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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Can’t leave my windows open on good weather days due to chicken smoke billowing out of a chicken restaurant down my street. If I do, my house smells like a crematorium. Kind of wish that place would get bought out by a Starbucks.

    Rant: RROR’s are so busy now, it’s so easy to miss them. I value feedback on my rants to keep me grounded. Sorry for having an office meeting scheduled right around when they’re posted. I wish they had their own menu item on the site, so we could rant through the day, my brain doesn’t fully work at this time of morning to remember my most epic rants.

    • GiantSquid

      Nooo, not Starbucks. Then it will smell like burnt coffee! Shoot a little higher and hope for a Peregrine or Vigilante

      • Haha, I don’t think those shops would really survive in that particular area… Qualia is already up the road and is tiny store for a reason… I’d prefer Starbucks for the environment more than anything else, It would be a good place to hop to down the block from my house for a quick meeting or to study/read.

        I usually dilute Starbucks coffee a bit with 2% and it comes out fine for me. Their pastries and cookies are indeed terrible tho. I’d prefer an indie shop if they could survive and maintain consistency.

        • What? You don’t like the lemon pound cake?

          • Emmaleigh504

            and the pumpkin bread! Lemon pound cake and pumpkin bread and chai are the only edible things they offer!

          • I wore out their pastries about 5 years ago…

            I think if they baked them in store, or bought them from local bakeries for each store, the appeal to go to a different Starbucks every day would be greater, but since everyone got rid of trans fats, baked goods have been uninspired. I like Dunkin Donuts a lot more, but they miss out on the ambiance that Starbucks has at their locations a bit with all the bright yellow and orange tones…

          • Chai is super easy to make at home – I usually make a big concentrated batch and keep in the refrigerator. I’ll heat a cup of chai, make frothy milk and enjoy : )

          • Emmaleigh504

            I only get chai when I need an excuse to get out. I used to make my own, but quit for some reason. Now I don’t remember the recipe. But I have plenty of other fancy beverages. Right now my favorite beverage is 2/3 iced Lady Londonderry and 1/3 water kefir.

          • I like the petite vanilla scones, but that’s about it. A few weeks ago, I was in there and I attempted to order a cafe au lait, and the guy looked at me blankly, and then he was like “do you mean a MISTO?” The way he said it, I felt like the crazy one. I thought he was asking me if I wanted soup. What the hell is a misto? I’m still annoyed with them and now I go to the other starbucks near my job to avoid him.

          • Ugh on the “misto” comment. I’ll order a small, medium or large coffee at Starbucks and I really dislike the servers who say “you mean a venti (or whatever)” That’s my ugh!

  • skj84

    Rave: Training for new job has been going well. I like the office and the people. Slowly becoming excited about this job.

    Rant: Got a rejection notice for the job I really wanted. Better location and more inline with what I want to do.

  • Rave: Riding home in the rain this morning. Normally a rant but it’s only water and just felt good to be back on the bike. Was even in my English chap get up lol.
    Rave: Unofficial PoPville HH tmr! Thanks Justin for setting up another!

    • Emmaleigh504

      +1 see you at the HH!

    • +1.
      For anyone who missed earlier announcements about the unofficial PoPville happy hour: it’s tomorrow (Thurs. 10/23) at Sauf Haus (1216 18th Street NW, next door to Public Bar).

    • justinbc

      Thanks for reminding folks kken and textdoc, just now getting to a computer today! Hopefully this rain is gone by tomorrow.

      • Justin, can you refresh our collective memory as to what the happy hour specials are and how long they’re in effect?

        • justinbc

          “The Sauf Haus happy hour runs from 4-7pm on weekdays. Specials include $8 half-liters; $14 liters; and $2 off other drinks, as well as $2 off all pretzel items.”

          Will post again tomorrow when I get more computer access.

  • Rave: I woke up around midnight to the sweet, Dickensian sound of my radiators hissing alive- we have heat!
    Rant: It’s been about 62-64 degrees in my apartment for the last few days so that made me happy. Our slummy landlord is slow to turn the heat on and quick to turn it off- they cut it off in March last year on a 19 degree day and it was 51 degrees in my apartment (I bought an indoor thermometer for this reason)
    Rave: Dayquil. That stuff is NO JOKE. I can breathe!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Rant: My heat was NOT on yesterday like Luke said in the email. It’s a new boiler or something, so I guess there were problems. My poor kitty is freezing! and I forgot to plug in her heated mat this morning.

    • Feeling better today? Get your donut fix yet? I find dark chocolate entemann’s to do the trick, especially if microwaved for about 15 seconds to go along with a delicious tall glass of (insert favorite type here) milk.

      • I am feeling better- my awesome coworkers let me scoot out early yesterday and i went home and slept which was heavenly. No donut fix yet! I too like the entenmanns- with the little rabbit pellet looking toppings. I have a weirdly specific memory of the farm where i rode horses growing up would sell them at the shows.

      • skj84

        Omg Beau. My mouth is watering at the very thought of that snack. I know what I’m doing when I get home!

    • Dayquil rocks. It has helped me out several times when I wake up with a stuffed up head and need to get to work.

  • Rant: It seems like it has gotten so dark in the mornings so quickly this year! The general gloom of the last few days probably hasn’t helped.
    Question: Does anyone have one of those wake-up lights? Does anyone have a cheaper product they recommend or do I pretty much have to go with the expensive Philips one?

  • Rant: Traffic whenever it rains in this city. It seems like a bit of sideways rain grinds DC to a halt. Every. Single. Time.
    Rave: I packed a delicious lunch.
    Rant: I think I’m fight off a cold or my allergies are really getting the best of me. I slept a lot last night. I’m hoping that helps.
    Rave: Getting out of town this weekend with my partner. I’m looking forward to a comfortable hotel bed and sleeping in.

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: Day two of contractors in house. Hopefully this is the last one. Took a look at the bathroom floor tile work yesterday. It’s alright but I was taught the baseboard should go on top of the floor surface. Glad I’m not paying for it.
    Rant: Want a house of my own.
    Rant: Drank too much last night and stomach is unhappy with me today.
    Revel: Made a delicious pizza last night with chorizo, onions, peppers, and mushrooms. Today I’ll try to make butternut squash curry.
    Revel: hot tea on a rainy day

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: existential crisis
    Rave: I don’t have to get up at 3:30 for work like my poor neighbor
    Rave: that picture

  • Rave: my big went well yesterday.
    Rant: it was my first time delegating some of the tasks and I overlooked the level of detail I needed to impart on some things.
    Rant: I am exhausted, it’s been two straight days of big meetings.
    Rant: the maintenance light in my car came on and I really don’t feel like dealing with it.
    Rave: I can’t wait for PoPville HH tomorrow night!

  • Rant: DARCARS. F those D bags!
    Rave: baby has been sleeping well. I know if I say something, it’ll change. But he is such a happy guy with a relatively decent nights sleep.
    Rave: We aren’t re-homing our dog. We are keeping her isolated while the nanny is there and the kid(s) are out – she has a little corner in our kitchen area with a bed and during naps, the nanny lets her out. She seems fine with it. When we are both home with just our child, we will let her out and just keep our very mobile 11 month old away. Luckily, we aren’t dumb. We never leave them alone together (unless baby is in high chair and we go make food).
    Rant: I don’t feel comfortable taking her in our pretty small car home for Thanksgiving with dog and baby in the back. Our dog sitter is booked. Trying to find someone. If anyone wants to house/dog sit for Thanksgiving weekend in a lovely apartment in logan circle with all the TV/dog snuggles/great wall delivery you can consume in 4 days, maybe POP can get in touch?

    • uh oh – what happened with Darcars?

      • our car battery died for the 3rd time (nevermind the time our tire just blew out for no reason). Car is barely a year old. We’ve had to call roadside assistance 4 times. Darcars tells us this is a Ford problem. Ford tells us this is a Darcars problem. We don’t live close enough to just drop the car off – we’re a 1 car family so getting there is difficult. We’ve asked if they’ll give us a loaner, they won’t. We bought a new car before baby arrived so we would have a reliable car and we have anything but. Nevermind that we bought it thinking the EPA mile est was 49 MPG but EPA has made them reduce it to 39, I believe? That’s a huge difference.

        • Sounds like they should just give you a new battery and send you on your way.

        • This is not my area of expertise, but you seem to be coming close to lemon law territory. In DC, it’s 4 attempted repairs of 30 days out of service (not sure if other criteria apply). Also not sure if MD law would apply (since Darcars is in MD), but it seems like DC law should govern. Links to informational sites re both laws are below. Good luck – that’s infuriating. I hate cars.



        • By the way, this sounds like a problem with the electrical system, not just faulty batteries (what are the odds that three different ones woudl fail?), which should make it Ford’s problem.

          • I don’t think jindc stated that it was three different ones. Could be the same battery dying three times.

          • Well, we haven’t taken it in for repairs – we have the service jump the battery. Taking it in will be a huuuuge headache. We know we need to – don’t even get me started on that. The lemon stuff doesn’t apply, they just need to fix it. We have a warranty but each company gives us the run around. This comes on the back of Darcars not properly registering our car – it’s a hybrid, which in DC doesn’t pay sales tax or first year of registration – darcars charged us for both (we weren’t aware of the benefits in DC until a neighbor told us) and it took them SIX months to give us the money back. At the time, they had the car registered at the wrong address AND got us the wrong parking zone. So I gave up and just did it myself at my own expense.

          • battery starts going bad, it keeps getting worse, jump or no jump.

        • I don’t know where you are, but I’m also a Ford owner and I am no joke in LOVE with the Ourisman Ford dealership in Alexandria Virginia. They’re open ’til 9pm weeknights, they have free coffee and cookies and their prices are excellent. I really really can’t recommend them enough

          • thanks – if Ford will let us, we might take it there – is it near the metro? The problem is that we need to drop the car off and then go get it since it seems no one will give us a loaner. Living in the city makes it very hard to get the car to a manufacture approved dealer, it seems.

          • @JinDC. As long as you have a Ford, you can take it to any dealership for service regardless of where you bought it. Also, it might be worth asking the deadlership if they have shuttle service to and from the metro.

    • I am no professional dog sitter, but I’ve been a dog mom for almost 10yrs, so if you cannot find a pro, I can be available. Do you need someone to stay there FT or could a few visits/walks work? Is your dog dog-friendly? I have a 70ish lb neutered male who is almost 10yrs friendly and all that good stuff (don’t have to bring him, but would make staying over a lot easier). Let me know.

      • Thanks! I don’t think she’d like another dog, and she really does need someone to stay at our place – she’s very people oriented but can be iffy with other dogs. Worst case, we’ll bring her…I’m hoping to find some responsible person who loves dogs but can’t have them so will enjoy a few days snuggling away with her

        • Aww ok. I’m happy to remain a backup plan if nothing else pans out as long as I can leave for a 2-3 hrs now and then. I’d need to spend time with my own dog, etc, so I couldn’t commit to a full sequester.

    • Are you on any neighborhood listserves/blogs etc.? I’ve had success over some holidays having visiting family members of neighbors stay at my house with the pets.

    • Do you have a dog crate that would fit in your car?

      • no, I have a 100lb dog. We’ve driven with her without baby, but with the car seat it will be less than ideal. Worst case, we’ll move the car seat from the middle to the side and give the dog a bit more room.

        • Crating seems like a great idea — if the dog is comfortable with it. Wouldn’t it be great if you could leave your car for repairs, get a loaner suv that would accommodate a big dog crate, and head over the river and through the woods..

          • yes, possibly – not sure we can wait a month for our car to be worked out, though! (and she’s never been in a crate – at 7 years, that’s a bit old to start – she’ll be fine if we don’t find someone. Just irritated)

    • Aglets

      I can’t seem to reply to my last comment to you- Both my repairs were done in less than 90 min (you do need to schedule an appointment with them) so i just stayed in the lounge drinking coffee, eating cookies & watching HGTV. honestly, it was the best friday night i’ve had in a while. THey said they do have a shuttle to the metro. I also live in the city and mourn the loss of Pat’s Capitol Hill garage but after the exemplary service from Ourisman, I am totally content schlepping my car out to Alexandria.

      • good to know, thanks! I think it’ll be more than 90 minutes simply because it needs solid diagnostics – there could be an electrical short

    • Instead of a loaner, ask if they will give you a ride to/from metro. It may not be as convenient for you as a loaner, but better than sticking around the dealership all day or wondering if your car is going to start every time you go somewhere.

  • Query: I’m heading to Cleveland for the first time this weekend for a wedding and I will have a lot of down time. Any suggestions on places to booze it up, eat, weird stuff to see, dancing, or shopping?
    RANT: Some lady hit my scooter while trying to pull out of the adjacent parking spot, damaged my front wheel & fender, and drove off without leaving a note.
    RAVE: “Bob from Baltimore” left me a note describing the incident, provided her license plate number (DC plates), described the woman and her car (middle aged white woman, green Subaru), and offered to be a witness. I love nice people. 😀

    • That was me. Forget to put (one of my many) handles.
      Additional rant: Ugh, rain means I need to ride the Metro. And when it’s raining, Metro is usually bursting at the seams. 😡

      • Ugh. I was worried when I saw “scooter” that this was your rant. Hope you have fun in Cleveland, though!

        • Thx! 🙂
          I think I will try to check out the Westside Market in Cleveland, which is apparently a true European style food market. It’s like Union Market here in DC…..except, it’s actually affordable ‘cuz Cleveland.

      • Emmaleigh504

        When do we get to start outing your other handles?

      • Hmmm….. how many of us use multiple handles/personas on a regular basis? I’ve got three — not counting my involuntary and occasionally voluntary Anonymous persona.

    • Wait, so you’re telling me the person with the DC plates hit your scooter, but the person with the MD plates was the good Samaritan in this situation? What a topsy-turvy world we live in.

      • What’s next? cats and dogs living together, in harmony?!

      • Well, since most of the people with DC plates are originally from somewhere else, these stereotypes can get kinda complicated.

        My scooter is already a huge POS (I bought it used from buddy, who rode it around Brooklyn/Manhattan for 8 years and abused the hell out of it) and the local DC rugrats attempt to steal it twice per year. If anything, it most likely isn’t worth fixing @ $75/hour for labor (plus cost of parts) and insurance will just cut me a check for $1500 to $2K as a total loss. It’s still drivable, but who knows what internal damage is lurking beneath the surface? Internal structural damage to the wheel & steering column is tough to predict and any issue while driving can quickly become deadly.

        • Geez… sorry to hear that. I would definitely take the insurance check and put it towards a new one rather than risk injuring yourself on your current scooter. Sorry to make a joke out of a crappy situation…. I just couldn’t resist, since everyone here is so quick to blame MD drivers for all that’s wrong with the world.
          Good luck!

    • Of course, in Cleveland you’ll want to see the Harvey Pekar memorial statue. Also, that Rock and Roll thing. Lola Bistro is, by all reports, one of the better places to eat in the country (and featured in “The Soul of a Chef”)

      • You’ll be well fed at any of Michael Symon’s restaurants (Lola Bistro, Lolita’s) and I’ve heard wonderful things about Jonathan Sawyer’s Greenhouse Tavern, which I think is right next door to one of the Lolas.

      • I actually liked Lolita better than Lola – it’s in the original Lola space that Ruhlman visited when researching Soul of a Chef (one of my favorite cooking books) . Lola is in new (characterless) space, and while the food’s delicious, the soul seems lacking. If I ever had to move to Cleveland, I’d live in Tremont just so Lolita could be my neighborhood place.

        • We have a reservation for Lolita at 7pm on Friday. Menu looks awesome!
          I love that you can get a prime reservation on Friday with two days’ notice. Hehe.

    • University Circle for art and culture, Tremont for weird stuff to see, including The Christmas Story house, Ohio City to grab a Great Lakes Brewing Company Lake Erie Monster on draft, Spice for dinner and then a couple tall-boy PBRs at Happy Dog listening to live polka band while you decide which odd assortments to put on your late-night hotdog or 3.

      • I’m definitely going to Happy Dog. It’s not far from the bar we’ll be boozing at on Friday night with the bride & groom.
        POLKA, POLKA, POLKA! Hopefully we’ll see Gus Polinski and the Kenosha Kickers.

        • Do you know where the rehearsal dinner and wedding reception are being held? My fiancee and I (both Clevelanders) are in the heart of wedding planning in Cleveland. Love to hear what route your friends went.

          • Myself and my friends were not invited to the family-only rehearsal dinner. All the official events are in the Detroit-Shoreway neighborhood.
            The bride and groom are meeting all of us on Friday night for post-dinner drinks at Toast on West 65th.
            The wedding service and reception are being held at the 78th Street Studios, which appears to be a converted industrial warehouse/gallery space. Hope that helps! Good luck!

    • It’s on the outskirts of Cleveland- but we enjoyed Fat Heads Brewery on a trip this past summer. Great beers and decent American bar food (grilled cheese, burgers, fries, salads)

  • Rave: Started my first batch of sauerkraut, hope it turns out better than my earlier foray into lacto-fermentation.
    Rave: Also made a big pot of mushroom barley soup. Cold rainy days = need to have a pot of soup on the stove.
    Rant: Cold rainy morning and a pup that took her time to take care of business

    • Emmaleigh504

      What are you using to make the saurkraut? A crock or one of those fancy jars with the gas escape valve or something else? Since I’m just doing garlic right now I’ve just rigged up some mason jars. I tasted the honey garlic last night and it’s delish. I’m thinking it will make a great sauce for porkchops or duck.

  • Oh! RAVE! Just over a week until my lovely friend and one of the BEST make up artists/brow shaper/all around good person opens her OWN business on U Street. I’ll be sharing the press release with POP but when hardworking, honest people succeed, it makes me smile extra wide for them!

  • palisades

    Rave: Won a proposal I worked my ass off for.
    Rant: Juggling three proposals right now and another one on deck. Joy

  • Rant: Missed a dear friend’s birthday yesterday. Totally my fault for being a little self-obsessed lately. Sending her flowers at work to hopefully make it up to her.
    Rave: Bombay Club for dinner. Not sure I can wait that long.

    • special_k

      The fact that you’re sending flowers for missing her birthday says to me you’re a good friend. She’ll be touched, I’m sure.

  • Rave: Thanks to a wonderful confluence of somewhat improbable events, I just got the guitar of my dreams. It’s way more better than anything I ever thought I’d own. I’m planning to put in some serious practice time with this one.
    Rave: The House of Musical Traditions in Takoma Park is awesome!!!! (multiple exclamation points intentional and well-deserved.) It’s a great place to browse when you don’t know what you’re looking for, to purchase instruments that you won’t be able to easily find anywhere else, to pick up some sheet music…. great place, wonderful people! Yup, I’m a Very Satisfied Customer.
    Rave: Using my VS coupons –I snagged a week’s worth of panties for about the cost of two.
    Rave: Got my flu shot — and it really didn’t hurt a bit.
    Rave: Wandered over to the Phillips. The new exhibit is so well-worth seeing that I might go back. It’s a great field-trip for a rainy day.
    Rave: Braised tofu with black mushrooms.

    • ‘It’s way more better than anything I ever thought I’d own”
      . but can you use it to play the Mo’ Better Blues?

    • What’s the guitar? I need to pick mine back up, I’ve been in a rut with it for a long time, I’ve wanted to learn how to be a good improviser for a while, but no clue where to start. Being a poor player has never kept me away from gear lust though…

      • It’s an acoustic Eastman archtop — and I’m thoroughly smitten. As for learning to be a good improviser, I’d say start with lessons with a teacher who can help you get there. I’ve been lucky in that one of my teachers urged me to focus on learning to listen, playing by ear, and improvisation from pretty much minute one in my lessons. If you’re interested, I can find out if he’s open to taking on more students.
        — Have you tried using the Band in my Pocket (not quite sure of the name) CD, or playing with backing tracks with GarageBand? Have you tried improvising along with tracks that you like? Since my teacher can make pretty much anything I do sound good — getting to improvise with him is kind of a carrot that we use to get me to practice stuff that I tend to balk at. A huge advantage to learning with a teacher is that your teacher can suggest limits — like using only the notes in a specific blues scale for your improvisations, and play around what you’re doing to create something listenable.
        — I’m with you on the gear lust! My working rationalization is that I have the opportunity to learn something new with each guitar….. 🙂

  • Rant: I’m getting killed at work this week, and having to pick up a lot of work that isn’t mine.
    Rave: Getting a lot of brownie points and looking pretty good for doing it.
    Rant: In-laws. Not mine, thankfully, but my sibling’s. I have no idea how he deals with them.
    Rave: Girls’ weekend! I am SO overdue for a break, and it is going to be lovely to get away.

    • Mike

      The constant tango between your first rant and rave – like, my first two years in DC. You’re totally bringing me back, now! It was worth it in the long-run.

  • Rave: had a 4 hour long in person convo with my ex yesterday. It was nice to clear some things up, put everything out on the table, and let her know how i feel to date. i saw that she was considering us again but she never spoke to that, only asked questions about how we would make certian things work if we were to get back together
    Rant: seems like i have to let her go since she already wants to take someone else serious right now
    Rant: day 1 of this painful process

  • Rant: Tyronne (the rat) tried to sneak into bed with us (well…just the bedroom) early this morning causing some crazy antics from me and the husband. Time to call the exterminator. He’s getting too comfortable (or desperate).

    Rave: Can still bang out tough technical proposal work – worked a 10 hour day yesterday and it felt good to be “employed” for the day.

    Rave: Library e-books. Just loaded up again as I finished my last one (Allegiant – damn the first two were ok but I really liked this last one!) and I am on the hold list for a lot of interesting ones.

    • Oh and my favorite radio station is doing a song countdown and I’m loving every song. Makes work in dreary weather kinda nice! (Homemade pumpkin chocolate chip cookies help too)

      • Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies=the bomb. If they’re moist enough and you want them to keep for over a week (or to limit how many you grab because they’re there), stick them in your freezer.

        Also: had a mouse problem at my first place down here. Had a mouse on the dresser next to my bed trying to get at brownies one night (I wanted them to make it in in one piece to work). Definitely time to hire a pro. And definitely cried reading Allegiant. Glad you enjoyed it!

        • They’re the soft kind – great call on the freezer! I’ll have to do that so they don’t disappear ;-). Tyronne isn’t allowed to have any though.
          I’m so surprised Allegiant was so good – I kinda coasted through the first two but really was taken in by this one. Now if only the movies were as good!

          • I know. I felt Divergent was a bit of a let down. I’ll still check out the second and third movies, though. And hopefully your freezer is Tyronne-proof so he won’t get any!

    • Of course Tyronne will be more comfortable now that you’ve named him!

  • Rant: the weather this morning.
    Rant: Folks on the Red line. People, the train can’t move if you keep sticking your umbrella, arms, etc. in the door trying to force it open.
    Rave: Therapist appointment last night. He told me that I was punishing my 38 year old self for stuff that I did at 16 when I didn’t know any better and my social skills were not very developed. Lets me know that there is hope for my depression if I can only let things go and try to move forward.
    Rave: It’s cool enough to wear my thick bright orange sweater today that I love!

    • Emmaleigh504

      I feel you on your last 2 raves. I still revisit stupid crap I did a hundred years ago. Like that thing I did at 19 or not buying that bright orange sweater at 23. I should move on and just covet your sweater.

    • Oh yeah, there are many things I think about having done in the past (particularly during the teen years, and a couple times in college) where I’m like “oh damn, I was a big asshole!” What you might try thinking instead is, “good thing I now have the self awareness to realize I was acting like a big asshole back then! Look at all the emotional growth I’ve accomplished!”
      Everyone’s a dick when they’re 16.

    • Mike

      Do any of us stop punishing ourselves for awful things we did as teens? I’m constanly hit with little reminders. On particularly good days, it’s like my mind is telling itself “now now, don’t get too happy with yourself… remember SENIOR PROM??”

    • As I was exiting my red line train this morning, a woman was trying to squeeze by to the right of me (where there was no room) by using her large umbrella as a walking/poking stick. I just lowered my shoulder and made sure my gym bag completely blocked her. LADY – WE ARE BOTH GETTING OFF THE TRAIN AT THE SAME STOP. COOL IT WITH YOUR UMBRELLA CANE. And then there were the looks from people as I wove my way between standing commuters to reach a spot to stand. Yes, it’s raining. Yes, I’m wet. Yes, the rain is now dripping onto you. Move along.

      • I’m sorry, but no, I don’t want your rainwater on me. By that I mean: if you can minimize the dripping, please do so. A woman on the bus this morning decided not to close her umbrella fully before getting onto the bus, so by the time she reaches me and tries to close it by lifting it up above waist level, I’m splashed with water on parts of my body that wouldn’t have gotten wet(she also hit the mom and kid behind her). I managed to keep everyone dry around me by closing my umbrella before getting on the bus, pointing it down and keeping it low, then closing it up all the way.
        I see no reason why I need to be soaked because: you chose not wear/don’t own a hooded jacket, have cheap umbrellas which suck up water, etc.

      • “And then there were the looks from people…”
        Speaking of move along, instead of thinking you can read the meaning of looks on people’s faces, just go about your business. It sounds like you are giving off at least as much attitude as they were.

    • Your therapist speaks the truth. We are all clueless and narcissistic back then. But as much as she makes me cringe, I am tremendously fond and proud of my teenaged self. She was such a fearless little badass. I would love to have one tenth of her confidence now.

      • Wish I had confidence at 16. I was the total opposite, shy, quiet, basically scared of my own shadow.

        • Aha, then it’s not an “I was a jerk” regret, but maybe a “I didn’t make many friends back then” regret? If it’s worth any contemplation, most people aren’t still in contact/friends with the people they socialized with when they were 16 anyway. Sure, you may have had a few different experiences if you’d been more outgoing, but for all you know they could have been bad ones. In other words, perhaps the only lasting effect of your adolescence is the one you’re giving it now.

          • You’re right. I didn’t have many friends back in the day. I thought that it was a negative thing but maybe you’re right. The popular crowd may not have been all it was cracked up to be. My mind keeps going back to a mistake I think I made with a guy I was attracted to and I’m still punishing myself for.

    • skj84

      I still cringe at shit I did in my teens/ early 20’s. I just tell myself the past is the past. There is nothing I can do to change that. Just focus on the now.

    • Got the cure for that – you get to an age where you don’t remember your teens. Long before dementia sets in.
      I used to regret decisions I made in my twenties, but I can’t really remember that decade anymore. Except that I still live with the consequences of those decisions in the paths my life has taken as a result.

    • We’re so much more forgiving of others than ourselves. I hope your 38-year-old self can find some kindness for your 16-year-old self soon. It’ll bring you so much peace.

  • Rave: Want to try to actually learn the banjo I bought years ago. Anyone out there know someone who gives lessons?

    • No, but I need to learn mine as well.

    • R Street Music (on S street) does for sure, and they have banjos at the studio if you don’t want to schlep yours to your lessons. Both teachers are good guys, and I can personally highly recommend Chris — who’s a very patient, thorough teacher. Banjo lessons are also available at/through the House of Musical Traditions in Takoma Park. I haven’t taken lessons at HMT — but as you can tell from my rave today, I think they’re good people.

      • Also, many of the working musicians in DC also give lessons — and/or have friends that do. So if there’s a musician that you enjoy listening to, it wouldn’t hurt to ask them for recommendations re: lessons.

    • I think Ira Gitlin teaches (when he’s not gigging) and he’s one of the best players in the region.


      • Though for beginners, someone’s ability to teach matters a lot more than someone’s ability to play. Not saying this guy wouldn’t be great, but I’ve had a couple bad experiences trying to learn an instrument with really talented musicians who were not gifted as teachers. They would have been *fantastic* if I had more skills and was ready to jam, but for learning the basics they were just awful. Plus they were more expensive. Starting out I did a lot better with teachers who were competent (but not incredible) musicians but who could explain things clearly and could explain how/why to do the basics.

    • skj84

      Maybe Middle C Music on Wisconsin Ave? Also there is a music shop that is next to Macon Bistro, and I’m blanking on the name. I know they offer adult lessons.

  • Rant: Hotdog carts. Or more precisely, lack of hotdog carts. There are three between my office and the metro, except on rainy/ windy/ too cold/ too hot days. Then there’s maybe one, or none at all. I understand not wanting to sit in a tin cart on a 100 degree day. But what’s the rationale for staying home today? I am cranky without my coke.

    • I suspect their reasons have more to do with expected sales than with their personal comfort. Probably not too many folks wandering around the streets looking for hot dogs on a cold rainy day.

    • Rational: Not wanting to be outside behind a cart on a rainy day for the rare customer that might want a cold drink. There are plenty of indoor spots where you can pick up your coke. As you head towards your cozy indoor office workspace, do you really need a rationale for why someone who works outdoors might stay home on rainy/windy/too cold/too hot days — when working conditions suck and customers are likely to stay indoors?

      • I think maybe you don’t understand what I’m referring to. These hot dog carts, the kind that are usually all over downtown, are enclosed. Like mini food trucks. And they sell lots more than cold beverages.

        • No, thanks for the clarification. I thought that by “hotdog cart” you meant, well, a cart. Like the small kind that just hold food, and maybe an umbrella. And I thought “I am cranky without my coke” meant that a cold beverage was all that you intended to by. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Hope you had a nice lunch!

    • I remember back in the day (mid to late 90’s) downtown DC had hot dog carts on every corner. I remember on 16th and K at one point there was one on each corner.

  • Rave: A full-length waterproof raincoat and waterproof yet still stylish leather boots. (I have a 15–20 minute walk to work.)
    Rave: Got a good performance evaluation and a merit raise at work.
    Rant: Still don’t like my job. Maybe I’m just an ungrateful wretch.
    Rave/Rant: Applied for a couple of positions a week and a half ago. Jobs are sparse in my field, so two in a week is very exciting. However, the posting for one of them closed on the 10th and I haven’t heard anything one way or the other. There go my hopes and dreams for a job I don’t hate.

    • Ohh, where are the boots from? Don’t hold out on us!

    • You are not an ungrateful wretch. I absolutely loathe my job. They love me, because I am very good at what I do and am willing to take on a lot of the hard work. I have a wonderful boss, but otherwise work with people I don’t like on matters I don’t like. But, I feel that if I am working, I need to do my best work regardless of whether or not I like what I am doing at that moment, which is why I still get good reviews. Liking your job and being liked/valued at work do not have to be related. I will note that being liked at work is what has made it very hard to think about leaving a job I otherwise hate.

      • Yes, I get that. Because most of us leave jobs we like well enough, or better, when we are unlucky enough to get a boss who is a jerk who doesn’t like us and makes us unhappy. It is hard to get it all right at once – and when you do, it never lasts that long.

      • Glad to know I’m not alone—but I am sorry to hear you’re in the same position, anon! It’s hard not to feel guilty for complaining when 1. so many people are unemployed and jobs are hard to find; 2. my boss and coworkers are really nice and great to work with; and 3. this job pays more and has better benefits than pretty much anywhere else I could be working in my general field. Still, the overbearing influence of the front office, the clusterf*ck way projects get completed, and my complete lack of interest in the mission of the organization suck my soul out a little bit every day. Whew. Thanks for listening.

    • Re. the boots, I’m saddened to find that they’re not available in black any more. Black is standard; WTF? They’re from Justin (a company that makes cowboy and work boots), and the model is the Santa Fe Roper. Here they are in brown: http : // tinyurl {dot} com/ neoahu4. They’re really well made and comfortable, the black version doesn’t scream COWBOY BOOTS (not that cowboy boots are inherently bad, they’re just not my style), and they’re plain enough to not ever be glaringly out of fashion.

  • Rant: Mattress shopping. Did the person who was going to buy the Saatva mattress actually get it? I’m concerned about buying a mattress online, but it would certainly speed up the process seeing as how I dread going to the mattress stores.

    • I don’t recommend buying a mattress online unless you know exactly what you want. You really need to try it out in the showroom. Macy’s has a good selection and almost permanent sales.

    • Andie302

      That was littlen (I think)…she got the recommendation from accountering. His mattress is amazing. I was there when they delivered it and they were great! If I were in the market I would order from that company in a heartbeat. I rank mattress shopping right up there with car shopping and cannot stand it! My most recent mattress purchase was at the Original Mattress Factory in Richmond (by way of being ranked highly on Consumer Reports) and I really like it as well. I have a double pillow top. They also delivered and were great to deal with. They don’t haggle…prices are what they are. They have split box spring and low profile box spring options. Good luck!

      • Agree on the misery factor, one note if you have slats and don’t need the box spring, most places will take $100-200 off the price (not negotiating, just they are priced separately in their systems).

    • Thanks! I know you’re probably right, KenyonDweller, but I’ve been dragging my feet on this for so long, online seems a risk worth taking.
      I think I will pull the trigger on the Saatva. Thanks for the feedback, Andie302. And like Mintwood noted, I have a platform bed so don’t need the box spring/foundation. Wish me good sleep!

      • Accountering

        You definitely should! Good luck! The fact that they don’t have any sort of referral program, yet you are still getting ringing endorsements should speak volumes. I love that they are made in the USA too.

    • That was me! Yes, I did, and I’m quite happy with it and the level of service. 🙂

      • I got the luxury firm – I like softer beds so at first I thought it might be a bit too firm for me, but I’ve settled into it (and they have a very good exchange policy for the first 45 days). I also got a metal bed frame from Amazon that someone recommended to me, which seems to be quite good and that meant I don’t have to deal with a box spring (yay!).

      • Thanks for the feedback! Glad it’s working out for you.

  • Rant: What’s worse than crappy political campaign ads for weeks before an election? When said ads are for elections in states you don’t live in. I realize I don’t have to watch tv at all, but Jeopardy I do.

    • binpetworth

      +1. I am so sick of these Larry Hogan/Barbara Comstock/women’s right to choose/John Foust is creepily looking over your shoulder ads during every commercial break.

    • Accountering

      So happy I live in the northern part of the city. When I visit the GF on Capital Hill, she is inundated with Gillespie trying to explain how bipartisan Mark Warner is the problem. Going to be happy to see that guy lose!

      • I live in NW, maybe not northern enough? I was glad DC politicians don’t bother with TV ads, figuring they can’t target the market directly and efficiently enough, but saw a Bowser ad last night.

  • Rave: just booked a lovely cabin near Luray, Virginia for Valentine’s weekend! Question for PoPvillers who’ve been in those parts during winter: what are the chances I can drive out there in just my Toyota corolla and not have weather problems? Can you even put snow chains on a corolla? Would they be necessary? (Being from Texas, I know zero about driving in winter weather.) Thanks!

    • The chances are 5:1 fine. However, the last 50 feet may be a problem, in my experience.

    • If the cabin is only accessible via an unpaved and/or steep road then you could have problems getting a “normal” car to it if it is snowy, icy, or even just very wet/muddy. I don’t think anyone can tell you what the weather will be like in February except that it will be cold and it might rain or snow.

    • In most conditions a front-wheel drive car will do just fine. I used to live in a hilly New England town, and a favorite pastime during snowstorms was to walk around town and watch the Corollas and Civics chug up the hills past the 4-wheel drive SUVs that slid into the ditches. As Anonymous says, you might have to walk in the last bit, but any highway or paved road that is cleared should be OK, and if it’s not you wouldn’t want to be out there in a 4-wheel drive or with chains, either.
      Are chains even allowed in VA? In a lot of the east they are not allowed.

    • That sounds dreamy!

    • OO! How did you find the cabin? Is it expensive? I would love to do this, but not sure I can spare a ton of money.

      • I used the HomeAway website and typed in “Luray, VA” for the destination. You can filter from there. Prices can vary a lot based on size and what amenities a cabin has. Many of them have the same per-night price as a nice hotel in D.C. would.

        • The person you’re renting the cabin from should tell you in detail any potential problems with road conditions. Ask them. But most cabins in Luray are pretty easy – I’ve rented one that was about 30 min. down a gravel road, and it still seemed like a good road.

  • Rave: had a really great conversation with a friend last night about some art projects I have in mind – might be enlisting the help of PoPvillains, especially the Mount Pleasanty ones over November. I hope some of you are up for being in creepy photos!
    Rant: missed a mandatory ethics training today (out sick – that’s what I get for taking photos in the rain for an hour) and it was the last one – unsure of when I can make that up.
    Rave: Paul Kirchner’s “The Bus”
    Rave: more time to work on the BLK TAG remix that is turning out kind of crazy but I like it.

  • Rant: A taxi nearly ran me over in the crosswalk this morning.
    Rave: I literally jumped out of the way just in time.
    Rant: I hate waiting. Applied for a few jobs, but haven’t heard anything.
    Rave: I haven’t gotten rejection emails yet.

  • Rant: Skinny jeans. I bought a pair for the first time. I’m used to comfy bootcuts and worn-in bellbottoms, not structured, hole-less, brand new, “stylish” jeans. I’m 5″ and average-sized but damn I feel really goofy. And short.
    Rave: Kabocha squash. (I’m eating it for breakfast actually- it’s that good.)

    • You get used to them – now boot cut feels super weird to me. You can also go for the “slim jeans” which are supposed to be a bit looser.

    • 5″ huh?
      *giggles like a child*

    • The big advantage of skinny jeans is that their ideal length is WELL above ground level. I love boot cuts for comfort, but hate how easily the hems get wet on days like today, and hate having to fold them up to avoid getting them wet.

      • These are clearly not the ideal length.

        I had a pair in 8th grade. I wore them with a belted blouse and penny loafers. I keep looking down and thinking- my GOD it’s the 80s again. I can’t wait to go home and put my pajama pants back on. HEAVEN.

    • kabocha is my fav! I love it steamed, makes also a great soup

      • i just learned you can eat the skin. it ain’t half bad. and i found a recipe for non-dairy kabocha mac&cheese (but my arms still hurt from chopping up the two i cooked last night so that’ll have to wait lol).

  • Rave or rant? I just discovered the Tony Bennet/Lady Gaga album on Youtube. I’m afraid my enjoyment of it on this dreary, rainy hump day may make me very, very basic indeed. Am I devolving?

    • retreating toward the norm, maybe? Have you been drinking lots of white wine and PSLs?

    • Andie302

      I’d have to say no. I thought Gaga was a joke until one of her live SNL performances…it was amazing and it was clear that she’s monumentally talented and probably dumbing down most of her stuff for the masses. I saw some of her commentary on the album with Tony Bennett and she said she was nearly done making music before they got together. I haven’t heard it yet, but now I’m curious.

      • Yeah, I think Lady Gaga has about 78% of the raw musical talent on pop radio today. (Nate Ruess has 9% of it.) Too bad the market is so saturated with crap that she had to go all Performance Artist in order to get even a bit of the attention she deserves.

    • skj84

      Gaga has legit Jazz pipes! As much as I love comic, I wish she would showcase her natural talent more often. She’s a skilled pianist and singer. Don’t fe guilty about enjoying her collaboration with Tony Bennett.

  • Rant: he initiated conversation with me again last night. Whhhyyyyy
    Rave: babysitting tonight = getting paid to sit on someone else’s couch and grade papers
    Rant/rave: landlord said I can move back to Woodley January 1. $4450/month for a 5br house. Wants a 2 year lease though. I still want it but it could be problematic if I’m the only one of my former group who wants back in.

    • $890/person for a newly renovated house in CP is a STEAL. You’ll be able to fill it in no time with people from Craigslist, friends-of-friends, etc. Best part is that you’ll be in charge – you get to set the prices for the rooms, pick your choice of rooms, etc. It would be foolish to give that up, IMHO.

      • It’s more the two year lease and the possibility he may not allow us to be replaced on the lease that’s causing me worry..

        • Andie302

          Check with him…if you’re willing to take responsibility for two years and deal with the headaches of replacing roommates, hopefully he won’t care! Regarding the guy…the best explanation I got was from a girlfriend of mine that had a ton of guy friends. She said she noticed that her single guy friends liked to keep a number of women on the hook at any given time, just in case they wanted someone to hang out with. She nicknamed it their “stable of bitches” which is sort of gross but also kind of funny. When I was single she would always tell me to stay out of the stable.

          • It’s not just guys who do this. I’ve done this too. Although, more for purely physical activities. There wasn’t much emotional connection happening.

        • Why would he not allow people to be replaced on the lease? That’s weird. I’ve never heard of a group house landlord doing that.
          My last group house landlord asked that any roommate leaving before the August 1 lease renewal date pay a $100 fee so he could have his lawyer re-draft the contract in the middle of the year. That seemed like a fair compromise. Perhaps offer that to your landlord and put it into the lease. It seems like he’s worried about the expense/hassle of re-drafting the lease every time someone leaves, which is a reasonable concern. But there are ways to alleviate that.

        • Little secret: it’s VERY difficult to enforce no assign/sublet clauses. If the person is of equal caliber (same or better income, planning to stay for the remainder of the lease, good credit, no issues, etc), he’d be very hard pressed to show why you shouldn’t be allowed to swap.
          Perhaps offer a slightly higher rent for 1 yr lease or see if he’ll be fine swapping with properly vetted prospects as mentioned above.

          • Accountering

            I don’t even believe a 2-year lease is legal? Also agree with anon 1.5. I would certainly stick with this place, this is an awesome deal, and you should go for it. You will have no issues finding roommates at $1000/month.
            Re: Dude. You are definitely on the roster, but not top spot. Not the worst, not the best, but you should know that. I think it is reasonable to say you are batting third or fourth right now. If you like the guy, and are okay with that, then stick with it, otherwise, move on – and keep us updated! 🙂

          • Yeah, she’s on the roster, but he’s a bad manager. It’s one thing to date someone who is dating (or “dating”) other people, but not if they have zero ability to manage it and leave you hanging for so long you think he’s moved on.

          • I think she should bunt and attempt a Suicide Squeeze. Worst thing that happens? She’s in a pickle, running between two guys. 😀
            Play the field, iindsay.

          • Agreed with Jeslett. And what’s that saying — “Don’t treat as a priority someone to whom you are only an option”?

  • Rave: Boy gets back tomorrow night after being gone for almost 2 weeks 🙂 It’s a new relationship, but crazy how much I’ve missed him.
    Rant: WMATA. Stacked buses that had no one on them drove by me when I was a block away from the stop, then the next bus didn’t come for like 20 minutes, and red line was packed and was running really slow.
    Rave: Spending tonight cleaning, so I can focus on school stuff Thursday and Friday – I’ve been too busy between school and work to clean much the past few weeks.
    Question: Has anyone else done the working-through-grad school thing? How did you manage it?

    • Mike

      Worked through grad school in 2007-2009. Working through law-school currently. It’s doable, if you can be okay with turning down most (not all) social invitations, if you’ve got a friend/lover/roommate who helps pick up slack around the house, and if your friends don’t ditch you permanently because they’re tired of having their social invitations turned down (most of the time). I also think it depends on the person?

      • Agree with all of this, especially with managing your social life. You will have less of one, probably much less, and in addition to using what’s left of your free time wisely you may also have to deal with friends, family, etc. who don’t get to see you as much. If you are surrounded by needy people then it may be difficult for you.

    • I did the working through grad school thing and balanced fine. Find a program that is specifically designed for working professionals and go from there. Good luck!

      • Mike

        +1 to the program. I knew I missed something. Being in an evening program (for example) not only surrounds you with faculty and staff who know that your school-life comes after your job, spouse, house, kids, pets, etc., but it also surrounds you with like-minded classmates who are also juggling umpteen obligations.

      • Yes, find a program that suits your needs. I teach for a grad program that caters to working professionals, and nearly all of my students have families, work, and school, and from my perspective, are mostly all fine.

    • Becks

      I taught a full 40 hours plus grading papers while going to school full time for my Masters at a foreign university where all of my classes were in Chinese. I taped the classes to listen to over and over again on bus rides.. Time management is key. Create notecards for studying when waiting for the bus, between meetings/classes, in the restroom, ect. Make connection charts as to how the content you are studying is related and keep it in the restroom to glance over at and add to. It’s hard, but it will be worth it!

      • Becks

        And to add…..You will have no social life. It will not exist. I got some fish. Great listeners, but horrible conversationalists.

    • I did it as well from 2008-2010. And everything everyone says above is correct. Make sure the program is good and that they have everything you want offered remotely (if you’re doing a remote program). I couldn’t have a concentration because I was remote/distance, which was fine, because they offered certificates to us instead, but my environmental health certificate work was really toxicology heavy because they had more of those classes online than some others I really wanted.
      Make sure if you have to go to the campus for anything that it’s realistic to do so. My program has some really concentrated courses in the summers and winter term, so you could knock out your in person stuff with two trips.
      But yes, your social life will be hard. Getting to the end of the work day and still having to work will be hard. One trick I had to keep from procrastinating was to stay and work and mentally flip a switch at 5pm, then start school work. Another trick was that I thought almost all of the content was really cool. It sounds silly, but being engaged is a sure fire way to stay on top of the work and stay motivated.

    • Thanks all – I’m doing a JHU program at Dupont, and it’s actually just a short walk from work (which helps). I know that there will be tons of work for both school and work, and I’m having trouble keeping up with all the readings. So far, my friends and family have all been great, but I’m feeling overwhelmed with one (not so great) midterm behind me and my professor only really highlighted the areas I need to study more on when I met with her (as if I have more time). How did you all keep from feeling like you were drowning?

      • Mine was a JHU program, though not the same as yours, and I thought they did a great job with the part time program. It’s nice that yours is in person.

      • Becks

        Time management. Daily to do lists, weekly to do lists. Timelines of when reading, papers- when first draft need by, ect. Schedule in Netflix or ” will walk down to the café for a cup of coffee”. The drowning feeling never goes away. Not until dissertation.

        • Becks, it sounds like your program was really really hard. My program was pretty demanding, but I didn’t have a drowning feeling and certainly not the whole time. I definitely felt guilty when I said I was going to spend an evening reading, but then watched TV instead. And it sucked when I spent entire Saturdays making up for it, but I think saying you will feel terrible the whole time and have zero social life is over dramatic. Or at least a probability that exists only at the farthest standard deviation.

          • I can see that teaching for 40 hours a week (plus prep and grading etc) and attending graduate school on top of this – in Chinese (I’m guessing Becks isn’t a native Chinese speaker) – could lead to feeling constantly overwhelmed.

          • I agree that that sounds like a ton of work, but I’m suggesting that her situation sounds like it’s rather outside the norm. So the declarative statements that your social life will not exist and you will feel horrible the whole time probably don’t apply in most cases.

    • Bear

      I did it, but my job wasn’t terribly demanding and they let me reduce hours to 35/week when I had tough semesters. I did have a social life, did not get nearly enough sleep, and I made it through in 2.5 years. I have toyed with the idea of going back for a PhD but the stipends aren’t enough to quit my job and I cannot imagine doing what I do now and also trying to do classes.

    • It’s when the relationship is new that you miss them the most. When we were still in the “do we really want to cop to sleeping together or should we just pull the plug and pretend it never happened phase?” of our relationship — less than two weeks in — she went to a conference for three days. It felt like months! Now it’s like “back already?” 🙂

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: Not sure if it was the rain or if Ginger Rodent and Rat Astaire are now Immortally Challenged but my newspaper appeared untouched by Hantavirous paws this morning.

    Rant: Former tenant moved back to town last night and called me, sent two messages and hit me up on a dating site (I’ve ignored all ). I’m sure he wants to move in but until his is gainfully employed, no way. He has entitlement issues although admittedly he cleans and always did yard work with me. He’s often unemployed and definitely not a trust fund baby. If I’m giving up privacy again I want to be compensated for it!

    Rant: The semi-new VCE softphone the peons here are forced to use. The first ten minutes of each teleconference are spent with people trying various combinations of the softphone and Lync and often people drop randomly due to burps in the network. Of course upper management here have the fancy desk phones so are clueless as to what a hit to productivity it is. No wonder only 39% of us in a recent survey thought management gave a crap about us.

  • Rant: toddler stomach bugs. Kiddo has diarrhea & can’t go back to day care until it clears up. And if the past is any indication, that could take awhile. See you later, sick days.
    Rave: got to bring her into work for a party to celebrate colleagues’ weddings. I was one of the party planners, so wanted to be able to help set up/clean up/etc. And several colleagues have wanted to see the kiddo for awhile, so that was fun. It was a little exhausting chasing her down the halls, but fun nonetheless.

  • Here’s a fun rant/quandary for you this on this gloomy morning.
    We have new neighbors and our bedrooms share a common (solid brick) wall. Since they moved in a few weeks ago, we’ve heard a lot of banging sounds from this wall. I mean banging in two different ways and it’s really a lot of banging. It’s kind of funny and cute but mostly really loud and a little bit awkward. Also, this probably means that they can hear me and my husband, and that’s even more awkward.
    Should we just try to get used to it is there anything we can do?

    • Ask them to move their bed away from the wall?

    • Pool noodles. Use command strips to attach a couple of pool noodles to the back of your headboard. Then give a few to your neighbors with the note “We attached these to the back of our headboard. Though you might like to try it too!”

      • PDleftMtP

        Foam weatherstripping also works.

      • It’s hard to imagine saying this without giggling like a 12 year old, but this and the weatherstripping are great ideas. I don’t think our bedframe is an issue because it’s plastic and doesn’t have a headboard, but it sounds like theirs is made of solid wood or steel!

        • Or they installed a St. Andrew’s cross right up against the wall. They may even have an entire dungeon! Rawr. 😀

  • the third floor tenant of the house i live in (basement apartment) is very heavy footed coming down the stairs. our schedules are different enough that it wakes me up. i know the grown up thing is to talk to her about maybe trying to walk lighter or put on her shoes at the door- but i hate confrontation and i know sometimes we make noise so i don’t want to open a flood gate. maybe just let it be…….

    • I assume you’ve tried/can’t do ear plugs, but have a chat. She probably has no idea or wouldn’t mind taking it easy doing your sleep times.

      • it’s not like it happens at all hours- just the hour before i need to get up to start my day. she is totally nice and we chat whenever we see each other. i am almost definitely being overly anxious about something that isn’t a big deal

        • No, it doesn’t sound like a big deal, and I get having that off schedule (I have worked 5pm-5am before). Just let her know what time you’re getting up usually and see if she can walk softer before then….or something like that. I probably wouldn’t use the word clydesdale, but maybe, if it’ll lighten the mood. 😉

  • Rave: Loving work from home on a cold rainy day like today
    Rave: Little email traffic coming through
    Rave: Meeting friends for drinks tonight
    Rant: Friday girl – I got pretty frustrated with her after she texted me a few times about things that should really be discussed in person.
    Rave: I got frustrated but then I realized she has good intentions, not holding it against her
    Rave: We are seeing each other this weekend
    Rant: I still feel like im walking on eggshells a bit, we havent been able to talk in person about “things” so this weekend could go either way.
    Rave: Uniqlo Blackwatch Flannel that just arrived is auh-maze-ing

  • em

    Rant: Totally wiped out on the slick marble floor of my office building this morning, complete with flailing arms, hitting my head on the floor, bruising my leg, and taking out the metal “Caution Wet Floor” sign (which clattered and echoed through the lobby). Two people on the elevator + an office mate witnessed the show. The sad thing is, I WAS being cautious of the wet floor, and still managed to wipe out.

    Revel: The glass container of soup in my lunch didn’t break, even though my lunch bag hit the deck.

    • I ALMOST DID THAT! I took a turn too fast getting off the carpeted ramp at work and onto the lower lobby in my rain boots. You’re not alone!

  • Rant: moving Saturday and about to pass out from stress
    Question: I would love to try Zumba. Can anyone recommend a class for (out of shape) beginners in the Columbia Heights/ Park View/ Petworth area? I’d like to NOT join the WSC in CoHei if possible.

    • Free Zumba classes at the Raymond Rec Center on Wednesday nights, also offered at the Dance Institute of DC (don’t know the cost). You might also check out BloomBars and the Emergence Community Art Collective

  • Rave: Tinder
    Rant: Tinder
    Revel: I love lazing on the couch and reading/watching tv/movies on rainy days. I hope it’s still going when I get home so I don’t feel bad about lying in sweats catching up on movies on HBO

    • Ooooh, do tell us your Tinder tales of pride and shame. 😀

      • I unfortunately don’t have much of note to say yet. I just joined it last night. The rave comes from having a few matches and a brief conversation. The rant is because I’m really shy so I struggle to start conversations. I’m a guy, so I feel like the honus is on me to get things going and I don’t know where to begin. I’ll try and mention something in one of her pictures or a common interest, but sometimes there’s nothing to go on.
        I’ve been single for about a year and haven’t been on a first date in about 7 so I’m trying to be happy with baby steps, but I can’t help but feel awkward. Hopefully (?) soon I’ll have some exciting stories for everybody.

        • Online dating can be stressful but also fun. Have fun with your conversations. Ladies like myself enjoy wit and humor when it comes to messaging. I go on dates with the funniest and the most interesting not necessarily the “hottest” guy who messages me.

        • I’m initially, quite shy — so I often start conversations saying just that: That I’m shy, and sometimes it takes me a little bit of time to warm up. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the response to this — once people get “shy” as opposed to snotty or standoffish, or the sense that I’m being deliberately quiet. Congrats on your baby steps! And looking forward to your stores!

      • Yes, please!

  • Becks

    Rave: I love this cold, rainy Fall weather!
    Rant: I hate waking up before the sun comes up and getting home after or near dark.
    Rave: My clover has bloomed and has lovely bright red balls on stalks above the verdant green clover. So pretty!
    Rant: Bad neighbors and the music. I get a teleconference call at home and am asked to turn down “my” music. I hate bad neighbors! I had to take the call in the kitchen with the laptop balanced on my knees.
    Rave: I am going Pumpkin picking this weekend! We are going on a hayride and to several distilleries. I am really looking forward to being outside, slightly tipsy , in the Fall weather, and on a hayride!

  • justinbc

    Rave: A really cool job just opened up offering international travel for more than half the year.
    Rant: Taking it would mean a pretty significant paycut (15-20%), but I think I might go for it anyway just for the experience.

    • Travel to where?
      I don’t get to do (or “have to do,” depending on how you look at it) much travel in my current job, but the few times I’ve had to travel for work I’m always surprised at how exhausting it is.

      • justinbc

        It’s with a relief organization, so it’s not glitzy travel, but it’s to places I definitely wouldn’t be booking on my own which to me is intriguing. I used to travel quite a bit with my former employer, and I miss it a lot.

        • Would you be doing field work or office work (in these less than glitzy locations)? Working directly with beneficiaries after a disaster is rewarding but can also takes an emotional toll.

          • justinbc

            Primarily in an office overseeing those who are out in the field. I agree, I’m pretty thick skinned, but after a while continual tragedy exposure can wear down even the toughest folks.

          • The most seasoned professional can be affected by working – directly or indirectly – with survivors of disasters, conflicts, etc. And, I know that a number of relief organizations offer additional support to staff deploying in emergency response.

    • Per diem helps to make up for the pay cut. I typically eat cheap when I travel on government business, so I’m usually pocketing quite a bit of extra cash if it’s a week long trip. And, of course, you get free vacations via the mileage accumulation and taking an extra day off on the front or back end of a trip to see a new place. If it’s a foreign trip, I’ll sometimes take off an extra week (last time I had a week of meetings in Switzerland and then spent a week on vacation in London and Berlin). It’s quite nice.
      Not sure what your rules are at your agency/company, but my per diem is solely for food and personal expenses. Cabs, transport, hotel, internet access, dry cleaning, etc are expensed totally separately from the per diem. My buddy in the Foreign Service banked enough money to buy a nice engagement ring via per diem expenses over a year.

      • justinbc

        Yeah the per diem would definitely help to supplement the decrease in wages. There are a lot of higher level positions (which I have now, but would be giving up) at this place as well, that I would pretty easily be qualified for once I had the requisite time in there. Ultimately I think the rewarding nature of it would be more than enough to make up for a year or two of less salary.

        • Cost of living in “less than glamorous” place can also significantly decrease how much you spend per month if you are spending a good amount of time there. If you don’t take this job, how about passing it on to me (a popville stranger who would love a job like that, haha).

    • Do you speak another language? I found that my field assignments in countries where I spoke the language were MUCH more enjoyable than those in countries I didn’t– even though English was always the language of the work. I started to dread assignments in Latin America (I don’t speak spanish), because I knew how much better it could be.
      All that to say, the ability to go a little native makes a huge difference when you’re traveling that much.

      • justinbc

        Fortunately the only 2 areas where they have offices that don’t heavily feature English are Senegal and El Salvador. For the other countries it might not be the dominant language but it’s at least spoken pretty commonly through the region.

    • Do you know how long the typical deployment would last?
      This sounds like a really interesting opportunity, and the pay cut could be balanced by other benefits like seeing parts of the world you may not have the chance to visit otherwise. And per diem.
      Would you be working for a different organization?

      • justinbc

        No indication yet how long each tour would be, because yeah it’s with a different organization so I don’t have anyone here to get more details out of. I went ahead and applied, guess I’ll find out if they pick me!

  • I Dont Get It

    Bonus Rant: The cash registers in the cafeteria are not some cleverly disguised slot machines. Each and every time you will be required to pay for your food so please don’t wait until the end of being rung up to start looking in your ginormous purse for your money. I’d say “you know who you are” but clearly you don’t.

  • Rant: People who come in to work sick or bring their sick kids in to work. I get it, none of us gets enough sick leave. But deciding that you don’t want to take your sick leave and bringing the contagion into the office so that others get sick and have to take theirs is just selfish. I get sick SO easily and I dread the fall/winter sick season.

    Double rant: people not having enough sick leave to take off. (I’d rant about a culture of work through being sick, but that isn’t really an issue in my office)

  • Rave?: may be my first popville HH if i can make it tomorrow

  • Rave: Back to back house tours (Dupont and Mt. Pleasant) this past weekend with absolutely gorgeous weather. Part of Ingleside Terrace was blocked off for a pig roast and the whole block smelled divine.
    Rant: I am majorly out of shape and it’s taken me two days to recover from all the walking.
    Rant2: Looking at my house after viewing all the Tour homes.
    Rant3: Major uptick in crime in Takoma DC with house break-ins, robberies, etc. Neighbors thinking of forming a neighborhood watch. Sad.

  • Small rant: All day yesterday and all day today, I keep thinking it’s Thursday. It think it’s because I’m really overeager for the latest installment of Serial!

  • RANT: Online date and I friendzoned each other. I can’t believe I’m admitting this BUT I regret that. In our text exchange recently (cause we’re friends now and friends communicate regularly, right?), he kept saying how he’s unfortunately not seeing anyone. I glossed over that comment and cracked a joke instead. Never told him if I’m seeing anyone because I’m not and didn’t feel the need to share that. I am hopeless.

    • Why not ask him out for drinks? Friends do that. And if something more develops, then great!

      • I REALLY want to do that.. I’m probably going to do that. Wish me luck.

        • Good luck! People change their minds all the time. You did. There’s no reason he hasn’t/can’t change his mind about it as well after having talked to you more.

      • If I remember correctly, they’ve already been out on one (or maybe it was two?) dates and weren’t interested in each other romantically.
        LA, it does sound like your former date/new friend is being a bit tactless in remarking (repeatedly?) about his dating life, or lack thereof.

        • justinbc

          +1 Yeah, that’s kinda rubbing it in.

        • Or maybe he’s dropping hints/letting LA know he’s still available, and is not good at being direct.

        • I don’t think it’s tactless if he is under the impression that she’s not interested in him romantically, and from the sounds of it he has reason to be under that impression. It sounds to me as if they’re both still feeling this one out and there’s no reason for us to negatively judge the one that doesn’t happen to be posting on this website.

          • Yeah, he’s a nice guy. We just communicate really freely as friends would. Maybe he did just feel like we’re friends and that’s what friends do. BUT I never bring up dating EVER. He’s the one who talks about it, and I just avoid the subject.

    • What do you regret? And why are you having a hard time admitting it? It’s okay if you go on date with someone and you like them, wish there was more, and then nothing comes of it. With dating, that’s sort of what happens until it stops happening. It’s preferable to be the one in the driver seat (deciding that the other person isn’t for you) but the odds of that happening all the time just aren’t great. Thanks for sharing and hope the next one is more than a friend.

      • I guess there’s not a lot of regret. It worked out the way I thought it would work out. I wanted to tell him I think we are better off as friends first, then he beat me to it and said he doesn’t necessarily see something romantic with me. I was relieved. Now we talk like friends, and I guess I still have a bit of a crush. Can we really just be friends?

        • Is this maybe just wanting something because he told you that you can’t have it? Or you liking him, not wanting to like him because he doesn’t feel the same way, and now trying to navigate in the wake of that? You can be friends, but if that’s not what you want that it’s going to drive you bananas.

          • Oh no, I really like him. Not sure how much, but I’m certain I like him. I have not felt like this in years. I literally rarely feel anything for people, and I date and never feel anything. This is different. I can tell.

          • Then why would you want to tell him that you would be better as friends?

          • I thought at the time that yeah, being friends is probably best since there’s no crazy romantic spark. Then we’ve kept talking, and now we’re FB friends. And, that’s just led me to think hmm…maybe I like this guy more than I thought I did. Normally, I’d just be like, bye and never see the guy again, even if we decided we’d be better off as friends. But we talk regularly. I’m not used to this. UGH.

        • You can be both – I would just hang out with him and see what happens. If there’s definitely feelings/a spark there, just be upfront about it, I guess… Say the more you’re getting to know him the more you like him.

    • It depends how long you have been been broken up, as someone who has dated someone for a long time (on again off again), it is possible to be lovers, dating, friends, enermy (over a period of time). Switching around these roles to frequently is probably not a good idea…I would give it a little more time before you go back to dating him…you could just be lonely and he is the closest thing you had. But if you decide to see him again you need to be clear that you see longer term potential. Good Luck!

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