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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Aglets

    rave: donuts! Coworker brought in donuts this morning and bless her heart, there was a pumpkin cake one.
    rant: cold settled into a cough but the trick of putting vick’s vapo rub on my feet and then donning socks to sleep really seemed to help (so a rant/rave?)

    • +1 to “bless her heart;” reminds me of being home in the midwest 🙂

      • But the implication of “bless her heart” is that she’s failed to achieve the thing she tried to do. In this case, “bless her heart” suggests that you think pumpkin donuts are gross, so while you recognize that she did a nice thing by bringing donuts it was still a fail. If you love the pumpkin donuts (as I do!), then it’s just, “bless her, there was a pumpkin cake donut.”

        • This was not me, BTW. (And I’m not sure I’d ever thought of “Bless her heart” as having different connotations than “Bless her.”)

        • I disagree. “Bless her heart” can be used both ways– the context and the vocal inflections suggest which way to take it. In this instance, it’s a rave.

        • I completely disagree with this. It’s not the precise wording of the phrase that conveys the meaning, it’s the usage. I think it’s pretty clear from context that it’s being used in the sincere and not sarcastic sense here.

          • Agree with Blithe and Not a fed. Bless her heart does not always have negative connotations. I’ve heard bless her heart used like the way above (i.e. what a sweetheart), and I’ve heard it as an I feel for this person (e.g. bless her heart, she’s had such a tough time lately). I know a lot of southern ladies 🙂

        • Aglets

          I’m a northener so we mean no shade when we say ‘bless their heart’.

    • gertie_wickler

      How does vapor rub on your feet help a cough? Seriously, I’d love to know because I’m going on day 5 of poor sleep from a horrendous cough/cold situation.

      • laduvet

        benadryl and claratin D are my cold BFFs

      • It’s an old home remedy from the days before prescription coverage. Why not just try it and see if it works? Vick’s Salve also helps with congestion and yucky toenails among other things. If you really have a horrendous cough/cold, there’s always onion syrup, and an onion and bread poltice (sp?) — hot between layers of cheesecloth — on your chest. Can you tell that I was very glad to discover Robitussin when I got old enough to fight back?

      • It’s an old home remedy from the days before prescription coverage. Why not just try it and see if it works? Vick’s Salve also helps with congestion and yucky toenails among other things. If you really have a horrendous cough/cold, there’s always onion syrup, and an onion and bread poltice (sp?) — hot between layers of cheesecloth — on your chest. Can you tell that I was very glad to discover Robitussin when I got old enough to fight back?

        • gertie_wickler

          I’m desperate so I’ll try it. I also plan on getting some Robitussin too though!

          • Well, before Nyquil, there was hot water with honey, a bit of ginger, a bit of lemon, and a lot of rum or southern comfort. 🙂 Hope you’re feeling better soon!

          • Emmaleigh504

            Brandy. Brandy cures everything, but gun shot wounds. GSW require whiskey.

      • Aglets

        i don’t know how, I don’t care. My coworkers even remarked that i sounded better.

  • Rave: Friday, and looking like a nice weekend. Procrastination dial cranked up to 11.
    Rant: Talk of new DDs and the coffee shop poll has made me long for a NY deli style egg sandwich, which I haven’t had much luck finding. Looking for the kind on a fresh Kaiser roll with a nice runny-yolk fried egg or two, meat and cheese optional. Suggestions?

    • Thanks – now I want a pork roll, egg and cheese on a bagel. Yum!

      • Not a bagel, but G Sandwich has a porkroll, egg and cheese sandwich. It’s fancy – homemade porkroll, duck egg, homemade english muffin – but delicious nontheless.

        • Aglets

          Porkroll! Philly represent!

          I use to love that shizz

          • I always think of NJ, but we’re happy to let Philly have some of the reflected glory. It’s amazing Taylor Ham never caught fire worldwide. It’s a little round loaf of deliciousness.

        • MMMm.. porkroll. I’ll have to go try it. I’m a South Jersey girl so yes, Pork Roll = Jersey for me.
          Speaking of Jersey/Philly – anyone else rocking out to XPN’s best song countdown? Damn good music!

      • You mean taylor ham, egg and cheese

    • That sandwich sounds a lot like diner-food — so if you can’t find one in DC, I can highly recommend the Sip – and -Bite in Baltimore (just outside of Fells Point, in Canton). And now I’m seriously jonesing for a breakfast wrap with a crabcake and egg.

    • GiantSquid

      You might need to request the yolk to be runny, but what you described is pretty close to a breakfast sandwich at Market Lunch in Eastern Market.

  • Rant: Ferguson. I just don’t know what to make of anything that’s happening. The leaks are unconscionable, and smack of a concerted effort to skew public opinion. I typically put a lot of stock in forensic evidence, and if the reporting is accurate . . . Plus, I’m troubled by Mr. Crump’s statements that he will not accept any evidence, even scientific evidence, if it in any way supports the cop. I’m most troubled by the inescapable conclusion, if the leaks are accurate (a big if, I realize) that there is directly contradictory eyewitness testimony and some of those eyewitnesses are either grossly mistaken or lying.

    • In no way a comment on this specific case, but in general: Most scientific studies that have been done show eyewitness testimony to be unreliable due to a variety of factors. At the same time, most people, and therefore most juries, tend to credit eyewitness testimony more than any other evidence. (This is in flux due to what is often termed the CSI effect, i.e., more and more people are demanding scientific/forensic evidence). The eyewitness don’t have to be lying, the mind plays tricks on what you see, and this effect is even more pronounced in stressful situations.

      As to Mr. Crump not accepting scientific evidence, well, I haven’t talked to him, but you should know, there is forensic evidence and then there is forensic evidence. Lots of forensic evidence is complete junk science (footprint analysis for example and lots of so called arson invesitgative techniques come to mind, no peer review, no academic studies, just police packaging their age old practices as science), or is used here in a way that is complete junk. For instance, many fingerprint examiners in the United States only require three or four points of comparison to match a fingerprint. Any real scientist or statistician will tell you that is malarkey, you cannot exclude a large enogh portion of the population based on such a match to make a positive identification, but cops testify with certainty about it all the time (Scotland yard, for instance requires upwards of 12 points to match a fingerprint, which, statistically is pretty accurate). So when he says he might not accept forensic evidence, he may mean something like that. Just some food for thought.

      • Ugh, purported forensic science regarding arson is mostly a terrible hoax. But great for the wallets of the experts!

      • That’s interesting. The forensic evidence that has been leaked consists of gunshot residue tests, blood spatter analysis, and point-of-entry analysis (there may be more, but I didn’t see it). My knowledge of forensics is limited to watching Dexter on Netflix and the occasional CSI rerun – would those fall into the category of junk science?

        • It depends what they’re used for and how they’re used. Gunshot residue means you either shot a gun or were near a gun that went off. That can be pretty accurate as to the fact that you were close enough to a fired gun to have some powder residue on your hands or close, what it can’t say is that it was that gun. It also usually can’t say how long ago it happened. Blood spatter analysis, again it depends, but usually bull. When did the blood get on a person, no way to tell, and analyzing the fractal pattern of blood spatter–stick to Dexter.

      • Aglets

        but…but…..but…forensic files is my favorite show!

      • I know your name says you’re an attorney, but I’m not sure what kind of experts you’ve come in contact with. In my experience, a “match” is declared if there’s somewhere between 8 and 16 points of similarity. And while it varies in that range, it is ludicrous for someone to declare a match with only 3 or 4 points.

        • It is indeed ludicrous, and I have had clients arrested based solely on 4 point comparisons of lifted prints, and no other evidence. I had one client where the so called “expert” was allowed by a judge to testify in a probation revocation hearing based on a 3 point comparison. If you are a law enforcement officer/agency using between 16 points of comparison, I applaud you.

          • And that is just some of my individual clients, early in my career I worked at a large public defender’s office, and arrests were made, and cases prosecuted, with 3-4 point matches everyday.

  • Rave: Finally stopped by Mason Dixie this morning. WOW. Outstanding.
    Rant: I’m going to need to buy some bigger pants.

  • Rant: Caught a cold, and while the congestion seems to be going away, I am just. so. tired. I can hardly keep my eyes open at work.
    Rant: No big projects at work means there’s just a bunch of smaller, nice-to-have but not important, stuff to do, which I am terrible at conjuring the motivation to start.
    Revel: I am seriously in love with this weather. I spent my sick day washing all of my comfy sweaters that have been stored for 6 months.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: My ex tenant Energy Cub came over last night and helped me clean the house. “Let me pop an Adderall and finish my energy drink and then we can get started.” At least my house no longer smells like Senior Citizen dog pee.

    Rant: We had not talked in about two years so we had a long overdue discussion on boundaries. However, while he was showering I smelt a sweet familiar smell. In the fireplace in a mini-cauldron* he was burning sage for some Wiccan ceremony and the cauldron was surrounded by three lit candles (my candles). When I confronted him on unauthorized smudging of my house he pointed out that it wasn’t the house he was smudging, he was smudging his soul to remove the Tunnel of Chaos** that had caused problems between us before.

    *Who travels with a mini cauldron?
    **I may not be quoting this nonsense accurately.

    • Is this the same guy who did an unauthorized smudging of your house before?
      You were missed at the happy hour, by the way.

      • I Dont Get It

        Yes this is not the first unauthorized smudging. Plus he and the neighborhood Bruja (they met as census takers go figure) tried to perform a ceremony on my deck before I interrupted it. I suspect it wasn’t their first since they had a lot of free time during the day.

      • I Dont Get It

        Perhaps posts such as above is why I should stay semi-anonymous 😉

    • wait, what?
      So, a former tenant comes over to clean your place (kind of odd, but nice), loads up on essentially legal amphetamines, helps you clean, then burns sage, and then takes a shower? This is one of the weirdest things I’ve read.

      Also, senior citizen pee?

      • Senior citizen DOG pee — I Don’t Get It’s dogs are elderly.

        • Ahh, thanks for that! After the sage burning and energy drink, I figured anything is possible. Now, to slink away and grab some much-needed coffee…

      • I Dont Get It

        Do I get a PoP t shirt for weirdest post of the week? Re: the shower, in his defense he was going out drinking afterwards and most likely smell of Pine Sol and sage. He just moved back here from SF and is staying with his mother in Falls Church.

        • Weren’t you already getting a PoPville shirt for the caption contest involving a beard?

          • I’m thinking that he got two in a row from caption contests. Maybe he’s trying for one in each color?

          • Emmaleigh504

            He got 3 and declined the 3rd.

          • I Dont Get It

            Haha the last thing I need is more t shirts. I donated or threw away dozens this summer. Actually I’ve won several times under various screen names including when I used to post under my real first name until I realized my boss was also on this board.

    • My you have interesting friends! The REAL question though, is how does YOUR soul feel? More chaos –or less? (I’m sure I have at least one acquaintance with a mini cauldron. Not sure if it’s the travel model though. )

      • I Dont Get It

        When I had a blog he was frequently featured, unbeknownst to him. I certainly felt less chaos after he left!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Spells dude, he’s casting spells on you! You need to get your counter spells ready!

      • I read this as “get your [kitchen] counter spells” ready. Then I wondered why I Don’t Get It needed a recipe book and why cooking was suddenly involved with senior citizen pee.

        • Emmaleigh504

          you can do some really crazy spells with senior citizen pee (dog or human, Guinea pig won’t work) and some things comely found in your kitchen. Or so I’ve been told.

    • You want him to travel with his big cauldron? That’s really insensitive. Imagine how much chaos it would take to transport a cauldron on the metro.

  • That One Guy

    Rave: With an hour before work I walked to La Colombe for coffee. Thanks for the inceptionization post regarding coffee.
    Rant: Must cut back on caffeine intake. It’s messing with the sleep.

    Rant: Need to figure out how to take time off from work. Still have 3 weeks of vacation time credited to me. It’s to the point where I can’t remember things I’ve worked on a few weeks past because all the days melt into each other.

  • Rant: My beloved 7 year old red KRZR needed to be replaced. It was perfect — and conveniently fit into my women’s clothing sized pockets.
    Rave: So I’ve now been dragged, kicking and screaming into smart-phone territory. The timing was perfect, since the prices for the iphone 5S are a lot lower than they were before the iphone 6 came out.
    Rant: Now I need to figure out how to put my itunes on three different devices with three different storage capacities — Without messing up anything else.
    Rave: Air Drop! And maybe I can borrow/pay a friend’s teenager to give me techie phone lessons.
    Bemused Rant: Between my recent guitar purchase — and my incessant conversations about THAT, and my phone purchase — I feel like I have 2 out of the 4 main preoccupations of a 15 year old boy. This mid-life crisis stuff is very weird sometimes.
    Rave: Sweet potatoes for breakfast.

  • Rant: Missed the happy hour yesterday!
    But: Rave: Can’t wait to hear the stories AND make it to the next one!

    Additional Rave: Awesome anniversary dinner with the husband (after some pony time at WIHS!) turned into a wonderful night. Plus it was gorgeous out.

    Rave: Mom visiting for the weekend and we get to introduce my friend’s daughter to her first ponies TOMORROW! So excited to she’s pony crazy like me.

  • Rave: Excited about trying a pumpkin whoopie pie recipe for a Halloween pumpkin beer tasting party this weekend. Also pumped to finally have my Halloween costume complete. Meeting some of you fine folks at the sauf haus happy hour last night.
    Rant: Not having enough time in my day to get everything done. Reading about some of the new Ferguson reports and hearing about incredibly conservative politicians who make ridiculous ant-gay statements.

  • binpetworth

    Rant: Missed another Popville HH. Was at a conference in rural MD instead.
    Rave: Looking forward to the fabulous weather this weekend and cheering on friends running the MCM. Good luck to everyone who’s participating this year!

  • Rant: must have missed the HH, I was there at Sauf Haus and met up with a friend from out of town but seemingly couldn’t find the rest of the group.
    Rave: It’s Friday.

  • pablo .raw

    Rants: Missed the eclipse for photos
    Missed the unofficial PoPville HH
    Missed my favorite pencil
    Missed my best friend

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Great fun seeing everyone last night!
    Rave: Got to see the anonymouses I was hoping to see (I will remember you names next time!)
    Rant: Where were Beau, KKen, and the other no shows? Well I hope!
    Rave: Vacation!

  • Rave: Weekend!
    Rave: people donating to our mini-diaper drive for the DC Diaper Bank. We’ve had some great responses.

    If you have extra diapers, wipes, or unused/unexpired formula, we are collecting them in celebration of our son’s 1st birthday – I’m sure POP can put us in touch if you have stuff to donate (better to donate outgrown diapers than throw them away!)

    Rant: I’ll have a 1 year old! Where does the time go? Every day, he becomes more and more independent. The nights are long but the days are short.

  • Rave: Date went really well, and we’re hanging out again on Saturday.
    Rave: Tried Slipstream. That place is awesome, and they make great on the spot drinks. And the bathrooms…European simplicity!
    Mini-rant: Slipstream is on the pricer end of cocktailing in DC.
    Rave: Lady is open to trying new things. She never had a cosmo before or tartare, and she seemed to enjoy all the new stuff I convinced her to try.

  • Rave: the black kittens on WARL’s kitten cam
    Rant: there’s something sitting in front of the puppy cam; I can only hear them bouncing and yipping
    Rave: my life is 300% better when looking at kittens and puppies. Can I just show up to WARL and play with kittens and puppies? Is that even a thing?

    • Bear

      Actually yes, if you volunteer you can take the dogs out for walks. Not sure what’s involved in volunteering with the cats – I’m allergic so I stuck with the pups. Beware, you will want to adopt all of them…

  • Bear

    Rave: Friday! Heading to Baltimore for a mini getaway tomorrow night with the man. We’re staying near the inner harbor, but would like to explore other areas in town. Good food/drinks are a must, plus anywhere that would be interesting to explore on a weekend afternoon. Does PoPville have any suggestions?

    • My faves in baltimore….the farmers market under JFX. Lexington Market is also fun.
      Eating at Blue Moon. Other good food….Brewers Art; Woodberry Kitchen; Rocket to Venus; Golden West Cafe; Miss Shirleys. Some good cheap bites are BOP Pizza and Taco Fiesta

    • Hampden is a funky little part of town. And if you can, hit Paper Moon for lunch. Quirky, fun diner with great food.

    • I love Rye in Fells Point for cocktails, very good, but not pretentious. There’s a boutique Goodwill right nearby.

    • Miss Shirley’s for sure. Then it depends on your tastes and budget: Sip-and-Bite for great diner food, Peter’s Inn for something several steps above that, Charleston for one of the best restaurants anywhere, ever.

    • Dinner or brunch at Woodberry Kitchen if food/drink is on your priority list. You can hit the aforementioned bits of Hampden while you’re there. Or do lunch at Artifact Coffee (by the same folks). Birrotecca just down the street under the JFX was a bit of a disappointment, but the beer list is good.

      It’s going to be a gorgeous weekend, so walk around Federal Hill and Fells/Canton if you are staying downtown.

    • Bear

      Awesome suggestions, thanks everyone!

    • Second the recommendations for Hampden, Federal Hill and Fells Point. Fells Point recommendations = Bertha’s “Eat Bertha’s Mussels” Restaurant, The Horse You Came In On (dive-y saloon), Ostrowski’s (Polish) Ale Mary’s (beer and fun atmosphere). The best crab cakes can be found in Lexington Market at Faidley’s. For more upscale dining – Petit Louis in Roland Park.
      If the weather is nice, Cylburn Arboretum. If you’d rather be indoors, the Visionary Art Museum

      • Although it has limited hours, the Women’s Industrial Exchange (333 N Charles St) is very cool. It has been in operation since just after the Civil War and sells local, handmade crafts. Cafe in the back with soups and sandwiches (etc)

    • gertie_wickler

      If you’re a fan of the show, touring around Baltimore to The Wire sites is pretty interesting. Me and the Mr. did this for his birthday one year and he loved it.

  • Rave: Great career opportunities
    Rant: All coming at the same time

  • Rave: I had a great time at PoPville HH last night and I was thrilled to see Sauf Haus added Weihenstephaner Dunkel to their menu.
    Rave: After my day off I feel better, I even got out of the house early enough to drop off my car for an oil change and discounted detailing.
    Rave: last minute trip to Philly this weekend for a birthday party. I found a decent AirBnB place and got tickets to a tour at Philadelphia Distilling, makers of Bluecoat gin.
    Question: my friend and I want to go on a girls’ weekend in February to a warm, beachy spot. She’ll be flying from Chicago and last year we did Fort Lauderdale, but she’s not into Miami. Where should we go? It would probably be 4-5 days.

  • Rave: went to my first unofficial popville happy hour. Here is an story for anyone who missed it. I showed up and awkwardly introduced myself to the table (since I don’t post or know anyone). The first person I introduced myself to said “You look really familiar.” I’ll call him X. I look at X again and suddenly realize that we went on a date like 3 years ago. We met at a movember fundraiser at KBC through a mutual friend. It was just one date, nothing dramatic, and I hadn’t seen him since then. About two hours my later (and after I had already done a shot with Emilie) my boyfriend showed up — he didn’t see me right away, and immediately says hi to X, because apparently they know each other from going to the same bars on a regular basis. Typical DC. X – if you see this, it was good seeing you! If you ended up going to RDGLDGRN hope it was a good time.

    • THis is why I’m scared to go to a HH. I might know half of you already. For all I know, one of you is my boss. And are those handles reeeeally your names? 😉

      • yes, you probably do know someone. I def also knew anon/JB’s ex bf and we think we had met each other before in some other context.

        • This has thoroughly scared me from going to a HH too. I’ve seen lots of crazy (typical) DC connections but they never fail to shock me.

          • For what it’s worth… I’ve never met anyone at a PoPville happy hour whom I previously knew in real life.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I can’t wait till everyone starts hooking up and things start getting awkward in a fun way.

          • I haven’t met anyone I know, although SparklyKittyTacos went to high school with one of my former coworkers haha. (Also, I still think it’s funny that at the last happy hour there turned out to be like 4 or 5 completely unaffiliated people who spoke Japanese…) DC really is a small city sometimes.

        • I also love that you were in the hipster robot movie! I think we met at the party house by what is now the dog park. Also, Anonmyous1&2, I wouldn’t let that scare you! I’m very glad that Rachel made the leap and came out. Sometimes DC’s smallness can be a bit suffocating, but I mostly just find it amusing.

    • It was nice to see you too. Sadly i did not go to the show.

  • Rave: Finally sold the antique dining set I bought a few months ago on Craigslist but decided wasn’t a good fit.
    Rant: So that the buyers could get things out the door without whacking into anything, I moved my hall entry table (heavy, with glass shelves) out of the way… and I seem to have pulled something in my upper back. Owwww.
    Rant: Every time I’ve tweeted DCRA in the past few weeks about overgrown yards/alley areas, they tell me they’re going to do an inspection. However, the overgrowth is unchanged. I guess I’ll have to tweet them again, more pointedly.
    Rave: The unofficial PoPville happy hour ended up being fun. However, if I hadn’t known half the table, I probably would have turned around and left immediately after entering — the table was completely full (with no PoPvillagers standing at the sides), and the room was crowded and noisy. It was overwhelming and intimidating, and my natural impulse was FLEE.

  • Foster kitties are ready to move on! This sweet, playful, robust pair are so ready for their forever home! They will be at Homeward Trails adoption event tomorrow Sat. 12:00 – 2:00 at PetMAC – Wisconsin Ave. & Fessenden St. NW – But anyone interested is welcome to come meet them today at my house.

    If not adopted tomorrow they will go on to another foster home, so I’d love for them to have a permanent move instead! (They are moving on so I can take a new litter of smaller, more fragile kittens.)

    Sabrina and Sky – see how cute! https://www.flickr.com/photos/organize/?start_tab=sets

  • Rant: The doctor thinks it’s whooping cough as well. That swab is really unpleasant.
    Related rant: I’m never (ever) around children but ever since I moved to the States, I’ve been catching all these things that are usually more common in kids. What’s up, immune system!?
    Rave: Friday! Much needed quiet weekend planned and spending lots of time with the pup.

    • Emmaleigh504

      All y’all getting Whooping Cough should sue Jenny McCarthy.

      • amen.

        And now that you know it might be whooping cough, be exra careful to avoid places with children – not the ones whose parents ignore science, but the children who aren’t old enough to have their vaccines or children that are immunocompromised until you’ve been given the all clear. It’s awful for a child.

        you also need to stay up to date on your own vaccines as its not like you become immune once you hit 18

        • Emmaleigh504

          it’s awful and can have lasting effect on one’s lungs! this is why we need herd immunity, Jenny McCarthy!! For people who cannot have the vaccine for legit reasons. I hate her so much.

          • +1000 to your hate of Jenny McCarthy. UGH. Please, television networks, take her off the air. FOREVVVVERRRRR.

          • Amen.
            Also, whooping cough vaccine immunity is not as long-term as most other vaccines (just like natural immunity from having the disease is not life-long), so even more than for other vaccine-preventable diseases the herd immunity effect is important for preventing the spread of whooping cough.

          • I Dont Get It

            Wait, should I get a whooping cough vaccine? I’m 99.9% sure I’ve never had one but I didn’t know that adults could get whooping cough.

          • I Don’t Get It — The vaccine for whooping cough (pertussis) is usually rolled into a combination vaccine for tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis. So if you’ve had a tetanus booster, you’ve probably had a pertussis vaccine.
            See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DPT_vaccine#Combination_vaccines_with_acellular_pertussis .

          • If you’ve had a tetanus shot, you likely got whooping cough (pertussis) and diptheria, too – they’re usually administered in one shot. But if that was 10 years ago or more, go get another one! As bad a whooping cough is, lockjaw is even worse (as you know too well!).

          • epric002

            they didn’t start adding the pertussis into the adult vaccines until quite recently- when they realized that the immunity wasn’t lasting. i assumed i was all up to date on my immunizations b/c from 06-08 i worked as a deployable ctr for the military and we all had to be up to date. turns out that the tetanus vaccine i received during that time period was NOT the TDaP, which explains how i got whooping cough. definitely stay away from children and if you have had close contact w/children while you were sick you should tell the parents just in case. any kid who is on the regular vaccine schedule will get their 4 doses b/n 2-18 mos. i will say- i’m pretty good about getting my annual physicals and what not and i don’t think a doctor mentioned to me that i needed to get the TDaP until it was too late.

          • Unfortunately, you might have gotten whooping cough even if you had gotten the TDaP. It confers immunity for pertussis for only 4-10 years. I had a TDaP shot 5 years ago and also got whopping cough this summer.

          • I never interact with kids, but today I’ve been hyper aware of random kids on the sidewalk and hold my breath when I pass them. Ha. I’m really good about getting my annual physicals too and no doctors have ever mentioned any booster vaccines to me! (But I also moved around A LOT so my medical records are all over the place…)

          • Emmaleigh504

            It’s not just kids at risk! Other folks who can’t get vaccines or people who don’t keep up with them. Vaccines help everyone! Get your boosters, y’all! And get your flu shots! Flu can be deadly.

          • epric002

            emilie504- yes, but kids are especially vulnerable to whooping cough. it’s usually not a big deal for adults (hence why it often goes undiagnosed) but it can be really serious for kids. but totally agree with your point, generally, that everyone should get/stay up to date on their immunizations. i am scheduled to get my flu shot tomorrow- oh goody.

          • I meant to get a flu shot at the office today, but it turns out that they stop giving them out at noon. Gahh. Next week!

          • Emmaleigh504

            epric202, it may not be as big a deal for an adult to get whooping cough as a kid, but getting it spreads it to other adults who will spread it to kids an other vulnerable people. No one should be getting whooping cough anymore! #vaccines

          • Emmaleigh504

            And thanks to all you wonderful people who are getting your flu shoots and boosters! Vaccines help us all!

          • epric002

            you’re right! i wish that our doctors were doing a better job of reminding people to get boosters, especially given the outbreaks we’re seeing now.

        • I’ll definitely be getting all my boosters once this clears up!

      • Sign me up for the class action. I can demonstrate professional harm caused. Being off my game for three weeks was NOT good for my work life.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Big Thank You: Justin you are a peach for setting up the unofficial HHs. They are super fun! I really appreciate it!

  • Rant: missed the hh because I was so tired
    ?: the boy is still initiating conversation. Wednesday asked if I wanted to catch up with him in person. Couldn’t do it because of babysitting though. We’ve still been talking a bit but who the hell knows…
    Rave: so excited to get back to Woodley

    • Wasn’t it the PoPville consensus that the guy was a lameass who has you in his rotation, but nowhere near the top? (Or are you still tempted anyway?)

      • More or less. Although I guess I am closer to the top. Not sure how I want to proceed though

        • Have you actually been out with him before? I can’t remember. Was the deal that you went out, and subsequently you thought he was doing the “fade-out” on you… and then he texted you out of nowhere?

          • We had gone out four times. We hasn’t talked in about four days or seen each other in over a week, so I assumed that. Now I don’t know…

          • Did you reach out/was he ignoring your texts or was he just not initiating those four days? I can sometimes be a doormat when it comes to dating so take this with a grain of salt, but four days doesn’t really seem like enough time to be considered a “fade out” to me (unless, of course, he was actively ignoring your texts or something).

          • I totally agree with SKT on this. Maybe I missed some details but I think you all are being harsh on this dude. After four dates, four days without talking hardly seems like a fade out to me. Especially since he’s still around. Sounds like a fairly normal process of deciding where to go from here after the first few dates. What exactly about this makes him a “lameass”?

          • Not a Fed — I don’t remember the details, but please see the RRRRs from earlier this week. Maybe we PoPvillagers got the wrong idea about this guy, but from iindsay’s earlier descriptions of her interactions with him, he didn’t sound particularly interested and it didn’t sound very promising.

        • Hope springs eternal. I suspect this won’t end well, but if you think it’s worth giving him another try, give it a shot.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Enjoy the moment, but don’t get too attached. Take the lead from the fab Tove Lo:
          When something this good comes along you’re better off letting the first time be the last time
          But really, what’s the worst thing that could happen
          When the worst thing that could happen, could be the best thing ever
          We’re not forever
          You’re not the one
          You and I, we’re a time
          Bomb bomb bomb bomb

        • This limbo seems protracted. I think you should find someone else to have a conversation with. Seems like a waste of time.

  • Rave: Ordered a new mattress thanks to some Popvillagers’ recommendations. Gosh, golly, those Saatva folks are ridiculously nice. Fingers crossed I like this mattress.
    Rave: Looking forward to a beautiful fall weekend.

    • I’m almost about to get on the new mattress band-metro here, I have a really awful 2nd hand one and my back is dying! Please keep us updated on how you like this one

      • I will absolutely report back.

        • Accountering

          They are super nice! The call to confirm and do an overall great job. I couldn’t be more pleased. Feel like I SHOULD be getting some sort of commission! By the time all is said and done, I bet my mentioning Saatva helps them sell a half dozen mattresses!

          • I’m planning to get a new mattress within a year or so — once I get the bed frame part sorted out. I’ll definitely look into Saatva — thanks to the discussions here. If I go that route, should I mention your name? Maybe if enough people bring it up, you’ll get a freebie.

  • Rave: had an absolute blast last night at my apartment’s opening. My SO came over, we hung out with my roommate and her friends, drank some really good punch from Bergen&Buffalo, and yeah, it was just a really nice night I needed after this nightmare week. The building was full of people taking tours and stuff from other areas so it was nice to just go back to my apartment whenever I wanted to pee and change sweaters lol.
    Rant: waiting waiting waiting for the call. I know it won’t come today but it’s gonna be hanging over me all weekend now, probably.
    Rave: anniversary dinner plans for saturday, another good distraction for me.

  • Rant: It’s been more than a month since I first contacted DCRA, and I am STILL waiting for DCRA (or the neighbor) to clean up the neighbor’s yard, which is full of weeds, trash, and cat & dog $h!t. I haven’t been able to enjoy my own yard all summer or fall from the stench and mosquitoes.
    Rave: Expecting a quiet, relaxing, AND productive weekend full of good weather, health, and company. But NIMBY.

    • Try contacting your ANC rep – we had a similar situation (augmented by human poop, abandoned car parts, etc) and they were out within the week.

    • You can also tweet DCRA, although my recent experience is that although they _respond_ immediately, saying “We’ll do an inspection!”… the action doesn’t necessarily follow the tweet.
      CaitB’s suggestion on contacting your ANC rep sounds good. Also consider escalating to your councilmember.

      • Meant to ask you this on your earlier comment: how do you know they didn’t do an inspection? Saying they’ll do an inspection doesn’t mean they’ll be right over to clean up the mess, I would assume. Wouldn’t they first attempt to locate the responsible party and have them deal with it?

        • It’s possible that they’ve done an inspection and that the slacker neighbor has done nothing to respond to the notice.
          DCRA is awfully generous with these things — they give offending parties something like 2-3 weeks to abate a cited problem. If they come back for reinspection and the problem still hasn’t been abated, only then do they issue a fine and do the mowing themselves.
          One of the properties I tweeted about was supposedly inspected 22 days ago, but nothing has changed.

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: My landlord.
    Revel: Today’s second coat of paint on the bathroom day. Was hoping to get it all done before Mr. Squid came back from travel.
    Rant: Mr. Squid doesn’t get home until tomorrow
    Revel: Bought apples and pears to make pie for tomorrow’s block party! Perfect weather predicted.
    Revel: Next week I’ll be visiting the west coast for the first time. My raincoat and flannel are ready.

  • skj84

    Rave: fun PoPville Happy Hour! Good seeing everyone.

    Rant: I once again realize a liter of beer is not my friend.

  • Rave: How was HH? Still waiting for the right time to make my first appearance to the popville crowd…
    Rave: Going back to potomac my ‘home’ to spend the night with my parents, and attend the potomac day parade saturday morning
    Rave/Rant: Saturday plans with Friday Girl, she is saying shes excited to see me, but sometimes her texts make it sound like she is more excited than when she actually sees me in person. Im going into this open minded but definitely have a few things to get off my chest.
    Hope everyone has a good weekend!

    • I know that I’m of the wrong generation for this but, as much as I love texting, it’s hard for many people to text in a way that conveys the nuances of being fact to face. Have y’all considered talking on the phone?

    • Emmaleigh504

      Personally, to me it’s easier to be more enthusiastic in text. My guard is down. Then in person, I’m still thrilled to see people, but my guard is up a little. Texting is like talking in the dark, it’s easier to be honest and say how you really feel.

    • I think you’re reading waaaaaaay too far into text tone. That isn’t fair to either one of you. Just go with the flow and enjoy yourself.

    • There is a Key & Peele sketch about misreading tone in text. It’s hilarious!

  • Future rave: Gin and Gardening, another spin-off PoPville group.
    Yesterday’s HH was the impetus to set a date to get together and drink gin (or your beverage of choice) and talk about gardening (etc). I’ll propose Sunday evening Nov 16th or 23rd in Columbia Heights (venue tbd)
    Emilie, Textdoc, Victoria, other anonymouses who expressed an interest – any preference (and is Sunday a good day)?

  • Rant: Missed the HH yesterday due to a dinner meeting being scheduled last min
    Rave: That meeting could very well help my career and grad school apps
    Rave Sbtrkt show tomorrow

  • skj84

    Rant: A bottle of lotion exploded in my purse. It was my good lotion too. I had to switch purses out today, that’s how bad it was. My bike fob and portable charger got the worst of it. I think the fob will be ok, but the charger is probably a goner. At least my phone wasn’t in the compartment where I kept the lotion.

  • Rave: first/only solo show of 2014 in DC tomorrow.
    Rant: still not sure what to play.
    Rant: up until about 1 am with fantasy basketball draft and really dogging it today.

  • epric002

    rave: had 4 programmable thermostats installed this morning. now the basement and the main floor enclosed porch can be used better this winter, and our regular thermostats are no longer ancient.
    rant: need to do a bit of patching/painting around the new thermostats.
    random: my dad doesn’t “get” facebook. he sent me a fb message to tell me that he posted a comment (which he included in the message) on an article he thinks i posted (apparently he doesn’t get the difference b/n “liking” and “posting” either). when he writes his own posts they are quite often 5 paragraph essays. others have suggested that perhaps he start a blog instead (of course he also wrote a very long post about how he apparently doesn’t understand how to use fb) but i guess he thinks it’s amusing to use fb like this?

    • Mike

      I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to explain to my mother that the status bar is *not* a means for replying to comments left on her wall. Invariably, however, I will log in at least once a month and see a status saying “Hey right back at ya! I’m good. Kids are good. How’s Deb? Saw ur sister at Hannafords last week. Looks great!” and weep.

      • epric002

        lol, i think my MIL does that too. my dad also doesn’t really get texting. he seems to think that each sentence needs to be its own text, and always sends a separate closing text of “love, dad”.

        • Mike

          The closing line on a text message is honestly one of my favorite things in the world. I don’t even correct them when they do it.

          • Don’t you dare try to tell my mom that “ly” is not an acronym or abbreviation like LOL! (I mean really, don’t. She just gets really mad and insists that LY for “love ya” is a thing. So I’ve let her think it’s a thing.)

          • epric002

            i’m sure y’all have seen the funny parent texts or whatever that make the rounds- but i think one of my all time faves was someone’s mother who sent out a mass text about how aunt lucy had died blahblahblah LOL…. b/c she thought that LOL meant lots of love. 😛

      • To borrow from Grampa Simpson: “It’ll happen to you too!” One day, we will be the old folks struggling with new technology that the kids take for granted. It’s happening to me already. I do FB but don’t tweet and can’t really see why anyone would want to.

  • Becks

    Rave: It’s Friday and I am going on a hayride tomorrow!
    Rant: Missed that HH last night. I really want to go, but something always comes up!
    Rant: Had an evaluation today where I was told I was unprofessional! WTF? I asked for specifics. I was told it was because earlier this week when it was raining, I had brought my large umbrella. As I live in cubeland, there is no where to put my umbrella, so I placed it over the corner of my cube to let it dry. I jokingly said I was making a cube fort. THAT was unprofessional. This coming from the guy would plays mini golf everyday at 4:30 in the hall? Or arrives after I and leaves an hour before? I just. can’t.
    Rant: Found someone who can help me update my resume and hopefully find a job that would be a better fit.
    Rant: Lady Carlotta ate the big golf umbrella. Or just nibbled a hole in it. I’m thinking of just duck tapping over the holes.

    • I Dont Get It

      That’s crazy not to mention petty. Yeah you need to update that resume.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Lady Carlotta ate an umbrella? What is it made out of?? Silly kitty!

    • THAT’S unprofessional??!! WOW. UGH. How frustrating for you! Walk around my office and see what people wear on our Friday “jeans days” and I’ll show you unprofessional….
      Get that resume fixed up!

    • Good for Lady Carlotta! She’s obviously invested in doing her bit to make sure that your next evaluation goes well!

  • Any recommendations on decently priced, fashionable murses (not a typo)? I’m not the type to carry a purse, but messenger bags are too big for my few work items. I need something to fit lunch, umbrella, charger, etc. I was thinking jack spade esque, but I refuse to pay $200 for a bag.

    • epric002

      try etsy. my husband just bought himself a leather fanny pack (le sigh) for travel (he always loses his ticket/wallet/phone/passport and subsequently panics). i tried to sway him into getting a murse (i found lots on etsy) but he went with the fanny pack and now after each trip he regales me with the compliments he received on his fanny pack. :/

      • Well, but did he tell you who’s been giving him the compliments? If it’s people with limited fashion sense and their own fanny packs, they might be impressed with his — but, um, not enough to sway those of us who’d rather risk shoulder pain than the indignities of a fanny pack.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I like to schlep things around in an LL Bean boat and tote. The medium is good for a few work items. not murse, but def unisex and a style that never gets old and will last forever. My other fave bags are more spendy: Rhodesian of Edinburgh Willow satchel and Dior 61.

    • I’m looking for something similar! REI has a couple of bags that might fit the bill. They have some mini messenger bags, also some bags with handles you could either put over one shoulder or carry in your hand.

    • Mike

      Aside from “under 200” – what’s your price range?

      • Ideally under $100, but I’ll keep my mind open as I’d like something that’ll last for the long-term and may require me to pay more. Thanks for tips. I always forget about Esty.

    • Have you tried the timbuk2 site? They have a wide range of sizes and will make things to order if you want something that’s not a stock item.

    • Have you ruled out backpacks? There are some nice ones out there. Some of the swiss army ones come to mind. And I got a nice leather one years ago from a men’s shoe store in Union Station. I’m also currently coveting one that I saw on the Dr. Marten website.

  • Rant: Worked late last night and missed the happy hour.
    Rant: Stressed out supervisors snapping at me last night and this morning. I need to get better at dealing with that and not getting defensive. Also with not feeling like every little mistake I make is the end of the world.
    Rant: Organized a trip to go to Markoff’s Haunted Forest tomorrow with coworkers, but people (including one of the drivers) started bailing this morning. We have too many people for one car. Trying to figure out what to do and if I still want to go. Man, I hate people canceling last minute.
    Rant: Had a good second date with a guy Wednesday, went bowling. Haven’t heard from him since. I initiated the second date so feel like I should leave him to make the next move… I hate dating ahhh.
    Rave: Friday!
    Rave: Getting more people to try out Saatva for new mattresses. I feel like I’m in some cult now hahah.

    • So why not follow up? He could have any number of reasons for not contacting you: busy at work, family trouble, dropped his phone in the toilet and lost your number, likes an aggressive person…I could go on. Why do people (esp. women, I’m assuming you’re a woman, sorry) in DC insist on these arbitrary dating rules? I would say at some point you shouldn’t initiate all the dates, but 3 dates in doesn’t seem like a big deal.

      • I just like to be too pushy, I guess, or be the one who’s more interested. I’ve never really had a problem making contact, but then heard it can seem desperate or whatever… Bah. I’m a bit rusty with it all. But you’re right that it still is pretty early, I’ll probably give it another day or so and then message him if I don’t hear.

      • Haha yeah, I am a woman. I just don’t like to be too pushy, I guess, or be the one who’s more interested. I’ve never really had a problem making contact (I like to be up front with my interest, not a fan of guessing games), but then heard it can seem desperate or whatever… Bah. I’m a bit rusty with it all. But you’re right that it still is pretty early, I’ll probably give it another day or so and then message him if I don’t hear.

    • Mike

      To agree (mostly) with anon 1.5, I say go for it. The worst that can happen – he declines. But you never kow if you don’t ask! Regardless of gender, I think we (society) should cast aside archaic rules that dictate who should contact whom, how the contact should be made, when it should be made, etc.

      • I feel women make up more rules about dating than actually exist. I’m sure some men only want to initiate everything, but I feel that is a minority. See my previous posts about the expectations placed on men and masculine of center folks (you have to pay, initiate everything, etc etc). As Anon said below, you can initiate contact without having to plan a date, and it gives you an opportunity to gauge interest. Desperation comes with a million texts after you haven’t gotten a response to one or randomly showing up somewhere they’re going to be (a tad stalker-ish). Simply saying hey, I had a good time and would like to do it again is not desperate.

    • Wednesday? As in “haven’t heard from him since” is less than 48 hours ago? Reading some of the dating posts this week has made me feel WAY out of touch with the rules about timelines that many people seem to be using — or at least posting about. I”m also not into the “his turn/her turn” type of stuff, unless it seems really lopsided. If you’re genuinely not into games, and genuinely enjoyed the guys company, and still want to leave the ball in his court, why not text him, tell him that you really enjoyed bowling with him, and are up for meeting up again. That way you’ve reassured him of your interest — but left things open for him to express some interest back. If you’re going to leave it up to him to make the next move, I think he deserves a few more days — and to get past the weekend.

      • Ahah… yes, you’re right. Thank you for the perspective. It’s been a while and I’m getting used to the dating thing again.

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