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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • RANT: This morning we heard something in the attic. Not just something. SOMETHING. It was big. Honestly, (I know this sounds crazy) it sounded like a human was sleeping up there and turning over in their sleep. Like a very heavy shuffling and creaking and then silence again. Even my husband, who usually dismisses my paranoia about things in our house, was pretty concerned. He is calling it “the bear” because it sounds like a hibernating bear is up there. To make matters worse, we don’t have attic access through our house, so to even figure out what this is we have to have a contractor come out and cut a hole in our (plaster) ceiling and create attic access. So this just set off a whole chain of events, meanwhile whatever (or whoever) it is probably starting to furnish the place.

    Rant 2: I have to have a call right now with a client about a mistake that we made. They have every right to be very upset and I have no good excuse, it was just an oversight. I’m imagining worst case scenarios, like, they cancel the contract, I get fired, I have to go live in the attic with the bear…

    Monday off to a great start. Bah. I guess my only rave is the weather, although stormy gray skies would match my mood better.

    • Wow. I am SO sorry re: your rant. That is terrifying and sounds like a huge pain, too!

    • This made me think of this because I’m stupid paranoid and prone to an active imagination:


      • well, thanks a lot for taking me down that rabbit hole… 🙂

        now i can’t stop reading about this. super scary!

      • This just gave me chills. Wow.

      • skj84

        Holy Crap. Why did I read that? That story is my worst nightmare come to life. I have a terror of home invasion. Reading stories like that and the Mason murders make me super paranoid.

        • I like to calm myself down by thinking that I would probably be very suspicious of any hidden places in my house if I found a newspaper I didn’t recognize or my keys went missing…or I saw footprints leading to my house by not away.

    • When you get fired, you can host bear viewing parties. Install a skylight in your ceiling, and sell tix.

      But, it’s a raccoon.

      • I was thinking it sounds like a raccoon. Though, my roommate and I were convinced we had at least one raccoon a few years ago and it turned out we just had a ton of squirrels. Whatever it is, it’s unsettling and I hope you are able to resolve the situation quickly!

      • I know you’re probably right but it sounded SO much bigger than a raccoon. And not “scurrying” the way I would think a raccoon would. I’m also considering maybe an opossum, according to our neighbors one used to live in the crawlspace under our house several years ago, before we moved in.

    • A few years ago the building I was living in had a problem with raccoons in the attic. My neighbor woke one morning to see that one of them had pushed the smoke detector out of his ceiling and and was trying to shove its face through the opening.

      • I would hate to have that happen to me, but I’m imagining it as something very cute and funny.

        • I usually think of raccoons as being cute, but I’m imagining this being completely terrifying. I mean, you’ve just woken up and are still groggy, and you look up and instead of your smoke detector you see a furry masked face??

    • It is AMAZING how much noise a relatively small critter can make in the right part of the house. The joists and other supports carry and amplify the sound. So a mouse sounds like squirrel. A squirrel sounds like a raccoon. A raccoon sounds completely terrifying.
      First make sure that you don’t have any outdoor structures that are connected to your interior supports. Sometimes a porch or balcony will be integrated with the rest of the house (instead of stuck on the exterior), and the sound of a wandering raccoon will carry inside. But yeah, you probably need to have someone come check it out, before, as you say, he starts moving in furniture (and groceries) for the winter. Go ahead and get attic access framed out and made pretty while you’re at it. It will come in useful.

    • Call Adcock’s Trapping service ASAP

  • Rave: Beautiful fall weekend
    Rant: Stinky gingko trees

    Question for the horde. Can anyone recommend a good cookbook for a guy who needs the very basics?

    • Mark Bittman’s _How to Cook Everything_ is awesome.

      • I was going to say the same! Also, Cooks Illustrated/America’s Test Kitchen does a very good job of explaining not just the recipe but WHY you should do things the way they suggest and what NOT to do instead. Cooking for Two has a good range of recipes.

        • The Cooks Illustrated cookbooks are definitely a good place to start. I always try them first because their recipes are solid and the instructions/description of their experiences are easy to follow and also interesting.
          Also, I love the old-school Joy of Cooking.

          • Joy of Cooking is terrible for beginners, though. It’s so very fussy. For old-school, I prefer the Better Homes & Gardens one with the red gingham cover.

          • You’re probably right, but I do so love fussy. Larousse Gastronomique is one of my favorite food books ever.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I like my 1946 Joy of b/c it explains some things in nice detail. It’s a good reference book. For recipes I would look into Alton Brown. His show is fab for explaining things and he has books on gadgets and such.
            Hate the Test Kitchen recipes. They just don’t have the same palate as me.

        • The Cooks Illustrated Family Cookbook (it’s the red one in a binder) is my favorite for basics.

      • How to cook everything also has an app.

    • I’d recommend The Joy of Cooking (and I also like Mark Bittman)

      • The Joy of Cooking is way too much for a guy who needs the very basics. Not necessarily in terms of complexity, but in terms of volume.

      • I’ll add How to Eat Supper (by the host of the Splendid Table show on NPR).
        And I’ll second UDPie’s Smitten Kitchen and Pioneer Woman blog recommendations (and now I’ll have to look up the other blogs!)

      • I also suggest The Joy of Cooking. It does have quite a few recipes but it’s also very user friendly. You want to cook a chicken? Turn to the chicken section for tons of options.

      • I like Joy of Cooking for the sections on things like “how to cut an onion” and basic info about all the kinds of squash you might find. The recipes themselves are often more to-the-point than the modern blog-based recipes (JoC will just tell you to saute onions, blog-based recipes tend to tell you and show you exactly how to cut them, what sauteing looks like, etc.), but also usually includes info about substitutions or other ways to modify the recipe – I found this super useful when I was learning to cook, b/c it gave me ideas but also showed me which parts of the recipe were flexible and could be adjusted without a problem. And while it has way more recipes than a beginner might need, that’s what an index is for. And it covers *all* of the basics (roasting potatoes, making a pie, cooking a roast), whereas the other cookbooks mentioned (except Bittman’s, which is also excellent) may or may not cover some standard technique.

        • I think there’s a real disconnect on some of these responses. For example “making a pie” is not a “basic” anything for a dude who wants to learn how to put together some simple meals. Most of the things you mention in your comment are going to be well off of OP’s radar as far as I can tell.

          • I guess it depends on how scared you are of the kitchen, even if you haven’t been in one much before. Roasting potatoes and a chicken is as basic as it gets, and Bittman’s book and JoC are the only ones mentioned in this thread that are going to have a basic, clear instructions about how to do it. If you just want a cookbook that tells you how to cook 5 random dishes then some of the others might work, but I interpreted OP’s request to be for something that would cover some basic kitchen skills as well as some recipes.

    • Don’t forget cooking blogs – they are searchable for ingredients, they have comments from people who’ve made the same mistake you have, and they’re up-to-date. Some I love are Smitten Kitchen, Shutterbean, Joy the Baker (more baking), and Pioneer Woman. Best of luck!

      • Woops – sorry – that was me. Also, with the cooking blogs it’s nice because you can start with whatever ingredients you have on hand instead of having to go to the store for a bunch of random stuff.

      • I love all of those blogs (particularly Smitten Kitchen!), but I’m looking to buy a book as a gift.

        • Smitten KItchen has a book (and she recently announced she’ll have another book coming out)

        • Oh I see! Well – I have Smitten Kitchen’s book and it’s wonderful (but not basic…) and Joy the Baker’s book is great too for baking. Plus she’s coming out with a new one soon. Sorry I couldn’t help on the basic cookbook front!

          • Ohh, I might have to get that Smitten Kitchen one for myself. I just pictured my dear friend trying to follow one of her recipes and that’s definitely not happening. Yesterday, I caught him just as he was about to attempt stir fry something with extra virgin olive oil and thought I might help him out with a cookbook.

      • thug kitchen is a great and funny cooking blog. delicious recipes that aren’t too complicated (and i’m not much beyond boiling water for spaghetti)

      • I really like “Budget Bytes” (who also has a cookbook!) Really simple, budget friendly recipes. And they’re all delicious.

    • Are these books that people are recommending suitable for someone “who needs the very basics”? I don’t know about the OP, but I can boil water to put spaghetti noodles in, and that’s about it. Aren’t all of these books aimed at people who already know the basics of cooking and are looking to get adventurous?

      • How to Cook Everything is as straightforward as it gets. The wonderful thing about the book is that it provides super clear instructions about how to make basics, then provides ideas on how to customize those basics or turn them into something more special. There are some recipes that are more complicated if you want to go to the next level. But if you’re looking for advice on, say, how to make a basic omelet or guacamole, this is the best place to go.

      • +1

        Yeah, these are all great suggestions, but I’m looking for something even more basic than that even. One level above boiling water is about right.

        I have a well-loved copy of Joy of Cooking, but I actually didn’t start using it much until I’d gotten a few recipes and techniques under my belt.

        • I just remembered that there are a now a bunch of _How to Cook Everything_ spin-off books, and there’s one that just focuses on the basics. That might be the place to start for one level above boiling water.

        • Try the kids section of the book store. Seriously. Kids cookbooks have lots of great pictures (so you’ll know what things are supposed to look like), simple recipes (so you don’t screw them up), and explain things in very simple terms. I think it’ll be right up your alley 🙂

          • Lol. Although I’m sure there’s some good ones, I don’t want to offend someone by gifting them with a kid’s book.

        • Ally

          You may want to also pick up one of the “3-Ingredient Cooking” types of books (there are several out there with almost identical titles). All are usually pretty simple to make and, if you’re just starting out cooking, you probably don’t want to spend all your time seeking out a million exotic ingredients at the grocery store. I have hundreds of cookbooks and have found that I still go back to some of these more basic recipes time and time again. Another tip? Pick your favorite two meals that you like to eat out at a restaurant, then learn to cook them. Much more fun when you have the motivation of something you know you love to eat.

        • How about A Man, A Can, A Plan?

          Not the best in terms of HEALTHY, but, my non-cooking friend found it a decent step above Hot Pockets.

      • justinbc

        Well, there’s the follow-up to Bittman’s book, which is exclusively on “the basics”:
        There’s also How to Boil Water:
        And the “I Don’t Know How to Cook Book”:
        I’ve not read any of those 3 though, since I got past those steps without a book, and it seemed like he was looking more for personal recommendations.

    • I also like the Betty Crocker cook books; they are handy and straightforward.

      • GiantSquid

        I was going to say, Betty was my first cookbook. Mom got annoyed with me using hers and bought me my own copy. It’s got some great basics.

      • anonymouse_dianne

        +++ for Betty Crocker
        You might also try getting a dinner kit from Scratch DC which comes with very good directions and steps so you can get everything done at the same time. Some are more fancy than others. The ingredients are fresh and everything is prepped as if you had your own personal sous chef.

    • Dad’s Own Cookbook is very good and includes nice basics — including stuff like stocking your kitchen.

    • Mark Bittman’s book is great basic cook book. I also love the Budget Bytes blog, because she uses simple ingredients and she has step by step pictures, which are SO helpful for new cooks.

    • “Everyday Food: Great Food Fast” has really good, simple recipes and basics, like salad dressings and polenta, in the back. I think it’s one of the best books for helping someone figure out how to cook. Highly recommend it for the new cook.
      “Think Like a Chef” was one of the first cookbooks I used when I was starting out, and it has really interesting and approachable techniques for cooking steak and roasting chicken, but also has some more complex stuff too. It’s by Tom Colicchio (Top Chef) and would make an attractive gift.

    • I once got a cooking challeged girlfriend a book called, “Help! My Apartment Has a Kitchen!” And she still uses it today.

      IMO, as a pretty good cook, I think if you know ZERO about cooking, a book isn’t that helpful – youtube and blogs with videos (or even Food Network) are probably a better place to start.

    • The Gourmet (magazine) Cookbook. It’s 1,000+ recipes from very simple to complicated, classic to some pretty good ethnic.

  • gotryit

    Rant: Kind gentleman didn’t understand that I (on my bike) was merging left in order to get to the left turn lane to make a left turn. Got up close behind me, honking. Thanks soldier.
    Rave: The 99.99% of people who don’t do that.
    Rave: The dumb / sheepish look on his face when I stopped at the light two lanes over from him.

  • Rave: I spent Sunday helping a dear friend build raised beds and then got fed the best Sunday night family dinner ever as a “thank you”. I love having friends who can cook.
    Rant: My body aches everywhere. It is not used to manual labor. My hardy peasant ancestors would cringe in horror at how weak I am (and then be really impressed that I have all my teeth).
    Rave: Fall weather! Sunny skies.
    Rave: Fried eggs on avocado toast = the best way to start the work week.

    • LOL! I often think about the tradeoffs of modern life. Sure, we’d starve if expected to break our own land and then grow something on it. But look at these teeth! And we can all read AND do arithmetic!

      • Not sure about the arithmetic part for me. But I shure do reed good!

      • Emmaleigh504

        gah! Quite boasting about your many teeth! Missing teeth run in my family and seem to get worse with each generation, so my peasant ancestors probably had more teeth than me 🙁 Though the ones I have are nice and white!

  • justinbc

    Rave: Best weekend of college football in a very long time. This season is shaping up to be a lot like the unforgettable, wild 2007 year.
    Rant: Put on my first sweater of the season today. It’s pretty much all downhill from here.

  • epric002

    rant: requested an uber at NOMA metro on friday evening and was told it was 6 minutes away. 15 minutes later…still no uber. that was my first uber cancellation.
    rant/rave: tried a new yoga class sunday morning since my afternoon class was cancelled. it was nice to do some new flows, but i didn’t feel like it was much of a workout. i am sore today though, so there’s that.
    rave: was probably a good thing that it wasn’t too hard since i’m going to power flow tonight too. damn package expiration dates.
    random: saw 2 women this morning wearing sleeveless sheath dresses w/o even a cardigan on- it’s not that warm. also saw 2 women this morning wearing their winter parkas. one even had her hood on and it snapped up under her chin- it is also not that cold.

    • 7 years ago I was that girl with the coat on. And it was my first coat ever! At that point I had only lived in Florida, Philippines and Hawaii, so a dip down to 50 was bone chilling 🙂

      • skj84

        I broke out my coat on Saturday night.It was freezing! I didn’t have a coat on while I was running errands earlier in the day and around 5 it was like the temperature just dropped.

    • i’m getting that a lot with uberx these days.

    • I work in that area and Uber is USELESS there. They can never find the address (Uber and Uber X). I’ve had several Uber cancellations and really have realized I can’t take Uber from anywhere near work.

      I’m the girl in the sleeveless (well, cap sleeve barely over the shoulder) dress. this weather is WONDERFUL!

      • epric002

        yeeesh. if you can’t find the noma METRO STOP, you probably shouldn’t be driving for uber. cap sleeve dress w/o a cardigan or even a scarf/pashmina?! i would definitely have been chilly.

      • anon, you are the reason I can’t ever find women’s shirts with sleeves! I want them even in the summer (air conditioning, ugh) and can’t stand this trend for even winter shirts to be mostly sleeveless.

        • I’m sorry. If I were czarina of clothes, I would make sure that fashion was made for everyone’s taste. Really, I would. this is the one thing I win on. On pretty much everything else I lose (pant/dress length, availability of any clothes in my size (much less stylish ones), ability to find cute shoes that fit my weird feet, etc).

        • epric002

          +1 million. WHY are they selling dresses and blouses for the fall and winter SANS SLEEVES?! it makes me batty. could be why i’ve already purchased 2 of BR’s wrap dresses- they have actual long sleeves that reach the wrist!

          • I know why they do it – cheaper and easier to sew clothes without sleeves. It’s why the only things with sleeves are sweaters and t-shirts. I went shopping this weekend and even the button-downs are mostly sleeveless. Thanks for the BR tip – will check the dresses out!

          • epric002

            this snark is not directed at you, but it’s too expensive/hard to sew sleeves on women’s clothing? men’s shirts seem to always have sleeves on them…

          • It’s not socially acceptable for men to wear short sleeves in most professional settings, so that’s why you always see long sleeves on mens clothing. Just moving to slimmer cut of suiting in the last few years (think: Mad Men-inspired suiting) has been a revolutionary change in mens fashion, LOL. That’s how staid, conservative, and resistant to change men are.
            Besides, the fashion industry dictates what women wear (not the other way around, as you might think). And they’re going to pick trends that pad their bottom line. And they’ve already decided the trends for women next spring and fall.

  • Rave: Found a shoe I’d been missing all summer
    Rant: Just in time to put it away for the season
    Rave: Apples! I bought six different types at the farmer’s market (and brought painter’s tape and a marker so I could remember what was what)
    Rant: Tried a cronut – ugh. I felt like I needed to eat some broccoli afterwards. Like TJ cookie butter, something I’m glad I tried but once was enough

  • Rant: allergies. I hate you with a passion. I sneezed at least 10 times this morning.
    Rave: wearing my light fall coat. It’s deep orange which is my favorite color to wear this time of year.
    Rave: Made up with cousin after a falling out. I made a statement out of anger and she took offense. I apologized after a while and now it’s no hard feelings.

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: Nats game Saturday night. Oof, that was painful.
    Revel: the gallows humor on Twitter about the length of the game. There are some good ones.

  • Rant: stomach not feeling so hot.
    Rant: fingers on left hand doing weird twitchy thing.
    Rant: found a roach in the bathroom in the middle of the night. Let it live, for now.
    Rant: I think my boss’s boss broke the news to my boss that I’m leaving (I wanted to break the news), but my boss’s boss is currently unreachable.
    Rave: how about those Royals.
    Rant: how about those Nats. C’mon, guys.
    Rave: cleaned my living room and re-arranged some stuff this weekend. It looks great.

  • Rant: Had a really difficult conversation with the Minneapolis Ex about how it’s probably never going to happen for us. After being on and off for 9 years, last night’s conversation felt so final. Having a hard time accepting it. I’m not sure if we’re even friends anymore. Emotionally drained.
    Rave: I got nothin’ for ya.

  • binpetworth

    Rave: Had a fabulous vacation. Came back tan and relaxed.
    Rant: Also came back to find the pet sitting service (Pet Peeps) had not come to check on my cat AT ALL during my vacation. Fortunately, a neighbor popped in 3 days after I left and fed and cleaned up after the kitty. I am livid! And all calls go directly to voicemail…

    • epric002

      omg! that is maddening! poor kitty. let us know what happens after you get a hold of them…

    • That’s terrible about the petsitting service. What a relief that your neighbor saved your kitty!
      Maybe you can report them to the Better Business Bureau, and leave a review on Yelp to warn others?

    • Yikes! Yes please let us know how they respond – I had used them once before with no issues, and was planning to use them again this winter. Maybe I will need to rethink…..

      Really glad your neighbor was there for your kitty though!

      • binpetworth

        Yeah, I’ve used them for several years on and off and never had this happen before. I’ll keep everyone posted on what happens…

        • This is terrible. Glad your kitty is ok. My kitty almost died from terrible petsitting a few years back. I ended up with $700 in vet bills.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      After some very poor experiences with pet sitters, I highly recommend Zoolatry. Kathy even gave my diabetic kitty insulin every 12 hours with no issues. Charges about $20 per visit. Also mid-day dog walking. She’s a lawyer who prefers walking dogs.

      • Ally

        Cool! Any other pet sitter recommendations from the PopVille crowd? I have 3 cats and a rabbit and will need someone for the holidays so I’d like to get that all booked early.

        • I highly recommend Happy Tails DC. Wendy is amazing. When a family emergency called us out of town unexpectedly, she was able to pop in without much planning on our part. She’s awesome and the cast loves her. Also, nice to have someone who is willing to clean out the litter box.

    • So sorry this happened. That is shameful. I’m a pet-sitter and cannot imagine doing this. I’m really glad your neighbor was there! (Shameless plug…I have an ad on CL- look for the pic of Gracie. 😉 )

  • Rant: Not in France any more.
    Rave: It’s great to be home!
    Rant: Who am I kidding? It’s not great to be home.

  • Rant: Drive in the correct lane! I’m a driver, I drive to work, I see all kinds of stupidity, but this morning… One lady tried to pass a whole line of cars in the bike lane (it is so annoying to me when drivers do this – I don’t even know how to ride a bike, but the lane is clearly designated for something OTHER than your car). She realized that she couldn’t squeeze between me and a parked car, and honked and shouted at me. Then nearly hit a biker that turned from an alley into the bike lane. Then nearly rear-ended me when she got into the driving lane, also cutting off the cars behind me, who proceeded to honk like maniacs. Then PULLED INTO ONCOMING TRAFFIC TO TRY TO PASS AGAIN! I was frantically waving at her to get back in the correct lane b/c there were cars coming fast! She swerved behind me, then back all the way to the right to pass again. Apparently she had somewhere REALLY important to get. I was very very glad when she got around me.

    Rave: Got my kid to daycare, my husband to bus, and myself to work safely!
    Rave: Pretty great weekend with playdates, birthday parties, family time, and good food.

    • I drive, cycle and walk in this city. Lately I’ve been noticing people with New York license plates will completely ignore bike lane lines. They’ll be straddling the line with both right tires completely in the bike lane. I’ve noticed this on several occasions in the past few weeks when I have been driving and biking. I know we’re all quick to call out MD drivers… but apparently they don’t have anything on drivers from NY.
      Has anyone else noticed this, or is it just me?

      • I see the line straddling with license plates from all over; it makes me nervous for bikers.

        I notice that in my residential neighborhood, the NY plates don’t stop at stop signs – they tend to roll through without looking. This is a neighborhood near 3 playgrounds and 2 elementary schools! Drives me bonkers.

    • gotryit

      Why were you block the Most Important Person in the World from getting to their Most Important Job in the World?

    • Mug of Glop

      I have to drive to work, too, and I see nonsense like this all the time. Something like a quarter of drivers in this town are just plain nuts, with no sense of decorum or conscientiousness for other drivers, cyclists, pedestrians, traffic signals, or the common rules and customs of polite society. It was pretty shocking moving here from an area that I thought already had terrible drivers!

      • Mug of Glop

        I should add that I see pretty shockingly inept behavior from cyclists and pedestrians in about the same fraction as well, which is all the worse since they’re the ones that stand to be harmed the most from traffic incidents.

        • Yeah – the human element in all of this can’t be written off b/c of the mode of transport. Some people just need to pay a little more attention. That’s why my phone, make-up, and purse ride in the back seat – so I won’t succumb to temptation. I’m certainly not above it!

    • Was this on 7th Street NW just south of where it stops being GA Ave? I bike that route daily and constantly get trapped behind cars who think they might be bicycles.

      Though I do take great pleasure in the instances when I manage to get ahead of them and the cycle not-fast-enough-for their-taste so they start blaring the horn at me. IF YOU WANT TO USE THE BIKE LANE BUY A BICYCLE. They are pretty cheap at Walmart, people.

      I also drive (yes I’m the supposedly rare cyclist who also has a car!) that route and enjoy shaming people who behave that way by not letting them back in and giving them the finger. I have generally no shame when it comes to road users behaving badly.

      • gotryit

        Please don’t encourage people to buy walmart bikes. You can get a decent secondhand bike for the same price that’s much better than walmart.

        • Fair enough. But I’m pretty sure the people driving in bike lanes because they don’t give a crap aren’t going to buy a bike anyway!

  • Rave: Farmers market – first time since moving back to DC after a year abroad. Loved the energy and to see all my favorite faces. Colombia had incredible fruits and veggies I’d never heard of and loved trying but something about seeing all the usual fall harvest just made me really feel like I was home!

    Rave: Peach shortbread cookies and great friends to share them with (Rant: Great friends moving away)

    Rant: Lots of tough thoughts about my parents – I think I need to talk to them genuinely about how their actions towards each other and me make me feel. It’s not ok to badmouth each other to me and it’s not ok to tear into one another and put me in the middle…

    Rave: DC Library and their awesome e-book system. Unemployment sucks but I’m getting lots of great reading done (for free!). I’m reading Dear Sugar now and just finished up a Flavia de Luce mystery.

  • Rave – DC City Smokehouse little rough around edges but good BBQ (Brisket! Decent value $9 sandwiches) Graffiato – not the cheapest but I enjoyed the food, service and space is really nice.

    Rant – I don’t want to be negative so I won’t mention other places by name but the 16oz coffee (not a latte or anything else) at a certain farmers market was a bit much. The woman behind me ordered 2 coffees pulls out a five and had a shocked look on her face when she had to go back to her purse for more cash, two 16oz. coffees 6 bucks?

    There is also a certain new restaurant that is charging $18 for so-so fish-n-chips. The salmon and chicken sandwiches were about $15 and they were not special either. It is nice to have these places in the neighborhood but if you are going to try and be a ‘neighborhoody’ place serving comfort / bar food you should offer value, since I already pay the big beer / drink mark up. I think some of these new places will open ‘hot’ then suffer or adjust.

  • Rave: talked things out with friday girl, she apologized for being difficult last week and it seems like we both want to keep seeing each other
    Rant: Definitely feeling a bit confused still, i asked what specifically that i did that set her off and she couldn’t really answer it….a little concerning. She also said that I am not “easy to read”, which i have been told before…but i felt like i was very upfront about liking this girl and making dates and talking to her often. She also said she needs to be “courted” more, any idea what this means (looking for a girls perspective). I take that as like getting her flowers or something? Thats cheesy and i know not all girls like this though!
    Rave: She got me a really cute birthday card that i did not find until sunday (a week after my birthday), made me really happy.

    • she was testing you.

    • Re: courting, I don’t think she meant flowers necessarily, but definitely planning nice dates. Although you do say that you already do all of that?

      Personally, I find dating in DC (or maybe everywhere? I have only lived here though!) so difficult because it always seems like guys try to put in as little effort as possible. A guy asks me out, only to basically make me plan the date and where to go, meet halfway, etc. If you really want to date me, plan a date, make it convenient for me, be upfront with communication. And don’t ask her out the day of or the day before. We want to be asked out in advance! Ugh, sorry if I am taking on my current dating frustration out on you!

      • yeah maybe i was a little non-schalant about asking her to go out for drinks with me and my friends (the day before), but thats just how we are we don’t have plans til the last minute in my group of friends. Ill be better about planing ahead and making the most out of each ‘date’

        • IMO, inviting someone to join you and a bunch of friends for drinks is not really a “date.”

          • it wasn’t a date i want her to meet my friends though! its important to me

          • Make sure she knows you want her to meet your friends/your friends to meet her, then it becomes a date of sorts and is part of the whole “courting” thing. Just inviting her to tag along with your group is not.

          • This happened to me with a girl I met this summer off of Tinder.
            We went on one date and had fun, great banter and attraction. After that, she started inviting me to hangouts with her friends. I hung out with them a few times and then went traveling for a few weeks.
            After I returned from my travels in early September, she stopped answering my text messages and did the “fade out.”
            So yes, “hanging out with friends” isn’t a date, IMO. Next time I won’t hang out with a female and her friends until we’ve already gone on 3 or 4 dates. It’s just too hard to get to know someone when you’re hanging out with a group of strangers.

          • Anonymous 2:15 — Maybe the crucial piece in her “fade out” is not the hanging out with her friends part, but the “went traveling for a few weeks” part. If I went out a few times with someone I met on Tinder, and they were MIA for several weeks, they really shouldn’t expect that I’d be waiting for them when they got back. I would have moved on by then. That’s how summer flings work — in my case, anyway.

          • It was a two week vacation, not an epic trip. I wasn’t expecting monogamy or a lifelong commitment. And we only really hung out on weeknights, as she had a summer share and was gone more weekends.
            Regardless, I don’t think its wise to do a “friend hangout” with someone when you’re first dating and getting to know one another. It’s too distracting and can easily develop into a “friend zone” situation. If they’re not willing to hang out with you one-on-one the first few times you see each other, then they’re not really that into you (and thus a waste of time……unless, of course, you’re looking to make new friends).

        • Ally

          Definitely +1 on the planning ahead. My SO of 10 months has mostly learned not to ask me out same day, but it still occasionally happens. Whether it makes sense or not, it gives the impression that you don’t value her time or her (likely) hectic schedule. So, early on, I’d try to be a little better about planning. I think most girls get a little annoyed with the last-minute stuff. Plus, gives us more time to get ‘perty for you if we have advanced warning 😉

      • justinbc

        Yeah, that sounds like you’ve dated some lazy guys. I can assure you, there are some who do make a genuine effort.

    • I might know what she means when she refers to “courting,” and doubt it’s about buying gifts or flowers (at least not -entirely-). From what you’ve said here, it sounds like you really like her and see potential for the relationship. I wonder how much of that you’re -showing- her, even thought you might think you’re being upfront. Is there anything extra you might be able to do, even/especially if it’s a bit out of your comfort zone, to show her that she’s on your mind a lot and that she’s not just another date?

    • Never be “easy to read,” keep ’em guessing! I’m actually so easy to read that women think I’m hard to read, sort of a Chauncey Gardner thing. This works, as well.

    • I think a lot of us have points where we pause and take stock of things. My guess is that you’ve reached the point after several weeks and several dates where friday girl is asking herself if she wants to move in a more serious direction with you — and, if so, what that might feel like and what she might need to go forward. You’ve indicated that you want to move things forward, and that may have thrown her a bit if she was still feeling more casual about the relationship. So the “courting” stuff is likely part of that — if you’re going to be a couple, as opposed to “seeing each other” — she’s thinking about what she might need that to feel like. I don’t think you “did anything”. I think that your sense of how to pace and proceed with the relationship might be different from hers, and might not be something she was even thinking about. As for “easy to read” — well, that’s why we push ourselves to have difficult conversations — because attempting to “read” other people is often done using our own standards and assumptions , rather than those of the other person, which means that we often might be guessing/and assuming in accurately.

    • I thought she was the one who wanted to “hang out” on the sofa, and you were the one wanting to go out and do things — no?
      I could maybe understand her wanting to be “courted” if _you_ wanted to hang out on the sofa and had no interest in going anywhere, but it doesn’t sound like that was the case.

    • I am not a “courting” type of girl but a friend of mine is and discusses it regularly. To my friend, this means she wants you to plan dates that make her feel special (you mentioned one time you love bagels, so I brought you bagels as a surprise!; you said your favorite color is purple and you want to start boating, so I rented us a purple couples kayak!). She wants to feel like you are pursuing her actively, opening doors, pulling out chairs, being a “man” (not my words, gag). Think of old fashioned dating; that’s what she wants.

      • When you describe it like that, who wouldn’t want to be courted. Follow-up: who doesn’t “court” someone they’re interested in — seems like dating 101, plus, you know, when you like someone you tend to think in terms of bagel buying and kayak renting, no? (Admittedly, I’m a little old school, but…)

        • It’s ’cause you’re awesome and old school that this sounds like common sense to you, Irving. 🙂 Though I must say, kind of like L2, I don’t enjoy that so much. I embarrass easily and that kind of attention makes me SUPER uncomfortable.

          • +1. I think “courting” means different things to different people. For some, it’s flowers, formal dates, opening doors and pulling out chairs. For others, it’s more intangible things like the bagel and kayak examples. But no matter what the action/activity is, it sounds like Friday girl is looking for more signs that you’re serious about her and just her. Has she dropped any hints about things she might like for you to do, if not overtly, then in a more subtle way?

          • Lot of points on the courting spectrum and I’m sure it it’s easy to go overboard (not for me, I’m too lazy, but…). Once it starts to look forced, it loses a lot of appeal for both parties. And everyone’s different. My late wife loved it when I ordered for her in swank restaurants, stood up when she left the table, etc (not when we were hanging at The Raven, mind you, but if it was the kind of place you dressed up to go to) but if I did either of those things for my current girlfriend, she roll her eyes and laugh her ass off.

        • Thanks for the tips all!

    • There’s a book on this called the 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman that you might find interesting. You can figure it out without reading the whole thing, but basically it points out that your partner may have a very specific way that they give and expect to receive love (giving gifts, spending time with you, physical affection, etc.) and until you figure out what that is and can respond in kind, it can be tough to guess. If she’s the kind of person that needs you to ‘court her’ now with lots of dates/activities/etc., I wouldn’t expect that to change much in the long term, so you can figure out if that’s the kind of partner you want to be.

      • You can take the test free online. Mine’s “quality time” followed very closely by “acts of service!”

      • justinbc

        That’s a great book, but most relationships can coast on the euphoric phase for several months before relying on the “filling the tank” aspect he discusses. If he’s needing to be that specific this early on I would wonder if it’s not really the best match (not saying that’s the case, more that I don’t think they would benefit from the usefulness of that book just yet).

      • I think this is a great book. Many of us tend to do for others what we’d like done for us — and it’s a nice reminder that our significant others might want very different things, without quite being able to articulate it. My love language is quality time — and it’s a lot easier to ask for/give gifts, than it is to identify and ask for a certain kind of time. As in — watching a chick flick movie counts as quality time for me because we’re talking and cuddling throughout the movie. Watching a football game isn’t, because there’s more focus on the game and less on interacting with each other. I’d recommend this book even for people who aren’t currently in a relationship.

        • Yeah, although we didn’t read the book, taking the test helped explain why husband always seems to want to hug when I’m trying to get chores done. Frustrating for him when I’m like “off! I’m cleaning/cooking/whatevering!” and frustrating for me when I can’t get something done because he’s in my way. Turns out physical closeness is his way of showing love, whereas doing chores (“acts of service”) is mine. So in a bizarre way we were both trying to do something for the other person, but frustrating each other because we were doing what *we* would want, as opposed to what the other person would want.

    • Ally

      My 2 cents is that she was starting to feel (maybe irrationally, maybe not) like she was chasing after you a little too much as opposed to the reverse. I’ve tended to back off and “test” someone when I got the impression that they might not be into me as much as I was into them. Either way, glad it’s going a little better now!

      • justinbc

        That’s how I would read it too. Although there’s also the off chance she’s just super high maintenance and we don’t really know her personality enough to say Danger, Will Robinson! We tend to want things to work, so others can be happy, and sometimes it just shouldn’t.

    • Dump her. I am not joking. She sounds unstable and I promise you if she’s playing games like this now, it’s not going to be pretty later on.

      • I must agree. Control games early are a very bad sign. (All that hoop-jumping she’s made you do? She’s proving that she CAN make you.) If your normal isn’t good enough early on in the euphoria phase, how’s it going to be later when real life sets in? Read bad, that’s how.

      • Please keep in mind that we’re only getting one person’ s take on the relationship. And the reporting is from someone who wants to “move things forward” – and who might not be as easy to read as he thinks he is. I don ‘t see where you’re getting ‘unstable” and “game playing” from, so if you’d care to elaborate, I’d appreciate it. What I’m getting is two people who may have different assumptions and expectations about the pace of their relationship who need to talk about what they want and expect from each other.

        • While there’s plenty in this post to diagnose an underlying issue, if you’ve been following his other posts over the last couple of weeks you would see the pattern developing. I know it’s hard to be objective during the early butterflies stage of a relationship but it’s important to try and remember that when something is good, it’s usually not so difficult. There’s some sort of big imbalance in this budding relationship whatever the cause. It’s just not worth it.

          • I agree something is a little off, but there hasnt been anything that has been a deal breaker for me. I tend to actually not take a relationship seriously until a disagreement has occured and gets resolved. Granted, in this case i feel like it was irrational on her part, I am willing to forgive her…she said sorry. Now if this is something that is gonna happen once a month, thats a different story.

    • Emmaleigh504

      You just found the birthday card? As in she hid it at your apartment and you found it? If so, that’s what she’s looking for! It’s right there in your post! Fun little surprises to show you care.
      I hope you thanked her for the card!

      • she mailed it to me (i was out of town my bday weekend) and my roomate got the mail and tossed into our recylcing party. She told me she sent the card when i saw her saturday…thankfully we are very lazy about taking trash down!

        • Emmaleigh504

          Ah that makes more sense. It’s still a nice little touch. I bet she wants stuff like that from you. Little things to show you care and pay attention.

  • I’m pretty sure my cat broke his tail. He’s normally a full-salute kind of guy (my mom calls him Teakettle because of the way it curves over his back) but now it goes up for half its length, then droops limply from there. It’s visibly swollen, and very painful to the touch. Any experience, cat friends? He is eating, eliminating, cleaning himself, etc. Even purring. He’s more cuddly than usual.

    • It sounds like you should take him to a vet immediately!

      • Ok, why? That’s what all the vet websites say, too, but in the absence of other problems, the treatment is rest. What’s a compelling reason to stress my poor cat half to death and spend hundreds of dollars on diagnostic tests to hear “yep, broken tail. Don’t pull it, and keep an eye on it for problems.” Like I said, he’s going about all his business as normal.

        • for peace of mind i guess? i bet as much as doctors don’t want their patients playing webmd on the internet, vets feel the same about pets. what you observe may not address internal issues, who knows. if you love your cat, i would have the problem checked out. recently broke my collarbone, doctor’s order were just to immobilize it and eat pain killers (ibu). with hindsight, i could have just stayed home and done that but it’s good to know i didn’t need something more serious like shoulder surgery.

        • can cats take ibuprofen?

          • PetMD.com says: “Though relatively safe for people, ibuprofen can be toxic for cats and has a relatively narrow margin of safety, meaning that it is safe for cats only within a very narrow dosage range.”
            Cornell’s website says that “an acute ingestion of 50mg/kg will produce toxic effect.” Sounds like it’s best not to mess with it.

          • Oops, me above.

          • yeah, don’t kill your cat.

        • Ally

          Depends. Cats are good at masking pain even when they’re really experiencing bad stuff. I have a cat with some ongoing health issues and, while I know the vet’s stressful, they are great about pain management (easy medicine you can sometimes just slip into his/her food, etc). Anyway, hope your cat heals up soon! Also, if you change your mind, there are a few vets in DC who make house calls, so you wouldn’t have to stress her/him (or you) out by a vet visit. Good luck!

        • laduvet

          Last summer my cat’s tail got slammed in a wind caught door… very graphic outcome. Took her to the vet… $3000 dollars and a half a tail later she was like new. Awful experience. Cat’s tails often break… sometimes they can be fine and be bent and sometime it does need to be amputated. If he isn’t showing signs of pain, he may be ok. I would say watch him over the next day or so, and maybe get an x-ray? good luck!

        • Why? Because you’re only “pretty sure”. Your cat has a problem that is “very painful”. At the very least, this, to me, indicates that getting the problem assessed, and getting some sense of appropriate treatments — including pain management, would be a good idea.

    • janie4

      Poor kitty. He should go to the vet. It could be broken, or it could be he got bitten halfway down the tail. If so, you want to get him in for antibiotics before he gets an abscess. He may be in pain, which is why he’s cuddly. If he’s moving around a normal amount – i.e. not staying in one spot and only moving to eat or eliminate, then he’s in less pain. But you want to run him in anyway, because if he has no feeling below a certain point, they need to determine if they need to amputate.

      One of my cats got into a nasty fight (possibly with another one of my cats). He got badly bruised all the way up the tail, and he had a deep bite at the base of the tail. Abscessed, and they had to clean it under anesthesia because of where it was and how wiggly he is. It took nearly a month to get full motion back.

      • janie4

        To answer your question about why – infection and abscess. Cats heal quickly – they get a wound, and topically, it looks healed up, but below there’s an issue. Do you have other cats or is this boy an indoor outdoor? If so, cat bites are nasty.

        • Ally

          +1. My cat’s dealing with an abscess now and they’re not pretty (I adopted her as an FIV-positive cat so she doesn’t heal up well at all).

    • Cats don’t only purr when they’re happy. They also purr when they’re in pain, scared, etc. I’d definitely take kitty to the vet, stat.

      • +1 Cats purr to comfort themselves and often purr and cuddle more when they are not feeling well.

        • +1. Take him to the vet. If funds are an issue, Petworth Animal Hospital is less expensive than many other vets in the DIstrict.

  • RANT: Our outdoor drain clogged, thus flooding our basement this weekend. Totally nasty and we can’t use the showers, toilets, sinks or laundry as it all come back up out of our outdoor drain.
    RANT: Plumbers came yesterday morning to clear the drain (yay). They pulled out a bunch of used tampons and other “feminine sanitary products” (boo). Unfortunately, when I got home last night the drain was re-clogged, as the plumbers did not find the true source of the blockage and all the water from my roommate doing laundry refilled the outdoor staircase (boo). However, it wasn’t high enough to flood the basement again (THANK GOD). The plumbers are returning this morning to do more worl.
    RAVE: My fantasy football team kicked ass this weekend. Great job, Manning!

    • WHY do women flush tampons and sanitary napkins?? WHO told them that that is the ok thing to do? UGH.

      • The packaging on tampons generally directs women to flush them. However, pads (sanitary napkins) are NEVER supposed to be flushed. Anonymous 11:01 am, was that what your plumber found?

        • The plumber found a mix of sanitary napkins and tampons. There’s no telling how long they’ve been accumulating or if it’s even the fault of any of my roommates. The house is old, the plumbing is old, and we frequently have guests staying over or visiting.
          That said, please frequently inspect your outdoor drains, folks! Don’t let them get clogged with debris such as leaves, trash or (in our case) dryer lint from the clothing dryer. I think our clog was really a mix of a lot of junk getting caught in the pipe system that led to the main municipal sewer line which runs under our street.

      • I’m pretty sure that the directions on the tampon box tell you to flush them.

      • Emmaleigh504

        proselytizing: Diva Cup FTW!

      • If Formerly Broken Jaw found the bra-versation a bit tedious, I wonder how he’s weathering this one! Lol

        • skj84

          I figured this one would terrify a few posters!

          • Emmaleigh504

            Terrifies me! I don’t want to read about used sanitary products sitting in a pipe for who knows how long. God bless plumbers.

          • Honestly Emilee, it was disgustingly terrifying. He ripped the toilet out of our basement bathroom floor to expose the big hole. He then started to snake the piping from there.
            When he was done, he dragged the end of the snake with attached nastiness across the floor of my basement and into the outside stairwell (trail of smeared black water behind him). He then picked through the refuse with his gloved hand to count out the sanitary napkins in front of me. I nearly spewed my Sunday morning coffee.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I may lose my afternoon tea. I wouldn’t have watched. Heck, I may have left the house!

    • magpies

      The last apartment I lived in, (before I lived in it) the upstairs tenants flooded the downstairs because they had been flushing q-tips. Q-TIPS. Like, what?

  • Rant: Not sure if it was the energy I was giving off – usually I am the person that everyone approaches for directions, strike up a convo with at the bar etc. But there were 4-5 instances of people walking who did not want to share the sidewalk or not paying attention to stopping short and I have to quickly dodge them. (I was walking not biking or anything). Maybe it was me this weekend…but it felt like I was supposed to just step aside for everyone without them sharing…just weird.

    • Well, it could be that it’s not you — it’s them. Meaning that the people that you/we share sidewalks with are increasingly likely to be self-absorbed, listening to music, staring at their phones, etc.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Sometimes I think I’m the only person who actually peeks over my shoulder to see if there’s room to merge/pass/change lanes while walking. People seem to forget there are people around them and not everyone is going the same pace.

        • I always do this and it drives me nuts that most people just start moving and assume others won’t be in their way.

        • I do this too. Also, I’ve learned that if one bike zips by you on the side walk, you should always check behind you to see if there is another one (and more often than not there is another one) before continuing. I hate hate hate it when people on foot cut you off. They act as if they are the only ones on the sidewalk. On a related topic, what absolutely drives me nuts is that person who always stops as soon as they get on the Metro, as if they are the last person to board, without actually checking to see if they are in fact the last person to board. This is almost always accompanied by them staring at their smartphone/tablet.

  • Rave: Lovely fall weather! Had a fantastic end of the weekend hanging out at the playground and running into neighbors and their kids.
    Rave: three full nights of sleep without wake-ups. Crossing my fingers that we’ve turned a corner on the sleeping issues. Hoping to actually make it out for a run tomorrow morning!

  • Rave – My SO and I are engaged!!! I’m so excited, like it’s too good to be true. I feel like this is just a dream and I’ll wake up soon and it will be over. But it’s not! ! 🙂
    Rant – None today!

  • skj84

    Rave: Walked 5 miles yesterday! I hosted a walking and it perfect weather for exploring the city. Had a lovely time.

    Rant: People who RSVP and don’t show up. Look, I spent about a month planning this thing. Change your RSVP so I can get a good idea of what to expect! No shows are one of my biggest pet peeves.

  • Help needed! I’m a short girl (5’2″) who just moved to the area, struggling to find clothing places that cater to girls who can’t wear jeans that would be up to my boobs. Where do other short gals shop in this city? I’m already used to having to try EVERYTHING on (ughhhh) but it would rock to have a good starting point. So jealous of the girls who can rock skirts and boots with confidence 🙁

    • I tend to stick to Loft and NY and Co for pants. I find their petites are the right length for flats and regulars are the right length for heels. They do mean petite (vice short) though, so you might have to go a size up from what you would wear in regular. Gap and Banana Republic are nice if you are short, but not so much slim in the hips, because they offer regular sizes in a short length in addition to their petite line.

    • Almost all of my pants and skirts are from the petites sections at Loft, Ann Taylor, NY&Co, or the Limited. Sometimes the Gap or Banana Republic, but I find them a lot more variable. I find that I have to go with the petites (rather than just “ankle length” of regular pants so that the proportions are OK – otherwise I do get the waist above my navel, which is not good.

      • What about dresses? “Normal” girl dresses are like gowns on me, and super short hoochie ones just won’t do it. I see short girls in cute dresses all the time but I can’t ever find them.

    • Can you just get the pants hemmed? I’m a weird length for a guy – 30″ inseam is too short and 32″ is too long. 31″ are not always made by the manufacturer (or if they are, they only make a small quantity & thus sell out quickly), so I usually need to buy 32″ and get the jeans or pants hemmed. Yeah, it adds $15 to the cost of every pair of pants, but it’s worth it to look good and be properly sized.

      • No. Hemming is not always the solution – it’s not just the length of the leg (or skirt/dress), but the length of the rise (crotch to waist) that is often too long on “regular” rather than petite sizes. So just shortening the legs leaves the part around the hips fitting really badly. Most petite sizes are proportioned differently all over so they fit short people better.
        I think most short men would benefit from pants that came in shorter overall proportions rather than just shortening the legs, but for some reason you guys have Big & Tall sizes but not much in the way of clothes meant for shorter guys. Sorry about that.

    • Loft and Ann Taylor for petite sizes. Hit up outlets, if you can, when there are big sales!

  • Ally

    Rave: Had a good weekend out exploring H Street and downtown.
    Rant/Rave: Nearly made my Uber driver crash when I randomly spotted JustinBC’s famously-renovated black /red house on the way out to dinner yesterday (It looks great, btw!).
    Rant/Rave: Gone Girl, the movie. Amazing movie. I’m still recovering, though. Worst date movie EVER 😉

  • janie4

    Revel – I got the maximum score possible on the Express word scrabble game. Since I usually suck at it, I was very happy.

  • Rave: Fantastic weekend – party with friends, furniture shopping and then a double-date of wine tasting, spa and theater yesterday with BF and friends.
    Rant: Didn’t want to get up today

  • Rave: Husband coming home today after long lonely weekend without him!
    Rant: Printer drama at work. Someone cancelled my document halfway through so they could print their own first. I know who you are, I can see the print queue! -_-
    Rave: The worst thing I have to worry about is fighting over the printer.

  • RANT: Schmear bagels at DC Meet Market on Saturday. Not good. At all. It was like a baguette with a dollup of cream cheese. Makes me wonder if they’ve ever even tasted a good bagel. Waste of time (30 minutes for a bagel with cream cheese) and money.

    • justinbc

      Wow, 30 minutes? Was the line really long or they just had poor prep time? Buying bagels from the back of a truck isn’t really the most enticing proposition to begin with, seems hard to maintain freshness.

  • Rant: I can’t take my roommates anymore. They owe me hundreds of dollars for utilities, our shared bathroom is disgusting, someone keeps eating my food and only occasionally leaves me money to replace it, and they frequently leave the door unlocked/oven on/turn the thermostat down to 65 even when it’s chilly outside so we end up with the air conditioning on all they time. That’s not even the half of it, and at 31 years old, I just don’t feel like I should have to put up with this at my age. My rent is cheap, but I don’t think it’s worth it anymore – I’m just afraid of overextending myself financially if I move out to my own place. I’d try just getting new roommates, but it seems like everything out there is either a) a similar setup to my own place, where I’d have 3 roommates that I may or may not get along with or b) just one other woman my age, but my half of the rent would be almost as much as a studio apartment.
    Rave: Everything else in life is pretty good right now, so I’m feeling very fortunate.

    • I feel your pain. I’m way too old for a group house, but don’t have anywhere near enough money for a down payment. That said, my rent is only 20% of my take home income, I live in a super convenient area near EVERYTHING, and I like having that financial cushion. F#ck student loans.

    • I hear you. My current roommates drive me up a wall… They keep me awake after midnight on weekdays all the time. My current place is so cheap, it was hard to give it up but I finally had enough. I’m moving to a new place, and it’s a huge rent increase (and over half of my ridiculously low salary) even with roommates, but honestly I think it’ll be worth it to be happy with where I’m living. If you’re not in a rush to leave, at least you can take your time looking over listings and wait until you find a great deal with people who seem like a good fit?

    • Can you get the roommates to put utilities in their names? You could potentially recoup losses that way.
      I’ve had bad roommates along the same lines; luckily, I was able to kick them out and find someone more suitable, but if you can’t, look for another place. Not sure of your price point, but there are plenty of nice, clean people who are probably looking to get rid of gross roommates too. Good luck!

  • Rant: Packing.
    Rant: Too coldddd.
    Rave: Went to the Cap City Oktoberfest on Saturday, quite fun! I don’t like beer, but they had some nice ciders and ginger beer. Mmmm, ginger beer… I need to find where they are selling it.
    Rave: Grandparents said they will help me buy a new bed to celebrate my move! I only have a twin… My ex complained about that a lot, haha. Think it’s time to upgrade. Trying to decide whether to get a full or queen (I imagine I’ll still be moving around for a couple years, so full might be easier to handle for little ol’ me). Little overwhelmed with trying to figure out how to decide on a bed, too. I don’t have any back problems or anything and everything seems pretty much okay to me.

    • My husband and I each bought full-sized mattresses before we met and we still have both and find them -adequate-. That said, I wish one of us had sprung for a queen at that point, because it’s hard to justify buying one now that we have the mattresses, bedframes, and sheets all in full size. If you plan to move around a lot in the next few years, a full might make sense, but if you’re planning to make a more long-term purchase (and since someone else is paying) it might be worth considering the queen.

    • Just a thought – for two people, a full has less width per person than a crib bed. Moving a queen isn’t much more of a PITA than moving a full.

    • Accountering

      I got a King. Perhaps it was a bit irrational, and may affect where I move next (will likely be buying another place) but it is glorious. Do not get a full, unless you hate you and your partner, and don’t like getting good restful sleep 🙂

      • Haha, my ex had a full bed (and we actually both thought it was a queen until he went to buy a new bedframe and double checked). We managed fine, but sounds like upgrading to a queen is probably better for future romantic opportunities. Thanks all!

        • I have a full and my SO has a queen. We’re cuddlers, so we sleep well, but I LOVE his bed, and usually I’m not that into firm beds 😀 Go for the queen. I wish I had!

      • Man, I miss my California King! (But not the ex that came with it. :P)
        I’ll echo all the suggestions to go with the Queen!

    • I’d go with a queen, especially if you’re dating and have someone spending the night frequently. I have a full, which is great when I’m alone. But when I’m frequently seeing someone, it’s a little too much closeness for my comfort (I hate snuggling at night, I get too hot).
      Once you have a decent full bed with various sheet sets & bed frame, it’s hard to justify buying a whole new queen bed. It’s easily a $1000+ purchase to upgrade to a decent queen mattress, box spring, frame and buy a few sets of sheeting.

    • epric002

      go for the queen, unless you know for certain you’re going to have to squeeze it in to a room the size of a closet.

    • Since this is a gift, and if this is going to be a long-term purchase, definitely get a queen.

    • Even better, go for the queen, but make sure your comforter is a king size. Never fight over blankets again!

    • Get a queen – you won’t regret it. And I love love my TempurPedic mattress

    • justinbc

      When it comes to bedding, one can never have too much.

    • Get a queen but get split box springs! The added cost will be worth it after just one move.

      • I’d always heard that queen boxsprings often won’t fit up the narrow staircases in D.C. rowhouses, but I discovered while moving into my rowhouse that even FULL boxsprings couldn’t make it to the top floor without scraping the plaster. 🙁
        Now if I ever upgrade to a queen, I will be stuck having to get the full boxsprings out and probably scraping the plaster all over again.

        • I once helped some friends move to an apartment up a teeny winding staircase. In a fit of desperation they opened the cover on the boxspring, cut the supports in half, folded it, and then got some hardware to attach/lock the supports back into place. Worked like a charm!

      • Or buy a bed that doesn’t need boxsprings!

    • If you’re moving a lot, think about getting a queen with a boxspring that comes in two pieces. It’s usually the box spring that’s harder to get up stairs, etc. b/c it’s inflexible, this will make it easier to move. This is standard for kings, but also possible for queens.

    • My biggest piece of advice for buying a bed is to PLEASE make sure you buy it at a place like Macy’s where you can actually return it if there’s a problem. Wait for a sale if you need to. I spent a lot of money on a bed from Mattress Warehouse, and after too many delivery screw ups (read: days off work) to count, the bed developed a divot where I sleep after about 4 weeks. I weight 120 pounds, this is not acceptable, but I was stuck with the bed. If I’d gotten it from Macy’s I could have returned it with little problem.

      • Thanks for the tip! I was actually looking around and saw that Mattress Warehouse had good reviews – didn’t know about the return issue! Very good to know.

      • Accountering

        This is a poor idea. You are going to pay WAYYYY more by buying at Macys or the like. Check out Saatva – made in American, no showrooms, online only, but they put out a top quality matress that compares favorably to the top of the line $4000 matress you will find at Macys or whatever, and for a Queen, you will pay around $1200. They deliver within 10 days from their distribution center in Beltsville. Includes delivery and setup in your room.

        • If you wait for a sale (I did suggest that, too!), a mattress from Macy’s won’t cost you more than the equivalent at Mattress Warehouse. There are also other places to get mattresses that will allow for returns – that is worth checking out. You’ll have some recourse if there’s an issue.

          • Accountering

            Saatva offers a 45 day return policy. No restocking fee, nothing, because they dont restock it. Before looking for a mattress, please check out the site, it is the real deal, and they are awesome.

        • Thanks for posting this! I hadn’t heard of Saatva mattresses before. The site looks great! The prices look wonderful. And they’ll remove your old mattress for a reasonable fee.

          • Accountering

            They are awesome. I own two king size mattresses from them – one for my rental, and would (and am contemplating) buying another in the near future (again, for the rental)

        • Late, but thank you Accountering – I’ll check that site out.

  • Random question: does anyone know the dining event that was being held on Saturday evening in the parking lot where they have the Dupont Farmer’s Market? This is the lot right next to the PNC Bank and behind BGR.
    They had a massively long table that held probably 150 guests, decorated with candle lights, lanterns, and nice plating. Unfortunately, it was really cold that night – everyone had to be wrapped in blankets! At first I thought it might have been a wedding reception, but everyone was in their 20s and 30s and no one was really dressed up that nicely.

    • Did they look like they were all wearing shawls from LouLou? I saw some women buying a whole bunch of stuff there, they told the cashier that they were having an outdoor event and didn’t expect it to be so cold.

      • Yes that probably was related to this event, the “blankets” were all different colors. And they didn’t have any heat lamps at the event.
        How much are shawls at LouLou? They easily needed at least 100 shawls or blankets.

  • Accountering

    Rave: Latest poll has Bowser only ahead by 4%. Definitely following through and kicking in some cash to Catania. This would be a huge win for the city to keep that empty suit (Bowser) out of the mayoral race. I would also enjoy seeing the racist bigots on Washington Post comments section disappointed (Catania can’t win because he is a white gay man – is a common refrain found there)

    • Accountering

      Kicked in $25. Certainly hopeful at this point. Also just read that Obama chimed in and endorsed Bowser… No clue why he felt the need to meddle here – you don’t even vote here.

      • Funny as he did not endorse any of the 2010 candidates. Fenty was pissed.

      • To support the Democratic Party? And he may not vote here but his kids live here, and might do so until the youngest graduates from high school, — so presumably he has some stake in what happens to the city. Congress meddles all the time – are you giving them a pass? Yes, I’m thinking about gun laws, birth control, and congressmen from Kentucky.

        • Accountering

          Heck no I am not giving the donkeys from KY a pass. A republican introducing bills in DC is the height of hypocrisy, and I will call them out whenever possible.

    • I know – I am getting excited. I’ve already done two small $25 donations and might do another one today. This is also the first time in my life I’ve been happy enough about a candidate to put their sign in my yard. And it’s even more exciting to see them popping up in the yards of our long-time DC resident neighbors. Now we just need to get people out to vote. A lot of people are meh about Bowser, so maybe they just won’t show up!

    • Rant: my highly educated, generally very intelligent friend told me Saturday she’s voting for Bowser. Why? Because she’s a Democrat. Ridiculous.
      Rave: she is the only person I know voting for Bowser
      Rant: The people I know do not reflect the overall DC electorate (just like popville doesn’t)

      • Accountering

        It would be difficult for me to deal with someone whos sole reason for voting for Bowser was because she is a democrat. Just like I have told my (Virginia residents) family that the next person who votes to disenfranchise me is going to cause a large family issue.

  • hispanicandproud

    Rave: Lead a work call today and helped resolve multiple issues. Always fun to be the ref and win!
    Rave: Awesome time with best friend this weekend and last week with his grandparents. Always took him for granted and realize each day how important, honest and loyal he is.
    Rave: Excited to see new friend tonight! Always fun with him.
    Rave: Got 20-mile envy Saturday morning while giving water to running group. Exciting to see all my friends training for their races.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Apologies: Sorry Formerly Broken Jaw, I really was teasing about the period talk. But I didn’t bring it up! I’ll buy you a drink at the next HH to make up for it. 🙂
    Rant/Rave: sucked it up and paid $5 to schedule my Willow to be delivered on Thursday when I’m working from home. I even wrote in the delivery instructs that I would be home all day.
    Rave: New windows rock.
    Rave: jag kommer

  • I hope you’re reading today — there’s a post that might be of interest to you.

  • Becks

    Rant: Haven’t been on Popville for a few days.
    Rave: I have some great people in my life who helped me with a crisis. I told them how much I appreciated them.
    Rant: If I close out my 401K I will lose half to taxes and fees!
    Rave: Took a much needed day trip up to the mountains for a distillery tasting. It was divine! The weather was a little cool but someone loaned me a sweater. It was so nice to get out of the city and DO something.
    Rave: Lady Carlotta has begun to ask for pets. Just a little. She comes by and brushes past my hand, then turns around and brushes past again. I don’t move my hand. If I do, she goes away. But if I stay still, she will pat herself. LoL!

  • Rant: I swallowed my temporary crown and now I need to go the dentist yet again. I’m at something like 5 appointments in 4 weeks.
    Rave: Hopefully at the end of this I won’t have any more sensitivity in that tooth.
    Rant: I just want to eat with more than 4 teeth. It’s hard to taste anything when you chewing with so little of your mouth.

    • Emmaleigh504

      A crown for a root canal? The sensitivity should be gone if you already have the temp crown. Sounds like your canals need rerooting. I had to have a root canal done again last year b/c the first one missed a canal b/c a) my canals are tiny and b) that tooth had 5 canals when they normally have 3. teeth are weird.

    • hispanicandproud

      I always remember when I had a date coming over and my crown fell off any my ex helped me glue it back together!

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