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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Vegan Pumpkin bread! from hellyeahitsvegan. I made this for our office vegan cook off (today) and I think it’s going to go well (I already tried it and its yummy). Thanks to everyone here for their encouragement. The nice thing about this recipe in particular was that I really could use everything I already had at home. Highly recommend.
    Rave: Anniversary weekend with my bf. Ate a ton, slept a ton, and admired my new flatmate/gift, a jumbo Marimo!! In addition to being very cute, they are a symbol of happy relationships.
    Rant: Still waiting to hear back from the firm. I know I should just pretend I didn’t get it and move on, but I got really invested for this interview so its rough. At least there’s pumpkin bread though right

    • Yay! You made it! Told you it was amazing! 🙂

    • Becks

      Vegan Pumpkin Bread sounds delicious!

    • well PoP friends I heard back… and I have to go in for a third interview now with 2 more partners. I am so lucky that I am in a flexible workplace right now because all the times I have to take off for this would have reflected one me really poorly somewhere else, probably.

      Hope I can rewear my outfit and no one from the last time sees me again. Cripes.

      • Congrats! Although it may be annoying to have to go back for another round of vetting, this is really, really good news!

  • Aglets

    Revel: My last easy day for a while- going to enjoy it!

    Rant/question: So I have this bike- it’s not a super exciting bike but it’s a Huffy cruiser, 1 speed. It’s cute. After my last bike was stolen I spent this side of forever trying to figure out where to get a bike (don’t use it a lot, wasn’t going to spend a lot of money on a bike that will just get stolen although god i love the Public bikes and drool on the windows of The Daily Rider all the time). So about 2 years ago, my ex-bf decides he’s going to buy me a bike which he did- however he used money he found in my pants pockets (long story)(not really- he was an alcoholic who would steal small bits of cash from around my apartment because I’m a mess). i look at this bike every day and it’s been well over a year since i’ve used it. I have ridden it twice and now it just annoys me because i think of the ex. I should get rid of it, right?

    2nd question: going back to the mess- I think i need a wallet. Like a serious wallet. I have had some organize-y type things from target but i need something that i can easily access cards and more importantly handle personal and work receipts of which there are many. Can any ladies recommend a wallet? I’ll be honest- i was thinking about doing a mega-splurge for me on a kate spade wallet because then i feel like i would take better care of it than a 9-dollar one from Target.

    • justinbc

      I got my partner one recently from Lou Lou from their “Black” label collection of higher end stuff. Was only about $100 something, I think, and she absolutely loves it.

    • “i look at this bike every day and it’s been well over a year since i’ve used it. I have ridden it twice and now it just annoys me because i think of the ex. I should get rid of it, right?”

    • I have a patent leather wallet from the Coach outlet and it looks as new as the day I bought it, something it 5 years ago. I agree that if you get a nicer wallet it will wear better than a Target wallet, though nothing against them, I keep one of their cheap ones around to downsize when I travel.
      You really need to investigate the options and find one that has what you want. There are a bajillion different wallets with different numbers and types of pockets, card holders, change pouches, etc. Once you pick one, take the time to organize it and get used to putting everything away when you use it, that way it’ll be right where you need it next time.

      • I agree with all of this. It’s definitely worth a splurge if you find a wallet you really love and it’s convenient to use. I bought mine in 2003 and it’s very easy to use and just looks better with age. Before buying one, I’d suggest thinking a bit about the cards and other things you would want to fit in it, then buy a wallet that fits those needs. Wallets that are two small or too big can both be annoying, so it’s worth figuring out what size is right before making the investment.

    • As for wallets, the only thing that has ever worked for me is a “clutch wallet” (search target website). When you open it up, on the inside one side is for bills, with a little pocket for change, another side is for cards, with a pocket behind for things like receipts, etc. Mine is also large enough to fit a small pen, and has a bonus pocket on the outside for my metro card. The only drawback is it isn’t small enough to fit in a pocket, so you basically always have to carry a purse unless you take some cards/cash out and put them in your pocket temporarily.

    • I really love my Coach wallet. I actually got it in the Coach factory Ebay sale that occurs every once in a while.The wallets last forever and still look great, and depending on the wallet, have a good amount of dividers for receipts.

    • As others have said, wallets are very personal things that we use every day, so it’s important to think about your priorities and how you’ll use it. My priority is that my wallets have to fit in a pocket — so small enough for the pocket of a jean jacket — so that I don’t have to carry a purse just to run an errand. I’ve had some nice ones by Coach, but my favorite is by Tusk, and I got it years ago at Proper Topper. There’s a section for bills at the back, and several sections for cards, including a folding part with a snap, and one pocket with a window, so you can show an ID without having to take it out of your wallet. It also has a key fob — a nice feature. It’s perfect, and I’ve had it for years. I have friends that use checkbook style wallets — and they like them because everything, including a pen is all in one place.
      – as for the bike, yep, get rid of it. Why devote space in your home to something that you don’t use, that annoys you? Someone out there needs a/this bike. Let it go!!!!!!

      • I think I had the same Tusk wallet from Proper Topper and it’s wonderful! I used it for two years before it was stolen and would buy it again if I didn’t like my old, repurposed one so much.

      • Aglets

        oh, i just looked up tusk wallets- they’re nice!

        • I came very close to buying a Tusk wallet recently, but I ended up getting something else (the color of the other wallet was slightly more what I wanted). They are nice.

          IME, it’s better to wait and find just what you want than settle for something that’s not quite right. If it doesn’t suit your needs, you won’t use it.

          • Quotia Zelda, I just looked at the newer versions of the wallet I have, and don’t really like the color choices either. Plus the tusk-shaped hardware is a bit odd. I used to like the brand because it was very minimal but might not buy one if I were in the market right now.

          • The wallet that I have is similar to the Tusk Donington French Gusseted 435 wallet on Amazon. As Shawess said, mine was minimal/cool looking — black with a simple red stitched design, black zipper, and no dangling gold thing. The design and function of this one look the same, but this one with a gold zipper and a dangly tusk thing has a bling-y look in contrast to mine which is more low-key.

    • I really like my Fossil wallet that I bought at Macy’s because it has LOTS of pockets. As others have said, shop around to find one that works for you. Macy’s and Lou Lou are both good stores to look through a lot of different wallets.

    • Speaking of wallets, do any of the guys have a recommendation? I use a card holder/magnetic money clip thing-a-ma-jig as my wallet and like it. Unfortunately, the card holders are totally stretched out and my cards are falling out, if not packed completely full. Need to replace with something soon.
      I do not like the typical bi-fold or tri-fold men’s wallets. I always feel like Costanza.

      • I’ve heard good things about Tanner Goods http://www.tannergoods.com/collections/wallets

      • Aglets

        If i was a dude, or a simpler lady, I would opt for a wallet from one of the many fine crafters in DC like Jon Wye or Catherinette.
        While I’m not high maintenance, I do have to do a bit of buying for work and i need to be responsible….Maybe I should get an entirely different thing just for receipts. That would actually cut down on the wallet mess a lot.

      • justinbc

        I’ve got a leather one from Calvin Klein that I like a lot. It’s a typical bi-fold, but has a “secret” removable card holder type thing that I keep my most important 5 or 6 things in (ID, Metro, debit, etc) in so I can leave the bi-fold part in my bag, office, or usually at home unless I’m going out for a shopping day. There’s even a see through panel on one side of the removable piece so you don’t have to take your ID out.

      • PDleftMtP

        All-ett. Stupid name, good wallet. Holds a lot but is thin (no Costanza issues); leather exterior but nylon interior (doesn’t look gross, and nice thick leather means nice thick wallet – I have a Coach wallet sitting unused in a drawer). I have a card/clip thing that I use sometimes too, but this is thin enough that I rarely need it.

    • I’ve been coveting a Cuyana wallet. I haven’t seen them in person but I like their minimalist style. They’re bigger than my current wallet and on the expensive side so I haven’t taken the leap yet.

  • Rave: Went to 1st Popville happy hour last week and do not expect readers to be so attractive but was pleasantly surprised! Thanks for setting it up!
    Question: Putting all the anti-Bowser hate speech aside, can anyone actually provide me a good reason why I should vote FOR her?

  • epric002

    rave: glorious weather this weekend.
    rave: drinks/dinner with fun neighbors. i love where i live.
    rave: got lots of little things done around the house in prep for the in-laws visit this weekend.
    rant: puppy REALLY doesn’t want to use his healing foot, and hasn’t for a week. back to the vet we go 🙁

  • Rave: Dates 3 & 4 planned this week. Date 3 is home-cooked Italian food; I’m bringing some nice wine.
    Revel: Qutting the second job really makes dating a lot easier and happy hours and all that other fun stuff people do when they have free time.
    Rave/Rant: Bar results on Friday. 3 months of waiting is a pain.
    Formerlybagelboy: Willow Massage in Alexandria was awesome. I got a 30 min sport massage to work on some shoulder pain. Pain improved and she really got my knots (3 huge ones) smaller. She is great about checking in on the pressure and your comfort. Offers a $50 for 1 hr massage after 3pm on Saturdays. 6301 richmond hwy

  • Rave: I went to the Nail Saloon yesterday – LOVE IT! Yes, it’s a little on the pricey side but it’s SO clean and so lovely. All of the materials are single use – you know it’s WAY cleaner than some places I won’t name. Great manicure, amazing selection of colors. Great addition to the hood
    Rant: I wish a Drybar would open!

    Rave: My mini diaper drive – lots of donations in celebration of my kiddo’s 1st birthday. Neighbors, if you have any extra diapers, unopened/unexpired formula or baby food, wipes, ect you can contact POP and he’ll put you in touch with me. We’ll be collecting stuff at our son’s birthday party and can make other arrangements as well. People are generous of spirit around here more often than not.

  • Rave: Had a blast at my colleague’s wedding Saturday night. My quads are still sore from dancing!
    Rave: Kiddo has slept better the last few nights–I’m still waking up at 5am, but at least she isn’t and I can try to go back to sleep.
    Rave: Delightful chilly morning run.
    Rave: Pumpkin is carved! Halloween is Friday! Can’t wait to dress my kiddo up as Tigger! 🙂

    • One of the many reasons I love weddings! They give me a chance to dance ’til I’m sore that isn’t in a nightclub setting. Moar weddings! Moar!

      • I know – And the music is better, too, at least compared to what I think they play in nightclubs. Clearly, I need more dancing outlets 🙂

        Oh! And nearly forgotten rave! My new boots came in their newly ordered size (first pair was too big), and I’m wearing them today. Loving the boots/skirt look 🙂

  • Rant: Exhausted from a weekend visit from my Mom. It was mostly fun but also a bit crazy.
    Rave: Gorgeous weather, quality time with family, and enjoying the city.
    Rant: No job.
    Rave: But a sense of purpose – starting a Coursera course on African cities, working on a technical paper, and working on research abstracts for conferences.

  • oh, a RAVE I forgot: West Elm on 14th St. They did a lovely job on the store – another nice addition to the area IMO. Good place to get a gift or two, good place to just enjoy browsing as you go about your day.

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: Being a Press Photographer for an event tomorrow
    Rave: Finally had an almost free of work weekend!
    Rave: homeownership

  • binpetworth

    Rave: Last year, I became a beginning runner and my first real run was the AIDS 5K. I decided to do it again this year as an anniversary run, and improved my time by 8 minutes! I actually came in 3rd in my age group.
    Rant: I start every morning in a sweater/jacket and up sweating by mid-afternoon as the temps rise and sun beats through my office window. I need to get better with learning how to layer.

  • Went to St. Louis for about 4 days last week for a seminar w/my job.
    While I like traveling, I hadn’t slept more than 3 hours until last night. I’m considering bringing a pillow from home with me the next time I travel.
    Downtown St. Louis is pretty dead…it’s weird/fascinating to come from a place as busy as DC, and then travel to the midwest and have it be the exact opposite. Everything closed at 6-7, there wasn’t a hustle and bustle type of atmosphere. It was just…quiet.

    • St. Louis native here….you’re right, downtown STL pretty much shuts down after work hours (kind of like areas near K street here in DC), but there are lots of other parts of St. Louis that are active in the evenings and weekends. like the Delmar Loop and Central West End. If you ever find yourself back there for work, I encourage you to try to check out some of the other parts of the city. There are some pretty cool spots outside of downtown!

  • Rant: Weekend traffic, and driving to/from Warrenton for a two day retreat.
    Rave: Gas prices were $2.64/gallon
    More serious rant: Ebola hysteria and mandatory quarantines in NY/NJ for aid workers returning from countries affected by Ebola. Political pressure is trumping science, and is a counterproductive measure.

  • Rave: Hermitage – spent a wonderful Sunday looking at all the Tsars goods. Absolutely amazing!!
    Rave: Meetings going well.
    Rant: Ready to be home.
    Rave: Surprise dinner plans with friends in Moscow on Thursday – thanks Facebook!
    Rant: I’m dreading the hangover and its four days away

  • Rant: first two people are shot at 17th and Independence SE. The group of guys who loiter there and at 1704 Independence are back. I get that the police can’t do much about loitering, but it is so frustrating that nothing can be done about it, they are clear as day selling drugs. The police keep saying they have to actively see them dealing to arrest, this doesn’t seem realistic, as they are only parked at the corner during the night. How do you get a police camera put up at a troubled corner?
    Rant: The gun activity has spread to 15th & A SE. Twice last week there were reports of multiple shots fired in that area. On Friday night we had a police helicopter overhead searching (I presume) for the shooter. Thankfully nobody was shot, but this all needs to stop! Clearly something has happened to escalate tensions between 17th and 15th Street SE. I did a ton of research before I moved into the area and there hadn’t been a shooting a long time, I was hoping that the 17th Street shooting was just an one off, but it appears that this the new norm, hopefully nobody will get killed before the police step up their presence

  • ‘merica: Where we summarily (and pointlessly) quarantine non-infectious nurses who save lives in afflicted regions of the developing world, while reality star moms are free to shack up with the sex offender who molested her older daughter and keep custody of their kid.

    Hollywood, please give HBB a movie deal; sure, she could become screwed up like Lohan, but she’d be safe from her own mom in the meantime.

  • Scuttlebutt: Equinox coming to Shaw in the space next to City Market at 9th and P. A few trainers have been notified that they’ll be coming in about 2 years and have been offered contracts.

    • I really hope this is true, and wish it were happening sooner! This area could really use a new gym. And a yoga studio.

  • Rave: Got to watch the first 200 or so finishers of the Marine Corps Marathon at mile 25! It was incredible to see in person and made me so proud for those folks! Congrats to all who participated, such an amazing accomplishment!

  • Rave: Things with friday girl are kind of sorta official now!
    Rant: She mentioned PoPville once this weekend so i probably should stop posting statuses haha

  • Bear

    Rave: Fun weekend in Baltimore, with lots of good food and drink.
    Rant: Am kinda wiped out from said food and drink.
    Rant/rave: had the beginning of what will be a longer conversation with the man about timing of marriage/kids. I hate having conversations like this, the last thing I want is for him to propose because I’ve harassed him into doing it. But, I’m mid-30s and have a thyroid condition, so I’m increasingly worried about delaying trying to get pregnant. Blah.

    • Why don’t you propose to him!

      • While I totally support women proposing to men, Bear isn’t waiting for her SO to propose, she’s waiting for him to be ready for marriage itself. It sounds like Bear and her significant other have not reached the point of agreement on this. It wouldn’t make sense for Bear to propose until her man is comfortable with the idea.
        Bear, it’s pretty normal for these things to be evolving discussions. Hang in there and good luck. When you are both ready, let us know if you’re the one who does the proposing!

        • Well, you have everything mapped out all nice and tidy.

          • Sheesh. Was that sarcastic? I’m not Bear (obviously), but I thought Anonymous had a good point with “Bear isn’t waiting for her SO to propose, she’s waiting for him to be ready for marriage itself” — it sounded like the issue isn’t really who proposes to whom, but rather the SO’s readiness for marriage.

          • Agreed. Anon 12:38’s sarcasm seems really misplaced here.

  • Mike

    Rant: Left work early on Friday to run home and clean my house for houseguests who never showed, never called, never texted, and gave us an attitude when we texted to see where they were. Ruuuuuuude.
    Rant: iMessage. (I have mine activated on my Macbook.) I was expecting a text from a friend in town for the marathon (haven’t seen this girl in years and she was at the expo literally right down the street) and never got anything (on my phone). Opened the laptop to check work emails late last night, and there it was. Random gremlin problem or preventable?
    Rave: With all the chores and schoolwork hastily completed in expectation of an activity-filled weekend, we ended up with a bunch of free time to enjoy the weather, check out Skyline Drive, play frisbee with the pup, enjoy late-night drinks outside with neighbors, and laugh on a blanket in the park.
    Rave: My raves always outweigh my rants. For this I am thankful.

    • RE: iMessage, please see http://support.apple.com/kb/ts2755. Essentially you’ll want to ensure your IDs are consistent and the settings, correct; then you’ll need to sign out (of iMessage and FaceTime) and back in across all your AppleID devices.

      • Commiseration Rant: Thanks for posting the link Dan. I just got my first smart phone and I’m annoyed at how much more complicated things seem when I only want to do relatively simple stuff. I’m trying to avoid imessage and get all of my texts as sms text messages — so that I don’t have to constantly maintain a wifi or data signal in order to get texts. I’ve had at least two messages sent from people with apple products that either haven’t gone through, or somehow didn’t make it until several hours after it was apparently sent. And of course, I don’t know if I’m also missing other texts. This imessage vs sms messages might be enough of a problem for me to exchange my phone while I still can.

      • Mike

        Thanks for sharing this – I’ll definitely read through it carefully soon.

  • Rave: lovely weekend. Spent a day gardening the front lawn of my school.
    Rant: sore
    Rave: spoke with the landlord. He doesn’t care who’s in the house and I can be the only one on the lease.
    Question: how do I best protect myself? This isn’t a position I imagined myself being in. Is it fair to give myself a break in the rent since I’m assuming more of the risk?

    • If you’re the only one on the lease, wouldn’t that mean you are completely responsible for the rent if the others flake out? That’s a whole lot of risk to take on.

      • Yep. This is why I need to figure out how to best protect myself. I’ll try to get others on the lease but I don’t know what he’ll allow.

      • Even if more than one person is on the lease, each person is completely responsible for the rent if the other(s) flake out–part of the tennant laws in DC. iindsay, I think you’re best protected if everyone is on the lease & it gets amended as needed. I’m a landlord (only have a basement apartment to my house), and it’s not been that hard to deal with this situation when it comes up. But we’re doing it ourselves & not through a lawyer or management company or anything, so perhaps it’s harder in other circumstances. Definitely try to get others on the lease if you can. If you’re paying the full security deposit, make sure that each tennant pays you their share as applicable, too.

    • As a layman’s opinion, I think getting them to sign a sublease, thus treating yourself like the new person’s landlord with all the formalities that entails, would be the best way of protecting yourself.

    • A detailed lease laying out expectations, penalties, etc. Are you planning to keep everyone separate or rent to a group? Are you paying utlitiles/cable? If so, are they going in your name only? Some things to consider. You should get some benefit out of the deal, but I’d still keep the price reasonable and in line with similar places in your area.
      Sounds like a lot of reasonability. Good luck finding chill responsible people to live with.

    • What the other person said about a sublease. I’d conduct my roomate search through friend networks and I’d collect a security deposit. And yeah, you should DEF give yourself a break on the rent. You’d be taking on a lot of risk!

      • How big of a break? If my former roommates move back in, I may not be able to get away with that since they already know the new rate for the whole house

        • The size of the break would vary depending on the risk that you’re assuming and the quality of the room that you keep for yourself — if you move in with your former roommates. One option would be to divide the rent equally, if the rooms are equivalent, but you’ll get the best room. Another would be to take a break based on the risks and responsibilities that you’re assuming. If you’ll always be the contact with the landlord, if all of the utilities and cable are in your name…. then that to me, is worth a significant amount. Sorry this is general, but without knowing how or if the rooms differ, what risks and responsibilities you plan to assume, and how much the rent is, it’s hard to come up with a dollar amount, or even a percentage. But I’d go with an amount that would cover the cable and utility bills should the others flake.

  • Rant: Choosing a new phone is hard. I’ve had three Androids and I loved the first two, but hate my Samsung S3. I ordered an iPhone6, but I feel like I’m betraying my long standing Android sensibilities. On the other hand, I’m the one who has to use the thing all the time. At least there’s a two week return policy.
    Rave: we made a quick trip to Philly for the weekend and toured Philadelphia Distilling, the makers of Bluecoat Gin. Omg, their new barrel aged gin is delicious, so I bought a bottle of that and two minis of salted caramel moonshine to put in my apple cider. So good.
    Rave: the reason for the trip was a surprise party, which was great.
    Rant: I’m so tired and have been run down with a low grade respiratory infection(?) for at least a week and a half.

    • Samsung s5 is light years beyond the S3. I love it!

      • Isn’t it enormous? Or am I thinking of a different model?

        • The Note is the truly enormous Samsung phone…phablet as they call them. The s5 while larger than the iphone 6 is close to the 6plus (same maybe). I can easily use my s5 with 1 hand. I find the iphones too small for typing esp. since they don’t offer Swype. Also watching videos is better on the big screen.

        • I think so, but it doesn’t matter to me because I am done with Samsung. Maybe the S5 is awesome, but it would have to make me drinks and spurt glitter from its speaker to make me go back to them.

          • Doesn’t Samsung still make major components for iphone? 🙂

            Same way I feel about iphones. Never tried one; never will.

          • Why is that? I’m generally a fan of my S3.

          • I am not. It’s slow, full of bloatware, not very responsive when I touch the screen sometimes, and there are just a lot of little issues that have been annoying me for years now. I definitely use and abuse the thing, but I had to restart to see my text messages the other day and I had restarted it only hours before that.

          • I assume you’re asking why I’m anti-iphone. Smaller screens; no swype (I text and email a lot from my phone, it’s sooo much faster); map program; cannot just login with my gmail to get contacts from one phone to another; cannot swipe out batteries; long waits for phones when they first come out

            I think that sums it up.

          • I prefer android over iphone too – was asking why the samsung hate 🙂

          • You can increase the screen sensitivity to the point that you can use it in gloves. A fair amount of the stuff on the phone is deletable. The s3 is a 2+ year old phone, so yes, you’d expect it to not be the greatest. I am sure there are problems with older iphones…they couldn’t handle the latest update, I believe. Is the phone slow or the browser? If the latter, have you tried a different browser? Speed of the phone is generally related to what you have on there, so maybe the memory is getting a bit full. Bounce some stuff to an sd card.

          • Anon 1.5: All your complaints, except for the battery and lines, have been addressed with Apple’s latest software and hardware releases. Actually I’ve had full access to Gmail, Google Calendar and Contacts with a simple sign in for years.

            Biggest complaint with Android phones is the lack of software upgrades. Unless you buy a phone directly from Google, you are at the mercy of the manufacturer, and phone carrier to get the latest and greatest version of the software.

          • Upgrades should enhance the experience not making it liveable, and since Samsung has everything I want right off the top, I don’t really consider how fast or slow I’m getting upgrades.
            Apple customers just received what we’ve had for a long time. I just don’t see backpedaling as much of an upgrade.
            The contacts thing I mentioned happens during the initial set-up. I assume if you had contacts synced in gmail you could do it later but it seems silly not to get that set-up immediately.
            I’ve found many complaints about Samsung being a matter of someone not taking the time to learn their phone, and if you’d rather do that, then I’d definitely recommend Apple.

          • @ Anon 1.5:

            fragmentation in Android is real and it’s an issue.

    • I really like my iphone 6. It’s noticeably bigger than my previous phones, but I can still comfortably hold it in one hand. The screen is big and bright and it has a lot of other nice features. As for the ios, I slightly prefer Apple to android, but that’s just a matter of personal preference.

      • The iPhone6 is actually the same size as my galaxy S3 and I feel comfortable with that size, but I wouldn’t go up. Apparently I had the misconception that the Nexus 5 was way bigger, but it’s not, so I might go check that out while I wait for my iPhone to ship.
        I agree that it is personal preference. It’s just hard to tell from playing around with it at the store.

        • I really like my Nexus 5

          • I bought my phone directly from Google so I get software upgrades quickly. I also have “pay as I go” plan which saves money.

        • Yeah, the Nexus 6, which just came out, is giant. The Nexus 5 is smaller (though still a bit bigger than the iphone 6). I also had the same issues as you with the Samsung phones, I hated it.

    • I’ll plug for the Google Nexus 5. My first smartphone and I love it. It certainly helps if you are already dependent on Google services for your life planning, however. For example, I use gmail, google calendar, and google maps for almost everything I need already, which made this phone perfect for me. My only complaint is that the default text app is merged with google hangouts, which I found very cumbersome. That is easily fixed, however, by downloading a different texting app (I like “Textra”) and setting it as your default.

    • Check out the Moto X.

  • hispanicandproud

    Rave: Amazing weekend with awesome friends. They said I had a good time on Saturday night.

    Rave: Still managed to wake up and cheer for friends running in the marathon on Sunday. My signs were a hit.

    Rant: Woke up with swollen and bruised ankle but hobbled along with friends who were running!

    Rave: One of my best buds arrives from New Mexico on Friday. Can’t wait!

    • hispanicandproud

      Rave: Planning an after marathon party for all my friends who have ran marathons this fall! Always fun to hear their stories!!

  • Becks

    Rave: I went on a Hayride this weekend at the Leesberg Animal Park. It was so much fun feeding the animals and riding the slides. My friends were surprised when I climbed up in the Princess tower playhouse, and they made fun of me, but quickly climbed in too!
    Rave: Saw the movie, John Wick. It was really good and you can’t beat Keanu!
    Rant: It’s Monday and I have my annual review. Fingers crossed.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: Ugh. Day 2 1/2 of stomach flu. I feel okay, I just wander too far from a bathroom.
    Rave: working from home today.
    Rant: Tomorrow is our forced fun Halloween party at work. I bought all the ingredients for my go-to pumpkin chili baked in a pumpkin but I doubt that I should be bringing in food if I go to work tomorrow.

  • Rant: The usual stuff. Feeling pretty demoralized about my work life (hate my job, can’t find something better), love life (nonexistent), and life in general. Nothing I do seems to help, and I’m losing the will to do much of anything at all. I’m not looking forward to 50 more years of this.
    Rant: Some friends of mine recently lost their beloved dog to cancer. She was a rescue who had a terrible life before she went to her new home, but she was SO happy with my friends—they absolutely adored her, and she knew she was loved. Their time together was far too short.
    Rave: Our animal companions. I love my little dog so very much, I’d be lost without him. Everyone: give your doggies and kitties and other critters some extra loves this week!

    • Sorry about your rants. Might be time to call a professional – good luck and hang in there!!

      • Becks

        Are you taking about a professional to get a new job? How does one go about that?

        • I thought andy2 was talking about a professional as in a therapist, since yunkstahn is feeling discouraged on multiple fronts and about “life in general.”

    • Additional rant: A friend of mine here in town got hit by a car while riding his bike over the weekend. Of course the person who hit him was texting. Broke his leg, might need surgery. Drivers are the worst, cars are a public menace.

    • I can relate. I spent all weekend on my couch alone avoiding people and in a pretty heavy depression that kind of hit out of nowhere. I also feel like I’m spinning my wheels and not getting anywhere fast. And waiting for test results on a biopsy isn’t helping. Sigh.

  • Mug of Glop

    Rave: Got my PoPville shirt in the mail from the caption contest the other week. The woman behind me in line at Giant (for 20 minutes, thanks Giant!) asked me if I lived “in PoPville”. Assumed she met Petworth. Why can’t the O Street Giant sell the Salvadoran chorizo? I have to trek all the way back up to the Columbia Heights Giant to buy it.
    Rave: Decent marathon performances from everyone I knew running this weekend. And pretty decent weather for the MCM yesterday.
    Rave-ish: My office air conditioner seems just to be recirculating the room air rather than chilling it. Heating would be great, but I’ll take the small things.
    Rant: Nothing really to rant about today, other than the continuous problem of my apartment still needing cleaning and I’m too lazy to do it.

  • Rant: Most of my (local) friends have been super flakey and generally bad friends lately and it is taking its toll on me. It is making me feel horrible about myself.

    • Why is the behavior of other people making you feel bad about yourself?

      • Well, it is certainly no fun to go to a bar on a Saturday night and wait for 2 hours alone for your friends to show up. And when they never do, I get a lame half-a**ed apology 3 days later.
        I guess what makes me feel bad is that apparently my “friends” don’t seem to value my time or feelings.

      • Not a fed, your point is a good one, but I understand where Anon is coming from — it’s hard not to take that kind of thing personally.
        Anon, sounds like you should probably stop making plans with friends who are flakes and likely to disappoint you, and instead try to make some new, non-flaky friends.

        • Anon hadn’t specified what kind of thing it was when I posted, so I think my general point (question, actually) stands. Before taking something personally I always ask myself whether it was really meant that way and even if it was, is it *really* about me? Doesn’t mean I won’t be angry or upset or whatever, but it doesn’t have to be with myself.

      • saf

        I understand. When you have plans and the other people flake, it can feel like you are being rejected.

    • I went through this a lot in the past year. I would try to branch out and make friends, so I would have these great friend dates, then would try to schedule something else and it would never happen. One woman had to delay because she was super busy at work, then she moved to California. Another got pregnant and then didn’t have any time. While there were good reasons there, I just felt like even when I tried to make other friends I failed. It sucks, but you’ll get through it. I would suggest finding a new hobby or a group activity, like a trivia night or a class – you’ll have a bunch of people where at least some are going to show up, and the hobby will give you a commitment/backup plan. Sorry, though, that’s awful!

  • Rant – Work stress, moving stress, wedding planning stress, so much stress going on right now.
    Rave – I had a spare moment to savor the beautiful weather this weekend in my favorite local park before moving to a new neighborhood. I’ll really miss my local spots here.
    Rave – After this week the move will be over and I’ll have one less thing to worry about!

  • justinbc

    Rave: Hosted a killer dinner party last night for 2 recently married couples to hear about their honeymoon / wedding stories. All but 1 course came out perfectly, the duck got a bit overcooked when I got distracted storytelling myself…
    Rant: Cleaning, relaxing post-party last night til rather late, feeling it today!
    ?: Not sure what to do for my birthday this year. I generally always go out to eat with whoever I’m dating / whatever at the time, and I’m not big on birthday celebrations in general. Think I may just stay in, or go see the high heel race if the weather is nice.

    • Justin, don’t know why but I always assumed you were married. The High Heel Race is the greatest, especially if you go with a group. Really crowded though.

      • Justin is partnered, but I think his partner is still on deployment in (IIRC) Afghanistan.

      • justinbc

        Yep, High Heel Race is one of my favorite things in DC 🙂 It’s one of the few things that I recommend to all tourists, no matter where they’re from or what demographic.

  • Rave: Weekend away, while it had some hiccups, also involved a lot of much needed sleep. I’m feeling awake and ready for the week ahead.
    Rave/Rant: Revising my resume for a possible side gig. I haven’t drafted a cover letter in years. Good practice even if I don’t get the gig. But oy, I hate selling myself like this.
    Rave: Delicious salad for lunch.

  • Rave: Dressing the infant as an ewok for Halloween. So excited.

    Rant: She is too young to take trick or treating to show off the awesome costume.

    Not a rant or rave, but a question: Looking for a photographer to do a small session for some family photos. Hoping to find someone relatively inexpensive and that can do it in the next few weekends (want to get some outdoor photos before the weather gets to cold for the baby). Anyone have an suggestions for inexpensive photographers?

  • Rant: A new relationship I was hoping would become more serious looks like it’s never going to get there. I really liked this guy too.
    Rant: Not sure where to go from here.
    Revel: At least I have my health.

  • RANT: I am at the end of my rope with this job. It is sucking the life out of me, and making me a snippy, angry, grumpy person. Can’t find a new job that I’d actually want to apply for (applied for 2 with no call backs yet). I worry that my negative attitude will prevent me from getting any new job. Frustrated, overworked, and no end in sight. Get me OUTTA here.
    Rave: Had a nice weekend roadtrip up to Connecticut for a wedding, and took the long way home to stop at a few new places.
    Rant: Didn’t get home until late, too much laundry, unclean house, tired.

    • Sorry to hear about the job-related frustration. Hang in there!

    • Not finding jobs worth applying to is SO frustrating, and it makes the potential for disappointment that much higher when something does finally come up. Best of luck to you. You are not alone!

    • OMG, Your job rant is my rant!! In addition to making my grumpy, my job is making me less qualified to do ANYthing. I can just feel all of my skills atrophying. That concerns me a lot more than my attitude, which I fake at work (with mixed success, I’m sure).

      • me three! it is sucking the life out of me!
        job openings out there for someone at this stage of my career with my qualifications are seemingly non-existent

        • Mine, too. So non-existent that I am going to try to do something totally different. Which is daunting, both because I have to figure out how to highlight my skills for another context, but also b/c I don’t really know what one of these other jobs would be like, day-to-day and in the long run. I’ve done info interviews and know people with the sort of job I’m contemplating, but hearing about it is so different from actually living that job.

  • Rant: A co-worker is really getting on my nerves today (she scolded me for not doing her job…what?!). I’m trying to talk myself into being the bigger person, but she brings out the worst in me.
    Rave: I had a great, relaxing weekend of apple picking, cooking, and binge TV watching.

  • SFT

    Rant (I guess): I think it’s really weird when LinkedIn connections, who I don’t really know, endorse me. I guess it’s a nice gesture, but it’s just so odd. I mean, thanks John Doe for telling the world that I’m great at Capacity Building and Grants Management, but we’ve never worked together, so it doesn’t really mean anything.

    Rave: Lovely weekend outside. Went to Old Town for lunch and a stroll, but forgot the baby stroller. 20lbs doesn’t seem like a lot, until you’ve carried it several blocks uphill with a diaper bag over your shoulder 🙂

    • I agree with you! The endorsements are so whacked – it’s basically just LinkedIn prompting them with a few keywords and they click on it. I don’t understand why they mean anyting

      • +1. I removed them from my own page because I was getting very random endorsements and thought they looked worse than none at all.

        • epric002

          i didn’t know you could remove them! will be doing this ASAP. also annoyed at random endorsements and i refuse to reciprocate (which is my guess as to why people use them).

          • A side note: I wish LinkedIn would let us remove *individual* endorsements. The only way to do this, as far as I know, is all or nothing.

    • In a related job hunt / LinkedIn question: I have major social media aversion. I am not on FB, LinkedIn or any other network. Is it a major liability if I don’t have a LinkedIn account during a job hunt?

      If I did create a LinkedIn profile, it would have very few connections or endorsements, at least a first. Would this “unconnectedness” present even worse than having no LinkedIn at all? What would Popville do? Thanks!

      • SFT

        I would say that being on LinkedIn is a HUGE help when I’m looking to hire someone. Personally, I use Linked in as an online CV – you don’t have to communicate with people if you don’t want to, and you don’t have to make lots of connections, you are just putting your CV online. When I”m recruiting for positions, I use it as a search tool to help find people with certain skills, experience, or expertise. If you aren’t on LinkedIn, it’s harder for recruiters to find you. I don’t think that having few connections would hurt you, just make sure to have a robust profile (list out your job history for the last 10 years or so and your education and networks). That’s my 2 cents, anyways!

      • It depends on what your field is. Apparently in some fields Linkedin is used heavily, but in others (e.g. academia) Linkedin is irrelevant.

      • I’m also social media averse (no FB, for example) but I did make a LinkedIn profile. It’s not used extensively for hiring in my field, but it makes it so when a potential employer googles me, I don’t appear to be an internet ghost, which might raise more eyebrows than it really should.

      • I’m the social media averse OP. Thanks for your replies and advice. I am definitely an internet ghost. I have never even googled myself, true story.

    • I’ve been endorsed by someone I don’t know for something I don’t do. I appreciate people I do know endorsing skills that I have, but I don’t put much value in this part of the linked in profile. And I figured out that It is possible to remove skills that aren’t relevant.

  • Rant: Got woken up last night by helicopters swirling (I live near Waterfront) – it was so loud, it scared my pup. This is only the second time I’ve heard him bark ever (we’ve had him since January). Crappy sleep after that. Anyone know what that was?
    Rant: My brother’s cat is missing! See post in forum, she’s a gray tiger stripe and very shy.
    Rave: Had a great dinner and drinks out Saturday night with new friends. Very good time learning about sherry at Mockingbird.
    Rave: Went to Wegman’s on Sunday in Fairfax (rented a car) because, Wegman’s. Felt just like home 🙂

  • rant: ran into recent ex(the one who is seriously dating someone else already) and the new guy this past saturday. I was drunk and out with friends so i gave her a hug shook his hand and kept it moving
    didnt give the exchange much thought at all because at this point im just trying to continue on…
    Strangley enough she calls me the following morning to ask how i felt about the exchange.

    just at a loss as to why it matters or why she even cares to begin with

    • Maybe she still cares about your feelings, even though you’re no longer together? (Didn’t you say you were together for four years?) Just because she moved on (and quickly) to someone else doesn’t mean that she has zero regard for you… although her checking in with you in this manner probably just feels to you like she’s twisting the knife in the wound.

    • ugh, that sucks. Sorry to hear. I have an ex from about 6 years ago (things ended badly) who wants me to meet her current bf to give her approval. I. Do. Not. Understand.

      • It’s her way of assuaging her own feelings of guilt. Do not give her the satisfaction of placating her neuroses. IMHO.

        • I absolutely agree that she’s doing it to make herself feel better, it’s not about you.
          She needs to figure things out for herself. I like your attitude to keep it civil, but keep it moving. The pit of your stomach feeling upon seeing a recent ex is hard, but it’ll fade.

      • That’s super weird.

    • Are you still close friends with her? How quickly did she start dating this new guy? Any chance that this guy was already “in the picture” prior to you two breaking up?
      You need to “fade” this woman out of your life for a while. You dated for 4 years, so I think at least 1 year of separation is necessary to really heal the wounds, have space to grow & see other people, and then consider resuming a friendship.

      • i mean i still hold her in high regards would still be comfortable around/ with her
        she was my best friend for years & if we were to get back together right today i don t think any of that would change… but we arent and as time goes on that will to change
        she started dating him “seriously” like 4 or so weeks after we werent tgether

  • Rave: Fun family weekend playing tourist and enjoying autumn. The teens are often so busy, it was nice to have some time with them.
    Rave: Taking care of sweet miss Donna Martin while Emilie is away. Many bad graduation jokes have already been made.
    Rave/Rant: My kitties’ reaction to Donna. Baz thinks they’re besties (Donna disagrees) and keeps following her around the house, chirping at her. Magnolia hates everything and everyone.
    Rant: The thermostat in our office reads 73. I am, however, currently wearing my jacket and scarf and wishing I had some gloves to put on.

    • Do you have a building engineer that can check on the HVAC for you? I was having the same problem this morning. I contacted the engineer and it turns out a circuit breaker was tripped causing the heat to turn off. It’s fixed… and now it’s getting a little too warm in my office.

  • skj84

    Rave: Beautiful weather this weekend!

    Rant: Brunch spot charged my credit card twice yesterday. And the second amount is way more than what I spent. I spoke to a manager and the charge should be cleared, but still. That was a lot of money, and my funds are going to be tight until I get my first paycheck. Servers double check the amount before you swipe!

    • How did they expect the charge to clear without you signing the receipt? SHADY.

      • skj84

        apparently he swiped the wrong amount and voided it. But the charge is still listed as processing on my account. It should drop in a few days, but still that’s money I need right now that I don’t have. I kinda wish I pushed for a comp or something.

        • If it’s a credit card, you don’t have to pay it yet and it will go away by the time your statement is issued/bill is due. If it’s a debit card, then doesn’t that also list as pending, and not actually remove the funds from your account?

    • Happened to me at Open City a few years ago.. and they “increased” their tip amount! The manager was able to reverse it a few days later, but it totally sucked!

  • Small, but enthusiastic rave today: the St. Elizabeths West campus walking tour that Textdoc recommended. The site itself is interesting, but I especially appreciated having a reason to go south of the Anacostia river for the first time and get to know some of the neighborhoods in that part of Ward 8. I only wish I had more time to spend getting to know the area.

  • Rave: Finally got a new laptop to replace the dead desk top, so spent a good chunk of this beautiful weekend inside, setting it up and playing with it. I am pretty happy with it and feel ready to get the job search into high gear.
    Rant: Getting laid off, but with 60 or 90 day’s notice, to start 11/1. (It’s still being negotiated.)
    Rave: Getting the boot is probably a good thing. This job has been toxic for a long while and I need to get out. I’ve been looking but obviously it’s time to get moving. I admit it’s sort of nice to be at work now, knowing it’s all ending.

  • That One Guy

    Rant: on the cusp of becoming sick. Achy joints, head ache and nasty bitter taste almost every time I eat something. Ugh, I really don’t want to resort to trying the vapor rub on the feet.

    Rave: was able to use the camera to take photographs of the marathon runners and they passed under the bridge in Georgetown. First time using the camera in years. Must do so more often.

  • Rave: had a great show on Saturday. It was fun playing out again, though the sound system left some things to be desired.
    Rave: I think I have an idea for a costume, but it will take a lot of soldering.
    Rant: the whole capitalism work thing – it’s so nice out!

  • Rave: We’re engaged!
    Rant: The proposal (mine) came during a wine-drenched discussion regarding how best to avoid giving his son the power, as next of kin, to pull the plug on him if something terrible happens.
    Rant: Romantic we are not.
    Revel?: My guy wants me to decide when he checks out.
    Revel!: He said he’d marry me regardless of whether he had vengeful offspring.

  • Ally

    Rant: Web servers are all offline at my agency due to a power outage and I’m being forced to do a web demo today anyway. Fun times.
    Rave: The S.O. and I have decided to start trying to have a family. We’re old farts, so it may or may not happen, but it’s still exciting.
    Rave: The Fall leaves are just stunning.

  • RAVE: Awesome weekend in Cleveland at the wedding I attended. So much good food, friendly people, the revitalized downtown is beautiful. Wonderful venue (a massive art studio space with tons of great local art). The wedding DJ was f#cking ridiculously good, mostly played disco and house re-edits. Best dive bar scene in the U.S. And everything is so damn cheap.
    RAVE/RANT: The weather was absolutely gorgeous – 70 degrees in late October on the lake. Running joke of the weekend is that I’ll need to revisit in January with much lower expectations.
    RANT: Would consider living in Cleveland for the right job, which I could easily get through my current employer. But 6 months of winter is a deal breaker. That said, I could buy a waterfront penthouse loft for the price of a 1BR in DC 🙁

    • 6 months of winter sounds worse than it is. It’s not really 6 months, plus they actually get snow so you can enjoy the middle months rather than just waiting them out like we do here.

    • Mike

      I’d thoroughly enjoy sipping hot beverages in my waterfront penthouse while enduring the 6 months of winter.

  • Rave: American Horror Story. I may be watching way too much of this (following the current season and also watching Season 1 now). But at at least it’s been a good distraction from my thoughts.
    Rant: Feeling pretty lonely lately.
    Rant: In a big way it’s my fault, because I have the tendency to be a hermit.
    Rave: My awesome family. Helps the lonely feelings (even if just a tiny bit).
    Rave: My Job. In desperate need of rounding up some new business, but it’s a great feeling to actually want to get out of bed in the morning.

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