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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: The Walking Dead this season!!!!
    Rant: I have to wait until next week to see more.
    Rant: Binge watching TV shows on Netflix has made me so impatient. I need the immediate gratification of finding out what happens all in a single 15 hour viewing session!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: nice weekend
    Rant: work
    Rave: almost vacation time

  • Rave: Date planned this week (and yes she asked me out after I struck up the conversation) IrvingStreet, told you so!
    Rave: Had a easygoing text conversation throughout the evening with the lady.
    Rant: Bicylist who thinks that the stop sign he blew through and the crosswalk I used are non-existent.
    Revel: Gave 2 weeks notice at my PT gig; manager didn’t make me work any of the last 2 weeks. It pays not to be a jerk in situations like that one.
    Revel: I now know how to ride a bike.
    Rant: Oh, I’m so sore!!!!

  • Rave: I had a lovely weekend — the perfect mix of lazy time on the couch and productivity around the house.
    Rant: It is Monday. Why do I sleep so poorly on Sunday nights?
    Rave: This weather! Hello, fall, I thought you’d never get here.

  • Rave: Had a nice weekend in Philly – with great friends and family. Ran a damn good bridal shower too (getting better and better at it. Practice makes perfect!).
    Rave: My brother sang to my sister-in-law at their wedding and someone finally posted a video. It’s beautiful and so moving and I’m so happy for them.
    Rant: Rat still hasn’t moved out nor touched the traps we set out…guess it’s time to call pest control. Not sure what he’s sustaining on as no food is out.
    Rave: Got to see my husband’s rat hunting outfit again last night – more and more hilarious every time!

    • I’ve found it can take a while to catch one. It took roughly 10 days to catch my mouse. I made sure to patch all the holes and trapped all the possible exits. Essentially I boxed him into the apartment, and he eventually came out in search of food, and I caught him. Did you find all the holes? Check behind everything including the dishwasher, seal under outside doors, etc. They’re wiry, but everything has to eat/drink eventually. Good luck!

      • Really?! 10 days? Can I get him to pay rent? We have named him so perhaps he’ll stay a while longer but we definitely haven’t been giving him food or water. Now to work on those holes – we have no holes in exterior walls (condo building with massive concrete walls) and I think the only other possible holes are for the stove and the dishwasher. Any other places they might get through?

        • Under the sink? Washer/dryer? Heating vents/units? I’m trying very hard not to mention a horrible heating unit/mouse story from my childhood. Eeeew. The resolution (glue trap) was not pretty.

        • Stove and dishwasher were my spots, but also check for gaps under the door as they could come in through the hallway from another apt or from outside if you’re on the ground floor. I’d definitely check with neighbors as they may have holes as well but have never seen the mouse to go on high alert. They’re small, so I gather they can survive on an insanely small amount of food which is why I worked diligently to watch it’s path then trap the hell out of it. For example, it repeatedly hid behind my small bookcase (after coming from behind my dishwasher), so I made sure to lock it up against the wall on 1 side (no space), and once I saw it go back there, I dropped a trap at the exit. It finally came out the next day, and bam! I caught it.
          They can squeeze into spaces around the size of dime, so definitely check along baseboards as well. You will never kill a mouse if you do not get rid of the holes first. Diligence is the key.

        • Looks for holes around any other water pipes, especially in out-of-the-way places like a utility closet. Stuff steel wool into any gaps.

      • RatZapper. We only have mice not rats (thank god!) but I’m telling you…best invention EVER.

        • UDPie I have a rat zapper that I’m not using – while it didn’t trap the rat that was living under my porch, the rat went away. You’re welcome to it (I was going to freecycle it)

    • We had a wise rat at my house for several weeks a couple of winters ago. At one point we had spring traps, sticky traps and a humane cage trap trap set up, all baited with peanut butter and/or avocados, and nothing worked. In the end, either the rat poison got him or he moved out when the weather warmed up — and gnawing through the wires of three different appliances.

    • Can you share some bridal shower planning advice? I have to plan my first one next year. Venue? Food? Favors? I know a lot of the decisions are personal, but any tips or tricks are appreciated!

      • As a veteran of both attending and planning many a shower, no games!

        • Agreed on no games!

        • I’d usually say no games but my fellow bridesmaids were insistent. So I did two easy games – one was an index card where everyone wrote a favorite memory about the bride and/or groom and didn’t sign it. Then, during the present opening, the bride read out the memory and guessed who wrote the memory. Many chuckles, tears, and fun later, I think it worked well and broke up the relentless present opening. Plus, everyone got goofy prizes.

      • Definitely expectations are important to hash out in the beginning as everyone does a shower differently. I’ve had three this year so far and they were so different (outside with catered food, at an upscale pizza joint, or a potluck at a friends house) but all, I think, were successful as in the bride received beautiful, thoughtful gifts, everyone left full with good food and some drinks, and we got nice pictures and stories. Be upfront about what you can afford (bridesmaids typically pay for the whole thing) and don’t feel pressured by the “must-dos” – they can add up quick. And while the day is for the bride, it also is really nice to meet the other half’s family and I find the grandparents eat it up.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I’m a fan of bridal shower teas. Everyone gets to get fancy, enjoy good food and each other company, and there’s a set time to leave. If you go to a restaurant then there’s a bonus of no clean up. My family also likes to throw bridal luncheons. Same idea, but lunch instead of tea. Get out the good china, crystal, and silver and go to town.

      • I’ve only thrown one shower in my life (for my sister) but everyone raved about it so I’ll share what I did:
        – It wasn’t a huge crowd (mostly close family) so I held it at my parents’ house.
        – We’re tea lovers, so I did a tea party theme, mostly with food I made myself.
        – My sister likes scrapbooking, so I had the guests make a scrapbook for her. I asked everyone to bring photos and other mementos, and laid out scrapbooking supplies at the shower so everyone could make a page. Those who couldn’t make it were invited to make a page on their own if they wanted to. It turned out really well and was a fun activity.
        – I usually hate the games at showers, but I ended up doing a couple to break up the monotony of gift opening. One was a multiple choice quiz with various questions about my sister. For the other, people were shown pictures of my sister at various stages of her life and had to guess the age. That one was a big hit. I got cookbooks from the sale rack of Barnes and Noble to give as prizes.

        • Also, I have to throw a baby shower for her in a couple months and could use some ideas!

        • Oh, and for favors I did tiny potted flowers (which people could plant in their yards since it was the spring). If it were this time of year I’d give out mini pumpkins!

    • I got a kick out of your description of your husband’s rat hunting outfit. If I remember rightly, there was a squash racquet?! But, sadly, no pith helmet. Do you think he’d let you post a picture?

      • Hahah – I think a pic is a no-go. Last night’s outfit encore included the squash racquet but I should definitely get him a pith helmet – that’s a brilliant idea! Thanks for making anniversary gift shopping so easy for me!

  • justinbc

    Rave: Won tickets to the “Shuck It” oyster festival at Tony and Joe’s in Georgetown this weekend. Given the location, it actually turned out much better than I had anticipated (although at the low admission price of $0 it would have been hard to complain either way). Unlimited beer, unlimited oysters, and BBQ, nice! I think the normal price was $75, but there were apparently Living Social deals for $35. Favorite oysters of the day: “Sweet Jesus”.
    Rant: Friend who was supposed to take the other ticket I won forgot the event was on Saturday and was furniture shopping when I texted her that I had arrived. I understand she was very busy that day, so no big deal, just sucks having free food and booze go wasted.
    Rant: Forgot I agreed to go to a HH tomorrow with someone I’ve already rescheduled on once, and our appraiser is coming Wednesday morning but I’ve still got so much to do. Looks like it’s going to be a long night of projects tonight…
    Rave: FSU / ND game, one of the best all season, with a great outcome.

    • Were the Sweet Jesus oysters from the Hollywood Oyster Company in MD? If so, it’s a friend’s oyster farm and it’s so cool they were your favorites.

      • justinbc

        Yep! I’m a huge briny/salty oyster lover too, so was really surprised that they were my favorite of the day because they’re basically the opposite of that.

  • Neighbor is overseas for 10 days while another neighbor and I take care of her cats. This neighbor is a lifelong hoarder. I’ve been carefully cleaning floors, fridge, tables, etc… and removing obvious trash from the apartment. If I had my druthers, I’d be carting trash out of that apartment by the bushel. Very sad that someone ends up like this- spilled food left all over the apartment, cat waste left on floors, filthy refridgerator, used floss all over the floors and tables, mountains of dust, etc… So sad that an unhealthy mind leads her to live in squalor like this.

    • justinbc

      You are an incredibly nice neighbor…

      • Thanks, but I’m not so sure she is going to think that. I’ve seen hoarders shows on TV and know that hoarders can get pretty angry when someone tries to help them clean. Things that are trash to us (empty prescription bottles from 1985, old magazines from 2009, countless empty Twinings tea tin cans stacked up) are inexplicably things that some hoarders refuse to part with, or do so after suffering much distress. I’m trying to get rid of things she won’t notice and cleaning things that hopefully will not upset her. We shall see.

        • My mom is a hoarder (fortunately not of food waste), and this would not go over well at all. The “hoping she won’t notice” line is what makes me think that even watching episodes of hoarders hasn’t really prepared you for what her reaction will be.

        • justinbc

          She will likely flip out, but it sounds like it’s an improvement to her overall health conditions (living around pet waste is just disgusting).

        • My brother is a hoarder. If you haven’t read the book “Stuff,” check it out — it provides some good insight into the different kinds of hoarding, what works (and doesn’t work) with hoarders, etc.

        • You’re an awesome person for doing this!

        • what you are doing is kind and I hope she isn’t too angry/upset when she comes back. You may also consider calling the DC department of mental health to see if they can send someone out to see this person since she obviously needs some help.

    • That’s interesting that she allows you into her place, I’ve always thought that people with hoarding disease tend to be very secretive about their space. But, I guess the cats need to eat. I echo the others that you are a very kind neighbor and soul to do this – in many cases the such premises do present real health threats.

  • rant: I’m in a loveless relationship and neither of us can admit it.
    rave: I’m think I’m finally getting there.

  • Rave: Had a super fun weekend hosting friends from NYC and taking them around to the zoo, boozy brunch, nga, cook out, and so on. It was also very draining, but they were all chill guys so everything went over really well. I forgot how amazing the national gallery is. The line for the titian painting was ridiculous though.
    Rave: my two year anniversary with my SO is today!! we have come a really long way and I am just very glad we found each other. going to have a nice night out this upcoming weekend.

  • Rave: great weekend and a very productive Sunday.

    Rant: really dragging today.

  • Rave: Productive weekend.
    Rant: Sleepy. Hoping the caffeine kicks in soon.

  • Rant: Aggressive soccer parents. At my kid’s game on Saturday, the opposing team’s coaches were out of control, yelling and screaming at our kids for every little mistake, while the same transgressions by their own kids were either ignored or rationalized away. Our kids were openly discussing how the other team’s coaches hated them. Some were crying. It was truly shameful parental behavior.

    • Is this a Stoddert league? What ages? Out the bad parents – most at Stoddert are great, but some are awful (typically, in my experience, the independent school parents).

      • Yes, it’s Stoddert, and they were second graders. Most parents and coaches (who tend to be parents) have been great. Every once in a while, I’ve encountered parents who were uptight and too concerned about winning, but this was far beyond anything else I’ve run into.

        • Single-sex or co-ed league? I ask because that’s my kid’s grade – I want to know who to watch out for (though I understand if you don’t want to identify the school). I also want to make sure it isn’t our team, though I was at the game this week, and can’t imagine it was us. (Plus, sliding with both feet? Definitely not our team – we’re more likely to be picking flowers.) Do you play at Carter Baron?
          If an opposing coach was yelling at our girls, I’d be beyond pissed.

          • I actually didn’t know they had different leagues. My kid’s team is all boys, but I thought that was because no girls signed up this year. Anyway, this was all boys on both teams, so definitely not your team.

          • @KenyonDweller: They offer co-ed teams and all-girls teams startign in second grade. We switched to all-girls because the physical differences (and relative aggressiveness) between boys and girls was starting to get pretty stark, anhd my daughter just wasn’t enjoying it as much. It was a great decision – she now loves soccer again. That said, her prior team still has a couple of girls who didn’t switch, including one who is the best player on the co-ed team. She’d be bored stiff if she’d made the switch. Anyway, one last prying question – was the team you played a DCPS team, a DCPCS team, or a private school team? (As you hay have guessed, I have my suspicions . . . )

    • Is this the new “normal”? It sounds appalling! I’m not a sports-parent, so I don’t know how this works — but why would the OTHER team’s coaches get to yell at YOUR kids? Aside from the good sportsmanship fail, I would have thought that a coach would only get to yell at their own team? It’s hard for me to imagine that this is a good experience for anybody.

      • They were yelling at perceived infractions, such as sliding with both feet, which they were completely convinced was intentional not inadvertent. These are 7-year-olds. They make mistake and really aren’t capable of much malice. At this age, there are no refs and so these coaches apparently felt justified in screaming their displeasure at a bunch of little kids.

    • Holy cow! My kid is a 2nd grader and has no idea about all the arcane rules. I’d be happy if she actually kicked the ball and ran down the field. Would not take me long to lose it with the other team’s coaches. Maybe this is why I am not a soccer mom 😀 Well, actually, memories of getting cleated on the shin also have something to do with it.

  • Perfect storm of increased family responsibilities and decreased work flexibility. I might have to look for alternatives. I checked task rabbit, but they’ve changed their format… you can no longer browse tasks to see if it’s even the kind of thing you’d want to do. You have to sign up and get verified and then the service matches you with the requested tasks.
    I know this question has been asked before, but what are others doing for part-time work? Something that would let me take care of kids and an ailing family member? Do part-time office jobs even exist?

    • Instacart seems to be gaining popularity. And maybe check with a temp agency regarding PT office jobs? If you’re physically able, I worked PT at a hair salon as a shampoo assistant as a 2nd job while I worke don the Hill – with tips, I made more money per hour than I did when I was working on the Hill

    • PT office work exists but rarely. I’d check craigslist as I occasionally see things for PT admin/tax prep/etc esp. with tax time coming up. Restaurant work is likely your best bet though as the earning potential is far higher than you’d typically see with PT office work. My former co-worker took care of his ailing parents during the day and worked at night…he was FT, but it can obviously be done PT. Also dog walking, pet sitting, and things like that.

      • Beware the same scams on Craigslist that you would see with rental listings, however. Back when I was looking for PT work on Craigslist I’d e-mail about a job, and then receive some bogus message about them needing to do a “credit check” since I’d be handling money. Walk away.

    • Sorry to hear that the TaskRabbit format has changed. I’m not sure how flexible they would be, but lots of stores hire part-time people for sales and things like gift wrapping for the holiday season. I also know people who’ve had very flexible part-time jobs with the Census Bureau, so that could be worth checking. Would it work for you to do childcare? If you’re already scheduled around kids, maybe childcare would be an option. Even if it’s not something regular, many people would be thrilled to have an option for the days when school’s are closed. I hope things work out well for you!

    • Also, what do you want to do/are you good at? Do you have any physical limitations? Maybe people here can help? (i.e. if we move, I’ll need someone to help me pack…I’d pay for that directly to someone vs. a contracting service like task rabbit so stuff like that people here might know about)

    • Try redfin, they hire part time agent who just show houses (not selling), you got to have a car.

    • Are there any subjects you could tutor? I think I suggested this to someone else in another thread. It’s a very flexible side job that can pay decently.

    • Thanks everyone. It’s a little depressing because all these ideas are things I did 20 years ago, while I was trying to get established– temping, waiting tables, tutoring. I have a solid and desirable skill set now, and no trouble finding jobs in my field. I’m just having a hard time being chained to a desk for 40 hours a week. Especially since I’m generally quite efficient. It takes me no where near a work day to do a day’s work. I wish I could do what I do, for the money I deserve (deserve being used in the objective sense, not the entitled sense) on my own schedule. I can answer emails and write reports at 11pm, but I can’t take my kid for his check-up at 11pm, you know?

      • My/Our suggestions were limited in part because you gave us no information regarding your skills and interests other than “office work”. You might want to post your question again, since I’d bet that if you provided more specific information about your skill set, people would chime in with more specific directions regarding jobs.

  • Rave: Started clearing out the songs that haven’t properly loaded onto my iPhone today – I’ve cleaned out well over 600 songs and I’m only just starting the D’s (going alphabetically by song).
    Rant: it’s taking forever to try and play each song to figure out which ones aren’t there and deleting isn’t as quick as I like. Anyone have any tips?

  • Rave: Beautiful, chilly fall day.

    Question: does anyone know of bars hosting a costume party on Sat Nov 1? Not interested in the bar crawls. Just a fun bar.

  • Rant: I can maybe understand when you bring your baby to the bar because you can’t get a sitter on short notice and really need to get a buzz on, but your 5-year-old??? Come on. Act like a parent. You’re not in college anymore.

    • Is this a DC thing or is it happening everywhere these days? When I was a kid, the only people who dragged their kids into the bar with them were the real low-life types. These days, you see it all over DC.

    • What bar and what time? There are a lot of bars that can double as restaurants (bar food is often very kid-friendly) and before a certain time, there aren’t a lot of antics that would make a bar inappropriate for a kid. That said, there are certainly some bars that are generally kid-inappropriate (e.g. the Raven).

      • Yeah, I have no issue with bringing your kids to watch football on Sundays, or something like that. (One of my favorite memories is going to the bar with my grandpa and drinking Shirley Temples and coloring while he had a few beers watching the game with his buddies.) So long as the kids are well-behaved and the parents aren’t getting sloshed. (that’s kinda true for most places though) That being said, some places are much more kid friendly than others, and by about 7 or so, it’s time to roll out with the kiddos.

      • I think the kid and his/her behavior matters a lot more than the time/bar (with some exceptions where nobody under 21 should ever go!). I don’t mind parents bringing their children to public places (I encourage it, actually – if you wait until a kid is 10 to bring them out in public, they’ll really have no idea of how to behave). But parents need to be better about controlling their children and teaching them appropriate behavior or recognizing when it’s time to just leave (even if that means not finishing a meal).

    • Time of day? Venue? Eating a meal at a normal hour, or actually dragging their kid in for drinks at 9:00 PM? There’s a big difference.

    • I think it depends on the jurisdiction.
      In states that have a history of blue laws, I think you’re more likely to see places that double as bars and restaurants due to the regulatory structure of licensing. It’s not clear when the kids should leave, as it’s generally fairly family friendly during the daytime and early evening hours.
      I grew up in California, where you have a lot of bars that are strictly bars. No food is served and they all have large signs on the door that said “21 AND OVER ONLY.” You’d never take your kids to those types of places. You don’t get that kind of clear demarcation here in DC, VA, NY, etc.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Yeah, I still can’t get used to all the bars here serving food. Where I come from, if a bar had food it was a dusty bag of Zapp’s that had been hanging on the wall since the 90s or earlier.

  • Question: My husband is turning 40 in a couple of months, i would like to organize a surprise birthday party for him. probably 20-30 people. I am not sure where to start. Any suggestion? location? ideas? He is pretty easy going so I am open to any suggestion. Btw the birthday is on a weekday (in the winter), this might make planning difficult.

    • Darlington House in Dupont has some pretty good spaces for rent.

    • Carmine’s accommodates large groups really well, if that’s something he would enjoy.

    • binpetworth

      You can host a private party at Boardroom in Dupont; even though they don’t serve food they’ll let you cater it in. This works great if your husband and his friends are folks who would enjoy just hanging out and playing board games and having beers.

    • I had a wonderful and similarly sized party at Restaurant Nora. The venue was really easy to work with, and less expensive than I had expected it to be. It’s also a lovely, cozy place for a winter party and the location is pretty central.

    • We did a sit-down dinner at a local hotel, with drinks beforehand and an afterparty upstairs…rented a suite and pre-stocked it with drinks, mixers and food for the after-party, the hotel provided a drink cart with ice and glassware etc. Hired a sitter. Matt Damon walked by us in the bar (he was visiting friend Ben Affleck while he was shooting a movie in town), so, totally worth it.

  • Rave: fall weather
    Rant: everything else seems to just suck. I know I’m not the most positive person, and I know I have pretty bad post partum anxiety/OCD….but everything just seems blech. Our car battery died (AGAIN) on Sunday so no family pics that we had scheduled (this is the 3rd time in a year – NEVER buy a car from DARCARS!!!); my dog snapped at the baby this morning and the nanny was super upset – I’m not sure how to handle that with the dog; It just seems the minute anything goes right, three more super shitty things follow it.
    Rave: It does seem we are closer to moving out of DC, though…..which leaves me ranting about the logistics! But it’s ok. Maybe someone needs a 2 bedroom and wants our lease out there!
    Rant: If we do get a job opportunity and move…I’ll be SO upset to have to leave our childcare situation. After months of anguish, we have basically the perfect nanny share and perfect nanny. I’m very upset about that.

    • epric002

      what precipitated the dog snapping at baby?

      • No idea – the nanny was there. My kid was apparently by the window and touched her chair – she seemed unhappy so the nanny was bribing her off the chair to go in to our room for a “time out” and apparently that’s when she snapped. The nanny said it didn’t look like she meant to bite, but that her growel was more physical (because we have a 100lb dog – if she wanted to bite, she could). So I’m confused. I don’t know what to do. I would hate to have her locked up all the time and don’t see how that would help her.

        • I have a friend whose dog bit their toddler in the cheek, unprovoked, and left a permanent scar. The dog was previously well mannered. If your dog has issues with your baby, be wary.

          • yeah, this is what my concern is. She loves other people’s kids.

            I’m also not sure how much I believe “unprovoked” when people tell stories like that. you turn you back to pick something up, a kid is fast and can provoke. She was also fine with our kid until he could walk.

            I can’t imagine rehoming her, so I’m sort of freaking out. Maybe with more room (if we manage to move), she’ll feel more secure? For now, she’s behind the baby gate in the kitchen.

          • I agree, rarely is a bite truly unprovoked- especially when you’re talking about a small child. Dogs show signs of discomfort leading up to a snap or a bite, and unless you know what to look for, you might completely miss it. Things like lip licking, yawning, turning their head, whites of eyes showing are all signs of stress.
            jindc, I feel for you and I think it sounds like you are approaching this situation with the right attitude. I agree with epric002 about consulting a professional- try Spot On Training or consult the Your Dog’s Friend website for a list of recommended trainers and behaviorists.

          • Oh – Anon….she did warn. That’s why our nanny went to get the dog off her chair and into a different room. So….

            it’s just an unfortunate situation. It’s a very minor wound (like a scratch), but it’s very frightening to know this happened. The plus side is that I know if she wanted to hurt him, she easily could. If that’s a plus side?? aahhh I need to stop thinking about this!! lol

        • epric002

          perhaps an evaluation/session(s) with a trainer or behaviorist? it sounds unclear whether the dog actually snapped at the baby or just growled at her. and it sounds like in the meantime baby and dog need to be separated. i’m with you on the whole “unprovoked” thing. babies/kids often do things to dogs that an adult would understand as provocation, but of course they don’t know any better. i would keep a very close eye on things when you’re home and maybe temporarily keep the dog gated apart from the baby while the nanny is there? if this is the first/only time this has happened rehoming seems pretty extreme- especially if she’s been great with other kids. good luck!

          • anonymouse_dianne

            Yes, there are behaviorists who specialize in working with dogs and kids. Search on “dogs and storks” to find them.


          • ok, thanks – I’ll definitely check that out.

            The nanny seems to think that the dog meant to warn, not hurt, and has spent the rest of the day really sad (I mean, of course, she’s locked in the kitchen!) but she is the type of dog who knows when she does something wrong….so, we’ll see!

            i am just heart broken that I might need a new home for her. I’ve had her since before I had my husband!

    • After hearing a lot of hairy stories all I can say is please, always always put your baby ahead of your dog.

      • Um, yeah that goes without staying. If we have to keep them apart until the baby is old enough to understand, sure.

      • I guess, I don’t understand, if my dog bit my child, that dog is gone that day. How could you feel comfortable having that dog in the house, not knowing what the provocation was and if it will happen again.

  • Rave: Dwight Yoakam at the Lincoln Theater last night.
    Rant: Monday. Ugh. I don’t want anything to do with today right now.
    Neither rant nor rave: I need to start dating again. Instead of going back to okc, I think I may try Tinder. I’m curious about others experiences, good/bad. I think I’m a bit old for it (mid-30s) but one friend – early 40s female – met her current bf on it and highly recommends it. I’m not necessarily looking for casual hookups (I’m doing okay on that in the bar scene anyways), and I’m not desperately searching for a relationship, I’m just looking for guys to date. And what makes for a good/bad profile?

    • Try Hinge (if you have facebook). It matches you with friends of friends and third degree connections. It seemed like less of a hook-up app and more of a dating thing to me.

      • +1
        Hinge seems to be a bit older and a little less hookup-focused/”omgz SELFIES” than Tinder.
        That said, my roommate is currently casually dating 3 different women from Hinge. So it’s also not super serious. This seems to be what you’re looking for.

    • I’ve tried OKC, eHarmony and Match. What worked for me was mentioning to friends I was open to dating. A friend of a friend of a friend had moved to DC and was having a hard time meeting people, so we got set up. It couldn’t have worked more perfectly! Do you know anyone who knows a lot of people, or even just one-of random people?
      Otherwise, I know people who’ve had luck on all of them. It wasn’t for me – you have to have a lot of patience and be willing to meet people you might not be excited about yet – and still give them a few chances.
      Good luck!

    • I have a friend in his late 40s who has embraced Tinder and has been focused on “age appropriate” women (much to my surprise — he’s hot and pervy enough to aim way younger. Maybe he’s not so pervy after all) and he finds that there are lots people on Tinder not it what is perceived to be the 20-30 target demo.

      • Thanks, this is what I was hoping to hear! And to follow Anonymous’ advice above, how would you feel about setting up your hot older (and hopefully pervy when it counts) friend with your internet stranger friend? 😉

    • I’ve been on OKC for quite a while and used to have decent luck with it, but recently it seems like all the good dudes—or at least the dudes who appeal to me—have disappeared. It’s time to try something different. Is Tinder just a hook-up site, though? (I’m in my early 30s abut waaay behind the times.)

      • That’s what I’m trying to figure out! Best I can gather is that I think it could be just for hookups, but it doesn’t have to be.

  • Rave: My first driving lesson wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be.
    Rant: Partway through the lesson, the car broke down! I wasn’t even surprised because it’s totally something that would happen to me.

  • RAVE: Saw unicycle guy (from a few caption tests ago) yesterday down by the Monument. Felt like a celebrity sighting! LOL
    REVEL: beautiful weekend weather. lots of hiking around
    RANT: Didn’t hydrate enough to compensate for all the extra walking, now I have a foggy head. Making up for lost ounces.

  • Rave: DC Scandal (women’s ultimate frisbee) successfully defended their Ultimate National Championship title yesterday, defeating San Francisco Fury in the finals for the second straight year. I had a blast watching the semifinals and finals on ESPN3. Congrats Scandal!

  • Rave: NY Times grain bowl recipes – made quinoa, kale, kimchi (etc) this weekend and it was excellent. Now I’m inspired to make fermented food again and have started a batch of sauerkraut.
    Rave: Trombetta squash (thanks to Victoria) was amazing – but sadly the squash is seedless.
    Rant: Fall means winter is coming soon and I really dislike the cold dark days of winter. I need to plan a sun filled warm weather vacation to stave off the pre-winter blues

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m fermenting some garlic, very excited to try the different flavors when I’m done. I tried making sauer kraut once, but didn’t like it. I love kitchen experiments.

      • My father has mentioned a number of times (most recently when he was enjoying the kimchi) how, when he was growing up, his mother always had a crock of sauerkraut going. So I’m going to try my hand at making it.
        I made fermented green beans last year but didn’t care for the result.
        How will you use the fermented garlic?

        • Emmaleigh504

          The website I got the garlic honey recipe from says it will cure anything, so I’m going to take it to prevent ebola. I haven’t really figure out how to use it. Maybe with sweet and savory recipes like peachy porkchops. The other garlic is just in a plain brine so I can use it anywhere. It’s supposed to be good in salad dressing.
          The sauerkraut I was the first sauerkraut I had every eaten. So I have no idea if I just didn’t get the flavors right, or if I just don’t like the stuff.

  • epric002

    rave: 44 animals were adopted at frisky business on saturday! was so awesome to be a part of it 🙂
    rave: sunday yoga! tried armstand for the first time!
    ravey rant: funny little pinpoint bruises on my upper arms from crow pose.
    rave: husband finished staining the front porch!
    rave: now on to new cabinet pulls for the kitchen and (hopefully) a new kitchen faucet- those are pretty easy to switch out, right DIY home reno experts?

    • Dunno about the ease of switching out a kitchen faucet — I had a plumber do mine — but pulls for drawers/cabinets are really easy, in my experience.

      • epric002

        thanks textdoc! we’ll do the pulls ourselves, but not sure yet about the kitchen faucet…

      • I don’t know why, but dealing with faucets – at least in my older house – is my nemisis. Usually I’m trying to fix a leak, and sometimes I can get the faucet off but not the thing underneath that needs replacing (blanking on the name of it). Most recently I couldn’t get the faucet off, even with a special tool. Ugh.

    • Changing a faucet isn’t hard. Obvious advice = make sure the new faucet will fit the existing faucet space (more of an issue if you have a separate hot and cold water handles plus spout – the space between them can vary).
      Have old towels on hand to mop up any water that spills when you disconnect the old faucet.

      • epric002

        thanks MPinDC! anyone have any opinions on the touch/touchless faucets? they’re really pricey so i’m curious if people think they’re worth the extra $$$…

        • I haven’t used them in my home (or anyone else’s), but I have an opinion on the touch/touchless faucets. I think they’re kind of silly. An unnecessary layer of complexity to a simple mechanical device. A solution to a problem that doesn’t exist. Something that might make you and your friends say “that’s neat!” once or twice, but won’t improve your life in any measurable way. Your opinion may be different if you are a germophobe, a “gadget” person, or someone who frequently uses the sink without a free hand. (Or maybe they are really cool and I’m just missing out.)

          • epric002

            i’m not a germophobe or a gadget person, but it’s also not uncommon for my hands to be covered in something where it would just be easier to have a touch/less faucet. the reviews i’ve read on amazon are pretty positive.

        • Bear

          My parents have one. It was nifty at first but quickly got annoying when it wouldn’t register that you had touched it, or there was a delay, so you touch it again and then it turns out that’s too many times and it turns off again. I do not recommend.

      • I agree with this, with one caveat – take a look at the posiitioning of the faucet and screws under the sink before you decide. Sometimes they’re terribly awkward and difficult to get off, especially if it’s an old faucer and really frozen in place. It’s all a balance.

    • epric002

      thanks for the info popvillians!

  • Rant : atypical migrations symptoms can mimic what you hear about stroke symptoms. Had a scare with my wife last night, complicated by trying to figure out how to get my daughter to bed and get care coverage and get my wife to gw.
    Rave : fabulous friends who can offer loads of support and offer to drive in from the suburbs to help out.
    Rave : very quick call back from on call neuro doc who had all of her files on hand, including the crazy head injury from three years ago and determined that while a check up might not be a bad idea, a trip to the hospital wasn’t necessary.
    Weekend was great and fun filled including apple picking, a run with the kiddo, better sleep and time outside. End was stressful but better than it could have been!

  • Rave: nice long weekend
    Rant: back to work. Lots of testing in the upcoming week.
    Rave: assembly today!
    ?: guy who faded out initiated conversation with me Thursday night but when I asked about his weekend plans, didn’t appear to be available/interested in doing anything together. What do I make of this?

  • Rave: Productive weekend helping clean out and sort basement – brings out my inner OCD
    Rant: New landlord didn’t clean apartment as promised.
    Rave: I cleaned it top to bottom and got the OK to charge them for it.
    Rave: Friends/neighbors came over and helped paint new apartment and then brought dinner so I could keep painting away.
    Rant: Didn’t get to bed before 1:30 AM all weekend – I’m exhausted!
    Rave: In two weeks – it’ll be all worth it when I’m moved and settled in new place.
    Rave: Coffee

  • Rant: only 24 hours in a day. When am I supposed to sleep?
    Insulation question for popville: I have to insulate a walk up attic before framing the walls and ceiling. Also, my kitchen is directly above a garage that isn’t properly insulated- anyone have any recommendations? DIY, or get a professional?

    • Accountering

      You certainly can do it yourself for the insulation. Make sure you use foam (great stuff) on any cracks, and basically anything that looks like it needs it. Be very liberal! Than you can just use the rolls of insulation. It isn’t super difficult, and you can certainly get it done. Get and use lots of great stuff though!
      For the other part, it sounds like you need blow in insulation? This is doable by yourself as well. Sign up a buddy or two, if you buy enough insulation they will rent you them machine for free. Buy the hazmat suit, and plenty of masks/goggles. Good luck! Otherwise you can have a company do it, it should be about $1/sq foot.

  • laduvet

    Rave: wearing a plaid blazer with shoulder pads…pretty much means I may have a change of ruling the word today
    Rave: I feel the urge to talk in British accent all day
    Rant: girls…. seriously can be so selfish, confusing and hurtful… don’t blink an eye and are obviously blissfully unaware of how they can affect other girls sometimes.

  • RANT!!!: My coworker is clipping his fingernails at his desk. He also has a gas problem – every few minutes I get a nose full of horribleness. This is going to be a long day!!!!!

  • Rant: Read Gone Girl in three days because it was THAT good, and so that I could go with friends to see the movie tonight. Got to the last page and literally threw the book across the room. “What??”

    Rave: Despite the crap ending, I finally read a good book!

    • That was the exact same reaction I had when I finished Gone Girl!

    • Heh, I once finished a book while riding on the metro that had a really disappointing ending. Apparently the look on my face said as much, and another passenger said “wow, that must have been a really bad ending!!” without even needing to ask. I guess I wear all my thoughts on my face!

    • Me too!! Ugh is right. Let us know what you think of the movie. I thought it was interesting and definitely thought provoking but not sure I loved it like many others…

    • I read Flynn’s “defense” of the ending (in quotes because I don’t think she really needed to defend anything, per se!) and I get her rationale. But man, all the ways I wanted it to go! Although- as she said- would I have liked it and been satisfied with my own ending? Because then it would’ve been somehow predictable- at least to me. I guess, but still. After all I went through?! The ended sucked.

      Also, the wannabe detective side of me had serious problems with…gaaah!!! I can’t even explain it vaguely without giving away spoilers!!

  • Rant: Caught my bf being inappropriate on CL, posting things ‘solely for release purposes.’ Was shocked and hurt and defined it as cheating. He swears he would never act on anything, it was all fantasy and that he never exchanged any actual info with the people (face, numbers, etc). He showed me the emails. Want to work past this, but don’t trust him/don’t even know how to build trust after this. Or if I even should. Dating 2 years. Anybody who has experience with this, would love the advice.

    Rave: Have a full week of social activities planned this week with friends/acquaintances.

    • Run run run run run run run run!!!!

    • laduvet

      my ex did that too…. i felt as though i was not satisfying him and that he should be open with me and what he wanted or.. even playfully discuss these non actionable fantasies. It’s hard… you feel inadequate and that the trust has been betrayed. I also know, that for a lot of men, they need constant attention from others, even when they have a stable relationship – a question worth investigating. It’s all about what he wants and what you can be ok with.

    • Yep – Run. I cought TWO men doing the same thing. Both basically said the same thing — “just experimenting/looking around/it’s harmless”. Nope. Not harmless to the other person.

      Definitely run.

      FWIW both of those guys are still single.

      It sucks, but it’s ridiculous how common this is – I can’t prove they never met up with anyone on CL and therefore possibly putting my health at risk.


      • Even assuming you’re okay with “emotional cheating” (as some might describe this,) and even if he swears now that they’ll never act on it… you can’t guarantee there won’t be an opportunity that’s just too tempting not for him to take.
        Fantasies happen in the boundaries of your head. Fantasies do not happen via e-mails with other, real, human beings.

        • That whole post was a language fail. I meant to say “you can’t guarantee there won’t be an opportunity that’s just too tempting for him to [not] take.”

    • Huge violation of trust. It sucks, but dump him.
      Even though he didn’t meet up, he would do it in the future if given the opportunity.

      • PS – how did you discover this? He left his email logged in on your computer?

        • I had this weird gut feeling while we were texting one day, it’s difficult to explain. And I checked and lo and behold , there he was. Easy to recognize him.

          • Hold on – he posted pics of himself on CL?!? And that’s how you recognized him?
            While the attempted cheating is disturbing, I’d be more concerned about his stupidity and lack of discretion. This dude makes Bad Life Choices. He’ll eventually wreck your credit score.

    • First of all, I’m really, truly sorry this has happened. How heart-breaking and I wish you lots of courage and strength to wade through these muddy waters.

      I hope you don’t mind my weighing in here…

      “Solely for release purposes?” I assume he means to let off steam? Um…my bf goes to the gym, hangs out with friends, reads, watches movies, we do stuff…WE TALK. I go to yoga, whatever, blah blah. But *neither* of us gets all inappropriate on CL.

      Also, when I hear “release” I also hear “burden.” If that’s the case, wtf?? Is being in a relationship that much of a burden that he has to lie and hide and solicit whatever he’s soliciting on CL? What a crappy thing to say to someone you love.

      His defense: He “never exchanged any actual info with people”- oh, so… then…no big deal? Is this what he expects you to say? “Well, at least you didn’t do THAT so we’re all good!” Ugh. To even begin defending himself or making up excuses speaks volumes. Sure, he has issues with whatever he has issues with, but CL is not the place to be fixing them, especially at the expense of a partner and that partner’s HEALTH for god’s sake.

      I’m sorry to say this with little other context because (obviously) I don’t know either of you, but this has RED FLAG written allllll over it. He showed you the emails, sure, but did he show you ALL of them? I’m sure he also told you he’s only been doing this for a short time? Something tells me this has been going on much longer than he may claim. I’m also guessing he’s only apologizing and making up excuses because he got caught, not because he is actually sorry.

      Two years is a long time and this is clearly devastating, and of course came as a huge shock, as you say. But like others before me, I suggest running and never looking back. You deserve MUCH better.

      • Thank you for your sympathies, I really appreciate them. When I said ‘release,’ I was trying to convey a safe for work way of talking about ‘alone time.’ He told me he has been doing this for a while, for years. The email address pre-dated our relationship even. And in college, it actually was a way to meet people to hook up with. He said he wishes he had been open with me and told me about this. I feel stupid for even listening to him and even if I believe that he didn’t meet up with someone, it is such a huge violation of trust that I’m not sure it’s worth working through. I fluctuate between being happy and things being back to normal to being resentful, mistrustful, and insecure. This happened a month ago.

        • when it happened to me with the guy I was seeing before I started dated my now-husband, I found out a little bit before I just couldn’t deal. I thought I could get past it, but nope.

          Trust your gut. If you’re not happy and you both aren’t at your best with each other, it’s not worth it. relationships, it seems, do NOT get easier the longer you are in them. Which is why you want someone open and honest who doesn’t make you feel any mistrust or resentment.

        • I’m inclined not to believe him whether that means he did just started or if he actually met people in person. He’s done it before you, so over 2 yrs, but he never once thought to mention it…really? There are people into FAR worse (worse as in shocking), and while they may wait a while to get comfortable before spilling the beans, they eventually tell to make sure they’re cool with it before things get serious.
          What happened recently to resurface this situation? A month is a long time to stew. I think 2 yrs is a lot of time to “waste”, but it’s all a sunk cost at this point, so I’d agree with everyone else, and it’s time to move on and cut your losses.

          • I had asked him to delete the email address on this past Monday and when I asked if had deleted it on Thursday, he said he hadn’t gotten around to it but would do it right now. And all this pent up anger just spilled out, because i felt he wasn’t remorseful enough. I would hope that I wouldn’t even have to ask him once let alone TWICE to delete the email. I’m not proud of the things I said but I was so frustrated.

          • He could have deleted it Monday right when you asked. The fact that its not a big to deal to him isn’t such an issue to me (obviously I’d feel differently in your shoes) as he could in fact have been honest about the nature of the contact: something to play around with during alone time, no actual contact, etc; but it’s a big red flag for me that he wouldn’t immediately just delete it. Maybe he’s done this for so long he cannot enjoy alone time without it. Honey, he is not going to stop doing this, so you need to consider whether or not you’re ok with it. If you do want to work it out, have a chat, figure out the whole deal, and go from there. If he gave you full access to the account, would you be ok with him posting/not talking? [I’m not suggesting you should be ok with it, but I get the impression he isn’t going stop and you’re still there after a month, so why not consider all the options.]

        • Ooooh…gotcha. “Alone time.” (I think? haha.)

          I still think it’s a violation of trust. These are real people, not photos. And he’s having actual conversations with them. I wonder- if (if IF- not suggesting you should!) you were to write to some of these women and ask them what’s been going on, what would their side be? Would he panic at the idea? Or say- go ahead, they’ll tell you the same thing. (See below- my ex used to threaten to write to men he thought I was cheating with. I always gave him permission, though I don’t think he ever did because he knew he’d look like a jerk.)

          It’s very hard for me to wrap my brain around this being okay. I can’t imagine my (current, not the ex!) bf doing this. And if it’s nothing to be secretive about, then why didn’t he tell you? Clearly, he knows he can’t and therefore kept it a secret- whether because he’s embarrassed or because some part of him considers it cheating/emotional cheating/whatever. And now what? Is he going to stop? Has he already? Because whatever is driving him to do it hasn’t gone away or been addressed, correct? I’m sorry if I”m not following the timeline- you’ve known for a month and you’re trying to navigate through it which makes me wonder if he’s stopped. See, problem is, there’s no way to prove that. Or even wants to. All he has is his word, which at this point, means very little.

          Sorry if I sound harsh. I hope it all works out the way you want it to. I just have so little tolerance for this kind of secretive behavior. I was once in an emotionally abusive relationship and had accusations thrown at me for all sorts of things that I never did. Turns out he had been seeing other women, and is currently with a woman I know he was with before we broke up because their anniversary (I found this out before I blocked him on the ol’ FB) is apparently a few weeks before we broke up. So now my red flag detector flies REALLY high. 😉

  • Rant: A lot of work just got dumped on me with deadlines in the next 48 hours and I’m heading out to a conference with a full-schedule.
    Rave: Conference is in Florida. Maybe I will work by the pool.
    Rant: Facilitating a session at the conference. This is the first time I will be leading a session alone in a field outside of my comfort zone. Pretty nervous.
    Rave: Had a great weekend with the boyfriend in between our work travel schedules.
    Rant: Anxiously waiting for my LSAT scores. All confidence I had has been lost in the last few days of waiting!

  • Rave: switching to a new project in my company!
    Rant: While ready for something new, I’m nervous that it won’t be a good fit.
    Rant 2: I’m dreading telling my current manager/coworkers, I have a strong sense of loyalty and feel like I’m letting people down by leaving. Currently waiting on final approval from the new project’s pm before talking to my boss.
    Any tips on working from home? I’ve never had the opportunity to do it before but I’ll be doing so most of the week in this new position.

    • I just got switched to a new project sept 1 from a different project at the same govt agency. I now work from home full time, to be honest i am kind of struggling working from home full time. I would love to have someone to chat with to come up with fun solutions. I feel like i keep falling into ruts and not working directly with people face to face sucks sometimes! It is going to be nice on really cold and rainy days though…

    • Emmaleigh504

      Working from home: Put your work shoes on, even if you don’t get dressed. It’s supposed to help your body remember you are in work mode.

      • I’ve worked from home on a number of occasions and think Emilie504’s right — anything you can do to remind yourself that you’re at work, not just at home, will help keep you productive. I also like to assign myself very specific tasks each morning so that I can hold myself accountable for completing those things. And if I finish those things early, I don’t feel (too) guilty about calling it a day a bit early, as long as I’m still watching for emails and listening for work calls. On the flip side, if I don’t finish those things early, I force myself to keep working until they’re done, even if it’s later than my usual quitting time.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Yeah, a list is good too. It keeps you on track. And if you have room, a dedicated space you use just to work. Again it helps you remember you are at work not home. And schedule breaks if you have to. I tend to forget I’m allowed to step away from my computer, so I schedule breaks in Outlook where I leave the house and take a quick walk.

    • Being loyal is great, but you gotta put yourself first. True friends will see the better opportunity (I’m assuming that’s the reason for leaving), and they’ll keep in touch.
      From what I’ve gathered from my friends: keep yourself on a schedule, but make sure to take a break now and then.

    • Set regular hours and be particularly mindful of not letting your work hours creep into your evening or weekend hours. Take your lunch hour, take walks outside, give yourself the gift of a few hours off so you can go to the grocery store etc when it is less crowded, make a point to call your colleagues regularly (rather than email).
      I’ve read advice that says to dress for work even if you’re not going to the office however I disagree. Yoga pants or leggings, fuzzy socks or slippers and weather appropriate comfortable shirt are my working from home attire

      • Although I rarely do it myself when working from home, I agree with MPinDC that grocery + other shopping during the work day absolutely is a gift. If you can step away from home without raising any eyebrows at the office, totally take advantage of the time to do things you couldn’t usually do during the work day.

    • Make task lists for yourself. I find it helpful to make checklists — so I can structure my time better and stay on track. And to schedule breaks — so after I finish one task, take a legitimate 20 minute break, then start on another task. It keeps me from frittering away (too much) time.

    • I worked from home for about two years. I got up, showered and dressed and got to my computer by 9 every day, tried to knock off about 5:30 ish. Keeping on the same schedule was hugely important. I didn’t dress up, but I had to at least wear “real” pants – not jammies or yoga pants. I always worked at my desk (not the dining room table or the couch) and only sat at my desk to work. And when I finished for the day – I’d change into yoga pants or something, or go for a run or a walk or something. You’ve got to transition out of work mode to try to keep home/work separate.

  • (Looking for Recommended) Raves: Early 40s, single woman here looking to get away for 4 or 5 days in February to a warm climate. Traveling solo. Just looking to R – E – L – A – X by the pool and beach.

    Any suggestions PoPville?

    • Playa del Carmen and Tulum in Mexico (about 50km south of Cancun). Heaven.

      • +1 LOVED Playa del Carmen – I went with my family a few years ago. Stay on the main strip (or a short walk from it – there are plenty of timeshare rentals). I’ve looked into a solo trip to Puerto Rico, too. I’m jealous 😀 enjoy!

      • Ha! I immediately thought of Playa del Carmen. I went last spring for a wedding and turned it into a week long vacation. While there are many resorts in the area, I would take advantage of the little hotels that dot the blocks closest to the beach in town. Most seem to have court yards with outdoor pools and hot tubs… but you’ll also be steps away from the beach, which is so relaxing. The city itself has a lot to offer in terms of food, culture and shopping and draws an international crowd. You can also take day excursions to ruins or nature parks if that’s your thing. I had an incredible time. I can’t wait to go back!

        • Yup, +1 to everything you said. The pedestrian-only promenade in the middle of town is wonderful – tons of stuff to do at all hours of the day and night. Gorgeous restaurants, bars, dancing venues, shops, etc. Very cosmopolitan, but still maintains that small town charm and beachside vibe.
          OP, there’s lot of singles and an slightly upscale international crowd that populate PDC. It’s definitely appealing to the jetsetting 30-50 crowd, but without the jetset prices. If you’re looking to be social and open to meeting someone, it would be a good place to go. In additional to relaxing, Scuba diving, jungle hiking, temple ruins, yoga, etc. 🙂

    • Emmaleigh504

      San Pedro Belize. Gorgeous with some nice day trips to other Cayes. Plus the world famous chicken drop on Thursday nights.

    • Vieques. You very well may get an entire unspoiled beach to yourself. No stoplights anywhere on the island. You should be able to get fairly cheap direct flights to San Juan. No need to exchange money or bring a passport.

    • Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras.

    • Playa Grande, Costa Rica; there’s a very eco-friendly lodge there (las tortugas?)

  • Rant: I’m freezing! I know it’s a lovely day and all, but I’m freezing!
    Rave: But I’ve heard that shivering burns up calories!
    Rave: Some unexpectedly wonderful interactions with some good-hearted people.
    Rave: Good Karma.

    • Under the sink? Washer/dryer? Heating vents/units? I’m trying very hard not to mention a horrible heating unit/mouse story from my childhood. Eeeew. The resolution (glue trap) was not pretty.

      • Rant: I apparently haven’t mastered the internet yet. The above post was supposed to go WAY above — in response to a post about rats.

    • One more Rave: Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s dissent in the Texas voter id case. She is SO my hero!!!!!

  • tonyr

    Walked past Universal Gear last nigh and saw that they’d pulled down all the Bowser signs. Too funny.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: instead of leaving my Amazon packages out on the porch for my well-read rats to open the boxes and then post snarky Amazon reviews about my fashion sense, the UPS guy left them in the recycling bin.

    Rant: In my recycling bin were all the rat-read newspapers and chewed up plastic wrappers! OMG if I come down with a sudden onset of Omsk Hemorrhagic Fever you’ll know to blame UPS!

    • You’re lucky that your rats didn’t decide to be well-dressed as well as well-read.

    • I’ll consider myself lucky to have an extra (mostly unused) trash bin, but it’s so tall, I have to almost climb inside to get packages.
      Rant: UPS uses the bins; USPS does not, so too afraid to get anything delivered.
      Rave: Amazon locker. Don’t think they have any in DC yet, but boy was it easy to get a delivery there. Took all of 30 seconds to put in the code and get my package.
      Rave: Locker is less than 5 minutes from my gym in Va.

      No snark intended: regular plastic bags aren’t recyclable.

      • I Dont Get It

        Not sure what you mean by a regulat plastic but the below are allowed:

        •Plastic bags, e.g., grocery bags, newspaper bags, and shopping bags. Please put your plastic bags into one plastic bag then place it in your recycling container. We will accept more than one bag of plastic bags.

        Was susprised to learn pizza boxes are not allowed! Whoops!

      • Plastic bags are recyclable in many jurisdictions. If you’re not sure, the information for your area is just a quick internet search away.

        I’m not aware of any places that recycle pizza boxes though…the issue is the grease gets into the cardboard and makes it impossible to recycle.

        • My apologies. It has obviously been a while since I’ve checked the list, and it wasn’t always the case as some trash bags specifically said they were recycable while others didn’t.

          Pizza boxes make sense as its always been my understanding that you need to clean the stuff first, but I imagine the box would be ok if it was just from leftovers and not greasy, right?

          • Any cardboard that’s been soiled by food can’t be recycled.
            So I think a pizza box would work only if you immediately lifted the pizza out of it… but even in the journey from where it was made to your house, it’d probably still get something absorbed into the cardboard.

          • Interestingly enough, pizza boxes are compostable! Our composting service takes them, at least.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: It’s going to be a loooonnnngggg week waiting for vacation.

  • Rant: Emails that say “See attachment for information” and the attachment has 3 lines (title, date, time, room). Can’t you just put that info in the message so I don’t have to keep opening the attachment?
    Related rant: And would it kill you to put a title on your email that is more specific than “meeting”?

    • +1 to both rants. I never understand why some people at work use an attachment for something that could be copy-pasted into the text of an e-mail. (Your example sounds particularly ridiculous.) And vague/outdated subject lines drive me up the wall — particularly when the actual content of the message is important, but the subject line gives no hints as to the topic or its importance.

    • Related Rant: People who squeeze an email message into the subject, assuming that everyone has their email configured to even notice the excessively long email subject.

  • Rant: What’s up with video ads on Popville playing automatically? Several times recently, I’ve gone to peruse the website and been startled by suddenly hearing the audio of an ad playing. It always seems to be one located above the “Recent Comments” box. I’ve paused the video, and some seconds later another one started up! Grrr!!!

    • PoP’ville really bogs down my browser. It becomes painfully slow to type comments, for new pages to fully load, etc. Lots of buggy Flash in the ads.

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