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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

We’ll be back to a normal posting schedule tomorrow.

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  • Commercial parking spots – enforced on holidays? Guessing now since nothing else seems to be but this is DC; nothing would shock me.

  • Good morning, PoP! PSA here.
    On Wednesday evening there will be a meeting of DC Nurture, a group for DC residents dealing with miscarriage and fertility challenges. More information about the group is at dcnurture.com and http://www.popville.com/2014/08/support-group-dc-nurture-created-for-those-dealing-with-pregnancy-loss-and-fertility-issues/ .
    If you’d like to come to the meeting, email dcnurture at gmail dot com or use the form on the website to get in touch.

  • justinbc

    Rave: Had a dream that we bought a place down in New Orleans and it was pretty crazy but a really cool old house. After waking up I thought “yeah, that would be awesome to own a place down there!”, so now we’re looking at NOLA properties for a vacation home, and it’s much less expensive than I had anticipated.
    Rave: A house 3 doors down from mine just went up for sale for $1.125M, easily the highest I’ve seen in my immediate vicinity by almost 200K. Given that we’re going to be having an appraisal in the near future for a refi on our place, I sure as hell hope they get it.
    Rant: Latest top 25 rankings and the never ending love affair the media has with the SEC. FSU, the team defending it’s title, still hasn’t lost, but because SEC teams beat other SEC teams, they somehow get to leap over into the number 1 spot. Luckily rankings don’t mean as much as they did before the playoff system, but it’s no less aggravating. (And MSU did look great, but they shouldn’t be #1 until #1 loses, in my opinion.)

    • Accountering

      Meh, FSU has looked mighty beatable this year. I would have dropped them as well. They looked like absolute garbage vs NCSU, and honestly should have lost. A #1 overall team should not at any point trail NCSU by 17 points.

      • A little ‘Winston’ backlash?? If FSU is pissed at being dropped show up Saturday and take it to the Irish. I don’t care about ranking as much + we get undefeated ND vs. FSU (back to the 90’s) This has been a great season too.

        • Accountering

          Hoping for an FSU loss in that one vs the Irish. OSU needs some serious breaks if we are going to make it to the play-off, but it is still certainly possible.

          • justinbc

            I’m still not sure what to even make of Notre Dame at this point. The only real “impressive” win so far was over Stanford, so it’s hard to gauge. Blanking Michigan as a rival was surprising, although based on the rest of Michigan’s games this year maybe not so much in retrospect. I really don’t think it will be that close, but like Anon I’m looking forward to a 90s throwback game.

      • justinbc

        And yet they won that game by 15 points. Looking “beatable” and losing are very different. MSU’s first 3 wins were against Southern Mississippi, UAB, and South Alabama. Come on…

        • Accountering

          They beat those three by a collective 131-37. They then went on and beat #8 LSU at The Swamp, and then #6 TAMU and #2 Auburn at home. They have looked quite impressive.
          Gut instinct, one off game on neutral turf, do you impartially feel that FSU beats MSU? With all of this said, I agree that the ridiculous SEC bias gets a bit old. They have good teams yes, but 5 in the top 10, and often even more? I don’t feel they are THAT strong.

          • “The Swamp” is the nickname for the University of Florida’s field. “Death Valley” is the nickname for LSU’s field.

          • justinbc

            I think your latter statement plays a big role in how you view the first statement. The SEC always seems to have 5 teams ranked in the top 10, so simply beating someone in conference automatically gives you “big wins”, even if those teams don’t justify those rankings. It’s all subjective, obviously. I think the SEC winning so many BCS titles in a row gave them some clout, justifiably so, but it’s arguable whether some of those teams would have even been in position to win had they been in another conference. Beating those 3 teams is like going through a playoff on its own, no doubt, but at the end of the day I have a hard time betting against Winston. The kid just has that winning determination that so few QBs exhibit, no matter whether they’re up or down you can always see the intensity from him.

            MSU still has to play UK, Arkansas, Bama, and Ole Miss (can you imagine if they’re both still undefeated then? wow), and FSU really just has ND and slouching Miami and UF…so ultimately I don’t even think we’ll be having this discussion come December, but no doubt it would be a fun match up to watch.

          • dcgator

            But, Justin, didn’t you just prove your first point by saying “(can you imagine if they’re both still undefeated then? wow)?”

            The SEC is a gauntlet; granted, with a few cupcakes like Vandy…and I’m trying to think of others, but from what I see, the field is pretty even this year. Even UK is good enough to knock off South Carolina. My Gators are basically average, along with LSU, Arkansas, USC…but give any of us an in-conference schedule including Wake Forest, Syracuse, UVa, BC, and we might only lose 1-2 games all season.

          • justinbc

            DCGator, not really, it just proves that’s there’s more parity / unpredictability. It doesn’t mean they’re all top 10 teams. The ACC has one fewer team with 2 or less wins than the SEC (not counting UF until they play their 6th game), if you just randomly made them all top 10 teams like the SEC does then it would look just as competitive with teams beating each other up every week. I don’t doubt that the SEC probably is the best conference overall in football, I just don’t think their AS GOOD as they get credit for every year, as a whole. It’s a stacked system from the start which rewards teams just on the basis of being in that conference and playing their conference schedule.

          • Accountering


            I knew I was screwing that up. Damnit. Point still stands though. MSU played (and won) at LSU.

          • Accountering


            I think there is certainly some truth to your statement. I will say, the average SEC is superior to other conferences, and it is the best conference this year (and has been for a while) but I do not think all of the teams are world beaters like they make them appear. Put OSU in the SEC and we win 10 or 11 games, just like in the Big 10.

          • Excellent tweet from the Bank of Ann Arbor: “We will not be closed for Columbus Day today because Columbus is in Ohio.”

          • I Dont Get It

            Can’t we just talk about bras?

          • Yay! Thanks PoP! After scrolling through all the sports-talk, and remembering several days of bra-talk, I got a real chuckle out of that comment!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Do it! My (completely unbiased) opinion: New Orleans is a wonderful place!

      • justinbc

        Some of the listings there are still so depressing. The amount you see that say “never flooded” or “renovated post-katrina” with photos of homes right next door still boarded up…ugh, just feel so bad for them even still.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Yeah, recovery is slow, but “never flooded” was a selling point before Katrina, there’s just way fewer now. My parent’s neighborhood used to be never flooded, but now only parts of it are. There house is at sea level and still never flooded, across the street not so much.
          What neighborhoods are you thinking about, or have you gotten that far along?

    • What areas are you looking for vacation homes in NOLA? last time we looked it didnt seem that cheap.

      • justinbc

        Well I should say cheap by comparison to DC. The French Quarter is the only neighborhood that really even seems to come close to DC prices. The amount of 3+ BR homes between 200-500K is staggering.

        • yeah but I am not sure they are in goof neighborhood. French quarter or garden district are definitely closer or more than DC price. I have found a neighborhood that is decent and affordable.

    • justinbc

      You know what’s tiring? People being so “upset” over someone else’s happiness and hiding behind a message board to voice their discomfort. Move on, make your own life better, and stop worrying about mine, mmmkay? In any given day there are 100+ people here posting about stuff that makes them happy, yet there’s always some sourpuss who gets disgruntled by mine, get a life.

      • +1. There must be better things to get worked up about.

      • Accountering

        I don’t really buy into the anon going in on JustinBC anonymously. I disagree with him regularly – on all sorts of stuff, but the calling him out with anon is lame. I disagree with him using my name, and we have laughed about it over beers.
        I feel for you with the tough financial situation, and hope it improves, but frankly, that doesn’t give you the right to get on his case. He has made different life choices, and is more successful financially (presumably.)
        Its not like the guy is a billionaire. He has a nice house on Capital Hill, and a fancy coffee machine. Lets cut him some slack.

        • He could easily rave about his espresso maker and getting a good deal on it, without saying how much it costs. And this seems to be a common occurrence. I don’t have a problem with Justin, but I do think he invites a lot of the criticism upon himself.

          • Also, everything’s relative. I’m sure some people would consider my somewhat decent apartment and my crappy dented car and my paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle- things I whine and bitch about all the time- pretty swanky too. Not that I’m bragging… 😉

          • justinbc

            FWIW I did rave about my espresso maker without mentioning price. Someone else asked “how much does it cost”. I don’t ever mention those things unless someone else asks, because I realize how sensitive some of you people are about everything.

  • Rant: All About that Bass on the SiriusXM Disney Channel. It’s difficult enough trying to ensure ann appropriate environment for young girls without putting them in a bubble, and songs like this on the Disney Channel (!) don’t help.
    Rave: After we got through the complaining about me turning off the song, we had a nice (continuing) conversation about proper body image and self-confidence.
    Rant: Palate expander. Uugh. Many toothaches, headaches and much complaining (completely justified – it looks awful).

    • epric002

      what do you mean by “proper” body image? do you mean positive body image?

      • Yes (obviously).

        • epric002

          well thanks for the snark, but (obviously) it wasn’t clear to me.

          • Really? Reading my initial comment as a whole, you didn’t get that I’m concerned about the messages my daughter is receiving from pop culture? I’m genuinely curious – where was the confusion? What were the other choices?

          • epric002

            people corrupt/misinterpret/convolute/morph messages all the time. i’m not saying you did this, but i was curious whether some group had decided that “proper body image” was going to be their version of “positive body image”.

        • Not obvious at all, actually. Your idea of “proper” body image could be nothing larger than a size two.

    • I get you! So she has to harsh on skinny girls to feel better? Right now I am constantly lunging for the radio dial to turn down “Gotta Stay High” – the one that starts off with her going to sex clubs, bingeing and vomiting Twinkies and has a verse about picking up daddies on the playground. Hello inappropriate lyrics! We had the same problem with Drake and Rihnna’s “What’s My Name.”

      • Poor skinny girls. They have it so tough. In this age of photoshop I’m delighted to hear a song celebrating womanly curves and pride in your own body. Sorry (not sorry) that shatters your rail-thin confidence.

  • Getting my last HPV dose today! Which is a rave since it’ll finally be done with, but a rant because they always hurt a ton (compared to regular shots). Just gotta buck up, and get ready for a sore arm. At least I have HH with my girlfriends tonight to keep me going.
    Rant: working this columbus day, but realizing many places don’t and I’m not likely to get a call back for any of my jobs today. ugh.

    • skj84

      HPV shots were the worst. The shot didn’t hurt that much while being administered, but by the end the day I would have this throbbing pain in my arm.

      • my coworker just told me she threw up after her 2nd one. Hopefully this banana I just ate staves off the nausea, but yeah not looking forward to the sore arm at all

  • Accountering

    Rave: Army Ten-Miler yesterday! Andie and I killed it! Awesome race, and we ran the whole thing!
    Rave2: Long weekend! Great trip to DE, and awesome weekend. Brunch at Boqueria after the race was awesome!
    Rant: Long weekend is over, and back to work today.
    Rant2: Redskins. They stink.
    Rave3: Caps! Going into Boston and winning on the road at a tough team like Boston is awesome, and says a lot about the team this early in the season!
    Side note: Does anyone have any moving blankets? I just need 1 (or maybe 2) – Happy to pay a couple of bucks for it, but if it is sitting around and you want to get rid of it, would be happy to take it off your hands!

    • justinbc

      I like that race, but I like the route of the Cherry Blossom 10 miler more. It’s a bit more scenic and covers more of DC. Yesterday was a great day for running though.

      • Accountering

        I agree. This was a race that centered on VA, and bridges across the Potomac. Not too much running in the city, though we did run down VA Ave (see a trend here?! haha) and I had never been down that stretch in my four years in the city. Always fun to see a new street I haven’t been on.

  • Mike

    Rave: Driving to work on holidays makes me feel like I’m back home in upstate NY with noooooo traffic 🙂
    Rant: I arrive at the office and literally every single person is sick. Let me work from home and at least keep myself away from these contagions!

  • Commercial Loading Zone parking signs – the ones that say –> Parking for only Commercial Vehicles, etc.

  • Accountering

    Rave: David Catania. Reading today about how he is somewhat of an outlier, and has managed to get zero endorsements from his colleagues makes me even firmer in my support of him. He would be a huge change to have as mayor, and I think many of us can agree that a huge change in the Wilson Building would be welcome.

    • Mike

      +1. I think I read the same article, or something similar to it. It was… (dare I say it?) refreshing.

      • This is the same article that talked about him ripping phones off walls, bullying his staff, and threatening members of city council, right? I read that article and wished that someone normal and competent could run for DC mayor someday.

        • Mike

          Same article. I think Jim Graham’s quote sums it up for me (re: the decision between Catania and Bowser) – “One gets things done with a few broken bones, and the other doesn’t get things done.”

        • houseintherear

          I respect him more for being pissed off about the status quo. We should all be so vocal and mad.

          • Sure, but this is an executive position. He doesn’t come across as someone you’d want managing a large organization. I’m not saying I won’t vote for him, Bowser has her own problems, but he doesn’t seem like a good leader.

          • Accountering

            I disagree pretty strongly. I do want someone running a large organization (especially one that needs some structural change) who has experience with change. Someone who has backbone, and is willing to stand up for what he believes in.

          • Mike

            @houseintherear exaaaaaactly.

          • I’m with JRL. I’ve no doubt that Catania is intelligent, hard working and able to get things done. But the job of Mayor is also a social one where “plays well with others” is a critically important skill. Pulling a telephone out of the wall or berating someone who works for you, or “hoping they’ll get it”are not signs of someone who is able to competently handle the rough and tumble social aspects of being a Mayor gracefully. It’s easier to imagine Bowser hiring competent folks to get the jobs done than it is to imagine Catania being able to get along with a diverse group of folks in a challengingly divided city for four years.
            Prior to the primary, I was hoping for Tommy Wells. Now I’m sadly shaking my head at the options, and having very fond memories of David Clark — as someone who had the skills and commitment that I’d like to see in a candidate for mayor. And I’m wistfully wondering if Anthony Williams would be interested and/or eligible for another round.

    • Related to elections… do any of you know if there is some sort of electoral guide out there with all the races, who is running and what their platform is about? I know WAMU had one a few elections ago. While I know who I am voting for mayor and ward member, I have NO idea about the other races/candidates and if there are any ballot initiatives. I looked online and found what my ballot will look like, but would be nice if there is a resource out there will all the information.

    • I still haven’t decided who to vote for, but that article read like a total puff piece to me.

    • saf

      Have you ever dealt with him? He can really be deliberately nasty. He is NOT a pleasant person, and I think he would have a lot of trouble getting things done.

      • Plus he will saddle the district with lawsuits and settlements for all the staff he abuses. You know not a single poster here would work for a psycho boss like him.

  • Does anyone by chance have any recommendations for cello private instructors downtown? I have been meaning to sign up for adult music lessons for years, but am now hoping to move forward with the plan.

    I came across Washington Conservatory near Bethesda – has anyone taken lessons there?

  • GiantSquid

    Revel: No cavities!
    Revel: Pumpkin Spice Latte from The Bean Hollow in Ellicott City. Made with actual pumpkin pie mix. So good.
    Rant: Think I need to take a few years break from the MD Renaissance Festival.
    Rant: Sent friend to Union Station to take MARC to BWI for her flight. Forgot MARC was on holiday schedule. Thanks goodness for Amtrak!
    Rant: Cramps.

  • skj84

    Rave: Bathroom is almost finished!

    Rant: Volunteered at an event yesterday with the expectation I was getting tipped. This was not the case. I did get to drink for free, but i’d rather have extra cash. I’m still a bit pissed off.

  • Rant: I have to work today.
    Rave: It’s rainy and gloomy out – pluviophile. And my bus to work was nearly empty this morning.

  • jim_ed

    Rant: Watched a lady whip out a tiny toilet and have her kid pull their pants down and go to the bathroom in the middle of the sidewalk during Columbia Heights Day. Is this a thing now, having your kids go in public? Will I be reading NY Times style pieces on this in the near future?

    Rave: Went to Ruff and Ready Saturday and found a GREAT bookcase at a great price. When we go there, there was a randomly a bulldog riding a skateboard out front and it was awesome. Also, Jim Graham was there buying DC Public School historical stuff to donate to the schools’ collection of artifacts, which was pretty cool.

    • seems like a great idea to me.

    • I’d prefer to find an out-of-the-way place, but yes. At some stages that’s a great way to get by. Probably early potty training, and no diapers.

      We’d always do that for long road trips, although the seat set up in the back seat of the car was a bit more private.

    • But possibly much less gross then having the kid pee in a gutter or have an accident while trying to find an available toilet quickly.

    • You do realize that at some point, you were a gross kid at some point? In fact, 100% of people were once gross kids.

      • jim_ed

        Yes, and as the proud owner of a kid, I fully understand how gross they are. That said, there’s a time and a place for your kid to drop a duece, and the middle of the sidewalk during a crowded street festival ain’t it.

  • Andie302

    Rave: Army 10 miler yesterday was awesome, and I was happy to have company…it made it much easier for me to keep going when someone was there encouraging me! The weather was perfect and it’s always great to see all the support for Veterans.
    Rave: I’m only a little sore today, which is less than what I was expecting.
    Rave: Busy with real estate
    Rave: But decided the job I was offered was too good to pass up
    Rave: so now I’ll have two major things going on…all I need now is more time to get everything done!

  • Rave: great time in Chicago seeing friends
    Rave: not a PR on the marathon but a blast and good for missing some key long rungs during last month of training.
    Rave: mom is in town!!!
    No rants!

  • Rant – being at work today. Seriously considered not getting out of bed.
    Rave – 10 minute commute because no one else is at work so even Rt 66 was civilized
    Rave – 5 miles on the treadmill last night – I will get back in shape if it kills me
    Rant – Ordered meds from the online pharmacy as per my health insurance – 13 days later and the package is STILL in Lovettsville, VA (and has been since 10/6). Had to call and get a replacement sent and have now missed 3days of meds because no, it didn’t occur to me it would take 2+ weeks to get an order filled!
    Rave – getting my hair done tomorrow and ready to get rid of the blonde highlights/go darker for fall. In the mood for a drastic change but not sure yet.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: People who buy perfectly good orange pumpkins and them spray paint they purple and silver.

    Rant: Having to work today.

    Rave: Oh well. Columbus Day is kinda lame anyway

  • epric002

    rant: at work today.
    rave: wearing jeans and almost no one else is here.
    rave: crow pose.
    rave: got TONS of isht done around the house this weekend: husband stained the front porch, we re-arranged the living and dining rooms (and moved the dog crate of the dining room, thank goodness!), caught up on ironing, laundry, and all those other crappiest chores.
    ravy rant: last week of husband’s craziness. he has his interview, his last week of travel this month, and this class will be done. hallelujah!

  • Rave: went wine tasting for the first time yesterday with my parents and gf. We had a great time. It also helps that my gf is perpetually amused by my parents.
    Rave: this weather, except for making it to brunch later. I’m going to have to dig up an umbrella.

  • Rave: Met a cute guy in my neighborhood while walking my dog. Dogs liked each other. Good sign?
    Rant: Why are guys hanging out in bars flipping through Tinder pictures?
    Rave: Traffic was awesome this morning
    Rant: I’m at work

  • skj84

    Rant: being told by my aunt that all of my stuff needs to be removed from the basement for mold cleaning. By tomorrow morning. My dresser, most of my clothes, Bookcase and desk are all down there and she expects me to remove everything and find a storage faculty or she’s going to let the mold people throw it all away. Yes, she thinks it’s perfectly acceptable for all my things to get tossed if I can’t find storage. She won’t even compromise and let me put stuff in the attic until I can get to a storage facility. I need a job is I can move. Living with her is driving me crazy. I may literally have to block the cleaners from going into my room tomorrow.

    • Wow! I’m sorry that you’re going through this. Do you know what “cleaning for mold” entails? I don’t, but was wondering if the space has to be completely empty — or if it’s a process where they can work around your bookcase, dresser and desk if they are empty and fairly easy to shift.

  • I’m sad to report that we found a dead parakeet in our back alley in Columbia Heights yesterday. It was yellow and green.

  • Bear

    Rant: Having to work on a holiday.
    Rave: My MARC line isn’t running at all today, so I’m working from home. Perfect day for PJs, hot coffee, and the delicious banana/carrot bread I made last night. It’s gluten free, mainly because we didn’t have enough regular flour to make the recipe, but it turned out awesome.

    • Would you mind linking to the recipe? My bf is newly gluten-free and very frustrated by all the things he can’t eat anymore. I tried to de-glutenize my (amazing!!) vegan pumpkin bread and it was a disaster. But if you say your bread came out awesome, I’d love to try it.

      • Bear

        It was a bastardized version from a few different recipes, I’ll just write it out here:
        – 1 very ripe banana, mashed
        – 2 shredded carrots
        – 1/2 cup unsweetened shredded coconut
        – 1.4 cup chopped pecans
        – 3 eggs
        – 1/4 cup coconut oil, melted (you can probably cut this back some, the bread came out very moist)
        – 1 tsp vanilla
        – 1 cup almond flour
        – 1 cup glutinous rice flour (I use the kind you find in Asian stores – it’s ground much finer than the kind you’ll find in most grocery stores so it doesn’t turn out gritty like some GF baked goods)
        – 1/2 cup brown sugar, plus a little more to sprinkle on top if you want
        – 1 tsp baking soda
        Mix first 7 ingredients together until well combined. In separate bowl, mix remaining dry ingredients together, then fold into the wet ingredients. Pour into greased loaf pan, sprinkle more brown sugar on top if you like, and bake at 350 for 50-60 minutes.

      • I’ve been gluten-free for about a year and learning how to bake successfully has been quite an adventure. I’ve found Jules All-Purpose GF Flour works very well as a direct substitute in most recipes. I would also recommend checking out Gluten-Free on a Shoestring– I’ve had a great success with her recipes and she has a ton of them on her blog.

      • I’d also highly recommend this recipe even though it’s for squares, not bread. I made it on Friday and the whole batch was gone two days later.

        • I love that site. Thx! Sadly, I can’t share my vegan pumpkin bread with him anymore. So I will definitely try this out. If it’s even half as good as my gluten-y version, we’ll be fighting over it. 😉

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: the Walking Dead is back on, so now I’ll spend an inordinate amount of time planning how to survive the zombies.
    Rant: I think I’m killing my water kefir grains. Hippy-dippy fail.
    Rave: Hot tea on grey days.

  • Not a rant or a revel, just a question: My 13 year old niece is coming to stay with me this weekend and I was wondering if anybody here has any good recommendations on places to take her.

    • Mike

      I took my 13-year-old sisters to the spy museum and they loved it. There were these interactive screens where you choose your “cover” at the beginning of the museum and there are checkpoints throughout, where they test you. They totally ate it up. That, and the lunch counter sit-in performance at the museum of American history.

    • Seconding the Spy Museum. My niece loved the Bond exhibit. Also the modern art wing of the Portrait Gallery was a big hit as well.

    • The Newseum could also be a good pick. Do you know what her interests are? Would she enjoy shopping/ outdoor activities/interesting restaurants/live music or theater?

  • Couple of shootings, sexual assault in a cab, and a crazy car crash… And that’s just on PoP! Where is everyone who spends the whole spring and summer insisting there’s a correlation between weather, school schedules, and crime? Admit it: criminals and idiots don’t care.

    • Hate to break it to you but the sexual assault in a cab is so commonplace that it doesn’t correlate to anything except life as usual in DC.

    • I’d also add that these stories are jumping out because it’s a slow news day otherwise. Good PR people wouldn’t release stories about restaurant openings, etc. on Columbus Day and my guess is that Dan is taking it easy today too, as he should.

  • Rant: David Grosso suggesting that we need to disarm DC Police. If anything, DC police need to be twice as aggressive as they are now. If we want them to respond to dangerous situations, they need to be prepared, not outgunned by the thug population of the city.

  • I have some scuttlebutt which I’m wondering if someone else can confirm. I was at Toki a couple weeks ago and had dinner at the bar. The main bartender there mentioned that Toki will be leaving that location for a new spot on H street by Rock n Roll Hotel. The new space is exponentially bigger and they’d have some sort of outside area. Can someone confirm/deny?

    • Do you want Toki to confirm or deny? You can probably just call or ask to speak the bartender again to see if he’ll actually confirm? Not sure he’ll be thrilled with what was a little bartender/good customer speak is now on a poplar local blog but I guess it’s not too secret if he’s telling people at the bar. Maybe he was drunk? Maybe it wasn’t a secret?

      • Not to put words in Nick’s post, but his “someone” did not seem to mean “official spokesperson for Toki Undergound” nor “spokesperson for Toke Underground, a place with significant issues over the past several months.”
        If you are the bartender who spilled the beans and are now regretting it, it’s easy – don’t spill the beans next time. If the bartender was drunk, maybe the bartender should not have been.
        Aaaaaaand, Madam/Senor Anon, if it was NOT a secret, then what’s the harm in asking?
        Why’d you bother posting? Upset you spilled the beans or upset that someone else did?

    • Mike

      I also heard that Toki would be moving into that space and sharing it with Vigilante coffee. Not sure when, or how the space would be divided. Heard this from Vigilante at Eastern Market 3 or 4 Sundays ago.

    • I think you guys are talking about Maketto, which will have a Toki offshoot, Vigilante coffee, and retail from Durkl.As far as I know, Toki isn’t planning to leave their current space, but will just have another spot in Maketto, somewhat like the pop-up in Union Market.

  • rant: was on the metro last night, sitting on the end by the doors minding my own business. a group of young girls gets up to get off at columbia heights. they are listening to music and dancing. out of the corner of my eye, i notice they are looking at me. then out of nowhere, one of the girls lunges at me and i don’t flinch. and then she goes to do it again and with that all the girls start yelling profanities up close in my face and throwing hard objects at me. i don’t know what they were throwing. something hit my chin and my chest. then they ran out the doors and i screamed at them to not throw stuff at people and the one girl came back and started yelling at me that she did nothing. it was very scary. i’ve lived here for over six years and have never had anything like that happen to me before. when i got off at the next stop, a guy who was sitting in the car said to me that i shouldn’t let them rattle me because they were being disrespectful towards me and i was just minding my own business, so that was nice. but the whole thing was very unsettling. i don’t care how this makes me sound – the youths are out of control brats right now.

    rave: had a lovely weekend in philly with one of my best friends, ate wonderful italian food and kicked off her bridal festivities.

    • Not brats. Criminals. They assaulted you.

    • Yikes, what a pack of lunatics. It’s gotten to the point where I’ll change my route to avoid packs of teenagers; you just don’t know what they’re capable of anymore. I’m glad you’re OK and I’m sorry you had to put up with their random aggression.

    • They’re trash; their parents are trash. Law abiding, decent people are having to adjust their schedules to avoid kids because they fear assault, or even facing charges if they should defend themselves. The sad news is that these people will do nothing positive for society; they’ll just breed more wretched children.

      • People aren’t trash. Really. I realize that you’re being intentionally inflammatory. Phrases like “these people” and assumptions about the parents and the children of a pack of teenagers — however atrociously behaved — are kind of giveaways.

  • Rant: I don’t know much about the mayoral candidates or CC candidates–or any for that matter. Although I did meet Muriel Bowser who was knocking on doors in the 4th Ward a few weeks ago, which is where i live. What do I need to know about the election to vote with some information?

  • Agreed with Accountering. Anonymous snide remarks about JustinBC (or anyone) aren’t cool. Play nice, people!

  • Rant: my boyfriend cancelled our cable today. I almost didn’t let the comcast guy in. Anyone have experience with Apple TV or similar products? Worth it? Not?

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