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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Emmaleigh504

    Any Updates Popville wants to share? We have questions!
    Anon with a crush, did you go to the HH and talk to your crush?
    Lumpy’s humans: How’s he doing? His sister? Still Russian spies?
    Person with the ghost: is it still there?
    Person who had a meeting with the bigboss on Friday, how did it go?
    Coconut jam, is it real? Where do I find it??

    • Coconut jam is popular in Southeast Asia. If you go to an Asian grocery store, you might be able to find it. I like the coconut jam from the Philippines.

    • I’m not the original coconut jam poster, but you piqued my curiosity. It looks like Sur La Table and Amazon sell one that’s a sort of coconut custard spread called “Hey Boo.” There’s also a company called CocoVie that makes a chocolate coconut spread and a chili coconut spread. I might have to try them all.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I got some of the coconut almond butter that someone mentioned in that same thread, VERY disappointing 🙁

        • I haven’t tried the coconut peanut butter yet — partly because it doesn’t have any coconut in it –just coconut oil. I’ve been polling to see if anyone else has tried it and likes it. Since I’d probably like coconut almond butter even better, I’m mildly bummed.

      • I was the original poster about coconut jam. I grew up in SE Asia, and I grew up eating coconut jam. The coconut jam I like is darker in color and richer in taste, like caramel. Put it on toast or better yet pancakes. SO GOOD!

    • Coconut jam is easy to make. I use a recipe from the LA Times — look for Thai coconut jam. (And you can skip the pandan leaves it calls for.)

    • I was there but we didn’t talk. I realized after posting that it was a futile pursuit. Will still attend future gatherings though!

      • Emmaleigh504

        Too bad 🙁 But very glad you will go to future events! Maybe there is someone else!

      • I have a crush on FBJ, but I suspect based on an earlier post I am not his type.

        • Formerly Broken Jaw

          Huh? I’ve never been to one of these thingies!

          • Different anonymous.

          • This person probably has a crush on you based upon your posts.
            I’ve never been to a PoP’ville HH, but I did end up going on a date with a PoP’villager who liked my postings under one of my many alter egos. We traded emails and went out for drinks once or twice. We didn’t really click, but they were very nice and friendly. C’est la vie.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Srsly, FBJ, we all have a crush on you based on your posts. You and Irving Streete are the 2 most crushed on people on here. And both so unavailable (for most folks).

          • Formerly Broken Jaw

            Haha that’s hilarious since Irving Streete was a long ago neighbor. He’s a handsome guy as I recall and I’m no competition ( geez this just got very Tiger Beat).

          • Emmaleigh504

            My whole day has been Tiger Beat.

    • I think I posted here about having a ghost. Yes, the ghost is still around. He/she is now hiding things from me! Very confusing, but seems to be friendly 🙂

    • Did we ever get an update on the bear in the roof?

  • binpetworth

    Rave: Lunar eclipse this morning was awesome!
    Rant: Nats. I was hoping to get to at least one playoff game, since I was out last week.

  • Bryce Harper…all class that guy.

    • justinbc

      I didn’t watch, so no idea if you’re being facetious or he genuinely did something good. Hoping for the latter.

      • Fortunately, hit an awesome home run. Then proceeded to taunt the pitcher he hit it off of and acted like a loser. Didn’t even win the game. Feel bad for his teammates as they’ll prob end up getting hit with a pitch when they play the giants next year as retaliation – the old code of baseball but you don’t show up a guy like that no matter how excited you are. He’s just a meathead jock.

        • Its an elimination game and he hit about 1000 ft of home runs of Strickland in the series. His behavior was not unsportsmanlike at all.

          • Uhhh yes it was but obviously not going to convince you otherwise.

          • I don’t follow this logic. If you’ve hit 1000 feet of home runs off a guy, why do you need to keep taunting him? Glaring down the pitcher while circling the bases. Shouting at him from the dugout. That is the definition of unsportsmanlike. I wouldn’t want to see that from my kid. (Yes, I know the pitcher said after game 1 that Bryce was lucky but two wrongs don’t make a right)

            His quote after the game – something like [pitcher] has some [large male anatomy] to throw a 3-1 heater.

            Whatever Bryce. Enjoy winter.

        • I see your point. But I’ll defer to MarkQ comment. Harper appeared to be carrying the emotional load for the team.

        • It’s just amazing how wrong you are.

        • The pitcher was yelling at him because he waited too long to start running the bases (wasn’t sure if it was fair or foul). So Harp yelled back. He wasn’t showing anyone up.

    • He’s a young, competitive athlete. Did you never play a sport?

      • If he was a soccer player, his teammates would criticize him for being so reserved.

        • If he was a soccer player, he would have fallen down at 3rd base when rounding the bags and asked for some help to get up due to the atrocity of the “ghost” that tripped him.

          • You are clearly trolling and in the minority here. I can only assume you dodged my question about playing a sport because you never have

          • +1 funny. I didn’t think it was trolling at all.

          • Yeah it def. wasn’t trolling. Maybe Anon doesn’t know what trolling means? Maybe he’s never trolled before just like he thinks no one else but him has played a sport before which automatically makes anyone who hasn’t an idiot for talking about sportsmanlike qualities?

      • You can play a sport, be competitive and not show up your opponent from the dugout screaming like an idiot, yelling profanities, etc. The homerun only tied the game – at least save it for when you win the game/series if you really feel the need to show up an opponent.

      • Yeah, I’m not all that upset about it. He got fired up, and tried to fire up his teammates. He had just tied up an elimination game by hitting his second homer off the same pitcher who had talked trash about him. Have at it. I wonder if Nats had won if this would be such a topic of discussion?

      • Of course I’m in the minority here – this is DC blog with a bunch of Nat fans. But I’d suspect I’m not in the minority elsewhere.

        • And yes, I’ve played and continue to play sports. Not sure if that ends your argument – as I’m not sure what answer you expected to win it?

        • Just because you are in the minority doesn’t mean you are wrong.

      • Yes. Played a sport. What a dumb question.

        • Like saying – “You’ve never been a chef before so you can’t say this food tastes like crap.”

          • It’s nothing like that.

          • I’ll bite then. I’ve played a sport. We disagree on what sportsmanship and “acting like you’ve been there before”, etc.

            Your argument is futile since we’ve obviously both played sports and disagree. But keep going. You’re on a roll.

  • Not a rant or a rave, but can anyone recommend a good place for Verizon Center tickets? Ticketmaster, Stubhub, just go to the box office and try to buy direct? I really want to see Stevie Wonder next month.

  • Bryce was the only Nat playing with any passion. (OK, maybe Cabrerra too). The rest of the team looked liked they were sleep walking through this series.

    • Accountering

      When the only guys who show up to play are a 6’10” pitcher, a guy named Jordan, a hispanic guy, and a 21 year old kid, you aren’t winning anything.
      By the way, the above kind of sounds like a joke… Still waiting for the punchline!

    • I dunno I kinda felt like until recently, Rendon was carrying the team.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: guys who are clueless.
    Rave: subtweets.
    Rant: got a blister on my heel yesterday.
    Rave: Found a favorite earring I thought I lost.

    • I second that Rant about clueless guys! How aggressive do I need to be for you to ask me out already?!

      • Emmaleigh504

        Srsly! If someone is DTF and has DSL, get with the program already! but I suppose DSL is debatable. but I digress.

      • Maybe he’s not interested? Or maybe ask him out?

      • So aggressive you actually ask him out perhaps?

        • At this point, I’m just gonna ask him out, but this does not bode well for the future. Do I have to initiate EVERYTHING?! I appreciate it when a man takes initiative.

          • I don’t know. At this point you should probably move on, because you already sound a little resentful and you haven’t even been on the first date. Why would you want to date someone who is already disappointing you?

          • Men (and masculine of center lesbians like myself) are always expected to initiate things; it gets old really quick. I never understood why the same women who tote independence and rights fall back into this arachic method of dating. In your defense, it someone was being very aggressive I’d probably approach, but on the other hand it’s a turn-off. I’d much rather someone ask me out than flirt aggressively. Even though I like (wouldn’t say prefer) someone to approach me, I still enjoy courtship, so the fact that he might be oblivious doesn’t mean he can’t court and plan good dates.

          • I (a man) agree completely with everything anon 1.5 said.

          • Emmaleigh504

            huh. I thought you were a chick Not a Fed. Now I have to adjust my mental image of you.

          • Perhaps I’ll use the name “Not a chick” instead from now on.

          • +2 to everything anon 1.5 said. I get tired of initiating everything. As a guy, it’s nice to be pursued occasionally. We also have egos that need stroking 😉

          • Amen to that! I recently went on 5 dates with a guy. On date 4 he asked me “why haven’t you kissed me yet?”
            Really? Do I have to do everything?

        • justinbc

          +1, maybe you’re more interested than he is.

          • Well, he finally asked me out. I mean, he texted me at midnight and I responded. That means YOU CAN GET IT! Your move.

          • Is texting someone at midnight really asking them out? I’d consider that more of a booty call.

          • It’s only a booty call if they want to come meet you immediately (aka at midnight, after their extended work happy hour while still wearing their disheveled office attire).
            It sounds like the guy asked her out for a future date in their text conversation, which just happened to be at midnight. That’s not so bad.

          • Ha fair enough, and no judgement even if it was a booty call! If both parties are on the same page, it can be really fun.

        • PDleftMtP

          I am permanently off the market (God willing), but this x 1 billion. Yes, risking rejection sucks, but no man I know is turned off because a woman he’s interested in makes the first move. If he says uh, no, it’s because he wasn’t interested, in which case you were hosed anyway. Yes, you just yelled “AAAUUUUGH!” and splatted on your back, but you get back up and kick the football again.

          Seriously, the “I tried everything to get him to ask me out…couldn’t he SEE that I was flipping my hair left and right?!?” used to just drive me nuts.

      • So why don’t you ask him out?

  • Rant: Nats. After a great season I was hoping for them to go farther into the post season.
    Rave: there’s only one day between baseball season and hockey season in DC! Go Caps! And it was an excellent season Nats.
    Rant: selling my sofa on Craig’s List to make room for the new one, no a half price offer will not be taken seriously. But if you’re looking for a sofa, search for tufted back Chloe.
    Rave: I’m cutting way back on carbs and it’s not as terrible or crave inducing as I thought it would be.

    • Resale value of a couch is a small fraction of retail price. Depreciation is immense, even if it’s only 1 year old and you got it at Room & Board.

      • Yes, I definitely understand that, but she offered half of my list price, which I think is pretty reasonable. I am willing to take less, which is why I listed it at slightly higher than what I think someone would be willing to pay, but I am not willing to take 50% of my listed price.

      • ^This. Lower your price. Seriously. No, lower. Keep going.

      • So, if I were to sell a modern style leather sectional in great shape that is 3 years old and originally cost $1500, how much would I list it for to get more than just one or two half-assed lookers?

    • I’ve had the occasional lowball offer when listing things on Craigslist; usually I just ignore them.
      But if you definitely need to get rid of this sofa before the new one arrives, you might consider lowering the price by $25 increments until you get some bites.

      • Agreed.
        I listed it last night and have two people actually interested, so I if those fall through I’ll lower it.

        • Glad to hear you’ve got two bona-fide prospects, not just the lowballer!

          • Thanks!
            This is the hard part for me though, how do I manage the 2nd person? Especially since I’ve been waiting all day for the first to get back to me. And i just got a third. so I want to keep them happy, but I also want it gone fast. I like to do first come first served, but I might just see who can come fastest.

          • Let them know that there are others who are interested, and ask where they are in the working-out-the-logistics process. (Do they already have a vehicle big enough to fit the sofa? If not, have they arranged to rent/borrow one? Have they lined up a helper? What day/time are they planning to pick it up?)

  • Rant: Matt Williams. You’re supposed to help the team win games, not put them in holes to dig themselves out of. I think at least 40,000 Nats fans would agree that things should have been done WAY differently to give the Nats a better shot this year, regardless of their inexperience in pressure playoffs. I vote Boswell for Manager.

    Rant: NLDS umpires. I don’t even know where to start, BUT REALLY?! Pick only one strike zone per game that applies to both teams, review what a check swing is, and pull you head out of your ass.

    Rant: Rookie egos. Play some small ball, turns out that also scores runs rather than swinging for the fences in a park rigged with wicked wind.

    • Jayson Werth: 1 for 17 in the series. But yeah let’s blame Matt Williams.

      • Accountering

        Fact of the matter is, in the most important inning of the season (after we tied the game) he had Thornton face Posey, and then brought in Barnett with two on base. We lost this game with our middle relievers pitching the most important inning.

        • justinbc

          And if they win, he’s deemed a genius. Hindsight is great to have when examining sports.

          • Accountering

            Or foresight. My comment when Thornton faced Posey “I cannot believe they are leaving this guy in to face Posey”

          • justinbc

            That’s ignoring the point. Every single decision a baseball manager makes in a postseason game is picked apart, and I guarantee you every one of them has someone thinking they would have done it differently. It’s easy to blame the manager, but players gotta play.

          • He’s paid a fine salary to make those decisions, and make them well, and he knows they will all be closely scrutinized by millions. That’s his job.
            Besides, you have case and effect reversed. It’s not winning that makes him a genius, it’s being a genius that brings on the wins. He was not in genius mode, therefore no wins.
            (Now, there are always funny bounces in baseball. But the Game 2 + Game 4 establishes a pattern)

          • Even worse was Williams decision to pull Zimmerman after 8 and 2/3 innings in Game 2….

          • justinbc

            Irving Streete, if it were chess rather than baseball I might agree with you. In chess making the right move will win you the game, and you look great. In baseball, your move may be right or wrong, but it’s only judged after someone else goes out and succeeds or fails at their job.

      • This. You can’t win a game if you ain’t scoring runs. The batters looked desperate all series at the plate. Frustrating.

      • Announcers said last night that the Giants studied Werth extensively and adjusted accordingly, apparently very well. He should have figured out a solution by game 4 though.

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: Nats. Bummed they didn’t make it.
    Rant: Super cranky mood. Mr. Squid was cranky last night and I pick up his moods. Plus the above rant. And one of my best friends due to visit this weekend is having health issues which may prevent her visit if they don’t clear up.
    Rant: Saw woman in coffee shop this morning in 3+ inch high leopard print platform Louboutins. Yes, they looked cool but when she tried to walk anywhere it was awkward, slow, and as if on eggshells. How is that sexy?

    • skj84

      Louboutins are all about the status rather than the practicality. Like most killer shoes. Lord knows I’d own a pair if I could afford them. And worked a job where I sat all day. However if one wears bad ass shoes, she must have a bad ass strut to go with them.

    • I’m always confused by women wearing clearly too high or too clunky heels. They do have the benefit of giving you height, yes, but more importantly they are supposed to make your walk SEXIER. They make your butt stick out a bit, put a little strut in your stride, dress up a casual outfit. Teeter tottering like a newborn deer is not a good look for anyone.

    • Also, I don’t know when this trend of stripper heels as office-wear started (was it Ally McBeal?), but it’s a bad thing. I generally knock 20 points off the estimated IQ of a woman wearing stilettos in a professional environment. It’s a clear and desperate attempt to appear *more* something… more mature, more badass, more sexy (in a place where sexy isn’t even the goal).
      Same goes for men wearing giant ironic belt buckles at work. (Unless they are in fact cowboys/ motorcycle mechanics/ performers.) If you need to have fun with your work wardrobe (and I get that men get the short end of the fashion fun stick), go for whimsical socks and ties.

      • Emmaleigh504

        +1 work is where one does conservative whimsy. And guys, can you do something other than striped socks? I’m bored with striped socks.

      • epric002

        so much agreement. if you’re tottering around my pretty conservative work environment in too tall heels that you can’t walk in, which are quite often paired with too short skirts, i immediately assume that this is your first office job.

        • My workplace is the opposite of conservative. Pretty trendy and casual. But it still isn’t a place where ladies dance naked for money, so high-high heels, whether or not one walks well in them, are still inappropriate.

        • Alright, I will admit it. Right now I am wearing 4 inch heels with a small platform at a conservative workplace. The platform has Nike Air in it, which makes these pretty comfy. I don’t think they look like stripper shoes, but they are the only pair of 3″+ shoes I own. I think I dress very well for work and I’ve established that I’m not a bimbo trying to impress people and I’m not dumb, so whatever, if people want to think that they can.
          PS- I’m not trying to look taller. My goal is never to look taller. I buy shoes that I like and I wear them with outfits they go well with. I’m not aiming to be 6’3″, but sometimes it happens.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I’m sure no one is judging you. There are work appropriate heels with small platforms. I own a pair that I never get to wear to work b/c my working places is so casual.

          • I might be judging you. Listen, the whole point of high heeled shoes is to make you walk on your tippy toes. The effect of walking on your tippy toes is a swinging back porch and an out-thrust bosom. The higher the heels, the more prominent the Jessica Rabbit effect. (“Sexy”) This is not appropriate workplace behavior. Ergo, high heels in the workplace are not appropriate.

          • No one would look at me in heels and think “Jessica Rabbit.”

  • Rant: I think I’m getting fat. I’ve been eating everything in sight to deal with my depression and I need to stop. I want to start exercising and eating better to lose weight and to help fight my depression but at my age (38) I think I might be too old to start.
    Rant: the Nats
    Rant: My office is moving and I’m 21st out of 26 on the list to pick a cubicle on our new floor. I just know I’m going to get a shitty space.
    Rave: I have a job.

    • I got serious about eating right and exercise when I was 38. I lost 30 pounds that summer and managed to keep most of it off. It’s not too late.

    • Emmaleigh504

      You aren’t to old to eat better and exercise, that’s the screaming meanies talking.

      • Word. My mom is 69 and about to run her first 10 miler this Sunday. She’s in the best shape of her life.

        My dad said once, “You’re never too old for romance.” I think the same could be said about eating and exercise…

        • My mom starting running at 51 and she ran 5-10ks all through her battle with breast cancer two years later. She credits getting in shape with why she was so strong through chemo and many invasive surgeries.

      • PDleftMtP

        Yup. My dad busted a move at 65. Me, not so much.

    • Never too late. I’m 50 and I’ve started cutting back and am losing some weight. I bike often but mostly, for me at least, it’s keeping the carbs in check.

    • You are definitely not too old to start.

    • Depression is a liar. You’re never too old to start taking better care of yourself.

    • skj84

      You are never to old to start exercising! Try walking, it’s the best lowkey exercise. Then babystep into something more intense like running. Hulu, Netflix and Youtube offer great fitness videos if you don’t want to exercise in front of people. ANd there are so many great blogs devoted to health. I like Fitness Blender, which cross promotes on Youtube.

      • Hulu has exercise videos? I watch it all the time for TV shows that I’ve missed but never thought of it as a place to help me get into shape. Thanks!

      • I LOVE Fitness Blender! Their videos always seem to go really quickly and leave me feeling like I had a real workout, unlike some other videos I’ve tried.

    • You’re NEVER too old to start exercising and/ or to start eating better. Exercising doesn’t have to mean running marathons, it could mean swimming (low impact) or a gentle yoga class, or making a commitment to walk or dance on a regular basis. And eating better and exercising will indeed have a positive impact on your depression. A key to both eating better and exercising more is finding things that you actually LIKE. for me that means yoga with a good teacher, peaches, and great salads. As opposed to, say, chicken breasts, skinny cow ‘treats’ , and running.

    • I personally didn’t get serious about working out until I was about your age. And my dad is in his seventies and running 10 mi/week. You are never too old to start doing good things for yourself, that is just the bad brains talking. And bad brains are notorious liars.

    • Exercise could also help with your sleep, which you didn’t mention anything about, but sleep is often disrupted for people with depression.

    • Echoing the walking suggestions. Half hour daily walks were effective for me. Even fifteen minutes is better than nothing. Slowly altering your diet can also be easier than suddenly changing it. I definitely noticed the effects and so did my doctor.

    • I hate the gym, I hate working out. However, I still do it a few times per week because it leads to me making all other sorts of healthy decisions.
      I tend to work out at 6pm, right after work but before dinner. After my work outs, I crave veggies and protein like a pregnant woman craves [insert weird food here]. I usually never crave veggies, I almost always want carbs. But for whatever reason, the working out makes me crave healthier foods.
      Post-workout I also getting amazingly restful, deep sleep. I’m typically a night owl and can’t go to bed before 1:30am (and I need to be into work by 830am, so that leaves me with little sleep, usually 6 hours max per night). Working out zonks me out by midnight at the latest, thus giving me a minimum of 7 hours of solid sleep.
      So by doing 45 minutes of active exercise, I get all these other knock-on healthy effects. All of this makes me feel mentally happier and motivated, and keep my body looking good (which gives me a better self image). Give it a try – you’ll see the healthy effects multiply very quickly!

    • Thank you all for the suggestions. It makes me feel better knowing there’s still some hope for me.

  • Rave: I slept so well last night.
    Rant: I didn’t get up with my alarm to try to see the blood moon this am. Thanks Popville for the pics.
    Rave: Meeting a good friend for dinner and drinks tonight.

  • Formerly Broken Jaw

    Rant: Little Richard, Sly and the Family Stone, Rick James, the May 3 2014 U Street parade, Chicken and FBJ.

  • Rant: Think I damaged my eyesight staring at the eclipse this morning.

  • skj84

    Rant: Couldn’t see the Blood Moon. I woke up around 6 and it was already behind the trees around my house. I actually threw on my coat and wandered up and down the street in effort to see it. No luck. If I had woken up an hour earlier I probably would’ve been able to see it through the skylight in my family room.

    Rant: This one is a First World Problem, but my bathroom being being renovated and it’s taking forever. I have to use either the powder room on the first floor or the bathroom in the basement, both of which are really inconvenient if I’m coming from my room on the second level. Especially at bedtime! Plus the light in the basement sucks for putting on makeup.

    Rave: Trying a new coffee shop in Takoma Park tonight.

    • Is it La Mano? If so, I am a fan (rave).

        • It is awesome! Make sure to get a pastry, too. If you’re going in the late afternoon/early evening, they have a coffee happy hour 🙂

          • skj84

            I’m so excited about their coffee happy hour. I just wish there was wifi. I need to hang out for a bit and was going to bring my laptop. Oh well, I can just read a book instead.

          • There is not a ton of space inside, so seating may be limited (but I assume not likely a problem midday during the week). If you want to kill time and don’t need to stay at the cafe, there is a cool home store called Trohv nearby where you could kill time.

    • Our bathroom is also in renovation right now, and we also have a powder room on the main floor and the other shower in the basement. SO SO ready to be done. Luckily ours is going quickly, we will *hopefully* be done Friday…and I can’t wait. Our old bathroom was so…band aid colored. And always looked dirty. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it when yours is done too!

  • Visited a friend this weekend who had a baby in June and she is struggling. The baby has been super fussy, doesn’t really nap, and she’s exhausted and lonely (her husband works long hours). Plus she has made a few mom friends, but feels like all she ever talks about (or deals with) is the baby. I want to send a care package – any ideas? I was thinking some fancy (decaf) tea, maybe a gift card to DryBar or something that would let her be pampered (her mom is coming for a couple weeks so she could theoretically get out of the house), some homemade baked goods. For the moms out there – would it be thoughtless to send a book of short stories or a magazine? Any other suggestions for things that are about her, and not the baby?

    • that’s really nice of you – if you can, take her out – take her to brunch, somewhere with alcohol (moms can have a cocktail without pumping and dumping), the DryBar is a great idea. Pedicure. Something she won’t do herself and talk about crap the whole time – drama in your life, etc. Or ask if she’d rather be alone (OMG I crave being alone). I’d say yes to baked goods, personally, but I’m fat. Many moms try to avoid that stuff.
      And I think she’ll be very touched by the thought. But definitely take her out and try to get her mind off baby – THAT she won’t do by herself.

    • DryBar is a great idea. Or a gift card for some place to get a manicure or pedicure. Someplace where she can get out of the house and be pampered but not be away so long that she gets anxious as to how things are going. A makeup palette or lip glosses (if she likes that stuff) is nice, too. I felt like a mess those first couple of months and although I don’t wear much makeup, it was nice to feel slightly gussied up with minimal effort. I was too tired to read much – when I tried I just fell asleep. My baby wasn’t a good napper, either, so I held him for most naps the first few months, so I liked things I could eat while sitting in a chair. Tea is a nice idea. I’m guessing she’s not in DC? If they have something like ScratchDC or a meal delivery where she is, that could be good, too.

    • As soon as you mentioned a care package I was thinking that a few fun magazines that weren’t baby-related would be perfect. A few other ideas: 30 minute massage, a yoga dvd, a heartfelt card, fun comfy socks, a small perfume…I’m sure I’ll be thinking of new items all day!

      • I just sent a box of similar contents to my brother’s family who recently added a new baby. I’d add random (but high quality) chocolate bars, a DVD or two (comedies, preferably), and a variety of stuff from the Body Shop (i.e., fun soaps and butter creams), and maybe a check of money for “a dinner out.”

    • Are they local enough that you could offer to babysit so that she could get some adult time and some sleep? That would probably be the most practical offer. And I second the cocktail hour and massage ideas. Lady needs to relax.

    • Hey all – thanks so much for the awesome suggestions, and keep ’em coming! Sadly they’re not local (she’s in NYC), so I can’t babysit. I did take her out to brunch when I visited and tried to talk about all sorts of ridiculous stories that were not about babies. DryBar gift certificate is on its way (there’s a location 15 minutes from her house), so we’re getting there!

      • Howzabout hiring a home-cleaning service to come once or twice? I don’t have kids but even I’d love that!
        And if they do laundry, even better.

        Also, cute slippers. Meal delivery. A new mug with that tea…?

        • This this this this!

          Meal delivery, plus stock her up on dishes that she can toss (less time cleaning = more sleep). A cleaning service that includes laundry.

          If you go visit again, ask her to make a list of things she would like you to do. This can be hard for new moms, but make it clear you want to do it. Then, do everything on the list (even yucky stuff). I have new mom friends who I visit, hug and kiss, put the older kids (mine and theirs) in the yard, then immediately clean the kitchen. Every time. They don’t expect me to, and I know they’ll return the favor when they can. But just having someone empty the dishwasher can be such a tremendous help.

    • Are you able to watch the baby at all? When I visited a friend in the same state I made her go in her room and nap/watch tv while I watched the baby for hours. She not the baby was a little fussy at first but if you can get her out of ear shot and let her take a nice long shower, wash her hair, run out for a pedicure/manicure or anything non-baby related it will be greatly appreciated.

  • Rant: I bit my lower lip several times last Friday, and it hurts like hell all the time, especially when I’m trying to eat something really delicious.
    Rave: Cards win! Cardinals going to the NLCS!

  • Rave: Two gigs this weekend.

    Rant: They’re both in Bethesda.

  • Rave: the combination of a difficult few weeks and an upcoming long weekend with no real plans other than pesky errands and chores has me contemplating saying f* it and booking a trip to the carribean this weekend. I have some money, and looks like my planned january trip will be trumped by a family health situation, so, why not?
    Rant: I don’t think I’m impulsive enough to actually pull the trigger.

  • epric002

    rant: foster puppy still has the grossness (i’m tired of typing the other word). chicken and rice and yogurt diet it is!
    rant: letting foster puppy sleep in my room so that when he wakes up and needs to go out i’ll hear him.
    rant: foster puppy is a terrible sleeping companion, so although i don’t have to clean up any accidents, i also don’t get much sleep.
    rant: DOT will be at the ANC meeting tonight and i really want to hear their latest excuses for why they can’t make the kansas/quincy intersection a 4 way stop. the thought of sitting through an entire ANC for that makes me want to scoop my eyeballs out with a rusty spoon. ugh.
    rant: very ranty this morning.

    • Have you tried canned pumpkin? Just the pumpkin, not pie filling. It’s like magic with our dog. Take a day off from food entirely, then work your way from pumpkin and rice/chicken to pumpkin and solid food to just solid food. Works magic!

      • epric002

        pumpkin doesn’t work for him for some reason- it makes it worse. my other dog gets a spoonful of it in every meal though and it works great for her!

    • Thanks for trying to make that corner safer.

    • My dog’s grossness returned Monday! I immediately switched him back to chicken and rice with yogurt and the grossness subsided right away. I think I will keep him on the bland diet then slowly get him back on the food he was on when I first got him.

      This is what I get for going with the fancy, natural, no-recalls-ever food. I’m thinking he is sensitive to potatoes.

      • epric002

        someone else (on here i think) mentioned potatoes as a potential sensitivity. he started on an RX purina food from the vet which helped for about 2 days and now we have grossness again 🙁 blarg.

        • My pup’s the one with potato sensitivity. I feel your pain. I think you mentioned that your new food (not sure if it’s the RX purina or a different brand) had sweet potatoes so you were hoping that would work, but my dog can’t handle sweet potatoes either! 🙁
          Since mine can’t handle pumpkin, someone suggested I try coconut oil with plain rice, and she did really well on that. It helped with digestion and also keeps her coat/skin healthy so she gets a spoonful with her dry food now. (I got mine at Doggy Style but I’m sure it’s the same as the stuff you get at grocery stores).

          • Thanks for the coconut oil suggestion, I’ll have to try this if the problems come back. I think you mentioned this in your post a few days again but I can’t remember– what dry food is your fog on?

          • AliceInDC: She’s on Nutrisca’s salmon and chickpea. It’s grain/potato free and she really loves it.

          • Thanks, SparklyKittyTacos! I will give it a try.

        • epric002

          that’s right! we haven’t even gotten to try the new food i ordered, as the vet wanted us to use the RX purina first. i’m going to stick with the chicken/rice/yogurt until things improve and then start sloooowly adding some kibble back in. i will definitely ask about the coconut oil too!

  • Just booked Thanksgiving travel to Montreal. Has anyone ever been? Is there anything we shouldn’t miss?

    • I love Montreal so much. You should eat at the following places- Olive & Gourmando (get pastries and/or the Cuban sandwich), L’express (real, unpretentious French food that makes Le Diplomate look a floundering newbie), and Mai Xiang Yuan (best dumplings ever, cash only).
      The old city is wonderful for walking around. They have the densest bike share system in the world, so I recommend getting a 24 hour pass. You’ll flip out if you see the one Capital Bike Share bike they have. We took them to Parc Jean Drapeau, which is wonderful. You can also metro there. There are hiking trails, a Forumla One track you can bike on, a Calder sculpture, and many other things. I feel like it’s hard to go wrong there. Enjoy!

      • +1 million on seeing the lone CaBi bike (they also have single bikes of Minneapolis’ Nice Ride and London’s BarclayBike)

        • I saw it within about two hours of arriving, riding right towards me. I must have scared the pants off the woman riding it when I freaked out.
          I did end up riding it! And I saw one from Australia as well. I chalk it up to the bikes being made there.

    • I had one of he best meals of my life in Montreal years ago. It was a new (at the time) Portugese restaurant; The owner made room for us because we were from out of town and even though the place was packed to the gills, he moved some tables around to add a new table for us. He wouldn’t give us a menu, just had the chef prepare his best dishes and kept them coming the entire evening. So yummy! I don’t remember the name but I do remember we had to walk down some stairs from street level to get there. Also, everyone smoked non-stop while they were eating.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      Most everyone in Montreal is bi-lingual. When you go into a restaurant or shop, they will greet you “Bon soir, Good evening.” You are supposed to answer in the language you wish to speak. I made the mistake of answering in my best high school French. Disaster! There are lots of good places to eat. If you like them be sure to have mussels and frites.

    • If you have access to a car. There is an outdoor spa about 45 mins outside of the city that is really awesome. It’s set in the woods, with outdoor fireplace, hot springs, cold springs etc. Really nice way to spend a day before a night out in town.

    • Take the bus to the top of Mont Royal (or climb, if you like hiking and it’s not too cold) to a chalet that overlooks the entire city.

  • Revel: So happy to hear Lizzie was found! Was she with the uber driver?
    Rant: Still having a lot problems with “posting comments too slowly” or quickly!

    • It’s because you’re not logged in. The system sees all non-logged commenters as the same commenter. So if someone else who wasn’t logged in posts a comment 5 seconds before you, the system will think that you’re “posting too quickly” and therefore probably a spambot.
      My problem is that the system won’t keep me logged in. This is the only website that logs me out every time I switch to another site. I post anonymously because I can’t be arsed to log back in every time.

  • rant: that ‘i need money for sibley hospital’ guy tried to get money from me last night. while i was biking in the rain. i almost stopped to tell him that the internet is onto him!
    rave: saw Gone Girl last night. Loved the book, and found myself surprised by some of the plot twists (i have a terrible memory).

  • Rave: Pregnant, but still so early on I’m not telling anyone
    Rant: Second baby means I start showing way earlier. Need new pants.
    Rant: Morning sickness is kicking my butt this time around. Tried lemon and ginger and they only help in the short term.

    • Hey, ditto! I am due late May/early june and just hit the symptom wall yesterday – exhausted, super burpy, and not feeling food (except chocolate, because chocolate). Hang in there! (I am putting off the new pants for now but can tell it’s not far away…)

      • I had no morning sickness with my first. I was so lucky! No symptoms. Aside from the missing period, I would have never known.

        The only way I can describe how I feel is how anyone feels when they’re laying on the bathroom floor right before or right after puking their guts out when they have the stomach flu. Weak, sick, exhausted and scared for the next round.

        I’m subsisting on ginger ale, lemon ginger tea, saltines, and anything sweet. I might try acupuncture, because I’ve heard it can help. I’m desperate!

        • Have you tried ginger candies? I weirdly feel best when I’m snacking on salted almonds and dark chocolate chips (our baking stash, but oh well), and I’ve heard ginger candies really help for something that’s sweet and settling. Amazon carries them in bulk.
          I described the boob pain to my husband and he was like, “oh, so your boobs basically have blue balls” which I thought was an interesting way to think of it…

    • agreed on the ginger candies. also – have you tried a belly band to put off new pants? i got mine at target.

  • Rant: I feel like I’m being set up to fail in my job
    Rave: I’ve been getting compliments from my principal, the leadership team, and my co-teachers that I’m doing well. Still doesn’t feel like it to me.
    Rant: parents who stand around, waiting for me, at dismissal. I don’t have time for an impromptu conference every week.
    Rave: still seeing new guy. Not sure where this will go though.

    • So sorry about Rant #1, that is so dispiriting. But if you are getting positive feedback, try concentrating on taking that as a statement of your status and on doing what is in your realm of influence as well as you can.

    • As to your second rant – have you been proactive about making sure that you have convenient times and convenient ways for working parents to interact with you? It’s a GOOD thing that parents want to communicate with you regarding their kids, and, especially since you’re a new teacher, and it’s the beginning of a new school year, feedback and communication will be to everyone’s benefit.
      I don’t know what you mean by being set up to fail, but positive relationships and open communication with the parents of the students you’re teaching will definitely enhance your chances of succeeding on multiple levels.

      • I am happy to set up times to conference and i have let the patents know this, but waiting for me at least once every week this way is not appropriate.

        • Um, do with this what you will, but talking with your child’s teacher on a regular basis is not only appropriate — but something to be encouraged. It’s great that you’re open to setting up times to conference. If scheduling appointments jibes with the culture and expectations and hectic schedules of the parents you serve, that’s even better. If it doesn’t, you run the risk of making your job much much harder. If the parent that you brush off as “inappropriate” in early October is the same one that you desperately need to talk with in February, it might not be so easy to pull them back in. I say this as someone who has spent over 20 years in urban school settings. I’m not trying to minimize the impact on you of having multiple impromptu conferences. I am trying to encourage you to think of ways to welcome engaged parents who are willing to reach out to you for the benefit of their kids.

          • I have to agree with this. If my daughter’s teacher was “too busy” to have a chat with me once a week, it wouldn’t be long before I was bringing this to the attention of the principal.
            Plus, one of the biggest problems with education today (especially for at risk kids) is lack of parental engagement. Blowing off parents who try to engage is lunacy.

    • I recently discovered that my high school English is a prolific (and fairly well known) blogger on pedagogy, modern teaching, teacher-student-parent issues, etc. He’s a brilliantly engaging writer and has a lot of fun ideas for making your job easier and getting students excited about learning.
      Check it out – thereadinessisall . com

  • Rant: The storm system last night triggered a massive migraine I can’t get rid of.
    Rave: I’m on vacation Friday – Monday and will be flying to Atlanta to visit with a friend I haven’t seen in years.

  • justinbc

    Next PoP HH at Sauf Haus Bier Hall in Dupont on Oct 23rd. I like Dacha better, but it’s too small for our group, and I don’t think the streetcar will be taking passengers to get to Biergarten Haus on H Street. And Garden District makes Dacha look huge. So 4th best German spot it is for Oktoberfest drinking!

    • skj84

      Oh, I don’t have anything happening that day! Perfect. I’ll just have to remember to pace myself. Don’t need any repeat performances from the time I attempted to drink a Boot of beer.

    • Andie302

      Booo! I’ll be sorry to miss this. It’s the same night as my book club (as was the last one) but I can’t skip it this time…I’m hosting! I’ll catch the next one and thanks for setting these up!

    • Dupont area might work for the little one and I if we take the 42/43 home from day care that day. So long as you guys don’t mind a toddler running around again….

      • Emmaleigh504

        I promise not to offer the toddler shots.

        • lol, knowing her, she’d probably drink them!

          • Emmaleigh504

            When my cousin was about 2 my aunt had great fun at a dinner giving her a tiny taste of wine to see her reaction. Apparently my cousin liked it. As soon as the dinner convo got more involved and all the adults were distracted, my cousin grabbed the wine glass and started chugging it!

          • My dad is an ER doctor. He says it’s pretty common for panicked parents to arrive at 7am with a shit-faced toddler. It’s usually that the kid escaped his room early, before the parents were up, and went around emptying all the cans and glasses from the party the night before. Many toddlers like the taste of alcohol, especially beer.

          • Heh, hate to joke about a serious situation, but with a shit-faced toddler…. how can you tell? I’m inexperienced with kids, but all toddlers just seem like tiny shit-faced people to me.

          • Accountering


            You are winning the internet today.

          • My daughter definitely likes wine–she always tries to get more when we give her a tiny taste for Shabbat dinner prayers. The 7am shit-faced toddler story is pretty funny.

    • Sweet. I think I will make first PoP’ville HH appearance.

    • Yay! I should be able to make this! Bring your good livers, folks. There will be a test.

    • Can I ask about the logistics of this? I really want to go, but I always just picture that first minute of- I don’t know anyone here and I don’t really know how to talk to strangers- what do I do? Do we use our monikers? I am so very lost but I would like to go!

      • The September hh was my first, and I had similar logistical concerns, but everyone is super friendly and welcoming! I introduced myself with my real name, and then there’s the “so what name do you post under?” exchange, and then just normal happy tipsy hh conversation. I consider myself super shy/awkward and I was fine, so you’ll be fine!

      • Andie302

        Usually a few people will identify what they are wearing the day of, and there’s usually a small group. It’s only a little awkward, and that subsides quickly! It does get tricky with the names/handles…I remember who people are by their screen names, but had a little trouble connecting that with their actual name. The good news is that everyone is pretty nice, and very forgiving. Or like me, and just quiet because you’re drank too much too soon and don’t want to say anything out of turn. That might’ve happened last time.

      • Emmaleigh504

        You can look for who ever says what they are wearing or whatever. I always look for Justin or skj84 b/c he’s usually there early. I’ve also asked the bartender where they are when I couldn’t find them.
        Once I’m there I try to look for people who look lost and welcome them to our group. This gets more difficult later in the night.
        And don’t be like TonyR who seems to find other groups to hang out with instead of us!

      • justinbc

        I’ve always been to the bars selected beforehand, so I’m familiar enough with telling people where to go in them logistically. I also typically get off work much earlier than most other people, so I can arrive in advance of other attendees to post up at a visible spot for others. It’s usually pretty apparent when a new person is there for a PoP HH, based on their scouring of a relatively empty bar for nothing in particular.

  • Emmaleigh504

    I forgot my biggest RAVE: Older niece got into LSU!! Now I just have to convince her to go there instead of any of the other schools she applied to. 🙂

  • Rant: My first Stitchfix was a total bust. They basically ignored my profile, sent me $98 leggings that they claim are very versatile for work, a shirt my boyfriend it’s convinced is actually maternity clothing (I am not pregnant!), and 2 tops with horizontal stripes draped across my rather large chest (the size of which I specified). Maybe I have better taste and am better at dressing myself than I thought. Can’t decide if I should risk another fix but leaving towards no.
    Race: Absolutely beautiful weather!

    • My StitchFix experience was very similar and I don’t recommend trying a second time! My first box was all wrong in basically every way but I tried again because my friend kept getting awesome stuff from them and I figured that the “stylist” might learn over time. The second box was actually worse! There were actually -jeans with rhinestones- and a pleather messenger bag. It was almost comically awful.

    • Do either of you have a Pinterest page with clothes and accessories you ~do~ like? It helps for them to have a visual of your style.

      • I don’t have a pinterest and really don’t want to put one together just for this. Thanks for the feedback, Shawess.

        • Just trying to help.

          • Sorry, I appreciated your suggestion as well, but made it sound like I didn’t. Stitchfix suggested updating my profile but there was little to change besides specifying no stripes.

          • Sorry, I’m clearly having a rough day and was being oversensitive. And it seems from Shawess that even with a Pinterest page, lots of pins, and not one rhinestone, you can still end up with a box of faux bling. 🙁

          • I’m really curious how their style team must work, actually. I think they take in the huge amount of input they ask you to give, but ultimately are pretty limited by the items they actually have to offer.

            It’s probably great if you have a fairly standard body type and are very open-minded about what you’ll wear. But I suspect that for someone like me who is pear shaped and really hates clothes made from synthetic material of any kind, they probably don’t have much to offer. I suspect their inventory is pretty small.

            Interestingly, all of the pieces were substantially -less- expensive than my budget allowed and when I asked them to provide higher quality pieces in the second round, even at a higher price, I got items of the same quality.

      • I do, and it has a lot of pins! None of them involving rhinestones 🙂

    • epric002

      i would say give it another try. when you go online to provide feedback about why you didn’t like the items be very explicit. i think it takes a couple fixes for the stylist to learn your style. you can also add notes to your profile about what you like/don’t like/don’t ever want to see again. for me that was onesies- gag!

      • Adult onesies?! Like a romper or a jumpsuit?

        • epric002

          yes i believe they called it a romper.

          • Yikes. For whatever reason, one of the most memorable “Girls” moments for me is what Hannah calls her romper “shorteralls.” The name pretty much summed up for me why I won’t wear that clothing item. It looks frumpy on pretty much everyone.

          • Emmaleigh504

            If it makes Donna Martin look frumpy (overalls) then it’s not going to work on anyone. Rompers or whatever fall into the overalls category.

      • I didn’t understand that the $20 was not a one-time fee when I first signed up. Now I’m out $20 and have nothing but frustration and annoyance to show for it. I’d rather go shopping, not find anything I like but not be out any money (I *do* realize time is money…) or even find something to buy. They did not respect the price points that I set nor did they seem to notice that I said I like tops to be form fitting.

  • houseintherear

    Anyone have experience with having a cobbler shortening the platform on a pair of wedges? I am wondering if that would work. The ones I have are flat all the way across the bottom, and have a 2″ platform at the toes. I wonder if they can take an inch or more off…? I love these shoes but I’m going to break my neck.

  • Rave: Apple update: I’m adding SweeTango and Piñata apples to the short-ish list of apples that I really like.
    Rave: Kind, patient sales associates at the Container Store. And their sales.
    Rant: Being organized feels wonderful. GETTING organized….does not come naturally to me. I’m drowning in paperwork, trying to conquer it one small stack at a time.

  • Rave: my run times are getting much better out of nowhere
    had been avg around 8:05-8:15/ mile over 3 miles and recently it dropped to the 7:40’s

    • Cooler weather, maybe? I’ve noticed I’m running better and easier since the heat broke.

      • I agree, it could very well be this. I had my best long run in months this past Sunday, and the only explanations I can come up with are a) fluke and b) weather.

      • Quite possibly
        although i do miss coming off of a run drentched the new times dont bother me one bit

  • Rave: I got a 5 on the Basic exam (I blame the Splenda). I thought “You think you’re basic” was a trick question- I said no because until five minutes ago, I didn’t even know what it meant. You people have opened my eyes to a whole new world!
    Rant: I clearly live under a rock.

  • Rant: Roommates come in at 1 am last night really loudly and wake me out of a sound sleep. They talk, don’t try to do anything quietly. I open my door, then decide it’s not worth it and go back to bed. This morning I go to shower and find they left earplugs on a piece of paper in front of my door. I have told them before that they are loud enough to wake me up despite earplugs. They went out together at 10 pm so I figured they’d be out late and put them in, but they woke me up anyway. And again, it was 1 in the morning! We are way out of undergrad, at least TRY to be quiet! Grrrrrrrrr.
    Rave: Only 5 more days of dealing with them.
    Rave: New bed ordered from Saatva. Hopefully it’s as good as all the reviews say!
    Rave: Ran into SparklyKittyTacos this morning, haha.

    • Andie302

      Sorry you’re dealing with this! My roommate has been getting on my nerves a lot lately but she doesn’t do anything nearly that disconcerting (it’s mainly that I have pet peeves, I don’t think they are worth making waves over, and I’d be more annoyed if I told her and then she ignored me versus just being oblivious). Good thing you’re getting out shortly!

      Did you guys run into each other because of work? I’m jealous…I keep waiting to run into one of you people! I like when the internets come to life.

      • I ran into jeslett at the Mt Pleasant farmer’s market last weekend – we hadn’t seen each other in years!

      • Yeah the only thing that really gets my back up is noise at night, otherwise I am pretty laid back about things. Man, roommates can be difficult. It’s hard to find a balance between what’s worth speaking up about and what is worth trying to deal with (and hope it doesn’t build into bigger frustrations). My new roommates seem pretty great though, and said they go to sleep early so hopefully it will be much better!
        Actually I was leaving a doctor’s appointment and on my way back to work when I saw her. 😀

      • We ran into each other because we apparently go to the same lady doctor. 😛

        • Emmaleigh504

          I have the same doctor’s office as an anonymous; it’s fun randomly seeing people out and about.

          • Lady doctors in this town are tricky. Mine is close to my office, which is usually a positive. I ran into a co-worker when my husband and I were there for our 1st sonogram last year. I totally got outed. She kept the secret, but that moment was a little awkward!

          • Emmaleigh504

            Everyone at my work seems to have the same lady-doctor’s office: Reiter Johnson Hill whatever. Does everyone in DC go to them?
            Anonymous and I ran into each other at the regular Dr’s office.

        • I like my ladydoctor (Dr. Bajaj). She’s very sweet. That office always has a really long wait for appointments though…
          Man, I imagine that being awkward though!

          • Oh I used to go to her, I like her too! Had to change doctors because I have different insurance now though.

        • I once saw my lady doctor at the dog park. I never went back to see him.

  • Rant: Friend’s tough, terrible, awful and unexpected loss of loved one
    Rave: Got a great circle of friends that are rallying and there
    Rant: The rave doesn’t make it feel any better or less painful. Heart breaks for her.

  • Rant/Rave: So that meeting with a high-up last Friday ended with me being laid off.
    Rave: I really hated that job, so on to the next!
    Rave: Several months worth of severance, that will include the holiday bonus + extra stock options.
    Rave: Already have a potential opportunity. Not bad.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Glad it’s working so well for you!

    • I went into my individual meeting on layoffs day with my fingers crossed– hoping I was on the list. I saw the faux-sympathy on my boss’s face and internally went “yesss!” Four months severance pay, followed by eligibility for unemployment. Best way to leave a bad job, IMO. You need a little time off to recover from the experience.

    • justinbc

      Sounds like a very generous severance package!

  • GiantSquid

    Rant/Revel: While I will miss most of the wonderful people at my current job when I leave next week, there’s this one person that I look forward to not hearing on a regular basis. There’s always one…

  • Rant: absolutely gutted by my boss’s boss who was set to move me to a new job. Despite me raising serious issues including unwanted touching, bullying of another attorney until she cried, and other problem behaviors, my boss’s boss doesn’t want to move me unless I file a formal complaint. Given how people who file complaints are treated – as trying to get out of work – I am not going down that road. Now I’m trying to determine if I quit my job outright or what. Ironically, we just did No FEAR Act training.
    Rave: supportive friends and family.
    Rave: everything unrelated to work, except for Ebola, Syria, the Nats losing, and growing inequality.

  • Formerly Broken Jaw

    Rave: My eyes were dry so I put on some soothing eyedrops.

    Rant: My glasses were still on.

    Rant#2: There may have been a witness.

  • Rave: Loving the pictures on popville site; each day coming to the site upticks the mood. Wondering how the pipecleaner Natsplayer guy got made so deadon accurately including the curly W…Nice

  • Let’s talk about recent dating life horrors.
    There’s a girl on Tinder who I went out for drinks with once early this summer. We met and I quickly realized she was totally batsh#t crazy. Two other dudes showed up on our date – she had been messaging multiple guys on Tinder to come meet her at a bar in Alexandria. It was totally weird.
    I eventually let our texting fade out and she ended up blocking me on Tinder because I didn’t text her while I was on a family vacation for one week (she wrote a long tirade to me). Whatever.
    However, throughout the summer I kept seeing her on Tinder, but re-registered under different names. At this point, I’m having a good time swiping right and then getting crazy messages from her. She then blocks me again. This has happened 3 times now, all under different names – Caroline, Samantha, and now Christy.
    Also, in our conversation on the date she eventually revealed that she’s a prominent fitness/long distance running blogger and she’s also a stripper. Fun times.
    Who’s next?!?

    • PS – that story was for you, Emilie. I know you love this gossipy entertainment.

    • Accountering

      That is amazing! Keep them coming! For the sake of all the POPVillagers, I must insist that you see batsh!t crazy woman again.
      Ya know, for the stories.

      • I actually just re-matched with “Christy” today on Tinder. That’s what inspired me to write this, lol
        No way in hell I’m meeting up with her again. The first (and only) date was way too crazy for me. In all seriousness, two random dudes showed up at our table while we were having drinks. Once they realized that I was on a date with her, the look of horror/confusion on their faces was hilarious. Her excuse: “Oh, I didn’t know if we would hit it off, so I lined up a few other guys just in case. But you seem great and are really cute, I’m glad they left!”
        I guess I could have left immediately, but (1.) I had a newly opened beer, (2.) I was in Alexandria, and (3.) at that point I was sticking around for the good story. She did not disappoint.

      • Emmaleigh504


    • Hahahahaha! I can’t wait for more stories!

    • This really brightened up my afternoon. Any other Tinder stories out there, pretty please?

    • Does it have to be recent? I could share a story or two, like the time my summer fling ended up on the FBI’s most wanted list.

      • There’s no statute of limitations 😀

        • He called on a weekend we were supposed to see each other to tell me he was in a different country and not coming back because he had taken his children (that I didn’t know existed) from his ex-wife (who I also didn’t know existed). I always felt like something was off with him, but I didn’t really care because it was a casual thing – I was rebounding from a pretty bad break up and was just enjoying the, um, physical perks. Then several months later his case was featured on a local blog when he was put on the FBI list. So yeah…that was fun!

    • On my first Tinder date, the guy awkwardly tried to hold my hand halfway through, got pretty drunk, and then tried to convince to me let him drive us to another bar by his house (we were like 2 blocks from my house). All on a Monday at about 9pm.

      • In my experience, there’s a lot of nervous drinking when on your first Internet dates. You don’t know the person and it’s a bit awkward for everyone. On my first few OKCupid dates a few years ago, I do admit to getting a little too tipsy too quickly on a school night (though I never did anything dangerous or creepy/handsy). I’m more comfortable in my own skin nowadays and pace myself, so it’s no longer an issue for me. My mindset is to think of it as just meeting up with an old friend whom I haven’t spoken with in many years. That seems to take the self-induced pressure off the situation.

    • I went on a third date with a Tinder guy, it was going well, and he said he wanted to introduce me to his friends/roommates. It was St. Paddy’s weekend so they were having a party at their place later. We got to the party, and it was one of his roomie’s bdays and the bday boy’s (very young) girlfriend had hired a stripper as his birthday present. They all took turns taking “cooter shooters” from the stripper’s cooch and, apparently because they had never seen me before, the other (very young) girls who were there asked me if I was also a stripper and what kind of “tricks” I was going to show them.

    • justinbc

      She definitely sounds a bit loony. I’m curious though, is swiping right good or bad? (never seen the app)

    • Emilie, when are we getting your dating disaster stories? 😀

  • Tinder mostly tells me there’s no one new around me. Rant or Revel? 😉

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