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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: A metrobus cut me off and ran me off the road this morning. Still pissed about it! He even had the nerve to honk at me as he was cutting me off.
    Rave: Third day of wearing warm sweaters! I love cold weather and I’m excited it’s finally here. Bring it on, Winter!

    • They are the worst lately, especially when they don’t pull into their stop areas and hold up tons of traffic behind them. What’s the use in giving out tickets in Metro bus stop areas if they’re not going to use them?!

      • YES! I was behind a bus that other day that didn’t use the pull-in at a single stop, though they were all wide open. When I finally managed to get around him, I honked and glared, and he gave me the finger.

      • They’re taking their cues from the police who seem to do their best to complicate traffic while issuing citations

        • I think they’re taking their cues from other drivers who won’t let them merge back into traffic after picking up passengers.

    • That One Guy

      File a complaint if you know the bus number. They should all have cameras installed to record how they are being operated so it shouldn’t be hard for someone to check in on your complaint assuming that they are doing their job but this is WMATA we’re talking about.

      Why don’t people file complaints and follow up?

      • Because we all filed complaints in the first year or two we lived here, and no one answered and nothing changed, so we learned not to waste our time?

        • That One Guy

          Wear a camera, record what happened, take footage to local TV reporter and see if they can get a response from WMATA?

          Shaming people/companies has its uses, no?

      • I was actually sideswiped by a bus before. Took off my mirror and scraped up my fender. I filed a police report and report with WMATA, and they said they couldn’t find any evidence that the bus hit me. I doubt a complaint would do anything in this instance.

      • Because when you’re getting run off the road, it’s hard to get the bus number. I’m was more concerned about not crashing my car than getting the bus number.

  • justinbc

    Reminder: PoPville HH tonight @ Sauf Haus in Dupont. From the bar: “The Sauf Haus happy hour runs from 4-7pm on weekdays. Specials include $8 half-liters; $14 liters; and $2 off other drinks, as well as $2 off all pretzel items.” I probably will arrive around 5’ish. Head all the way up to the third floor when you get there, if they’ve got heat lamps outside we’ll grab a spot out there, if not there’s an inside bar there too. If you’re new, I’ll have a brown beanie and sorta gray sweater on.
    Rant: Anxiously awaiting results of home appraisal from yesterday to find out if we’re clear for refinance or if we’ll have to bring extra cash to close. The guy seemed really positive about the place though, so I’m at least somewhat optimistic.
    Rave: Went ahead and applied for the overseas job posting from yesterday. I can worry about the pay cut situation if/when I get to the interview stage. Really only worried that I’m over qualified for the position and that they might want someone less experienced.

    • Never settle, the best jobs will always come with a raise! I personally wouldn’t move from the area, the job market is about to surge here for the next few years, and it will be very hard and expensive to come back if that’s what you may decide to do later on.

      • justinbc

        It’s not settling, it’s a very unique career opportunity. It’s based out of DC, with a good deal of international travel to countries in need of relief. I’ve already done a lot with my career, so I’m at a point now where I’m able to explore more fulfilling options.

        • justinbc, if this opportunity doesn’t work out, is the role itself a once-in-a-lifetime thing? I ask because I think some companies like Chemonics hire for jobs with the profile you described pretty often. Maybe now that you’ve decided a role like this is appealing you can cast a wider net if they actually are looking for someone less experience?

          • justinbc

            There are certain organizations I would take the plunge for. I hadn’t really given it much thought, but this one was emailed to me and seemed really interesting with one of the more respectable employers in the field (USAID). I’m sure there is similar work elsewhere, but not all of it would have the luxury of having a home base here in DC.

          • Agreed. Burnout and turnover for these jobs is very high.

          • FWIW — and I understand the desire to work directly for USAID, rather than a contractor — I think there may be other opportunities to stay based in DC, travel 50% of the time, and do fulfilling work. Those opportunities may not be a dime a dozen, but they’re definitely out there if you decide to expand your search.

          • justinbc

            Oh I’m sure there are. I’m quite happy where I’m at though, so I’m not in a rush to go anywhere else. I just jumped on this one when someone dropped it in my lap 🙂

          • Good luck 🙂

          • USAID seems to be a bifurcated place.
            -If you’re in the USAID Foreign Service, you love your life and your job. Everything is handsomely paid-for by Uncle Sam.
            -If you’re US-based staff or a contractor, your job is a grind and morale is very, very low. No raises, always trying to make due with less, projects abruptly halted due to funding or political issues (thus wasting the money and time already spent on a project), etc. And there seems to be a lot of animosity between permanent staff and contractors.
            Just something to think about. I’ve heard from more than a few friends that USAID is hot mess. Perhaps someone else who works there can respond.

          • I’ve heard very similar things as OP Anon with one exception. I have a good friend who works at Chemonics in a senior position similar to the one Justin described and he seems very happy there. I’ve heard less positive things about more junior roles at Chemonics, though.

          • justinbc

            @OP anon, yeah, I’ve heard many of the same things. The work I do would be specifically in the Foreign Service field, which is why I figured I would give it a shot.
            @Shawess, I should clarify in case my earlier post was confusing. I’ve got quite a lot of experience in this area already, and the position I applied for would be a high level one, just not quite as high level as I am now.

          • I get it, Justin 🙂 I recommended Chemonics specifically because my friend who is in a senior role is happy there, and I think the problems OP Anon described are more common in junior positions.

          • justinbc

            Cool, thanks, I’ll check them out!

        • “Never settle, the best jobs will always come with a raise!”
          Advice like this really makes me cringe. I hope you are just kidding.

        • Justin is this a Foreign Service position, or Foreign Service Limited? Or PSC? There are at least 20 different hiring mechanisms at USAID, all with different benefits and opportunities.
          I don’t agree with OP Anon that civil service jobs are a grind and I believe morale depends on where you are working (what bureau) and who you are working with. Much like any organization.

          • justinbc

            It says “FS-01”. I’m not familiar enough with the HR terminology of this agency to know what the delineations are, and I figured I would worry about all that if / when I got to the interview.

          • That would seem to be be Foreign Services – if that’s the case then it is typically based overseas (with rotations back to DC). Also included is a requirement to achieve foreign language proficiency within the first five years.

    • $14 liter is a special? Wow. Bougie.

      • Well, there’s also 2$ off on the pretzels, also indicating that the pretzels probably cost a lot more than 2$! Those pretzels must have diamonds or bacon in them. 😛

      • I don’t think “bougie” means quite what you think it means.
        As I was posting the other week:
        Neither Merriam-Webster nor the Oxford Dictionaries Online (the free abridged [?] version of the OED) lists “bougie” in the slang sense, which kind of surprises me, but here’s how Wiktionary defines it:
        (chiefly African American Vernacular, slang, usually pejorative) Acting as if one is of a higher social status than one is; suspicions regarding true roots and background are implied.

        • justinbc

          I don’t think he/she knows how much liters cost at other DC bars either.

        • Why wouldn’t bougie fit here? I’d certainly consider a $14 liter on happy hour to be bougie.
          Bougie can be used for objects; although, it is typically used to describe people.

          • justinbc

            Do you know how many ounces are in a liter? About 3 full beers worth (by standard US 12oz pint pours). 3 beers for $14, in Dupont Circle, is bougie to you? Where are you drinking for comparison?

          • Someone was using the word in the Atlantic Plumbing building thread as though it were synonymous with “rich.” It’s not — it’s more like “upwardly mobile,” or “fronting as though one is higher-status than one really is.”

          • G** d*** metric system. How many feet are there per liter anyway? Is one liter more than 20 pounds? Can I convert that to kilograms per gallon?

          • Roughly 33 ounces. Where are you going that a pint is 12oz? I’ve poured many a beer, and I can assure you my pints were always 16oz maybe 15oz if it was very heady. So a liter is roughly 2 beers. When I can get a specialty martini for $5 at hotel dupont, I don’t see why paying $7/beer is a deal. If we’re talking craft beers where the pour is smaller, then it being a deal become much more of a possibility.

          • justinbc

            16oz if they fill to the brim, which I rarely see done here. Beers in bottles and cans here are almost always 12oz, and the pours I get at most DC bars seem to reflect that amount, rather than filling to the top. And yes, at many places now they serve the better beers in 8oz or 10oz specialty glasses. I would say about 1/3 of the taps here qualify in the good to very good category, depending on the rotation. Compared to other biergartens in DC, and really most every other bar in the immediate area, it’s still far from qualifying as “bougie”.

          • @justinbc- a US pint is 16 oz, not 12. 1 liter= about 33 oz, so it’s more like $7 per beer. Regardless- getting a liter of beer at a time is gross- it gets warm and backwashy by the end…

          • Where are you drinking? I only know of 1 beer that comes in 8oz and that’s Dogfish Head 120. Even the most expensive beer made in DC: 3 stars is typically served at 12oz-13oz. It sounds like you’re getting a glass 3/4 full and being ok with it…I don’t think that is actually the case, but maybe??
            Dacha does $5 half liters if memory serves me, which puts a liter at $10. $14 still seems high. I cannot speak to our beer gardens, but it seems high for the size at a HH. What’s regular price?

          • justinbc

            Take a look at the current list for CK:
            Many are served in 10oz glasses. I’ve seen some in 8oz as well, can’t recall the specific ones though. Same thing at Partisan and Bluejacket (all operated by the same group, not surprisingly). If Dacha does indeed still do $5 half liters that’s a great price and wouldn’t surprise me, as I love that place (I just don’t think it’s big enough to host a large group for HH).

          • My lastest reply ended up way down there, but the jest is I still think the price is high for happy hour, and as mentioned a full liter gets warm and gross.

          • Some bars in DC seem to use 14oz glasses and call it a “pint”.

            justinbc is correct that some bars that serve craft beers serve them in 8, 10 or 12oz pours (Merdian Pint, Iron Horse, Churchkey)

            But $14 for a liter is okay depending on the type of beer, but not a good HH deal

          • justinbc

            @anon 1.5 / AP, perhaps. I’m not claiming it’s an amazing HH deal by any means, I just don’t think it comes close to being “bougie”, which was the original point textdoc was making.

          • The whole point of HH is to have a good deal for a few hours, right? I think bougie can work here, but hey, we can agree to disagree on that one. I have no dog in the fight, I cannot make the HH anyway.

          • Sauf Haus has Spaten Optimator. I am happy to plunk down 14 for a liter of that any day or any hour I don’t care what you’re used to drinking. If it’s getting warm on you you’re doing it wrong.

          • justinbc

            Incidentally, that website is outdated, which I would have known if I had read my own review of the place. The full liters are $12, and the half liters are $6, during happy hour.

        • Paying $14 for beer that should only cost $8 would technically be called “bougie”, because the pricing intentionally discourages “down to earth” people from patronizing a place because of the overpricing.

          • justinbc

            Again, where are you drinking in Dupont Circle that serves 3 beers for $8?

          • dude, even at Oktoberfest a liter of beer is 8 euros. and that was in 2009 so i’m sure prices have gone up. plus you have to tip so the server will come back to you frequently. so it’s really not overpriced.

          • Either this person doesn’t understand the concept of a liter or they just left some Midwest school where they serve cheap Natural Ice in them because $8 liters simply do not exist in DC anywhere. Get a clue and stop being a Debbie Downer for the happy hour.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I thought we weren’t correctly spelling and grammar anymore, or do you have special permission? You do it an awful lot.

          • I’d give textdoc special permission 🙂 She’s (I think textdoc is a she) is always super polite and I’m pretty sure s/he’s a professional editor.

          • Emmaleigh504

            awaiting moderation…. I do not give her special permission to be a glassbowl

          • justinbc

            Is glassbowl some new term I need to learn before tonight?

          • Emmaleigh504

            it rhymes with a hole and get past moderation.

          • Emmaleigh504

            or is it passed? IDGAF

          • This is word choice rather than spelling/grammar. I probably shouldn’t even have mentioned it here, but another (the same?) Anonymous was using the word “bougie” as synonymous with “rich” in another recent thread, and it was bugging me. (Bougie-ing me? 😉 )
            I’ve commented on poor spelling/grammar in press releases, but rarely comment on PoPville users’ language unless it’s hard to figure out what they meant.

          • I think discussion on proper use of “interesting words” is different than routine correction of a person’s their/they’re/there mistake.

          • Justin, “glassbowl” is a term coined by Carolyn Hax or her followers as a euphemism for “@$$hole.”
            Emilie504, I didn’t think I was being a glassbowl here, but if I’ve erred in judgment and that’s how it came across, I apologize.
            (And you were correct the first time with “past.”)

          • Bougie certainly doesn’t mean upwardly mobile. It basically means you’re fronting as it were. People with money aren’t bougie by definition.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Well, my explanation got deleted, too many cuss words I suppose. Whatever.
            I don;t care what your explanation is Textdoc, I, as spelling challenged person, who often uses phrases in real life people don’t know, it gets annoying. You aren’t the only one who does it, but it struck a nerve today. I find everyone who does it a glassbowl when they do it, no matter what their job is IRL.
            And I’ve met Textdoc IRL and find her lovely, this is just a pet peeve that some word choice/spelling/grammar glassbowls feel the need to do this every. fing. day. STAHP!

          • Emmaleigh504

            oh ffs new comment awaiting moderation. fine. in short: textcod (and others )is annoying me here, but she’s a lovely person.

          • Sorry, Emilie; I didn’t mean to hit a nerve. I apologize again.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I’m sorry I’m so cranky today Textdoc. It wasn’t you, just the timing of the comment. We will drink and be merry tonight! And one day I’ll remember the second T in your handle 🙂

        • CK has other perks which should easily even out smaller beer glasses. But you’ve mentioned 1 group in a city of this size, and the 3 mentioned aren’t in Dupont. How many other DC bars actually serve liters? At Black Squirrel which edged out CK for best selection you’re getting pints on most of the beers and the ones that are smaller are typically higher alcohol and still right around 12oz. I consider myself much more a cocktailer, but $14 for 2 beers isn’t happy hour to me. 🙂

          • justinbc

            I responded above re: the HH, but I’m curious who gave Black Squirrel the nod over CK in terms of “best selection”? I love Black Squirrel, but I don’t think it’s even close in that regard (really nobody is in DC, unless they’re using some odd qualifier).

          • Express. No they don’t have endless bottles (none actually), but the tap selection changes daily at Black Squirrel. Maybe the category would have been better stated as best tap variety. Black Sq. also have the most taps in the city at 57; CK is around 50, I think.

          • justinbc

            Interesting, and good for them. Tap selection changes daily at CK as well, but the real benefit for me with them is the exclusivity of some of their offerings. They routinely have beers that you won’t find anywhere else in DC, and some in any other bar in the US. There aren’t any other places I can think of in DC who can make that claim, or at least make it nearly as frequently. But again, no hate on Black Squirrel, those guys rock!

    • Bear

      Good luck on the appraisal! Ours is Saturday morning and I’m realizing how much tidying up we need to do beforehand, inside and out. It’s nerve wracking!

      • justinbc

        I had the place spotless and it seemed like it was pretty much all overlooked. I really think they just get a basic idea of the place, the size, and any significant changes, and then the neighborhood value and comps all come into play.

      • Appraisers shouldn’t be taking into consideration the tidiness of one’s home during the appraisal. They care about sqft, # of beds/baths, updates, garage/parking etc.

      • Yeah, I scrubbed my place top to bottom and pulled out all the stops, including purchasing fresh flowers, in my apartment for my landlord’s appraisal (wanted to help her out). All the guy did was walk around with one of those rolly square-foot counter things and walk back out. 3 minutes or less, zero attention to my lovely cleaning job.

        • justinbc

          Haha, yeah, I even picked fresh roses from our bushes to put inside! 15 minutes in the house, plus whatever time it takes him to compile the report, and he bills the mortgage company about $1,200. Not a bad rate!

          • $1200 for an appraisal? Never in my life have I seen a home appraisal approach anything near that even when they’ve had to return a 2nd or 3rd time. Normally the owner/buyer pays for the appraisal and upfront at that, so I’m assuming the bank is paying for yours?

          • justinbc

            Yep, the bank is paying for mine, since they currently service my mortgage. That’s why I didn’t care how much it was (and yes I agree it’s a lot more than any I’ve ever had done).

    • Remember: It’s not a pay cut if housing is included… That’s a whopping benefit.

      • justinbc

        Per diem would be, but no BAH since it wouldn’t be a permanent station.

        • That’s still a pretty good benefit. I work in international development and travel more like 10-20%, but the per diems are really generous. You may also want to check out Global Health Fellows. It’s a contractor, but it’s basically staff augmentation for USAID. I’ve had some friends do the program and have said really great things it – great training, benefits, etc. I’m sure it does highly depend on which project/office you end up in though.

        • There might also be tax benefits to traveling that much. I was overseas for a few months one year and was able to count my time there as business travel, and so was able to deduct either my actual expenses or the IRS meal and incidental allowance (which was MUCH higher!) from my income before computing my taxes. But I didn’t get per diem, this might not be possible if you do.

    • Wish I could make HH today! Have fun all, make some good gossip. =p

    • looking forward to seeing everyone!

  • Rant: Too sick to make it to HH tonight. I don’t even feel that sick but I can barely sleep because these coughing fits keep waking me up.
    Rave: Having fun putting my Halloween costume together. I’m going as a Basic B*tch. Thanks for the inspiration, PoPvillagers!
    Rant: Kimberly Guilfoyle.
    Rave: Got my weekly dose of Serial.
    Rant: Now I have to wait a week.

    • Amazing costume idea! And I’m also counting down to Serial!

    • Uh oh. Might be whooping cough. Have you had a booster vaccine for pertussis? I also didn’t feel that sick, (thought it was weird allergies, or a mild cold) but I was turning myself inside out with the coughing. Antibiotics fixed the worst of it, but it causes damage. I’m still coughing periodically a month later. Attack it ASAP if it’s even a possibility.

      • epric002

        +1 sounds like my whooping cough experience! recommend making a dr’s appt.

      • Unless the booster vaccine for pertussis happens before you turn 18, I haven’t gotten it. :/ Doctor’s appointment scheduled!

        • Plus the whooping cough part of the tdap (whooping cough is combined with tetanus and diptheria) doesn’t confer the same sort of long-term immunity as other vaccines, and it might only last 4 or 5 years. I learned this when I got whooping cough this summer. :/

      • and mine too. it used to be called “the 100 day cough” which is about how long mine lasted, though the absolute worst was only a few weeks. hope you feel better soon 🙁

        • That damn cough cost me a job! Had a heinously embarrassing coughing fit during an interview. Thankfully I ended up at a better agency anyway!

        • I’m on day 45 of the 100 day cough 😉 It’s starting to settle but days 1 through 30 were ROUGH. A bunch of folks in my office have been passing it around.

        • I’m about six weeks past the first symptoms, and while not coughing much any more, still have some wheezing and occasional chest pain. And that was WITH promptish treatment. Though my WC came with pneumonia, which probably complicates things…

      • Ooh… dang… I hope the nasty cough I had for a while (and still have occasionally) wasn’t whooping cough. I didn’t think about that, just figured it was allergies. I’ll have to go get it checked out…

    • +100 for Serial!

    • justinbc

      I saw the blurb on Guilfoyle. I have a hard time getting upset when people who continually prove themselves to be stupid say yet another stupid thing. It’s predictable at this point.

  • Last week, someone posted a rant that their favorite spin instructor has cancer. Last night at the gym, I found out who this person must have been referring to. My heart is broken. She is my favorite spin instructor too. She’s also one of the strongest, coolest women I know- a woman who dressed up like Miss Piggy during a Halloween-themed class last year and rode the whole 45 minutes in a giant blonde wig and rubber pig nose. I’m gutted that she is going through this. She WILL beat it though. She’s a badass.

    Rave: Her positive outlook is inspiring. And makes all my other gripes and rants seem silly.

    • That was me. I went to see her over the weekend and she’s thrilled so many students are coming by, so you should feel free to do the same. I told her I’d come back with my yoga mat this weekend and we would do some yoga together.

      She is amazing, agreed. This has put many things in perspective this week.

      • Oh thank you! I would love to visit her. I wasn’t sure if she was able to have people there.

      • I heard this terrible news, too, from another instructor at the gym. Can you share how she is doing and her prognosis? This is so devistating. I also heard there would be a fundraiser for her, since she is a contractor without paid leave, etc – do you have any details on this? I am happy to help in any way.

    • I think things are getting worse when we still get sick despite working out and trying to be healthy… I know people who eat the worst food and don’t exercise (without any major issues) who are well into their 70s. Either the powers that be are lying to us about what’s causing the illnesses, and how to cure them, or genetics are what are really in control, and cannot be countered.

      • It’s not so clear-cut. Health isn’t entirely up to lifestyle (diet/exercise), or up to genetics — it’s a combination of both, plus (to some degree) environmental factors, and possibly other factors we don’t really understand yet.
        The “powers that be” aren’t lying to us about what causes cancer. Sometimes it’s straightforward, like when smoking results in lung cancer. But oftentimes it’s not.

        • And there are still people who have never smoked who get lung cancer. But just because there is a small chance you might get something that is largely preventable by taking certain precautions, doesn’t mean you said f-it and don’t take the precautions.

          • Agreed. Just because a healthy lifestyle doesn’t guarantee that you won’t get cancer doesn’t mean that you should throw the idea of a healthy lifestyle to the wind.

      • As my grandfather used to say, in order to avoid a heart attack, you should do three things: eat healthy, exercise, and (this is most important!) choose your parents very carefully. haha!

      • tonyr

        Did anyone see that Wilko Johnson (Dr. Feelgood guitarist) was given a few months to live in 2012. He decided to spend what time he had left going on tour. Anyway a Doctor told him recently that he really should be deaed by now, so they took another look at him. Turned out if they “removed his pancreas, spleen part of his stomach, small and large intestines and then removed and reconstructed the blood vessels relating to the liver” he’d be cured. That’s rock and roll.

      • Well, there are environmental factors — both short and long -term — and genetic factors, but a huge factor in health and longevity is stress. And we don’t know how they balance out, or how these variables differ in large and small ways for different demographic groups and different individuals. If you stress about eating “right” and exercising “enough”, is it possible that the stress of slogging from work to gym, worrying about getting there on time….. overrides the positive impact of exercise? Also, “eating right” has changed — in the US, anyway. I used to have what, today, would be judged a pretty decent diet. I went to a nutritionist who urged me eat breakfast every day, and to add a lot more carbs to my diet. I gained weight, added more carbs, and gained more weight. All of which is to say that there are lots of interacting variables in the recipe for “health”, we can only control some of them, and stress is likely to be a huge contributory factor in the mix.

  • Rant: Half the city seems to bundle up in heavy coats, scarves, hats, and gloves the second it gets below 70 degrees. Just because it’s no longer shorts weather, doesn’t mean that you need to bundle up that much just yet!
    Rant: Similarly, the second it gets below 70, the metro bus drivers immediately turn the heat on, making it much hotter on the bus than would be considered a comfortable temperature even in the summer. I get on the bus, and I sweat the whole time lately!
    Rave: I can finally turn the a/c off in my apartment, and keep my window open a crack to keep my apartment at a comfortable, yup, 70 degrees.

    • We’re all tired of our summer clothes!

    • +1000. I saw a guy in a heavyweight Patagonia parka this morning at a bus stop and it made me hot (not in a good way) just looking at him. I can’t stand getting on a bus with blowing heat like that, and don’t understand how healthy adults can NOT be sweating buckets while wearing jackets, hats and gloves.
      Rave: Empty buses where I can sit in the back and open the window!

      • Because not all “healthy adults” are the same? To generalize: men often prefer cooler temperatures compared to women. People from places with colder climates likely dress differently and are acclimated to temperatures differently compared to people from places with warmer climates. 60 feels cool after a series of 90 degree days and warmer after a series of 20 degree days. And not that I buy into the “ice people” and “sun people” theories, but I do notice who’s usually wearing the shorts in January. Then there are economics: DC typically has relatively few days of “mild” weather, so many people who have lived here for awhile don’t have the clothes for it. We’ve got “summer” clothes and “winter” clothes, and improvise during the usually short transitions. So you get a lot of sundresses with leggings, flipflops and sweaters, or short sleeves and boots in transition seasons. Just my observations.

    • Now that I’m 40 years old, 70 degrees feels like 50 used to…

      A lot of people here are anemic too, which makes them very wary of cool temps.

      I still haven’t bought a new jacket yet, but wish I did. 🙁

    • Re. “Half the city seems to bundle up in heavy coats, scarves, hats, and gloves the second it gets below 70 degrees. Just because it’s no longer shorts weather, doesn’t mean that you need to bundle up that much just yet!” — how do you know what someone else’s personal comfort zone for temperature is? Just because YOU don’t need to bundle up doesn’t mean that other people don’t feel cold.
      I agree that Metrobuses (and often Metrorail) tend to be overheated in winter and waaay over-airconditioned in summer.

      • Also, if you’re like me and are incapable of finding a lightweight jacket that fits, you have to go straight from nothing to a winter coat.

    • At Shaw metro this AM, two teen girls were discussing:
      Girl 1: See, I told you. It is NOT 20 degrees out.
      Girl 2: YES IT IS. It is 20 degrees. It is freezing.
      Girl 1: Girl, it’s like 55 out. It is not 20. It’s not even cold.

      I think this sums up our city’s views on cold weather pretty accurately.

    • hispanicandproud

      Drives me nuts.

    • Why do you care what other people are wearing? Maybe they’re cold. Not everyone runs on the same thermostat.

      • May chuckle a bit to myself, but you’re right, I don’t care. My issue is that “cold” people can always add layers when they ride the bus/train. Stripping down to a t-shirt isn’t normally an option for folks like me at the other end of the spectrum.

    • YES! 75 degrees? shorts and tank tops! 65? Dress like you’re in Antarctica!

    • Hey now, some of us have conditions that prevent us from being able to keep warm very well. I am not sorry at all that I brought out my winter coat, it’s kind of necessary so I can actually be outside and go places.

      • Do you honestly think that medical conditions make up the vast majority who overdress for the weather? I really do think that a lot of these people just get in the mindset, well, it’s Fall now, so time to bundle up, regardless of the weathero utside.

        • I think the vast majority of people dress in a way that is comfortable to them without worrying about whether others think they are over or under dressed.
          I don’t tolerate cold weather so I’m apt to bundle up when others may still be wearing short sleeves and sandals.

        • Again, why does it matter?! It’s so strange what people decide to get worked up over.

    • skj84

      I’m wearing my coat and scarf because I’m genuinely cold. I get cold easily. Sorry my comfort is an issue to you.

    • I get cold really easily. I bundle up in a bunch of layers because I am often out until after dark, and I don’t want to be unpleasantly cold on my way home at night. It has been pretty chilly with the wind and rain, and I want to be comfortable. I agree about metro/buses being too hot in the winter and cold in the summer though, drives me nuts.

  • epric002

    rant: funeral at arlington cemetery today for a colleague.
    rave: was invited to meet some dear friends’ baby girl tonight who was born on tuesday.
    random: very circle of life-y today.
    rant: was home yesterday with a massive migraine thanks to that storm system.
    rave: weather and headache cleared up yesterday afternoon and i even made it to yoga!

    • saf

      Isn’t it odd how that happens? My sister was in labor having her youngest while the rest of us were at our Grampa’s wife’s funeral. Really makes it poignant.

    • epric002

      additional ranty rave: purchased hunter wellies from zappos 367 days ago. the buckle on one of the boots has broken off. zappos only accepts returns of unworn merch for 365 days. hunter offers a 12-month warranty on boots purchased from “authorized hunter retailers”. zappos is an authorized retailer. hunter says i have to return them to the original merchant, zappos says i have to return them to hunter. ARG. finally got zappos to agree to an exchange though i’m annoyed they think they’re making an “exception”. they’re not making an exception (the 2 days wasn’t the issue), they’re following the warranty policy as outlined for authorized retailers! i know i should just be happy with the exchange, but the fact that they think they’re doing me a “favor” is a bit annoying. ENDRANT.

      • I’m not following. One time limit is 365 days, or one year. The other is 12 months, or one year. You had the boots for 367 days, or 1 year + 2 days. How is this not an exception? Or did you first try to return them within the proper time period? Either way, remaining annoyed after you’ve gotten your way is a surefire way to an ulcer. You won – as Elsa says, let it go.

        • epric002

          as i originally posted- *the 2 days wasn’t the issue*. the issue was that zappos was saying do it through hunter; hunter was saying do it through zappos. zappos didn’t seem to understand that they are supposed to accept a warranty return/exchange b/c they are authorized retailers of hunter boots. no one i spoke to had an issue with the 2 days. it was who was going to accept the warranty return/exchange. i think i’m annoyed b/c i’m starting to see a pattern w/customer service where even if they do something w/in policy they tell you they’re going to make an exception (read- favor), when they’re really just doing their job.

  • Rant: University athletics have undermined the whole point of university. I used to be 100% in favor of sports as a way to get kids to college who might not otherwise go– either giving them a reason to work harder in class (for the opportunity to compete at a higher level), or providing funding.
    But two stories, the UNC Chapel Hill fraud, and the fact that professors are being asked to help football players “re-learn how to learn” following concussions (though football teams are NOT being asked to quit brain-damaging their players), are making me believe the whole institution needs to be scrapped and institutes of higher learning need to re-focus on learning. Let the athletic departments split off and form sports leagues, totally without association to academia. Because that’s what they are already, to academia’s detriment.

    • To add to your rant: athletics departments now include video gamers. SMH!

      • Are you saying that nerds shouldn’t get the same benefits that jocks enjoy?

        • If nerds desire sports scholarships, then they should play a sport. There are lots of sports to choose from. I played badminton, for example. Video games are not sports no more than playing the violin is a sport.

          • Sure, ok. Let’s talk about golf. “Oh, but that requires precision and practice and endurance!” And video games don’t?? Please. Let’s just admit that it’s all dictated by tradition, not reason, and tradition is dictated by people with power– mostly old white men.
            I welcome the inevitable future that celebrates the achievements of people who use their brains instead of their skulls, and sports that include players of all physical abilities. You can keep watching football, though, I guess. It’s traditional.

          • Not a fan of Golf, but it does involve more physical and athletic ability than playing video games. I don’t mind if competitive gamers get scholarships, but it should not be considered “Athletics.” It’s more similar to playing chess or an instrument.

    • I’ll give you that some college athletic programs need systematic change; however, I went to a D3 school (has an athletic department, is competitive with other schools, does not receive scholarships, focus remains on education), was on the swim team, and loved it. I asked for favors from my professors a total of twice a year (both for weekend-long meets, and usually only asked for an extra day or two and even then tried to turn things in on time). Having an athletic department that supported my desire to put school first but still compete in a sport I love helped give me an amazing college experience. It helped me make friends, gain confidence, and stay on track with my academics. They had tutors available (often teammates or athletes on other teams) and mentors to help guide students. In return, the athletes threw different events and helped make homecoming fun (we didn’t have a football team to be a main focus, but we still wanted a reason for parents and alumni to visit in the fall). The events we threw for the school were typically like a carnival-style sober weekend (no drugs or alcohol allowed). Maybe D1 needs to change (and possibly D2 – I have limited experience with that), but cutting out athletics could completely devalue a college experience.

      • I’ve taught at Div 1 and 3 schools, and wish all college athletics had to follow the Div 3 model. It really does benefit the athletes and the rest of the school. I don’t have enough bad things to say about Div 1 athletics and its impact on the university (especially for men’s football and basketball – some of the less visible sports don’t have quite the same level of built-in problems).

      • Excellent comment. I agree on all counts. Source: former DIII student-athlete.

    • The UNC thing wasn’t a suprise in the least to me given what I saw happen at my Big Ten school with our players (i.e., a basketball player being in a class the first and last day, but no days in between). It’s all about the money. The big universities’ football and basketball programs are huge moneymakers, and the labor (the players themselves) come darn cheap- even with all the under-the-table perks. I’d love to see universities downscale their athletic programs, so we don’t have ridiculous scandals like this and countless players emerging from schools with basically worthless degrees. Colleges are supposed to be for learning- athletics should always be secondary and in the background. But as long as there is money to be made, things aren’t likely to change.

    • As an ex D1 student athlete from a Big East school, many non-student athletes gave me the impression that they thought this “institute of higher learning” was a place to get drunk and play beer pong and video games and spend tens of thousands of dollars for a piece of paper….and that learning wasn’t actually the point of college. Mean while, my coach would go out with other athletic department staff and make sure we were all in attendance at every single class, and if we weren’t, we’d get disciplined. We had mandatory study hours in the athletic facilities. We worked our asses off academically and athletically to make ends meet. Meanwhile, my non-student athlete buddies that I used to study with, used to wait to do there homework with me until 6:30 PM when I was out of practice. It wasn’t until my season was over that I found out that all semester they would play video games from 2-6 PM daily while I practiced….No wonder they were so freakin good at Madden.

      Anyways, I guess my point is that you shouldn’t group all college athletics into this crap you hear happening at UNC Chapel Hill, because that crap would never have been allowed on my team.

      • This (for the most part). I was a student athlete at a D1 mid-major, although not one of the “big” sports. I did see some of the players from the big sports getting some preferential treatment, but that more manifested in things like that fact that they had a golf cart to take them to class rather than letting them slide by academically. Students of all sports were required to go to monitored study hours, and we could usually get away with less than a lot of non-student athletes. OP, don’t let the indiscretions by a few ruin it for the others – university athletics are great for the campus and are generally beneficial for the student-athlete population.

    • The NCAA cares about the same thing the other “non-profit” leagues care about, and that is money. All their archaic rules only enforces what can lose them and the schools money, and they turn their heads away from any education violations as much as they can. There needs to be a complete overhaul of college athletics, and it would be nice if the NCAA was not involved.

  • Rant: People that drive slowly are also most likely to run a red light in DC. I constantly see people on cell phones while driving and generally taking pride in holding others up even though I’m hardly a road rager…

    Rant?: What’s up with the missing/moved speed cameras everywhere? The 9th street tunnel camera has been gone for a while now, did they move it somewhere or hide it?! Is the tide of opportunistic traffic camera enforcement for revenue generation changing? I wonder if it was causing a lot of rear-end accidents in the tunnel? I know the 9th street tunnel camera created some epic traffic backups.

    Rave: Almost Friday… Love the new job, but can’t manage to get enough sleep during the week. Looking forward to the Holidays because I have no vacation time yet… I’m gettin’ old, need to retire.

  • Question: we are looking to get our two-story back porch repaired/rebuilt and extended to be a larger screen porch on the first floor. We’re thinking of using a pre-fabricated sunroom/screen kit for the extension, but need someone to repair the existing structure and build out the new deck and assemble the screen room. Does anyone have any recommendations for someone who would do work like this?
    We’ve gotten three quotes from deck builders already, but they were all a bit higher than we want to spend (the quotes they gave included building the screen porch from wood- not a kit).

  • Rant: Missing the PoPville Happy Hour!
    Rave: Because it’s our wedding anniversary!
    Rave: Last year was a doozy but we made it work – living on three continents in two different languages was fun but stressful. Looking forward to a job and staying in one home for a little bit!

    • Woops – used my name instead of my handle… guess I just outed myself !

      • You only outed yourself when you posted the handle afterward. Doh!

        • Yes well that’s true. Except for the super intelligent PoPverse who knew why UDPie wasn’t able to come to Happy Hour…so alas, with all the mystery novels and Serial podcasts we all read, the detectives would have figured it out!

          • Emmaleigh504

            and the people who remember you before you went to England.

          • What Emilie said – when I read your posts, at first I wondered “didn’t she post here before under a real name before she went to England?”
            And I never assume that the name someone will post under is their real name. Emilie is Emilie and Justin is Justin, but Jack isn’t Jack and Leah (who is now sparklykitty tacos) isn’t Leah.

          • Emmaleigh504

            technically Emilie is Emily 😉 But I never assume names are real names. I think I started out here as Kelly (Taylor).

          • For all we know, Emily could be your PoPville/on line name and your “real” name is actually Charlotte, or Lady Annabelle 🙂

          • Emmaleigh504

            Shhhh MPinDc don’t out me! 🙂

      • Haha, I was actually thinking “Interesting, someone has a super similar story to UDPie!”

    • Emmaleigh504

      I don’t think an anniversary is any excuse! 😉 Happy anniversary! Have a great year with your spouse.

  • rant: sleater-kinney tickets sold out in seconds today. not even exaggerating- i watched the clock turn from 9:59 to 10 and tried to buy immediately and then it was sold out! it wasn’t even 10:01! bullsh*t.
    rant: saw my ex this morning who didn’t even have the decency to break up with me, he just dropped off the face of the earth.
    rave: the sighting didn’t upset me nearly as much as i thought it would. making progress in getting over him!

  • Rave: I’m big enough to apologize. When the Nats were eliminated from the playoffs, there was a debate here about whether Bryce Harper was a good sport or not. I came down hard in the “not” category. I apologize to you who disagreed. Since that game, the same pitcher he was jawing at got into with a Royal. I still think Harper should have acted like a pro, but I cut him some slack. That pitcher deserves it.

    • Hunter Strickland appears to be the reincarnation of John Rocker. I actually don’t mind seeing the Giants in the WS (it somehow feels better if the team that knocked your team out goes all the way), but I’m specifically hoping for Strickland to get taken deep every time he appears in a game. Which may not be much longer considering he’s already set the record for most HRs given up in a post-season series by a reliever. He’s clearly not prepared for the Big Show.

      • “but I’m specifically hoping for Strickland to get taken deep every time he appears in a game. ”

        I think you may me getting your wish – he’s given up 5 in 5.1 innings.

    • I defended Bryce, and accept your apology.

  • Rave: Softball tonight, there was some popviller a few weeks back who said they were in my league down near North Capitol street….i wonder if we are playing y’all at 9 PM tonight?
    Revel: If so I am the ginger (but not too ginger) cant miss me
    Rave: Had a great dinner last night at smoke and barrell with 3 friends from hs/college, wednesday is a great happy hour deal there…need to make that a regular thing.

    • What softball league goes this late?! Mine ended in August. Granted, we didn’t make the playoffs, but still!

      • Its DC Softball ‘powered by United Social Sports’, its thursday 9PM at some highschool in eckington just off north cap and R streets. Someone mentioned they were in the league a few weeks back and im trying to see if we play them tonight!

  • Rave: My husband and I are bringing home a dog from WARL tonight!
    Query: I know this topic has been covered here before and I’ve done a little searching, but if anyone can recommend a dog walker for Cleveland Park, I would greatly appreciate it.

  • Rave: Date night! Me and the lady have chatted everyday since we planned it, and last night was our first phone call. She’s so easy to talk to that…
    Rant: Stayed up way too late, and I’m tired.
    Rave: She’s willing to taste some whiskey/bourbon with me even if she’s a little scared of it.
    Rave: Date moved by her to somewhere I’ll likely know the bartender.
    Rant: Long day ahead tomorrow.
    Rave: Massage on Saturday.

    • is this your first date with her? Sounds like good communication, always nice to have. That being said – dont get bummed out if she doesnt message you one day, I always think quality over quantity but sometimes we get stuck in the cycle of ‘i should just text them, even though i dont really have anything to say’. P.S. where are you getting your message done? I could use one but I dont feel like doing a lot of research 🙂

      • Yes, and no I’m not expecting a text everyday just because. That’s a luxury my schedule has rarely afforded. It has been nice to get to know one another beforehand though. I’m doing Willow Massage in Alexandria, and I’ll report on Monday.

      • I really like Tusuva in AdMo for massages.

  • I’m writing thank you letters to the 6 people I met at the firm yesterday during my 3 hour long interview ( 1 pee break). It was pretty grueling and I think by the 5th person I was losing it a bit, but we’ll see. I was apparently the last person they interviewed for the 2nd round and they will either decide or make me come back in to meet more partners for a tie breaker (????). I don’t know but I do know I”m terrible at writing these thank you letters. But I feel like it’s a big faux pas if I don’t? Email is even weirder I think. I’m sure everyone has their own thoughts on it.
    Rave: opening party at my apartment with free food
    Rant: after letting people rsvp with guests, they emailed everyone the other day saying only residents can go because of how many people rsvp’d? My SO is coming over today anyway so we’ll see how that goes.
    Rant: work cook off tomorrow and I have to make a vegan dessert because its vegan themed for our 1 vegan employee (we also only have 7 people). I was assigned dessert essentially, but I’m at a total loss. Is avo-chocolate pudding any good? I’m allergic to avocados so I couldn’t eat it and know.

    • that interview sounds horrible.

      google amazon cake — super easy vegan cake!

    • There are lots of great ideas for cegan dessert on Food52[dot]com. Avo chocolate pudding is good, but I prefer tofu or chia-based chocolate puddings and they’re just as easy. Ohsheglows[dot]com is also a good resource. Let us know what you make!

    • I’m not vegan but I have baked for some lactose intolerant friends. Do a quick google search and you’ll see that cakes/cupcakes are really not intimidating at all! Good luck!

    • Thank you emails aren’t hard, but they do feel super-awkward. If you feel stuck, google templates for ideas.

    • I am the hiring partner at a law firm. Emails are fine in my opinion. You should try to convey that you are genuinely interested in the job. Anything that comes off as a form email/letter won’t help you much. Also, these people are busy, so be succinct.

    • epric002

      would it be terrible if you just got stuff from sticky fingers? it’s vegan and delicious and then you don’t have to cook 😛

    • Definitely do the thank-you notes (e-mail is less “traditional” but gets there quicker and is totally acceptable). It can’t hurt, right? best of luck.

      • Agree re: emails vs. snail mail and think some kind of note is definitely necessary.

        Speaking to anonymous law firm partner’s point, I think you can keep it to a few concise sentences: Dear XX, Thank you for taking the time to meet with me to discuss XX position. After meeting with you yesterday, I continue to think the role is a good mutual fit and that I would contribute XX to the firm [personalize this]. I hope we can continue this conversation and welcome you to contact me with any questions. Sincerely, Yoyotan.

        Where you can relate these points to specific things the interviewers said, definitely do that. Also use the opportunity to address any concerns they may have raised or to answer any questions you may think you didn’t answer as well as possible when you met.

      • Here’s an outline of what I used for many of my panel firm interviews:
        Dear [A],
        Thank you so much for meeting with me today. I appreciate the time you took to explain [X, Y, and Z — be very specific!]. I left with a much better sense of the work that [a person in this position] would do. I know I would enjoy working with you, as well as your colleagues. Please let me know if I can provide you with any additional information. I hope you will continue to extend your consideration to me, and I thank you very much for doing so.

        • I think this is great advice. My two cents: I’d write emails instead of snail mail. My wife is on the hiring committee at her firm. Decisions can be made quickly, and she recommends sending emails the same day as the interview (not half an hour later, but maybe that night). So sending emails now would be my vote.

          • Yes, I meant that to be an e-mail! Also, I know some people are firmly entrenched in the “you must restate your qualifications in the thank you letter” camp but frankly I’ve never followed that advice. I figure they know I’m qualified, and if they aren’t convinced, the thank you letter certainly isn’t going to change their mind. And it sounds even more artificial that way, to me anyway. Writing my thank you letters without restating my qualifications doesn’t seem to have affected my offer rate, as far as I can tell.

          • Also, send a thank you email to the admin assistant (if any) who might have helped you out/escorted you around the office/etc.
            I got my first job out of college because I also wrote a thank you email to the admin I met…..who happened to be the CEO’s admin. She was very formal and very French. She told the CEO that I was very well mannered and put in a good word for me. The admin, while probably not strategically important to the firm, typically has the partner’s ear on more mundane and practical matters. I always treat the admins really well when I interview. It’s one of those small things that can end up making a big difference.

      • thank you (and everyone in the following thread!!) for the advice. I did handwritten letters and sent them out this morning, hoping it would make it by tomorrow. Probably for my future endeavors I’ll do emails because wow, it is probably way less effort than snail mail, but I appreciate all the helpful input. I bought small cards so I chose my words carefully and didn’t ramble. let’s hope for the best in any case…

    • This recipe for pumpkin bread is super easy and DELICIOUS. You don’t need any fancy ingredients, and it’s pumpkin season, so why not? I’ve made it several times and it’s always a big hit. I use a bit less sugar and I never have maple syrup on hand so I’ve never added that- it’s still always sweet enough.


    • Chocolate mousse using soft tofu is really great, you do not miss the dairy/eggs. Texture is perfect.

    • Becks

      Stop by Sticky Fingers in Columbia Heights. It’s a Vegan bakery! And oh, so good! You can take in Vegan deliciousness without the work!

    • justinbc

      I wouldn’t recommend making anything that you can’t taste test yourself before presenting to other people.

  • Rave (?): strikingly attractive and noticeably younger colleague who had seemed diffident, if not maybe even a little hostile for several months wandered into my office and in the course of long and fascinating conversation let it be known (among other interesting tidbits) that she’d rather enjoyed the few flings with co-workers she’d had in the past. Hmmmm….
    Rant: Wanted to enjoy Mothership far more than I did.

    Rave (?): At least it’s pretty cheap. And dinner with the son is always a delight, despite his current fiscal and academic challenges.

    • Be afraid, be very afraid . . . . Though I have to admit that my one office fling was totally hot. (This was well before my marriage, for those of you who know my secret identity.)

    • This screams drama……but I’d do it b/c I have little self control and always want a good story.
      (assuming you’re single)

  • Smilla

    Question for the Popville community: This year will be my first time watching the Marine Corps Marathon, because a friend will be running in it. How much of a zoo will the area around the finish line be? I’m planning to cheer him on along Lee Highway, near the beginning of the race, but I’d also like to cheer him on near the end. Do people camp out to secure a spectator spot near the finish line? I’ve seen the suggested viewing locations on the MCM website and other information, but I’d appreciate any additional advice.

    • The end of the course (i.e. the last half- or quarter-mile) is always packed with spectators; you may have trouble getting close enough to see him. But if you move down onto 110 a little further away from the finish line the crowd will be thinner – although I would try to avoid the west side of 110 since there’s not a ton of walking space and it gets pretty jammed up with people. For me personally, I’d rather see a friendly face a little further way from the finish anyway.
      As a spectator you won’t be able to access the area immediately after the finish line around the Iwo Jima memorial; the closest you can get is N. Meade Street, but it’s best if you meet up in Rosslyn. It’s really flippin’ annoying when the runners get all jammed up trying to leave the finish area because spectators are crowded around the exit.
      Good luck to your friend.

    • Also, if you have a bike, it makes it easier as a spectator to zip around and catch your friend in multiple spots. It also allows you to get to some of the spots that aren’t already packed with people, increasing the chances that you will see your friend and he will see you.

    • Agree with Not a fed. My brother in law ran it a few years ago. We were with him at the start, saw him on the Mall around mile 7 and then made it to the madness at the finish line where we got to see him (but he couldn’t see us). It’s kind of fun to be there in the madness though. And he is an elite runner so we were seeing some of the first finishers.
      As the older sister of two vets, though, seeing all the incredibly young vets in the wheelchair race just about did me in. Some of those kids couldn’t have been more than 19 and were missing limbs. It can be a fairly emotional race, so be prepared!

  • rant: coffee has been gradually starting to taste bad to me — it tastes sour and/or burnt. what gives? am i going to have to become a tea drinker?
    rave: sunshine!

    • pablo .raw

      where do you get your coffee? It does taste sour or burnt in most places; I always ask them to bring me fresh made coffee.

      • starbucks is most convenient to my office… i know it has the “burnt” reputation but it’s only recently started to taste that way to me. i wasted almost a whole iced coffee from flying fish the other day because it just tasted gross. maybe my taste buds are getting older. 🙂

        • Starbucks coffee has tasted worse to me recently too — more chemical than burnt, but definitely -off-. I wonder if they’ve had supply chain issues or if they’ve changed their production process. Maybe it has something to do with the rising price of beans?

          • This is pure speculation on my part, but I’ve wondered if Starbucks has been buying even lower quality beans because of the price hike, then adding synthetic coffee flavor to mask the sub-standard flavor. Coffee-flavored coffee. Yuck.

      • pablo .raw

        You should try to make your own coffee if you really want to have a taste of what coffee is. Starbucks burns their coffee to a standard so that it tastes the same everywhere you go.

    • That One Guy

      The answer is to drink espresso or have them make Americanos. Try that and see how it goes.

    • Make your own and cold brew it. So much better and it takes away the acidic taste. Plus, you can make a vat of it on the weekend and enjoy it all week. I know that doesn’t help when you go out for coffee, though.

  • Mike

    Rave: Diwali/Deepavali! Husband’s Indian holidays are still new-ish to me, but all the more exciting for the same reason. Going to a huge party tonight. On a school night! Incredible.
    Rave: Got the pup into her Halloween costume last night. She was well-behaved and even sat still long enough for photos. Incredible x 2.
    Mini-rant: Still haven’t decided on Halloween costumes for us. Boooo….
    Rave: More good news: Bentley (Ebola nurse’s dog) has tested negative for Ebola 11 days into his quarantine. I am way happier about that than I should be.

  • Rave: the rain has given way to glorious Autumn sunshine
    Rave: my Autumn fire bowl wine parties can begin
    Rave: I can now burn all the dead limbs I’ve been gathering in the back garden

  • In need of a furniture repair shop to fix a couple of wooden chairs. Any recommendations from the POP-world?

    • Aglets

      are you talking like joints needing to be reset and glued or you have a windsor chair with a broken spindle and need a new one turned kinda repair.

      • The latter. Some joints need to be reset and one chair probably needs a whole new leg. It was my grandfather’s table so hoping there’s someone out there who can help!

        • The folks at Ruff and Ready – or at Brass Knob – might have recommendations for someone who knows how to fix furniture like this.

        • Aglets

          i second Ruf & Reddy. Bill will know. Or try Pixie at Miss Pixies. I know some woodworkers but everyone is either busy or giving up their shops. I would, however, caution against Brass Knob. I’ve just had some weird dealings with them….

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: bored
    Rave: great night’s sleep and dreamed about Oprah’s sex club. Oprah! I had no idea!

    • Mug of Glop

      Well, that’s a thought that’s gonna stay with me forever.

    • Mike

      I had a dream earlier this year that I caught Joe Biden and my least favorite secretary getting freaky on my desk.

      • Emmaleigh504

        you win the bad sex dream trophy!

        • Mike

          I dunno man… Oprah… *shudders*

          • Emmaleigh504

            She was just giving a tour of her club, fully clothed in a very Oprah and gracious way. No actual acts were in progress.

          • Em – did she give out sex toys the way she gives out cars? DILDOS FOR ALL!

          • Mike

            Oh then I will graciously accept the trophy. There was EYE CONTACT.

          • Emmaleigh504

            First, Beau, you do NOT have permission to call me “Em.” My name is Emily, Emilie, or Emmaleigh. Second, Oprah did not give out prizes, that I remember. There may have been a strong suggestion that she would share her stable. I wasn just walking through like on a tour.
            Mike, Awkward eye contact wins everytime!

          • Whoa, there.
            I’ll try to remember.

          • I don’t mean to pile on Beau, because he seems nice. But I do want to second the sentiment that no one may shorten my easily-shortened name. If I wanted to be called Em, or Mike, or Liz, or Ally, or Steve, or any other common short form of any common longer name, it would have been made clear. I do not like nicknaming in general, and it really, really gets under my skin when people who aren’t my spouse or my mother do it to me.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Sorry Beau, that’s a huge thing with me. If you want to shorten my name, I’m happy with E 🙂 or even e. Let’s do shots tonight and discuss names! 😀

          • Emmaleigh504

            Right Anonomous (why is that so hard to spell?)! “Em” is what people who are close to me call me, I don’t it has a intimacy that I don’t feel comfortable sharing with acquaintances. Or maybe it doesn’t sound right coming from just everybody’s mouth. I know people who don’t care about name shortening, and people who care very much. It’s a crap shoot.

          • Technically, Beau can call Emilie “Em” with or without her permission. The same goes for nicknames generally, Anonymous 11:58. But now that Emilie (Emmaleigh) has expressed her dislike of the name, he’d be a bit of a “glassbowl” to continue calling her Em. Using nicknames is generally socially acceptable, so the burden is upon the lengthily-named to opt out, rather than to presume that people, coming from a society that frequently uses nicknames, know that a certain nickname is off limits. Of course, one should think twice when someone named Richard is involved.

        • Seems like Emilie is in a major bad mood today. Snapped on Text Doc and now Beau. Geesh

          • whatevs.
            Sorry, Emilie! Not sure about shots, but I’m not sure about liters’o’beer either. My tum tum ain’t the happiest today.

          • Emmaleigh504

            My apologies, I got online before I was fully out of my it’s morning I hate everything mood. I’m not a morning person and generally try to not communicate until the funk has lifted. It’s afternoon and I’m happy and love everyone, but you still can’t call me Em or call out my spelling/grammar with me judging you harshly. My apologies to all for being words I can’t say b/c I’ll get moderated. Use your imagination 🙂

          • Emmaleigh504

            Beau, toughen up! I will not take no for an answer! (hope your tum tum feels better, we can discuss names over your beverage of choice)

          • I am rocking ginger ale now in preparation!

    • Whoa that sounds way better than my dream! Had the death-by-elevator-falling dream last night again. It had been a while, but that one crops up every year or so.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Her sex club was quite nicely decorated. I think Martha Stewart designed it.

        • I Dont Get It

          I had a dream once that I was making out with Martha Stewart. It was almost as good as the dream I had that Mary Lou Retton showed up at my door after a chair decorating party. The chair was painted glossy white and had ribbons hanging from it (she needs to stick to gymnastics and leave decor to Martha). I once accused Katie Couric of getting scoops by eavesdropping. Lucid dreams are fun!

          • Emmaleigh504

            You need to hook up with more attractive women in your dreams! Aim high! Hook up with Angelina Jolie or Princess Victoria, though Prince Carl is the swooniest in that family.

  • Aglets

    Rant/question: Am i young enough to learn a new city? I’ve been here for almost 20 years and I feel like I need a change and i was presented with a possible situation up north and i thought about navigating a new city and then the tired feeling of ‘ugh’. That’s the problem. The only thing holding me here is complacency.
    Rave: Don’t really have one. this has been a difficult day already including being threatened with a chair which was surprising behavior from one of my clients…

    • My aunt is in her 60s and just moved from NY to Boulder. My dad (74) is in Florida and considering New Mexico. So my answer is a big fat YES, you are young enough. 🙂

    • Which city? Some are easier than others…

      • Aglets

        baltimore- which i know somewhat…

        • Relocating to Baltimore would seem to be a manageable transition, especially if you are familiar with the city. I (along with siblings) have all lived in Baltimore at different times and I think it would be a great place to live.
          Would you be working in the downtown area?

          • Aglets

            yes! which looks awesome, right?

          • Yes – depending on where the office is you could be close to the Inner Harbor, Fells Point, Lexington Market.

          • I realize I’m chiming in late, but think this would be a -very- manageable transition. Baltimore may have a bad reputation, but the people I know who had lived there really, really like it and I’ve enjoyed visiting them a lot. The lower cost of living alone is a big deal. Plus it would be so easy to visit DC if you want to.

  • skj84

    Rave: Looking forward to Happy Hour tonight! I will probably arrive closer to 6. Wearing a purple floppy hat and black sweater.

    Rant: Went from having all the time in the world to no time. Adjusting to being back on normal people schedule! Especially waking up in the morning.

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: I have been incredibly busy for months and that is coming to an end soon.
    Rant: I want to be busy so that I can be distracted from things I don’t want to think about.

  • Mug of Glop

    Rave: Went for a long-ish, fast-ish run last night, and nether my ankle nor the extra hundred pounds from New Orleans seemed to bother me too much. Marathon training is back on track with nigh but four weeks to go.
    Rant: This means I have to keep running…
    Rave: Sweater weather!
    Rant: This means my office now has sweater + coat + sweatshirt + another sweater + continuous kvetching temperatures.

  • Rant: Wanting to do a photodocumentary project, but struggling trying to come up with a subject that is unique, meaningful to me (and hopefully other people), that pushes me outside my boundaries (but no so much that I get overwhelmed/discouraged and abandon it).

  • Emmaleigh504

    Bonus rant: my work computer always acts up when I work from home. If I have to get dressed and go into work…I’ll think REALLY mean thoughts!

  • Rave: excited about happy hour tonight. It’ll be good to put names and faces together (again). Apologies if I only remember five people. I hope to learn five more names/faces tonight. Baby steps, right?
    Rave: excited/nervous about my first solo show this Saturday (Electric Maid in Takoma at 7:30 – hint hint). Still unsure of what my setup will be. I hope people dance.
    Rave: fantasy basketball draft tonight.
    Rant: last night’s fantasy basketball draft did not go so well.

  • Rave: I never post, but I read every day and I think I’m going to come to happy hour tonight. My pups were on animal fix last week so hopefully that will give me some street cred with the regular contributors.

  • palisades

    Does anyone know the details of the construction on Canal Road between M and the Foxhall split??

    There’s a sign saying the budget and other random details but I would like some specifics. I also can’t find anything on the DCDOT website.


  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: going to work hard today to get the cranky out before HH.
    Rave: I think I just conned Texdoc into doing shots with me 😀

  • Rant/Rave: I took a sick day, I’m a little sinus stuffy and super tired. I think I should still make it to HH tonight, but will be having only 1 beer and not a giant one.
    Rave: my bathroom vanity got delivered on a day I am home and the FedEx guys carried it up to my place.
    RANT: one of them asked me if I am married, then offered to marry me, then asked me to lunch and said I am gorgeous. WTF, you’re working, you know where I live, and you asked all that sh!t in less than 2 minutes! I’m probably going to report him because that is beyond inappropriate. I’m waiting for a fedex employee I know to weigh in.

    • Oh yeah, I would be calling that dude’s boss in 5 seconds. Report that shit!

      • (Worst case scenario FedEx claims it can’t do anything because they’re “independent contractors” or some bull the company makes up to get around labor laws.)

    • That’s creepy. I’d be highly concerned. Absolutely report – just so that there’s a record of him harassing women if it goes beyond creepy, inappropriate pick ups.

    • One of my movers did that to me. It made me incredibly uncomfortable and I wanted to report him, but then I got nervous because I figured he’d find out I had reported him and he knows where I live. Now I wish I had! So inappropriate. Sorry that happened to you.

  • Rant: I probably ought to refinance, but I’ve never refinanced and am intimidated by the whole thing.
    Query: Where should I start?

    • It was actually a pretty painless process when I did it and it lowered my payment about $400 per month. I recommend speaking with Jody Eichnblatt at Prosperity Mortgage. I’ve worked with him three times (two purchases and one refinance) and he is great!

    • I’m eagerly listening to the responses as well. I bought 11 months ago, so I’m not sure of the actual impact, but rates are a good bit lower.

      • You can actually get rate quotes on Zillow.com that don’t require you to enter your personal information (unlike lendingtree, for example, where you have to enter your phone number in order to see quotes, and then you get hounded for weeks on end). You can contact the lender who offers the best deal or has the highest reviews – whatever is important to you. They will be local lenders, so your title company, etc., will all be local. I did it using Zillow, and found it to be incredibly easy. Refinances do tend to move quickly, so you’ll need to get a bunch of documentation together within roughly 24 hours of locking your rate.

        Don’t forget to ask for a discount on your title insurance with your refinance – most title companies will offer a few hundred dollars off your title insurance if you purchased in the last several years. (Also, title insurance feels like a total scam. But evidently it’s important. Why can’t we just have property registries like every other developed nation?)

    • Crap. I composed a longish reply and then it went away. I hope it didn’t turn up on some other thread somewhere…

      Most important advice I have is, check your credit first. Then, ask friends for lender recommendations.

    • Are you a member of a credit union? I refinanced with Lafayette Federal last year and it was a very easy process.

    • It may be worth a call to your current servicer after you have some rate comparisons. The pitch is, “Rates have gone down, I’m going to take advantage of it. I’d rather do it with a minumum of hassle and expense – what can you do for me?” A home run is just a rate adjustment to your existing loan without reamortizing, though that’s a l;ong shot. Next best is a low-hassle/cost refi. Worth a shot. Also, check out PenFed – they have a 5/5 ARM that currently is at 2.75%. If your credit’s good, it’s a great deal.

    • it was actually pretty easy and quick for me. I saved so much $$$ doing it. I picked a no name bank who immediately sold to Wells Fargo, and they’ve been pretty cool to deal with.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Question: Anonymous, are you going to HH tonight? There are like 3 of y’all I haven’t seen in a while. Come out!
    Seriously, working now. Promise.

  • Aglets

    Ok, a rave! I snagged a ticket to sleater kinney for the 25th. I don’t think i’ve seen them since 2002 or 2003 so thanks for the tip other POP’ers.
    Also! I ordered a hot water bottle to snuggle with this winter and it arrived today! yay! and i’m officially old..

  • I Dont Get It

    Rantish/Rave: My ex-tenant is coming over tonight to see the dogs and cat and to help me clean (and no, that’s not a euphemism for something). It will be nice to not spend the weekend cleaning the house plus I can make him vacuum which I hate!

    Rant: I can’t find a package delivered yesterday from Amazon. I’ve never had a package stolen and there are ample opportunities considering my Amazon Prime addiction (59 orders in the past 6 monthds). It was a shirt so it was probably too big for Rat Astaire and Ginger Rodent to drag down to their Tularemia den.

    Rant: Too many R&Rs today. Y’all are way to ranty today!

  • I haven’t been to Sauf Haus – is there space for a toddler to stretch her legs a bit? If so, I may try to bring the kiddo to another PoPville HH since it’s not too far from home…

  • Rave: run times are getting better and better. set 4 PR’s yesterday
    Rant: i need to buy some cold weather gear soon if i intend on running this heavy through the winter

  • I Dont Get It

    Bonus Rant: Fire drill!
    Bonus Rave: How well organized the “Government Agency” that occupies most of this building is with their fire marshals, signs and obedience to traffic signals.
    Bonus Rant: My humanitarian relief NGO and its unorganized evacuations. BTW our floor marshal moved to California 4 years ago.

  • Pick me. Choose me.

  • That One Guy

    FYI, Lots of police activity on Connecticut Ave. in case you’re headed to the HH via car.

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