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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: NATS!!!!
    Rant: Have to listen on the radio because my friends think I’m a jinx!

    • GiantSquid

      ZOMG! I’m already a nervous wreck thinking of the game tonight.


      Going to be so exhausted for work tomorrow and I don’t even care. I don’t know how much more of this my nerves can take – I’m on edge for every. single. out. of every. single. game.

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: My internet comes with HBO so I decided to use it and now I’m watching the tv series that everybody talks about. Like Game of Thrones.
    Rant: contrary to what I thought, looks like October is also going to be a busy month.
    Rave: November schedule looks so empty is going to be almost like having a vacation.
    Rave: my friends who married yesterday in Virginia, there was a “live feed” on facebook.
    Rave: new camera, the deal was too good!

  • Rave: I want to be in the picture above… frolicking in the field of yellows flowers, playing in the sun, and absorbing that picturesque view!

  • binpetworth

    Rave: I am not normally one who watches serialized dramas, but I have been mesmerized by Top of the Lake, a Jane Campion series that I got from Netflix.
    Rant: Still no contact from the no-show pet-sitting agency! I’m seriously wondering whether they went bankrupt as their office number goes into an endless voicemail loop.

  • Toddler wakes up early–>decide to go for a run
    Shed keys are misplaced–>decide to go for a walk instead
    All about lemons–>lemonade 🙂

  • Rant: Did not sleep well last night.
    Rave: I woke up to good news in my inbox.
    Rave: Worked out for the second morning in a row. I am hoping this trend continues.
    Rave: Amazing weather this morning.
    Rant: People who will not move to the back of the bus during morning rush hour on 16th Street.

  • Rant: week of funerals. Between planning one in the family and trying to make provisions for the ones happening to people around us, we’re wiped out.
    Rant x2: Processing our own reactions has been hard enough without dealing with the people who feel entitled to behave horribly and make it all worse. Grief does not bring out the best in a lot of people, especially when they are selfish, demanding and narcissistic people on a good day.
    Rave: So many people were absolutely lovely and supportive about it. Including people we haven’t talked to in years. We really do have some amazing friends and family.

    • So sorry. We had a spate of funerals this time last year and it just felt like there was a dark cloud hanging over us for months on end. Please take care of yourselves and take comfort in all the lovely people who just showed up when they knew it was important. When the dust settles, that’s what you’ll remember (and you’ll take the other folks off the christmas card list).

    • So sorry to hear this. My brother very recently passed away, and I completely emphasize with how emotionally and physically exhausting going through the motions while still grieving can be.

      If I can offer some small advice, it’s listen carefully to your body the next few weeks. We have an amazing capacity as human beings to run on adrenaline when we need to, but at some point you need to let yourself rest and recharge. I found at some point I was so wiped out I was literally unable to carry on a small-talk conversation. In these cases it’s okay to just excuse yourself. Expect your energy levels to go up and down, and be kind to yourself.

  • Rant: Sick baby = no sleep, and there’s almost nothing you can do to make them feel better.
    Rave: Office with a lockable door and a couch.

  • Rant-ish: I went to see Gone Girl this weekend and now can’t stop thinking about it. I wasn’t particularly eager to see the movie and haven’t read the book, but ended up seeing it with a friend who recommended it. But since I saw the movie, I’ve listened to a few podcasts about it and read a number of reviews of it in different publications. Now I’ve ordered the book. I don’t want to spoil it, but can say that I’m really torn on what to think about it, particularly the way that the female lead is portrayed and how this may differ from the book to the movie. It’s taking up way too much of my time and thoughts.

    • She is mentally unstable, he is not without his faults, and marriages aren’t what they always seem on the outside. Also, Gillian Flynn penned the screenplay, so there’s no reason for her to make the female lead drastically different.

      • Your last point is the one that is most perplexing to me. As I said, I haven’t read the book yet, but apparently there is a noticeable difference between the way the female lead is portrayed in the book and in the movie even though Gillian Flynn wrote both.

      • For a good example, check out the Slate article that David Haglund wrote on the “cool girl” speech. The URL itself has minor spoilers, so I’ll just suggest that interested people google it.

    • I read the book, but haven’t seen the movie. I definitely had some big issues with how the female lead was portrayed. I’m curious about the movie and will probably go see it. It’s hard to say more than that without spoiling though!

      • “How she was portrayed?” Instead of asking that question, you should ask “Why was the character written the way she was?” or “Did the author intentially create a mentally unstable character?”

        • Hmm. Well when I say how she was portrayed, I thought it was clear I meant how the author created her, since she is in fact a fictional character and not a real person. That being said, I think she’s (the character is) mentally unstable is too simplistic of an answer. I’m trying to think of way to talk about it without spoiling. I guess the most I can say is that I think there’s a disconnect between the feminist ideology on display in the “cool girl” speech, and the actions of the main character (in the book at least).

    • I saw the movie on Saturday. I like the fact that, unlike a lot of movies, this one had multiple female characters (and male characters) who were actually complex. I’ll avoid spoilers, but I’ll say that I highly recommend the movie. I just don’t recommend going to see it with your S.O. when you’ve spend most of the week discussing the merits of getting married; bad movie to see if you’re in that state of mind 😉

  • skj84

    Rant: Got into a weird argument with a friend over my job search tactics. She is convinced she is some sort of authority on employment and I’m doing it all wrong. Except she has such a myopic viewpoint on the whole process. I’m fine with advice, but she refuses to listen to me on the points I try to raise. Like how we are looking in different industries which may have varying guidelines to resume templates. And how the employment market has changed and there are so many new ways to look for a job. I’ve expanded my search tactics to social media. I’m part of job groups on Facebook and follow recruiters on twitter. She thinks even considering social media as a tool is worthless despite being shown otherwise. I don’t mind her giving me advice but I do mind her telling me how wrong I am. I’m trying so hard to find a job and it doesn’t hurt to use any means that is available.

    Rave: Halloween is coming and that means costumes! I may be 30 but I never pass up a chance to dress up. I have at least 3 parties I’m going to and I want a different costume for each one.

    • Your friend is an idiot. I have numerous friends who have landed 6-figure jobs through LinkedIn (they were approached by recruiters). I get cold call solicitations to interview for jobs from recruiters at least 4 or 5 times per month. That said, I work in the finance industry on the regulatory side, which in the wake of the Financial Crisis is exploding with new highly paid positions that no one can fill.

    • That’s so frustrating. Finding a job is difficult, being unemployed is hard, and everyone thinks they know how to get one. It’s like being married – some married people think they know why everyone else is single… Best of luck in your job hunt. I’m struggling with you!

    • I’m a recruiter. There is no right or wrong way to look for a job – or from my side to source candidates (I obviously mean within the legal/moral parameters!) What is your industry? Maybe I could help?

      • skj84

        I’m looking at events/sales. and social media. I come from a hospitality background. I feel like I have a bit of leeway when it comes to my resume since I’m looking for a “creative” job. I like the marriage analogy that UDPie used. Just because my tactics are different doesn’t mean they are wrong. Which is what I’m trying to get my friend to understand.

        • I have a good friend who works at one of the big caterers as a sales rep. She works the events, too. It’s a lot of hard, stressful work, but she makes big $$.

  • Apologies since I’m sure this has been covered before, but I’m new to the area- any good weight lifting gyms in the Columbia Heights/Adams Morgan area? I’m basically looking for a cross fit gym without the classes and enormous markup, I want to find barbells and a squat rack, maybe dumbbells and/or kettlebells. Don’t really want classes, weight machines, or cardio equipment…

    • I love bodysmith on 14. A bit pricey but no more than other gyms in the area. They have classes, but they also have all the equipment you’d want.

    • Hard Training Club on Kalorama, a block down from Harris Teeter. Has weights and little else. 24 hour access.

  • Rave: love this time of year to see the soybeans changing colours! So pretty! (As seen in the picture)

  • Andie302

    Rave: Job opportunity from my old government office that I wasn’t expecting. I’m not sure I’m going to take it, but as several people have pointed out: it’s nice to have options and there doesn’t seem to be a wrong answer for me.
    Rave: Turkey chili – dinner last night and lunch today
    Rave: 10-miler this weekend…whether I’m ready or not I’m going to go out and try…and then hoping to refocus fitness in different ways afterward.
    Rave: Congrats on the engagement Pixie!
    Rant: I need to switch over my closet. I keep feeling like I have nothing to wear, but in reality it’s that I don’t KNOW what I have to wear because I haven’t seen it in months and have a bad memory regarding that stuff.
    Rave: Tulip bulbs planted, top soil and mulch purchased, front yard refresh that’s wayyyy overdue is impending
    Rave: Caps preseason game…It’s going to be a fun season!

  • Rant: This morning on the radio there was a popular rap song where the guy literally says “girl you know you want this d***”. And people wonder why we can’t have a serious discussion about the rape culture in this community? It’s glorified all over the place and kids grow up on it.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I hate it when I like a song like that. Blurred Lines gave me so much angst with cognitive dissonance. I’m not sure I’ve resolved it.

      • I’m currently struggling with All About That Bass.

        • epric002

          +1 me too. i think i’m staying on the “do not like” end of the spectrum for that one.

        • skj84

          I have huge issues with All About That Bass. Body shaming and it panders to the male gaze all in the name of “empowerment”.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Y’all Swedish pop is where it’s at! Tove Lo has some awesome songs. Check out Talking body and Moments are fun and not problematic.

          • justinbc

            I’ve seen several women mention similar things. I guess I’ll have to look up the lyrics, but when I heard it they sounded more about being proud with what you’ve got, which is kind of the opposite of body shaming isn’t it?

          • Emmaleigh504

            well, not problematic to me 🙂

          • There’s a line about “skinny bitches”; the shaming goes the other way. Also, it’s all about what MEN want. Sure, “you’re perfect from the bottom to the top”, but also “boys want a little more booty to hold at night”. In a perfect world of body acceptance, there would be no judgment of skinny, and no fucks given about what boys want from our bodies.

          • Justin, it’s sort of about empowerment, but for the purpose of male fulfillment and at the expense of “skinny b!tches.”
            I like pop songs, but I view them as just that, pop songs. They’re made to be catchy, not to be treatises on the social condition. As such, I take the idea behind All About the Bass and appreciate it, note that her execution stinks, but realize it’s just a song, there can’t be that many people who take this stuff seriously.

          • justinbc

            Ah, I see. Yeah, I tend to agree with you on pretty much all that Jeslett. I never take this crap seriously. It’s mostly all just recycled material to begin with.

          • Can someone explain to me what bass has to do with booty? Yes, I am apparently that un-hip.

          • StubsDC, it’s a musical metaphor. Compare the size of musical instruments that produce low notes (bass) to the size of those that produce high notes (treble).

          • I’m totally digging Kate Davis’s jazzy version.
            rare . us / story / all-about-that-bass-played-on-a-bass-is-the-best-cover

        • I agree that it is too male gaze-centered by far and that the swipes at skinny girls make it a less than perfect message. But given how little positive representation curvy figures get compared to skinny ones, I’ll still take it. It is a way better message than hating your non-model body so that the beauty and fashion industries can “fix it” by selling you a bunch of overpriced, unnecessary crap you don’t need.

        • ugh, had to look up the song – regret that I did.
          Not my cup of tea…now back to my Motörhead.

      • skj84

        In my heart of hearts I know I should hate Blurred Lines. I was ready to hate it when all the controversy about the video and lyrics came out last year. But. I just can’t. I know the song is problematic, but it’s so damn catchy! Actually I have a spin on the lyrics being less racy as people think. Or maybe I’m just trying to justify my love of the song.

    • justinbc

      Sounds like every Too $hort song ever.

  • Rave: I work at a school.
    Rant: Parents are the worst.

  • Rave: reading about ClassPass in Express this morning coming to DC offering unlimited workouts for $99/month at a number of fitness studios around town. Seems like a great alternative to membership at a gym. Does anyone have any experience with this in other cities? Does it work well? Easy to get into classes? So intrigued.
    Rant: none…gorgeous weather out.

    • Thanks for mentioning ClassPass. Let me know if you hear any feedback on it.I am always wanting to take different yoga/pilates classes so it seems perfect. I walk to work so never read Express.

  • GiantSquid

    Revel: Great dinner last night with friends and their…
    Revel: Dogs are pretty awesome.
    Revel: #CardiacNats

  • Rave: Nats!
    Rave: My new temp crown is even better than my first temp crown. I didn’t have a root canal, I had to get an old silver filling that was stressing my tooth drilled out and replaced. I get the permanent crown next weeek.
    Rave: I made spaghetti squash fir the first time. It was easy and delicious, I just made spaghetti and meatballs.
    Rants: not many.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Now I understand the sensitivity. Hope everything is fixed up nicely and soon! I also hope that the crowns over live teeth that I have don’t fail me.

    • Spaghetti squash is my favorite. I do it with butter, salt, and fresh nutmeg. I can eat a whole one in about two sittings.

  • epric002

    rant: puppy diarrhea was back yesterday- 2 accidents in the house 🙁 husband said it was good this morning though.
    ranty/ravey: had vet rehab consultation last night. prognosis not terrible, but not great either. she recommends consulting w/an orthopedic surgeon b/c of how his bones healed, and also with their rehab tech for some exercises we can do with him to discourage muscle atrophy.
    rant: puppy was terribly behaved- unbelievably excited and very mouthy.
    rave: nice gentleman passing us on the bridge after he stopped to pick up his tiny chihuahua: “my i see you have a lively one!” 🙂
    random fashion observation: woman at work wearing ankle gym socks with shower shoes.

    • I have been that woman with the socks and sandals. A few times because I forgot to pack my regular shoes (or thought they were already at my office), sometimes because my feet are FREEZING and wearing socks is the only option. I try not to leave my desk, though.

      • epric002

        haha, i was thinking she might have forgotten to pack her work shoes 🙂 you should get yourself a pair of commuting shoes that will keep your feet warm!

        • I do! But in the summer my commuter shoes are usually sandals, they’re no defense against the air conditioning. Recently i just gave up and now keep a blanket and wool socks at my office, in addition to the fleece and scarf.

          • epric002

            are you wearing a faux leather panel skirt today? b/c i saw that this person has now changed in to stilettos.

          • That is the funniest question, b/c except for Halloween I cannot imagine any scenario under which I would wear either a leather skirt or stilettos, and certainly not both!!

          • epric002

            then you and i are of the same mind. i had to edit out my snark since the judgy judgerson that i am, i find it mildly inappropriate for where i work. only mildly considering the other questionable fashion choices that i see on a daily basis. but i am not complaining, as it provides me with entertainment and an internal outlet for my judgement 😛

  • For all those still wondering (a.) what a Basic is and (b.) if you are a Basic, please take this informative quiz. It will answer all your burning questions about Basics.
    Fortunately, I’m only 14/119. So I’m not very Basic.
    www . buzzfeed . com/chelseamarshall/how-basic-are-you#1ja9dm7

    • Emmaleigh504

      lol my niece has become basic and seems to be embracing her white girl side. she’s joined the pumpkin spice latte crowd. I’m a little disappointed.

      • Emilie, it’s your job to be the “cool aunt” and introduce her to weird non-mainstream things such as The Smiths, anime/punk/goth culture, Heathers, John Waters films, travel to 3rd world places, etc.
        Is your niece really disappointing you? Or, in fact, are you disappointing your (inexperienced & easily swayed) niece?

        • Emmaleigh504

          The older niece is doing fine! She likes the Misfits & the Too Skinee Jays (Pluto is Planet!) and wants to move to Sweden with me. Both (I think) didn’t like Heathers when they watched it (wtf) with their mom. They do like Bring It On for all the right reasons. I give them recs on good books, TV, music, and movies.
          Pucci just got side tracked from the cool in high school. I blame the field hockey team. But you are right. I need to try harder. I should start gifting them good music instead of just reccing it.

          • Haha, is her name actually Pucci? Or is she just obsessed with stuff from the Pucci designed label? 😀
            Ok, sounds like you’re doing a pretty good job. The older one is definitely on the right path. The younger one needs a lot more work. Set up a DropBox account and trade music with them. They can post stuff for you to listen and then you can post up stuff for them to download.
            When I was in high school, I traded punk mix tapes with my super cool AP English teacher, Mr. Theriault. He’d give me 80s punk & ska that he listened to when he was in HS and I’d introduce him to the new punk and ska bands that were popular. Like a true English teacher, he’d give me hand written notes/critques in red ink on every track. It was pretty interesting and fun. I felt way cooler than I was 😀

          • Emmaleigh504

            Pucci’s name came from her daycare when she was a baby. My sister spells it Poochie, but I spell it Pucci. Have no idea how Pucci spells it, if she does. They all have fun nicknames: Cricket, Puccie, and Punchy and many more.
            Mr Therieault sounds awesome.

          • You would like him. All the Lit Nerd Girls in my HS had the biggest crush on him. Part of it was his mystique – he’d always wear long sleeves because he had an arm full of punk tattoos, which he’d verbally deny with a sly grin. However, we managed to catch a glimpse of this wrist tattoo, when it poked out of his sleeve.
            Our last day of senior year, he rolled up his sleeves to show all his tattoos. Hilarious!
            Read his blog here: thereadinessisall . com/about/

    • I was only 10/119, so I’m barely basic at all. Good thing, too, because I do love brunch. But I don’t understand Instagram and I still can’t figure out why we’re supposed to care about the Kardashians. So that saved me. 🙂

      • Emmaleigh504

        I’m not basic either. But when I got to the brunch questions, I worried about SKJ84 since she STARTED the Popville brunch group!

        • skj84

          26/119. However I embrace my basic traits. If loving brunch, leggings, Sex and the City and pumpkin spice is wrong, then I don’t want to be right! Reclaiming the phrase Basic Bitch as positive!

          • Amen. I got a 9, but 100% own every one of those nine points. I heart Taylor Swift and don’t care who knows it.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Swifty and Gwenyth almost did me in. But I don’t care cuz we could totally be besties.

          • Emilie504, Gwyneth was also my near undoing, but I’m less proud of that one. I actually read every issue of GOOP, but the “conscious uncoupling” debacle and her love of Kabbalah has me wondering what to make of her.

          • Emmaleigh504

            lol She’s my imaginary hippy dippy friend 🙂 I take some of her weirder stuff with a smirk and a grain of salt. I love Goop and covet all the things in it! Even the $50 leather fly swatter that was suggested as a Father’s Day gift.

          • I’m with you on coveting all the GOOP has to offer. Even some of the “spiritual” stuff and especially anything with Alejandro Junger.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I have to say, I was kind of disappointed in the sheets issue. I was ready for more lux sheets. But. I still enjoyed it and picked out my fav sheets to pretend buy 🙂

      • I was only 10/119 as well but in the process of answering these questions, I realized that most of my female friends in DC are definitely basics. Uh oh.

        • Yeah, that was the dilemma for me. A lot of my female friends would easily get a score of 50 or higher.
          Also, the girl I’ve been long distance quasi-dating would also fall into Basic’ness. She says “margs” 🙁

        • Lots of mine are, too. I tease them about it. We have a good laugh, and proceed with not giving a rat’s ass. Middle age is awesome.

          • I almost sent that quiz to them to tease them, but I think they’d get offended. Haha. I need new friends. Sigh (I’m just crotchety today).

          • I just sent this to my good friend in NYC who is OBSESSED with “Skinny Margs,” Real Housewives, The Bachelor, and the Royal Family. This quiz was made for her.
            However, she freely admits to her Basic’ness and will laugh her ass off as she completes the quiz. 😀

      • I feel good about 19/119. I know I’ve got a touch of basic in me, but not *that* much.

      • Andie302

        11/119…Honestly I thought it would be higher! I don’t say “OMG I love you” when I get drunk…but I do profess my love!

      • dcgator

        9/119. I am a male. Also, if you’re on Twitter at any time during a Bachelor episode airing, you know who Juan Pablo is.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I wonder what Formerly Broken Jaw’s score is….

    • Again, not to spoil, but does anyone else think that Basic and Gone Girl sub-threads are a bit related?

      • dcgator

        A tiiiiiny bit; I haven’t read the book, but I have seen the film. It was fantastic. Kinda reminded me of Side Effects.

    • Only 8/119 for me, but I’m also way to old to be basic, seeing as how I’m the mother of Emilie’s basic niece.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Whatever, you started having kids when you were practically a child yourself. By today’s standards you were a child bride.

    • Am I the only one who felt really old reading through this quiz? I “litrally” have no idea what half of it means.

    • Phew. I scored 13/119. I think that most of my friends would have a similar score. Thanks for the entertainment!

    • 15/119 — just a smidge basic

    • 3/ 119. I am the least basic. Although, to be fair, there were a few where I was on the fence. I do love white wine, but I didn’t check it because I don’t LOVE white wine.

  • Emmaleigh504

    I want updates, please!
    Lumpy’s humans: are you still around?? How are Lumpy and his sister doing? Still spies from Russia?
    Anonymous with the crush: Did you go to the last HH? Did you talk to your crush?

  • Rave: Working from home with snuggly kittycat.
    Rant: Kittycat walked across my laptop keyboard and managed to power it off.
    Rave: She’s so cute that I have to laugh. (Fortunately I didn’t have unsaved documents open.)

  • Rant: bridal and baby showers at work. Uggh. No thank you!!


    • +500. SO awkward, especially if you are not close to the bride or mom-to-be.

      • awkward even if you are close to them. our office has had a bunch of weddings in a row (every 6-9 months or so) and everyone got an office shower (and an office gift) except me, for some reason. no explanation, just no one scheduled it. and it’s not like i can complain about it, or that I need another gift, it just seems unfair and unnecessarily awk.

  • Rave: Nats!
    Rave: In San Francisco on business – maybe go to the game tonight, if I can talk the clients into it
    Rant: Clients are Braves fans.

    • Hey I’m in San Francisco for work too! I wish I had more time to enjoy the city instead of sitting in a hotel conference room all day long. Go Nats!

  • hispanicandproud

    Rave: Making winter travel plans is always fun!
    Rave: Last run for the week with good friend today at noon. Can’t wait!
    Rant: Girl eating breakfast on the bus this morning. I asked her where she got special permission to eat on the bus and where do I need to go to also get special permission as well. She was speechless.

    • skj84

      Are u the food police?

      • Amen – you get more with honey than vinegar.
        What ever happened to people actually being nice instead of instant snark and attitude?

        • hispanicandproud

          Exactly! There was no reason for her to be rude while breaking the law with all the crumbs falling on the floor.

          • skj84

            it’s all in phrasing. If someone asked me if I got special permission to break the rules I’d probably give them the side eye and snark back. And really it’s not your job to tell people what to do. Talk to the bus driver about it if someone eating on the bus bothers you so much.

          • Meh, the bus driver has a bus to drive. I actually like this approach, it’s a lot less school marmish than “You shouldn’t eat on the bus you know” and adds a little humor to the situation while still pointing out the problem.

          • skj84, sorry but I have a feeling you’d side-eye and snark no matter how they said it. No one likes being called out for ignoring simple, basic rules. Doesn’t mean it shouldn’t happen though.

          • Ally

            +1 to skj84’s comment. I think that being polite and handling things in a measured way is at least as important as following basic rules. While I would never eat on a bus or break any other rules intentionally (except for the really fun ones, which are totally worth it), I find the diction used to call out the person a little weird and rude. But, I’ve stuck my foot in my mouth enough times that I shouldn’t judge. So, guess I’ll leave it at this: Try to be nice. Goes a long way.

          • epric002

            +1 to anon 12:27 and not a fed.

    • Don’t listen to the negative comments here. Blatant rule breakers need to be called out.

    • Thanks for saying something – I wish more people would speak up when they see people doing things like this. I’m not the litter police but if I see someone dropping trash I will say something.

      • skj84

        Honestly I just think the original poster is being self righteous in their attitude. I mean if you are going to call someone out at least be polite about it. A simple ‘excuse me, but eating is not allowed on the bus” is ok. Snarky comments will put anybody on edge.

        • justinbc

          Either way just accept the fact the offender is probably going to ignore you anyway.

        • hispanicandproud

          Righteous? I was very polite and I smiled too. I think she was on edge because she was breaking the rules not because I asked her a simple question.

          • I think the way some of us imagined it was you said it in a snarky, obnoxious tone. Only after a few more comments did I “re-imagine” you saying it in a light, amusing tone…

  • Rave: I just ordered my first meal package from Plated. I’m so excited to try this. I love love love to cook, but haven’t had the time to peruse the grocery store aisles and think of awesome things that I’d like to cook. Hello duck breast tacos and West Indian curried redfish 🙂

    • epric002

      if you like plated you should try HomeChef and HelloFresh too! (i broke up with BlueApron so i won’t recommend them).

    • anonymouse_dianne

      Give Scratch DC a try. The objection I have to Blue Apron and Plated is the default is to send you something, you have to proactively cancel it. I signed off on both of them (at different times) because it is just too much food. Scratch DC lets you order one meal for two whenever you feel like it. I usually get 3-4 meals out of it.

      • epric002

        plated doesn’t proactively send me anything- i have to go in and select meals in order to receive them.

        • anonymouse_dianne

          Oh, that’s good to know. I’m just giving them a first try and I thought they picked for you if you didn’t select. Maybe I’m confused with Club W 😉

          • epric002

            homechef picks for you, and hellofresh still has 2 options- veggie or classic, but i am now in the habit of going in to HC, HF, and Plated each week and choosing what i want for the next week.

  • Tiny Rant: Small household issues I’m not creative or crafty enough to fix – under-the-counter lights don’t work cause when I close the door, the lightbulbs lose contact, headboard can’t go up against the wall but when I lean back on it, it feels like it’s bending…
    Rave: Getting past all the transatlantic move stuff and moving onto making our house our home again! Pictures, organizing, etc.
    Rant/Rave (remains to be seen) – Career fair tomorrow, not sure what the heck I’m supposed to do or get out of it… any suggestions?

    • For the headboard: It’s probably the baseboard that’s keeping your bed from sitting flush against the wall. At a craft store, get some of that dense, springy foam. (If that’s inconvenient, cheap kitchen sponges will do, but you’ll want extra thickness because they’re springier.) Cut it to the right size (a smidge wider than the baseboard, or whatever the gap is), and attach to the back of the headboard with command strips.

  • Rave: was asked to play the Baltimore Electronic Music Fall Fest. It’ll be my first solo show of 2014!
    Rave: apple pie contest at work and I’m a judge!
    Rant: job drama. Still trying to escape with the rest of my team.

    • I had no idea there was a Baltimore Electronic Music Fest. Details? Congrats! I still need to buy that synth kit you recommended.
      FYI – Thomas Dolby just became a professor at Johns Hopkins Homewood campus. He’s teaching courses on digital media, electronic music, culture, etc. He’s DJ’ing the Deep Sugar party in Baltimore on Nov 8. Should be really interesting to hear the weird stuff he’ll pull out of his record bag (plus his own exclusive edits and improvisations).
      www . facebook . com/events/269356179924554/

      • I don’t know much about the fest yet, other than it being in Takoma Park at the Electric Maid. I don’t know what exactly to expect, but it should be fun.
        That’s really cool about Dolby. Unfortunately, on Nov. 8, I’ll be playing a set at the National Electronics Museum in Linthicum.
        You still haven’t hit me up with an email! At some point, over the next couple of weeks, I will need to put a drone synth together for my upcoming shows. If you snag that Pico Paso kit, you’re welcome to come over and build it at my place if you’re worried about screwing it up.

    • skj84

      Congrats on your gig!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Willow update: I found the UPS guy and got my Willow last night! It’s awesome! Fits a ton of stuff without taking up too much room. I do rec the add-ons like the should pad thingy for the strap (I didn’t get it and strap has potential to cut into my shoulder) and the padded hand strap if you plan to carry it that way (I do so did). The inner part is just a big space for stuff which I love, no fussy pockets. But the outside pocket is perfect for easy access to phone, metro card, and keys. Love love love it! Perfect for commuting and travel.

    • Ugh you are making me want a willow now! It’s so cute.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Rhodesian of Edinburgh 🙂 There are other sizes too!

        • epric002

          which size did you get/what can you fit in it? will it fit under the seat on a plane?

          • Emmaleigh504

            I got the Willow (if you go to the website and look at Shop The Collection it’s the yellow and black one in the picture with the lady, I think). It’s Height 10.5” Length 12” Gusset 6.5”. I fit my lunch bag, my wallet, passport case thingy, small bag for lipstick etc, phone, keys, some coconut water, umbrella, and a last minute purchase of 1 liter of water. It will easily fit under the seat on a plane.

          • epric002

            oh whoops- forgot that the name was also the size. could you also fit a pair of heels in there or would you need to go a size up? and you can close it easily w/everything w/o bulges? i have a joy gryson tote that i really like, but the top is open and i cram it full every day with: a nalgene, small cosmetics case, umbrella, lunch bag, cell & BB, small wallet, and usually a pair of wedges.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I would go up a size for shoes. The liter of water was difficult to cram in. But I did it and it wasn’t bulgy. If I didn’t have the water I could probably fit shoes, but not both.

    • I think I missed the original Willow memo…is this a purse? Please tell me you are not talking about the Mulberry bag! If so it is gorgeous and I am very jealous, but muy expensivo!

  • Rave – In San Francisco for work and the weather has been glorious.
    Rant – I am stuck in a hotel conference center all day and not outside in the glorious weather.
    Rave – this conference room has windows to the outside!! I can see the sun shining. So many conference rooms have no windows and it’s like being stuck in a closet all day long.

  • Formerly Broken Jaw

    Rant: I’m a funk and not in a good way.

    • Will it help if we promise not to mention bras, tampons, or thongs for the next few hours? Or if I share my source for SweeTangos? Sorry you’re feeling funk-y. 🙁

    • Ally

      Hope it gets better. It’s been so overcast today and the sun comes up so late now, it’s perfectly normal to have seasonal stuff this time of year. If it’s something more significant, though, doubly sorry and hope things improve. FWIW, you always at least make me smile on here, so know that you’re at least witty on your “on” days.

    • Sorry to hear it, FBJ. Let us know if we can do anything to help!

    • How about a joke? Jokes make everything better.
      A man walks into a bar, and it’s weirdly silent. He sits at the bar, orders a beer, and starts chatting with bartender. He remarks on the lack of ambiance. The bartender says “Yeah, it sucks. Our jukebox broke a few weeks ago.” The patron says “I can help with that.” He picks up his bag and pulls out a tiny piano, the size of a clock radio. Then he gently removes a tiny little man. The tiny man sits at the tiny piano and begins to play a jaunty tune.
      The bartender is amazed. “That’s incredible!” he says. “Where on earth did you get that??” The patron replies “Oh, the usual. Found a lamp, rubbed it, wished on the genie.” The bartender says “I sure would love to find one of those genie lamps myself.” The patron produced a battered copper lamp from his bag. “Here,” he says, “try mine.”
      So the bartender rubs the lamp. He whispers to the smoky apparition that emerges. And a second later, a humongous flock of ducks appears from the kitchen, flying, quacking, pooping, and generally causing chaos as they make their way towards the open front door. Many minutes later, the last of the ducks have flown outside, and maybe a few are still waddling around, and the bartender wipes duck poop and feathers from his face. “Wha…?” he says, bewildered, “I asked for a million bucks, not a million ducks!” The patron laughs. “You think I asked for a ten-inch pianist?”

    • special_k

      I’m sorry to hear this. You’re one of my favorite posters. Hope your mood turns around soon!

    • Hope you starting feeling better soon, FBJ

    • Hope you feel better soon, FBJ!

  • Rant: I don’t get off monday for Columbus Day, but i might take the day off anyways (I’m a government contractor, so what is the point of working when no federalies are working?)
    Rave: Friday girl wants to hang out sunday, i was thinking maybe going to eastern market she mentioned that she wanted to try district doughnuts (is it still massively crowded on sunday mornings?)…and then maybe go to the drum circle in the afternoon. Is that courting her enough?!
    Rant: Been in meetings since 9am….not done till 3pm…howwww are there so many meetings!

    • Andie302

      If she mentioned it and you’re following through…then you’re getting the hang of it! I don’t have any intel on District Doughnut…but if you go please let us know whether you enjoyed it! Have fun on Sunday 🙂

    • justinbc

      Just FYI not all “federalies” get the day off.

    • In my opinion, courting is less about what you do and more about how you do it. For instance, that sounds like a great plan, but if you present it as a question to her, such as “I was thinking we should do this, unless you have a better idea?” that is not courting. If you plan a day and surprise her with your fun activities which you have specifically planned for her then it is courting. Other people are bound to disagree, but that is how I think of courting. One of my main gripes about dating in DC is men aren’t willing to make a plan, so it doesn’t sound like that is your problem, but I thought maybe my two cents might help.

      • justinbc

        I wouldn’t disagree with that at all. Attitude is vital to how a message is conveyed.

      • Maybe tell her we are going to eastern market, but hold onto the district doughnuts idea till we are there….hopefully its not super packed and that backfires on me. For the park, if i get a blanket and some wine/beer and snacks…and maybe some hand warmers because she gets cold easily…i think i will be good on the “courting”. Then its her turn to woo’e me some, right?

        • “Then its her turn to woo’e me some, right?”
          Doubtful, I think you will be in for a rude awakening. This woman has a bit of a Princess Complex. She going to expect you to continue putting her on a pedestal. That’s not a relationship, IMHO.

          • +1 any girl who says “you’re not courting me enough” probably isn’t worth pursuing. I think someone played too much of the Kardashian iPhone game.

          • Well, depends on your definition of woo’e but she sent me a birthday card…i mean its the only birthday card i got from anyone on this earth. In my opinion that is her wooing me. Maybe i have painted her inaccurately to be a princess, she seems down to earth just a bit stressed from work and school, and apparently trying to fit me into her life sometimes

        • Emmaleigh504

          Ideally, it would be your turn to be wooed, but sometimes it takes a few turns to get there. I’m all about equal opportunity wooing. If you want to be wooed you got to do some wooing too.
          and now I have used “woo” too many times and it has lost all meaning..

    • I thought Girl Friday broke up with you and then wanted to meet up and was giving you mixed signals — are you two back together again? (Or kinda-sorta back together?)
      I don’t know what Girl Friday means by “courting,” but back when you were describing other dating interactions (maybe pre-Bargirl?), I got the impression that your dating style was perhaps slightly more on the passive end of the passive-to-active spectrum… which surprised me because guys are usually acculturated into initiating contact, following up, etc. So perhaps that’s a factor here.

      • She never said she wanted to break up with me, i think she got insecure and lashed out a bit, to see my reaction. We ended up talking and kind of putting what happened earlier this week behind us…and to keep talking as we go. My dating style is passive, I actually like making the dates because i feel like i know where the good places are (thanks popville) and can execute much better. She is definitely more passive than me, so i definitely will frame making plans with her as “hey i thought we could do this i think it will be fun” instead of being “what do you think of this”. Although i think this is just semantics. I usually say i was thinking this but we could also do this too. I like to give options (usually limited to two).

        • not passive*

          • Maybe I didn’t articulate that very well… you seem to take initiative as far as planning/making the actual dates, but less so in terms of making contact. My vague recollection is that early on (in some other case) you were unhappy that a girl you’d been out with hadn’t followed up by texting you. If you’re dating a girl who’s been acculturated into thinking that she’s supposed to wait for _you_ to take the initiative, and if you’re waiting for _her_ to take some initiative, then both of you will be disappointed.
            Anyway, it sounds like things are looking up for you and Girl Friday, and I hope you have fun on Sunday!

    • Glad things are back on the up and up with Friday Girl! If she is into the park, that is a fantastic idea. I’d give a guy major bonus points for planning a day like that (especially since I am not subtle about my love for Meridian Hill Park… and snacks…). Wear layers and offer your jacket if you are really trying to win at courting (IMO, that is a lame term and idea, but whatever)
      Sidenote, I am totally going to start posting my dating troubles on here– feedback from the PoPville crowd is both helpful AND entertaining!

  • Rave: Just booked a December trip to Coronado! After living together for a year and a half, the BF and I have still yet to take a trip together that is more than a long weekend. Can’t wait!
    Rant: Lost my wallet last night. Luckily it only had a few things in it but what a major downer.
    Rave: I’m almost done with all of the necessary reports, alerts, account closings/openings.
    Neutral: 17/119 basic… Most positive responses due to Pinterest, The Bachelor, and Chipotle.

  • Rave: Thanks all for the help with getting a new bed yesterday! I had no idea about split box springs or platform beds and the Saatva website that Accountering recommended looks pretty great. You guys are so helpful! I have been irrationally stressed about this and the advice helped, haha.

  • Rant: vodka ad that pops up every 3 seconds when I scroll. Not only does it make me want to avoid the vodka, it makes me want to avoid this site — at least until I can get to a laptop. I don’t get the benefit of showing the same ad repeatedly to someone who’s not interested. I don’t drink — and intrusive ads is not going to convince me to start. Bah!

    • Have you tried installing AdBlock on your browser?

      • Thanks for the suggestion. As annoying as it is, I only get it on the PoPville site when I’m using my ipad, so it’s pretty easy to just switch to my computer when I want to hang out here. If the problem persists or expands, I’ll give AdBlock a try.

  • skj84

    Rant: I think the coffee i’ve been using is too strong. I’ve been feeling jittery, anxious and I’m having a hard time focusing. Granted these feelings are not exactly unusual for me, but the past two days have been worse.

    • gotryit

      I don’t understand “coffee too strong”. If you don’t have to chew the sludge, then it can’t be too strong.

      • Coffees can vary wildly in the amount of caffeine they have, with Starbucks and Peet’s far outpacing the likes of Dunkin Donuts.
        Maybe stick with espresso beverages for a bit, contrary to popular belief, espresso has less caffeine than drip coffee.
        There was an article with a link to a caffeine database on Refinery 29 recently.

        • gotryit

          Sorry – I was mocking my own addiction.

        • skj84

          I think I may forgo coffee tomorrow.

          • I might do the same. I LOVE coffee and no matter how much I try to cut back, my caffeine consumption always seems to creep up. I’m now approaching four cups a day and that makes me super jittery.

        • You’re correct and incorrect…. Lots of things affect the caffeine content of coffee like brewing time, roasting time (dark roasts contain less caffeine than lighter roasts), grind, etc. So even within brands caffeine content will vary. To your last point, espresso has more caffeine by volume than normal coffee. But, per drink, (depending on size) an espresso drink will have a low enough volume of espresso so that the caffeine content of the drink is less than the equivalent sized coffee. However, depending on how you take it, be careful of additives- there’s a lot more sugar and calories in a flavored latte than a coffee with milk and sugar.

          http://coffeechemistry .com/caffeine/caffeine-content-in-espresso-vs-drip-coffee1 .html

          • Yes, I agree with all of your points. I was not specific enough. I think it would be highly unusual to drink the same volume of espresso as a regular coffee, so I feel like it is still true to say that it has less caffeine.

  • Additional Rave: I got my Graze box last night and they added new snacks.
    Rant: I have to keep up with my account and play whack-a-mole with all of the coconut snacks, one of them infiltrated my box this time.
    I still have a ton of Graze referral codes if anyone wants one. The referral code gets you your first and fifth boxes for free, but you don’t have to stick around until the 5th. I have at least 6 codes, let me know if you’re interested.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: 5 o’clock and no udates. LUMPYYYYY!

    • Update: tried a new variety of Trader Joe’s trail mix. This one is called “Tempting Trail Mix” and is mixture of peanuts, dried cherries, belgian chocolate chips, peanut butter chocolate chips, and cashews. Pretty good, but $1 more than the normal M&M trail mix at TJs. However, more sweets in this one.

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