave: Halloween. It’s one of the friendliest evenings of the year where so many neighbors come out. I’m not sure which I love more, taking my kid trick-or-treating or handing out candy to all the kids who come by. Hell, adults too. If you come to my house, you get candy, no questions asked.

  • Rant: Lost one softball game
    Rave: Won the second game
    Rant: I am not really even that excited about halloween (this is the first time, im getting old) but ill probably go drink a lot with friends anyways, i like doing that alot actually.
    Rave: Its friday!

  • Rant: Bought tickets to the Notre Dame vs. Navy game for a friend. But now since they have more “pressing matters” . Now I am stuck with two club level tickets to the game. I didn’t even wanna go. 🙁

  • Rant: Husband took my keys and his keys so I couldn’t do my bike ride, get in a work out, or be independent yesterday. I spent the afternoon outside and working but still it was a frustrating damper on my day.

    Rave: Closed on our refi and saving good amounts of money. Now to plan ahead for future house needs so we don’t get broadsided.

    Rant: Lots of applications out there that say I’m “under consideration” but no movement. And plus we’re heading into the holiday season where nothing will get done. Argh. I’m so frustrated with all of this.

    Rave: Trying to stay positive and active. So I’ll bike to Alabama Ave today and I’ll work on conference papers and I’ll troll job boards.

  • Accountering

    Rave: Dressed as Bennett from OITNB for Halloween at work. We also had Pornstache, Sophia, Red, Chapman, and Diaz. We look awesome, and are definitely going to win the office competition! Sophia has a pretty good shot to win the individual prize.
    Rave2: We take halloween pretty seriously in my office 🙂

  • Boo! Scariest Halloween – got the official word today that the job ends January 31.
    SO – 90 days notice to get it together, which is better than zero days notice, but still – finding a new job, over the holidays! Boo!

  • Rant: Too much social commentary recently on the Basic Bitch so I’m scratching that costume idea. Scrambling for a last minute costume now. Eep!
    Rave: Friend is getting engaged tomorrow! Her bf told me about it and I’m so glad I didn’t have plans to see her this week because I would have been too giddy.

    • My favorite last minute Halloween costume was a guy wearing all red clothing and a sign that said “Delays in both directions” — he was the redline! HA. Topical! Local! Easy to do last minute!

    • Ooo ooo. Or, typing the word “school spirit” above gave me this idea. You can dress up as a cheerleader but put ghosty makeup on. And then people are like “why are you dressed as a dead cheerleader?” and you can say “I’m school spirit!” HA.
      K I’m done with my terrible ideas now.

      • Ha!! Okay I actually really like that idea. Of course, my brain went more toward the teen murder angle, but RAH RAH for school spirit!

        • You could even do the cheapo version if you don’t have a cheerleader outfit and just wear your old college Tshirt.

          • Hahaha I actually really love the school spirit idea! Sadly, I don’t have a cheerleader outfit on hand and I went to college overseas so I don’t think anyone would get it. 🙁
            As of now, I’m either going to be Carmen Sandiego or a barnyard animal (I have so many costumes at home…).

  • Question– Just saw the listing for 1209 V St NW. I’m not very familiar with this neighborhood but doesn’t 849k seem way underpriced?

    • My initial thought is that it may be, but not by very much. The square footage is really small for a 3br 3ba, and the house is one of those new-builds that’s trying to look historic. The construction looks pretty cheap. The biggest selling point I see is that it has a garage.

    • That’s part of Harrison Square, which I think was EYA’s first (or one of their first) Metro-accessible development. I was looking at the house next door (1207, also a 3-bedroom) four years ago, when it was on the market for $705K.
      I’m glad I didn’t end up buying it — although I’m in a much more transitional neighborhood, I think the Harrison Square house would have felt very small very quickly. Two of the bedrooms are smallish, and about half the first floor is taken up by the garage. The house has a small footprint, there’s no backyard (EYA squeezed in an inner ring of townhouses in that space, on the other side of a small alley), and there’s only a very small balcony. And since this is a new development, the houses are separated by drywall rather than brick, which means much more sound transfer.

  • Rant: I’ve finally let myself realize that my voice was really permanently messed up after surgery last year. Surgery was not at all neck related, but they had to do a quick reintubation and my ortho thinks that may have been what caused the problem. I used to sing in high school/college and still did for fun, but really just can’t anymore. I wanted to sing to a new musical soundtrack and I just can’t even sing along with the radio. I thought it would get better over time and it hasn’t. The interesting thing is that the first thing I said to the nurse when I woke up from surgery (I don’t remember this, but I was told) was “I’m a singer” – I haven’t really thought of myself that way in years, but I think my body knew. I really am very upset about this. Anyone know a good ENT that specializes in voice issues. I was never great, but I’d at least like to be able to sing along with the radio again.

    • I’m so sorry you’re going through this – I don’t know anyone here in DC but my mom is going through this after invasive neck surgery where the scar tissue has messed up her swallowing and talking. She started going to a speech therapist and that has been difficult but good and also they have down esophageal stretches on her. Maybe look into speech therapy as exercises can really help.

    • My ENT is Dr Christopher Mesick – not a voice specialist, but a good ENT. He referred me to Laura Verdun at Voicetrainer when I had voice problems. She did a thorough eval of my voice. it was reassuring to see that my voice was measurably less than it should be, that it wasn’t all in my head, and that there were concrete things I could do to improve my sound production.

    • I don’t know of an ENT, but I”d bet that an evaluation at the National Rehabilitation Hospital would be a good place to start with an assessment , recommendations and referrals.

  • Rave: Wearing a blanket scarf at work today. I’m really wearing it because it’s cozy but I can also pass as a stereotypical fashion blogger for Halloween.
    Rant: The marching band at the high school across the street from my apartment has started practicing outside in the morning which my dog seems to hates. Guess I need to start getting him out earlier.
    Rave: Downloaded 1989… I’m hooked. Blank Space and Style have been on repeat all morning.

    • In order to maximize your fashion blogger costume, block traffic and stare off into space as though you’re taking street shots. Also, stand in front of any brick wall with your foot up on it.

  • Rant / Revel – As a Brookland resident I noticed that the neighborhood has its first million dollar listing (1523 Monroe, zip 20017) There may have been other million dollar listings but everyone knew that there was no chance the houses would actually sell above 1 million. Brookland has been the ‘affordable,’ close-in, Metro accessible, semi-diverse, family friendly alternative to the pricier neighborhoods to the West. Are those days over?

    DC can really sustain, long term, so many neighborhoods with such high priced real estate?

    • Accountering

      I think it can. The nicest/largest home in each neighborhood can easily be worth a million. Just think how many homes in MoCo and Fairfax are 1 million plus (there are likely tens of thousands of homes that are a million plus in those two counties.) Affording a million dollar home is not that difficult on two salaries. It is only a $5,000/month payment or so, with taxes and insurance. If you are a double income with two 100K+ earners, this is doable. There are TONS of 100k+ jobs in the area, so I don’t see it as being unreasonable.

      • I mostly agree with Accountering, but would add that the down payment isn’t inconsequential. While there may be plenty of double-income, 100k+ earners in DC, the number of those people who have the 360k for a 20% down payment and closing costs is substantially smaller. So those who put down smaller down payments are looking at substantially higher monthly payments, and they may have trouble even getting a mortgage of that size even if they can afford the payments.

        • The 360k isn’t exactly right — I was thinking of broker fees for sales when adding 6% –but it’s still going to be well over 300k.

        • Accountering

          Of course. But in most cases, the people who are buying the nicest home on the block, or in the nicer neighborhoods, this isn’t their first house, so they likely can swing the 20% (or more.) For jumbo type loans, if you CAN’T swing the 20%, you likely arent going to get approved anyway. I would say if you are looking at a million dollar place, and you don’t have the 200K, you likely shouldn’t be getting the million dollar place, and instead should do something closer to $600k or $800k or whatever.

          • Isn’t jumbo above 417k? I’m not sure how likely is it someone has 160k but not 200k. Enlighten me.

          • That makes sense. My main point is that the pool of people who could buy $1 million houses in DC is smaller than it might seem. While there may be plenty of people who have the incomes to afford the monthly payments on these houses, that pool shrinks quite a bit when you take out those without down payments.

          • Accountering


            Thinking that there are a lot more people who can afford an FHA payment on a 600k place (not to mention, 600k in DC is a lot more entry level than 1,000k.) An FHA loan on a 600K place with 3.5% down is going to be $4250/month or so. On the $1,000k place, that same loan (which I don’t even think exists, I think there is a $625 limit?) would be something like $6500, which means you have a TON of take home income to swing that.

          • Makes sense, but I was mentioning the 800k vs 1 mil (160 vs 200k), so FHA is out. I don’t think 800k is any more realistic, but 600k seems doable perhaps.

          • justinbc

            FHA loan in DC was reduced in 2014 (passed in 2013) to 625K. Jumbo is technically anything over what FHA will back, amount depends on what market you’re in.

        • I can tell you. My mortgage is 630k and my piti payments are $3200. I did 0 down payment due to VA(exmil) benefit. So a million isn’t really that far out out reach if I had a dual income household. But it all depends on type of loan you get. There are so many different products out there today.

          • Either way that is a great looking house. Love the layout. Only missing is a fence- not sure why one wasn’t erected.

    • justinbc

      I got a flier for that property (from Tom Faison, lol), and it’s a huge house that’s all brand new construction. That’s not really emblematic of the majority of Brookland homes, so I wouldn’t view it as some dawning of a new era for the neighborhood.

      • Maybe, but there has to be a first house to break the million dollar ceiling in a neighborhood. There are also a number of homes @ 700k, still a big number. There is never a lot of inventory in Brookland. Now that a 700k – million is feasible do flippers start competing for the fixers that become available. Like you said this is new costruction so cleary the neighborhood is on developers radar.

        “Just think how many homes in MoCo and Fairfax are 1 million plus

        You are also getting the public schools in that 5k mortgage.

  • Rant: teachers are THE WORST as far as workplace drama. I tried to stay out of it but I got caught up in some petty BS between two teachers and I’m upset about it. The lead teacher also told race me someone told her not to help me because I said she’s mean or something.

    Rant/rave anxiety about the move. I’m really excited but afraid that I’m in over my head.

  • Rave: Halloween.
    Rant: costume malfunction last night. I suck at sewing.
    Rave: leaving work early.
    Rave: gf wants to have a John Cheever themed party with themes of post-war melancholia, loss of youth and prosperity, realization of class divisions… “but with enough gin to make it fun”
    Rave: leaving work early
    Neither rant nor rave: thinking about starting a Digable Planets cover band called Debatable Planets with most songs about Pluto.
    Rave: Deadspin’s worst Halloween stories.

  • Rave: In the Bed Bath & Beyond, an elderly gentleman said to me “you’d never know how big the store is when you first walk in” I agreed with him and he replied “yes, it’s quite capacious”
    Rant: Then I had to look up capacious (adj= roomy, sizeable)
    Rave: My new word of the day is capacious : )

  • Rave: Halloween parade at day care was so cute!
    Rave: Taking the toddler trick-or-treating tonight! She’s so adorable in her little tigger costume. I don’t think she’ll “get” it yet, but it’ll be fun for me for a few houses 🙂

    • I used to get tons of toddlers trick or treating at my last place. They were sooooo cute, b/c they clearly didn’t understand the customs at all (and why would they?). They would just look at my bowl of candy and walk away, or they would just sort of stare at me, or (my favorite) they would give me a piece of candy out of their bag. Enjoy!!

  • Rave: One of my favorite DJs (Nickodemus) is DJing at Eighteenth Street Lounge on Saturday.
    I’ve got a rant or two, but right now I’m putting my fingers in my ears and telling those rants: “La la la la la, not listening!”

    • Ooh — good to know. My friend works with Nickodemus at his NYC club and he seems like a really good guy. Going to try to make it tomorrow.

  • gertie_wickler

    Rant: We have a rat lurking around our office. A rat. Who’s been on my desk. No amount of disinfectant will ever make me feel ok.
    Rave: Husband is returning from a 10 day trip overseas this evening! So happy!

  • I don’t know if anyone will see this, but question! Where can I get an Ernie stuffed animal (preferably a small-ish one) last minute?? I’m going to be a rubber ducky.

    • Target for sure should have something. Maybe even CVS.
      Does Chocolate Moose have Sesame St stuff?

      • Thanks! I’ll check those out. I have no idea what Chocolate Moose is but it looks like it’s on my way home so I’ll take a look. 🙂

        • Barnes and Noble kids’ section! Call them to see. I’ve played with all the SS characters there with my niece. I go to Choc Moose often on my lunch break and can’t say I’ve ever seen SS stuff. I’d call them ahead too. My money’s on BN t hough.

  • Rave: Halloween!
    Rave: Dressed up at work as Totoro! Since it’s the only place people recognize my costume… Going out tonight as Black Widow. 😀
    Rave: Fun coworkers who also dressed up. I even got two of my Japanese supervisors to dress up as well, which is a first in my 3 years here!
    No rants, just having a nice fun day. Woo!

    • Ahhh, I’ve wanted to dress up as Totoro (and Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service) for forever but figured no one would know what I was. So cute!

      • I actually had my neighbor’s kids at my old place recognize me, and some kids who came by for trick or treating last year. I think kids are starting to recognize him since Disney released the movie, but a lot of teens/adults have no idea. Ah well! It’s a kigurumi so it’s super warm and comfy to wear at work. 😉

  • I’m begging, does anyone know a good gutter cleaner?

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